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Club Penguin Gold Coin
Club Penguin coin.PNG
One coin.
Type Currency
Effects Wealth
Source Mints and Treasuries
Location Club Penguin, Ninja Archipelago
Cost to build 0.75 Coins (wait, what?)
Cost to buy 1 coin
Cost to sell 1 coin

Coins, or formally known as the Club Penguin Gold Coin, is the currency of Club Penguin and of many countries in the Ninja Archipelago as well as some free republics. It is considered the standard for Antarctic currency, which Fish (USA) and dollars (Polaris) are always on par with.


The coin has a picture of a Fluffy Fish on it, representing the main cuisine in Club Penguin.

The gold coin used to be made out of pure gold, smelted from ores picked from mines across the Island. However, as the population grew and the mines were exhausted, the government needed to make more gold coins, so they allowed other metals to be made into coins such as zinc. This allowed for more inflation to occur, and after Fish and dollars started to rise in use, and countries producing coins began to suffer economically, the value of the Club Penguin gold coin started to decline.


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