Coffee Shop

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Coffee Shop
Type Coffee shop
Industry Food
Founded Club Penguin, USA
Founder(s) The Club
Headquarters Town, Club Penguin, USA
Products Coffee, smoothies, tea, croissants, scones, ketchup and mustard...?

The Coffee Shop is a popular hangout spot for penguins, and also a good place for snacks. It is the oldest standing building on Club Penguin. It is the only cafe on Club Penguin and is one of the top grossing companies (Coffee Shop Inc.) in Club Penguin, earning hundreds of millions of coins each year. The Coffee Shop has tens of thousands of visitors and customers each day, from all around the continent. Daring penguins can play Bean Counters and Smoothie Smash here.


The Coffee Shop was constructed in 2002, when Club Penguin was being settled by The Club and native ninjas. It was used to store food and soon became a clubhouse where penguins would hang out.

In 2005, it was updated and became the Coffee Shop as it is known today. The second floor, which was unused at the time, was finished and became the Book Room.

In 2012, the Book Room was renovated and began to be used as the main office of the Club Penguin Times. Later that year, the Coffee Shop began selling smoothies and underwent renovations for the new equipment.


When penguins play Bean Counters, they have to sign this.
  • The owner has refused to sell out to Snowbucks, no matter how much he offers up for the place.
  • The Coffee Shop and the Pizza Parlor, along with the Stock Exchange, are the only buildings and companies not owned by EBUL. When EBUL began to seize various previously Moderator-governed assets, these three buildings were grandfathered.
  • According to Gary's research, the Coffee Shop had a prehistoric equivalent known as the Yum Yum.

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