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Club Penguin Warriors is a fighting video game created for the anniversary of Club Penguin. In a similar vein to the Super Smash Mates series, Club Penguin Warriors takes various characters from different series, but focuses exclusively on properties of the Club Penguin and Club Penguin Fanon Wiki universe, excluding Smash Mates veterans from other universes in the Multiverse. It gets all the heroes together in a time-traveling story of nostalgia and memories from events past and future. Anything unlocked in Story Mode can then be played in Free Mode, in which allows you to mix and match characters, weapons and scenarios.


Chapter 1: Present Day Club Penguin[edit]

Stage 1: Igloo Neighborhood[edit]

The story begins as our hero, (insert name here) moves into Club Penguin Island. After a day of having settled in its new igloo, waddling around and meeting new friends, (insert name here) hears screaming from outside of its igloo. This prompts it to take one of the 5 starter weapons, to find that its neighborhood has been overrun by crabs and occasionally a snow minion. It is soon joined by Naggi the nagging Blue Puffle. Though you are against the weakest and easiest enemies to battle, they are soon aided by the first mini-boss and the first boss of the game, which are Klepto and Klutzy respectively. After the boss is defeated, it is revealed that Aunt Arctic has gone missing and, noticing (insert name here)'s bravery, Sensei becomes and ally and is often the one who teaches (insert name here) to use new weapons.

Beating this stage in Story Mode unlocks the following:

  • (insert name here) (character)
  • Sensei (character)
  • Basic Sword (weapon)
  • Wizard's Staff (weapon)
  • Ninja Belt (weapon)
  • Tour Guide Manual (weapon)
  • Spying Kit (weapon)
  • Water Gem (weapon)
  • Snow Gem (weapon)
  • Fire Gem (weapon)

Stage 2: Unexplored Mine[edit]

Stage 3: Forest Village[edit]

Stage 4: Herbert's Lair of Time[edit]

Chapter 2: "The Great Darktonian Pie War" period[edit]

Stage 1: Peanut Butter Jelly Time Valley[edit]

Stage 2: Darktonian Relam[edit]

Chapter 3: "Operation: Blackout" period[edit]

Stage 1: Club Herbert[edit]

Stage 2: Herbert's Lair of Doom[edit]

Chapter 4: "Explosive New Year" period[edit]

Stage 1: Interrupted Preparations[edit]

Stage 2: Pie Mountains[edit]

Chapter 5: Finale[edit]

DLC Missions[edit]

DLC Pack #1: For Fun pack[edit]

The cheapest DLC Pack, the For Fun pack is not all fun and games. Its 3 stages as regarded as some of the most difficult ones in the entire game.

Stage 1: Sea Cheese Legends[edit]

Based on: Fooly's Adventure

Mostly centered on Tutupie City and a random assortment of surrounding areas (which oddly change every time this map is loaded), Sea Cheese Legends has the protagonist helping the Propellor Cap Trio defeat a large assortment of new and returning Weird-type minions that may attack the fourth wall! Playing it on Story Mode forces the player to use The Flipplings as their weapon.

Beating this stage in Story Mode unlocks the following:

  • Propellor Cap Trio (character)
  • Legendary Whackhammer (weapon)
  • Tutupie City (map)

Stage 2: Mirror Neighborhood[edit]

Based on: Fanon Characters Special 2015!

This stage is essentially a dark and eerie variation on the first level, but with devilish difficulty. All enemies, even common ones, have better power, range, speed, accuracy, reaction time and a whole lot of other crap. Due to its extreme difficulty, this stage is excellent for collecting rewards, giving you huge amounts of coins and upgrade materials.

Beating this stage in Story Mode unlocks the following:

  • Mirror Nexer (character)
  • Phillip Pawn (character)
  • Nexchine mini (weapon)
  • Space Invaders (weapon)
  • Mirror World (map)

Stage 3: The Really Random Mission[edit]

Based on: Really Random Story

I hope you like multitasking, because this stage is full of it. Your selected character will have to lead 5 armies at once and even flip between Club Penguin and the Box Dimension using special warp points scattered throughout the entire map. Conquer the Box Dragon boss, defeat the Orange Puffle Knights, battle the Nexchine, defend yourself from the Elite Pranksters and protect the Fourth Wall from different enemies at the same time. Will you survive what is really the most random and unfair mission yet?

Beating this stage in Story Mode unlocks the following:

  • Box of Pranks (weapon)
  • McDoodles Silly Meal Jr. (weapon)
  • Fudd's Plunger (weapon)
  • Club Mabel and The Box Dimension (map)

DLC Pack #2: Wikia Memories pack[edit]

Stage 1: Dreamside Out[edit]

Stage 2: Pufflescape[edit]

Stage 3: Fast Food Frenzy[edit]

DLC Pack #3: Super Smash Mates pack[edit]

Stage 1:[edit]

Stage 2:[edit]

Stage 3:[edit]

DLC Pack #4: Canon pack[edit]

Stage 1: Elite Training[edit]

You get three veteran characters into your roster once you complete these field missions! Dot the Disguise Gal, Jet Pack Guy and Rookie are ready for action in their own training stages.

Beating this stage in Story Mode unlocks the following:

  • Rookie (character)
  • Dot (character)
  • Jet Pack Guy (character)
  • Rubber Duck (weapon)
  • Confiscated Spy Phone (weapon)
  • Disguise Kit (weapon)
  • Jet Pack+ (weapon)
  • Training Field (map)

Stage 2: Puffle Roundup[edit]

The Puffle Handler is ready to teach some puffle-based techniques! Complete her level to add her, the red puffle from Puffle Launch and a large variety of puffle-inspired weapons, such as the Scratching Pole, the Puffle Party and the Puffle Feeder, to your team.

Beating this stage in Story Mode unlocks the following:

  • Puffle Handler (character)
  • Daredevil (character)
  • Puffle Scratching Pole (weapon)
  • Flare the Elite Puffle (weapon)
  • Puffle Paddle (weapon)
  • Feed-a-Puffle (weapon)
  • Puffle Party (weapon)
  • Puffle Wilds (map)

Stage 3: Music Jam[edit]

This stage introduces an overwhelming amount of new characters. You can get Cadence with the Keeper of the Boiler Room and remix your enemies' faces. Or you can also play as G Billy, Petey K, Franky and Stompin' Bob! These Penguin Band members can only use two of the many weapons, but these special weapons change them to their new rock band forms or their classic western music forms! You also get other weapons such as Dubstep. Yes, that's right. Dubstep. Fight enemies to the rhythm of the music on this stage to gain bonus XP per hit!

Beating this stage in Story Mode unlocks the following:

  • Cadence and the Keeper of the Boiler Room (character)
  • G Billy (character)
  • Stompin' Bob (character)
  • Petey K (character)
  • Franky (character)
  • Western instruments (weapon)
  • Rock instruments (weapon)
  • Dubstep (weapon)
  • Boom Box (weapon)
  • Melodic Valley (map)

DLC Pack #5: Kerbpuff: Right at Ya![edit]

To be made



Weapons have often have designated wielders, often reflecting their own weapon choices or fighting style. However, the protagonist, (insert name here), can wield ALL weapons, so it won't be included in the wielders list.

Certain weapons are stronger against certain enemies!

Type Description
Sword-like Items used in a sword-like fashion by the user, such as an actual sword, a hammer or a non-magical staff, and hit a large area . These weapons slice through softer enemies with ease.
Magical/Elemental Items that often give status ailments to whatever it hits based on the weapon's spell or element. Penetrating through tough enemies and armor is its specialty!
Melee Items that instead of being used give abilities from close-up techniques such as Karate, Boxing and Street Fighting to the user. Plain-looking enemies agree that these weapons are super effective.
Weird Items that, more than often with zany animations, attack various enemies at the same time, due to their disjointed hitboxes. Weird weapons and weird enemies should never mix, but do it anyways to hurt them.
Multipurpose Items, or sets of various items of a single theme, which can deal a variety of the aforementioned effects from thhe different weapon types, depending on what is used. Deals extra damage a combination of either soft or tough and either plain or weird enemies per set, but never have high base stats
Name Type Base Power Base Speed Base Range Unlocked in Wielders Notes
Basic Sword Sword-like 5/10 5/10 5/10 Chapter 1-1 tba A balanced slashing weapon. This trusty item will deal average damage and will never break. But how?!
Wizard's Staff Magical/Elemental 5/10 5/10 5/10 Chapter 1-1 tba The crystals at the tip of the staff shoot magic. Don't ask what type, they'e just magic. Don't point at your eyes, please.
Ninja Belt Melee 5/10 5/10 5/10 Chapter 1-1 tba Unleash some sneaky ambush moves. Like ninjas are actually supposed to act. Cards not included.
Tour Guide Manual Weird 5/10 5/10 5/10 Chapter 1-1 tba Use generic Club Penguin items and throw them at your enemies. I know that looks very, very stupid, but it works.
Spying Kit Multipurpose 5/10 5/10 5/10 Chapter 1-1 tba Use a variety of standard Penguin Secret Agency tools. No, not Elite Penguin Force tools. You're still not on that level.
Water Gem Magical/Elemental 3/10 5/10 7/10 Chapter 1-1 Sensei Allows the user to use a variety of water-based attacks, pushing enemies far away with tides.
Snow Gem Magical/Elemental 5/10 7/10 3/10 Chapter 1-1 Sensei Allows the user to use a variety of snow-based attacks, occasionally freezing enemies solid.
Fire Gem Magical/Elemental 7/10 3/10 5/10 Chapter 1-1 Sensei Allows the user to use a variety of fire-based attacks, burning down wood and those generic video game things you can burn.
The Flipplings Weird 4/10 6/10 9/10 Chapter 4-1 tba Attack with 7 different hitboxes with the 7 different Flipplings! When the For Fun pack is bought, this weapon's Fooly and Folly are replaced by BlumerDoofy and WaddyRed.
Name Type Base Power Base Speed Base Range Unlocked in Wielders Notes
Legendary Whackhammer Sword-like 8/10 4/10 5/10 For Fun pack Stage 1 tba Strong but cartoonishly heavy, the Legendary Whackhammer is a great option for whacking hoards of enemies.
Ability Blaster Multipurpose 9/10 (Stone, ___, ___), 7/10 (Fire, ___, ___), 5/10 (Spark, ___, ___) 7/10 (Stone, ___, ___), 5/10 (Fire, ___, ___), 9/10 (Spark, ___, ___) 5/10 (Stone, ___, ___), 9/10 (Fire, ___, ___), 7/10 (Spark, ___, ___) Unknown anyone The Ability Blaster has a power for every occasion! As you play through the Kerbpuff pack, you unlock more powers to use.


Title Name Biography Signature Weapon(s) Favourite Type Special Ability Unlocked in Notes
The hero (name still not decided) This new penguin with ambiguous gender has recently just arrived at the island, but got in time just for the chaos that ensued. Somehow a good fighter, this penguin can wield every weapon in the game, from the Basic Sword to the Rock instruments. Not much of a talker, it often lets Naggi the Blue Puffle speak instead of itself. None None Naggi's Tattle Chapter 1-1 It is definitely NOT Silentese, but refuses to talk anyways.
Sensei 教師主人 A veteran ninja master, 教師主人 has trained various years with other penguins (and Tusk) to perfect his ninja skills. Or Card-Jitzu skills, to be precise. It's not really all that sneaky. Anyways, 教師主人 becomes (insert name here)'s mentor near the beginning of the story, teaching it how to use the various weapons he finds. Snow, Water, Fire and Shadow Gems. Magical/Elemental Elemental Storm Chapter 1-1 Not the narrator of the entire game, but he serves as the tutor in the tutorials.
The mysterious leader Director This mysterious shadowy figure has quite some knowledge on the Island. We wonder if she has something to do with the disappearance of Aunt Arctic... And how does she keep looking shadowy even when exposed directly to light. Well, the Director was always mysterious to begin with. Spying Kit, Everyday Phone Multipurpose Elite Backups Chapter 1-2 Seriously, how does she keep shadowy all the time?!
The pirate Rockhopper Yarr! Rockhopper is initially seen in the game leading his crew against the minions in the third Stage. He is currently one Herbert's most hated enemies, due to his refusal to allow Herbert to move into his tropical paradise. His first mate, Yarr, can sometimes be seen with him. Pirate Sword, Sea-bound Tools Sword-like The Migrator Chapter 1-3 Why does he suddenly seem like such a coward in recent appearances?
Not actually your aunt Aunt Arctic This humble chief editor of the Club Penguin Times was kidnapped early in the game. Soon, we learn her terrible secret involving the Director... which everyone who played Operation: Blackout already knew. She's a very capable fighter, though. We wonder why. Club Penguin Times, Giant Pencil Weird Ballistic Biscuit Chapter 1-4 SERIOUSLY CLUB PENGUIN EVERYONE KNOWS THE SECRET
The bear Herbert Herbert is the main villain in the story. He is using a stolen time machine to open portals through time and gain allies to finally be able to heat the island and live in the tropical paradise he always dreamed of. He can only be played in Free Mode. Earthquake Drill, Hypnotized Puffles Melee Blackout Laser Chapter 1-4 The coffee shop's barista should really learn how to draw bears.
Title Name Biography Signature Weapon(s) Favourite Type Special Ability Unlocked in Notes
The Fools The Propellor Cap Trio This "character" is actually 3. Folly strategically moves the tower at the bottom of the totem. Fooly, at the top, fights the enemies with whatever he has. Fuzzle floats by and uses defensive or healing items. A perfect demonstration of teamwork, until things start to get wacky. And trust me, with these guys zany levels are over 9000! The Flipplings, Legendary Whackhammer Weird Trio Chaos For Fun pack Stage 1 Their art style is significantly different to the other penguins and puffles.



  • This is a parody of Hyrule Warriors, which itself is a spinoff of the Dynasty Warriors series and the Legend of Zelda series.