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Type Clothing Company
Industry Textiles, clothing, boutique outlet/retail
Genre Clothing
Founder(s) Max Allen

(Soon added), Antarctica and Club Penguin Island

Antarctica, Penguin Style
Number of locations Antarctica
Area served All of Antarctica
Products Clothing
Services Antarctica
Owner(s) Kenny Snoworth
Employees About 16,000
Website None

Coldo is a clothing company that sells clothing to major retail stores across the Antarctic. The company is a lesser supplier to EBUL's clothes line through Penguin Style and is therefore exempt from most tarriffs to Club Penguin Island. It competes with several other clothing lines, but is number one rival is Emo Fashionz.



Coldo has the major honor of being one of the suppliers to EBUL. This means that some clothes in Penguin Style are actually Coldo brand names! This shields them from the punitive tarriffs and taxes EBUL subjects most foreign wares to and gives them huge money.


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