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Coins for Change Foundation
Type Operating and non-operating Public charitable foundation
Industry Philanthropy
Founded December 14th, 2007
Headquarters Club Penguin, USA
Area served Continental
Key people You, Moderators, EBUL
Revenue Four billion Coins*
Employees Uncounted
Website [1]
References: *As a charity, this "revenue" is technically CFC's endowment.

For the effects of the ultimate gift giver on Club Penguin's command economy, see EBUL.

The Coins for Change Foundation is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished and downtrodden creatures all over Antarctica. It is renowned and celebrated as "Antarctica's greatest gesture of kindness", revered as "atonement for the darkest of hackers", and has been named "Antarctica's purest corporation" since its founding in 2007. Coins for Change is mandated by Club Penguin law every Christmas, and is EBUL's number one source of fiscal leakage.

It and its mighty coffers are activated every Christmas in Club Penguin, where billions of coins are poured in to help the destitute and unwashed masses in Antarctica. When the collection is complete, the money is distributed categorically to the many, many CFC soup kitchens, hostels, almshouses, homeless shelters, and other forms of philanthropic services, all provided free to the needy year-round. Receiving corporations get the lump sum on the day the alms are shut and are left to use it as they see for the rest of the year.

It is one of Antarctica's richest companies, with a net worth of roughly eighty billion, if land, buildings, and non-money capital are counted. Fiscally speaking, Coins for Change receives an an annual endowment of four billion (from everyday penguins) and sends that off to subsidiaries, affiliates, and smaller charities.


It is alleged that Coins for Change wasn't only founded for the greater good. It was also founded, some say, as a way for the Moderators of Club Penguin to get back at Economic Borders Unlimited for slowly stripping them of their power. Instead of revenge, the benevolent cabal chose to hand off billions for the greater good. All of that loss would hit EBUL's wallet worse than any revenge move or theft could do. They'd be helping people and spiting EBUL at the same time, and what better revenge is there than pseudo-revenge: doing the right thing?

The Moderators exercised their Club-given authority to "regulate, create, and control free items and events" to its maximum. After all, do charities not give "free" stuff to the needy? Yes, yes they do; as such, the CFC loophole continues to drain EBUL to this day.

Technically speaking, EBUL, since it now holds the authority over "free stuff", could easily and instantly abolish Coins for Change, but such blatant, selfish idiocy would cause riots in the streets and unspeakable consequences to the EBUL executives.

The event[edit]

First started on December 14th, 2007, that day has since went on to become a national holiday in the USA (see Trivia). Over ten days, from December 14th to December 24th, 2 billion coins were donated.

In 2009, CP began selling Alms to penguins for their igloos. 4 billion coins were donated.

In 2010, over 12 billion coins were donated, all of which were sent to the Lighthouse over the course of the event.

10.8 billion coins were donated in 2011, which were collected in the Lighthouse like the previous year.

In 2012, the donation counter broke on December 26th, after 10 billion coins were donated. A total of 13.7 billion coins were donated. A special feature this year were special CfC cookies that were freshly baked and sold for 100 coins each.

After only five days of being open in 2013, the record for most coins donated was broken, passing the 13.7 billion mark. This year, members could help CfC by driving holiday trains around the island that non-members could pay to ride. A total of 25.1 billion coins were donated, making it the most successful CfC at the time.

However, the current record, a total of 26 billion coins were donated in 2014. Starting this year, partial profits for all items sold in the Penguin Style catalog in the month of December are donated to the CfC. In 2015, part of the profits from both the Penguin Style and the Furniture & Igloo Catalogs from the month of December were donated to CfC, but dispite that only 9.1 billion coins were donated.


Coins for Change allows its donors- the Masses -to specify a category in which their donated money goes. Penguins may donate infinite installments of five, fifty, or five hundred coins to any and all categories indefinitely and of their own will. They could donate all they own to one category, or five coins to each, or any feasible combination in between.

The following is a list of all categories ever used. Struck out items were removed from the list.
  • Food for the Masses Unfed (FMU)
  • Alms for the Impoverished Illiterate (AII)[1]
  • Alms Generic for the Impoverished Sick (AIS)
  • Alms for the Health of Impoverished Youth (AHY)[2]
  • Alms Generic for International Aid (AGIA)[3]
  • Alms for the War-Ravaged Innocents (AWRI)[4]
  • Orphan Sustainment Aid (OSA)[5]
  • Environment Improvement and Conservation (EIC)[6]
  • Alms for the Black Lunged Miners (ABLM)[7][8]
  • Alms for Farmers Aged (AFA)[9]
  • Alms for Seniors Incapacitated (ASI)[10]
  • Alms for the Soldiers (AS)[11]
  • Advancement of Club Penguin's Standards of Living (ACPSL)[12]
  • Hugs for Hackers (HFH)[13][14]
  • Witness Protection Aid (WPA)[15][16][17]
  • Social Enterprise for Nonmembers (SEN)


Coins for Change has literal billions of coins laying in its coffers when it is active. These coffers can easily be robbed by those with the right tools, be it hackers or criminal agencies, but since its inception, no one has ever attempted any major theft. In fact, no one has even tried to remove money from an alms bucket. Even more shockingly, many criminals have been known to routinely give, not take, from Coins for Change.

  • On December 23rd, 2008, Bugzy pulled up in a limo on Club Penguin. He quickly PWNed all PSA agents that attempted to arrest him as he approached a CFC alms bucket. Penguins either fled or asked for an autograph as he pulled out multiple sacks, at least fifty, and all filled to the brim. The spectators' jaws dropped as Bugzy, without saying a word or looking around, quietly dumped the contents of each bag into the alms bucket. The silence was only broken by the tinkling of the coins falling in. After he finished emptying the sacks, he climbed back in and drove off, then took a ship and went back to the mainland. Cheers erupted after the coins were appraised as authentic. Bugzy had given a total five million coins to all of the categories! Bugzy never spoke a word of it again.
  • Mabel dropped fifty coins into the OSA category on December 19th, 2009.
  • Microchip123 produced a total of ten thousand coins out of thin air (with his hacking devices) and dumped them into assorted Coins for Change categories on December 25th (Christmas Day), 2007.
  • Sanity Penguin performed an identical feat to Microchip on December 23rd, 2009. His money mostly went to HFH.

Why is this? Why would criminals- from Darktan to Bugzy to Director Benny -refuse to take from that big a fund? Why would some criminals like those above GIVE?

TurtleShroom, himself a minor giver to CFC, provides his moralite view on the idea:

It's called 'atonement'. It is an attempt to right wrongs done in the past by a significant good deed. This type of penance is common in villains that have a conscience or a moral creed, and proves the ancient saying, "even evil has standards". No one would take from something as pure as Coins for Change. Not even the most blackhearted of villains- like that yellow puffle that attends my meetings -can produce the evil heartlessness needed to steal from charity. Even Darktan, at his peak of power, refused to steal from the Foundation. Sure, he didn't give half a coin, but he didn't even come near the alms buckets. That's saying something. The power of charity, of pure good, of the compassion of the Masses at its finest... it can even stop evil in its tracks, if only for a little bit. It's enough to make anyone smile and believe there is more good in our world than bad.
— TurtleShroom (penguin)

Microchip123, a wanted and notorious hacker, left this as an explanation:

Yeah, I know you can steal from Coins for Change. My good friend, Andyh, told me. There's a massive- and I mean MASSIVE -hole in the system's security that allows hackers to take coins from the charities and give the coins to themselves. I succeeded in doing it with Penguin Storm, but I put it back after the test and even gave some more because, well, it's a charity...... due to ethical reasons, I will NEVER, NEVER release this method. I do NOT believe in taking money from charities that need it. If you ask for the method, I will personally destroy you.

The punishment for CFC theft[edit]


  • EBUL doesn't hate for Coins for Change, but it doesn't love it, either.
  • Coins for Change does not disclose its records of individual donors or their amounts. It only discloses how much went to each category and what percentage of funds that category received. All numbers referenced are estimates.
  • December 14th, the day which CFC usually begins, is called Alms Day, and is a national holiday. (If it falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the Monday after is a holiday off, too.)
  • In the last few years, Coins for Change has created gimmicks to get penguins to donate, such as "transformations" and train rides.


  1. Refers to the RL canonical "Kids who are too poor to afford school" category.
  2. Refers to the RL canonical "Kids who are sick" category. The AIS one above is the same bit but for adult creatures.
  3. Refers to the RL canonical "Kids around the world" category.
  4. Refers to the "hurt by war" part of the RL canonical "Kids without parents or who have been hurt by war" category.
  5. Refers to the "without parents" (orphaned) section of the RL canonical "Kids without parents or who have been hurt by war" category.
  6. Refers to the RL canonical "The Environment" category.
  7. Reference to RL USA trust fund for miners with that disease.
  8. This was removed in 2009, but may be re-introduced in 2010 after calls from miners' families. May also be extended to all miner aid, not just coal.
  9. Introduced in 2007, abolished in 2009, considering 2010 re-introduction.
  10. In-universe, this is direct funding to the nation's only state-sponsored nursing home: Snowflake Valley.
  11. Introduced in 2010.
  12. Proposed in 2007, rejected unanimously. Considered a selfish move by EBUL to recover some CFC funds.
  13. Used to assist ex-hackers turned good to fight crime and atone for their sins.
  14. Introduced in 2009 and well-received. 2010 abolition still considered.
  15. Used to assist creatures in extremely dangerous situations requiring undercover hiding. These creatures saw things they shouldn't have- crimes, for example -and are now wanted by the villains and may lose their lives if caught. Unbeknown to the contributors, this included BOF employees fleeing Benny. Was almost named "Ivananian Prevention Aid".
  16. Introduced 2008, abolished 2009. Controversial because it was well-received and heavily donated to. The charity that received it was incorporated and operated by several FW breakers.
  17. Rumors say that Scrooge, Benny, abolished the CFC grants by threat because it was succeeding in funding repelling operations against the Moose in Black.
  18. He actually did this in RL: LOOK FOR YOURSELF! There is still good in our world. :D

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