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Coldless Marian Gutter
Coldless as a cyborg during Crab War 1.
Title Coldless: Emperor of The Barbearer Islands
Gender Male
Race Khanz Penguin
Faction A+ High
Health Cyborg
Level 89
Status Living in a nation in poverty.
Location The Slums, Slumolia, UnitedTerra
Birth date June 17th, 1951 (Aged 68 years)
Occupation Exiled Emperor, beggar
Interests Murder, Warfare, Robots, World Domination
Friends None
Enemies All
Archetype Complete Villain

Coldless Marian Gutter hatched on June 17th, 1951 (Aged 68 years) in a garden in Frankterre because his parents were on vacation. He grew up in Olde Antarctica, in modern day East Pengolia. He lived in a Khanz Penguin community, but was different than the other Khanz. He was slightly bossy, but was very loving, and kind. He helped out the elderly, no matter how rude they were.

When he was 19, he moved to the Antarctic Peninsula. He didn't know The Pie Family until 1999, even though they were his next door neighbors. In 1999, he was looking for adventure. So he trained to be a sailor, and looked for a job. Suddenly Feey1 Pie came to him, and said he was assembling a crew for a quest in the Yowien Sea. Coldless joined Feey1, and the two became friends. Once they sailed past Yow Kingdom, which was in war with the USA, they finally found land. Feey named the island the Barbearer Islands, and gave the possession of the islands to Coldless.

Coldless was a good ruler, and made a robot army. However, in 2011 a war made him turn evil. He murdered King Alexander in December 2012, and declared war on Bar Crab City. During Crab War 1 he made himself into a cyborg, and attacked The Three Pieteers. He deleted Feey1 soon after the war, and took F Island and the June Islands. He became a complete villain, and grew a hatred for everyone.


Chick Years[edit]

As a chick, Coldless was very kind. He helped elders by taking care of their pet puffles, and fixing things around their houses. But when he had to do something disgusting, he would suddenly vanish from the scene. He was bullied a lot by older Khanz, because he was a dork. Coldless proclaimed one day "I am not a dork, I am a geek!". That quote haunted him for the rest of his life. At age 9 he took a large interest in mechanics, and robots. When the local science fair came, he quickly entered it. He worked on a project called "Why Robots are Useful". When the judges came to his booth, he activated the robot. The robot started to walk around, then it's two arms turned into machine guns. He shot all the other booths, then ran out of the gym. It ran into one of the bully's, who annoyed Coldless, house and fired acorns at him. The bully screamed, and tried to hide under his pillow. Coldless was grounded after the science fair, and didn't win anything. He said it was just a joke, and to annoy those bullies. He was grounded for 6 hours, but was slapped with a fish a whole bunch.

Teenage Years[edit]

As a teenager, Coldless was even geekier. He had to wear big, thick glasses, and had to wear braces on his teeth. His hair was also very flat, and he wore sweater vests a lot. He was teased, and laughed at a lot. He hated going to school, knowing that he would just be teased and laughed at. He tried to look cooler, but he hated contacts. Plus, he never could break the bond between him and his sweater vests. He was a complete dork, and he barely had any friends. He never dated, and he barely socialized. Everyday after school he would go straight on down to the basement, and play with his robots. Now he was very smart, and he was coding computers like crazy. In fact, he was so desperate for a good friend that he made a virtual friend who loved him. The computer was named C.I.N.D (Caring Interface that's Not Dead). C.I.N.D even had a virtual image of a cool penguin to cheer Coldless up. At 17 Coldless soon took an interest in sailing, and sea vessels. He studied about sea ships, and how to sail. His robot loving passion soon took a backseat to his love of the ocean, boats, and sailing.

Adult Years[edit]

As an adult, Coldless became very interested in sailing. So he decided to study more about it, and become a sailor. He learned more about ships, and studied all he can about seas. When he graduated he decided to move to the Antarctic Peninsula, to the city of Olympia. There he would find a college to attend, and further train to be a sailor. When he moved from his hometown, he was very happy. He was now able to make new friends, explore new places, and move on. He sailed to Olympia on a cruise ship, which he was able to ride because he took a job as a waiter on the vessel. He was going to quit after they docked at Olympia. Two days later the vessel docked in Olympia. Coldless quit his job right there and then, and went out to the beautiful city. He toured the city for some time, until he headed over to the college. He got his room, and unpacked. There he met his roommate, Issac Hairings, a penguin who related to Coldless a lot. Issac was a nerd to when he was a chick, and loved mechanics. Issac got Coldless back into mechanics after the first semester. After three years of college, Coldless left the campus and moved into the suburbs. He got a job at a supermarket, and lived a normal life. His ideas of exploring, and sea adventures faded away. He continued to work at the supermarket, and dated sometimes. He never married, however, and lived alone. In 1999, he traveled to Shiverpool to visit the beaches there. While there he found a dark blue penguin waddling around, hanging posters on random things. Coldless looked at the posters, and was very interested. It was a sign that said, "Help needed! Traveling past Yow Kingdom Island searching for new islands, need crew." Coldless then was reminded of his joy for sea fairing, and took the job in a heart beat. He took all his days off, and put them together for the voyage. On the voyage he and Feey1 became great friends, and had fun on their quest. When the crew found land Coldless, Feey1, and Jake Slang went onto the nearest island. They explored it, and found many neat things. Feey1 kindly gave the island to Coldless, to build his own nation on. Coldless took it, and made a country under his control. He built a robot army, and advertised his nation in Frankterre and the USA. Many Frankterran penguins traveled to the Barbearer Islands, bringing their culture with them. Coldless became friends with Alexander Clanin, who was the king of Yow. Coldless helped Yow defeat the USA in The First Hontanan War, and soon became even better friends with Alexander. All until the Barbearic Crab War. During the war Coldless became evil, and turned on all his friends. He thought his friends were turning evil, when really he was. He betrayed everyone he knew, even Feey1.The Barbearer Islands and Yow became enemies in the blink of an eye, and both were nearing war with each other. When Crab War 1 broke out, Coldless decided to do something crazy. He was going to make himself a cyborg. After several days of tough surgery, Coldless became a cyborg. He nearly killed Metal Knight, Feey1, and Ish2. He became very evil, and grew a hatred for everyone.

The Great Yowien War[edit]

Coldess originally supported the Allies during the invasion of Yow, but they quickly turned against him once the Yow Kingdom had fallen. Coldess made an alliance with East Pengolia, but the attacks from the Allies was too overwhelming for his military and people. Hence, his country fell, and Coldess fled for his life into the Barbaric wilderness. Originally thought to be killed in a Snoss nuclear strike on Topia, later evidence revealed that he survived the attacks. A large manhunt conducted by the Frankterran military was made, and Coldess was eventually arrested. The Frankterrans, who did not want to kill him, decided to exile him to Slumolia, the only country willing to give him asylum.

Slumolia, being a poor country, could not provide any money to Coldess, thus he had to survive on his own. He eventually ended up living in a trash can in The Slums, where he frequently robs sleeping hobos and Str00dels for food and luxury items such as playing cards, gold necklaces, tennis balls, and small coins. Coldess has also enslaved several hobos to be his henchmen to create a gang as well. Coldess is well aware of Feey1's exile to Maverick and is still planning to go there and attack him one day....once he gets the money.


Coldless tends to get angry quickly over little problems in life. He also hates people for being "idiots", and blames everyone for his problems. He has his own gym to take out his anger in boxing, and he's destroyed most of the equipment in there.


Coldless barely has any friends since he turned evil. Basically his only friends are fellow villains.


  • Everyone who is against him and his ideas.


  • Everyone who obeys his every command.
  • Hobos.



  • He hates getting it up early. He usually sleeps in till 11:30am.

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