Cole J. Bucket

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Hello there! I am Cole J. Bucket.
— Cole J. Bucket
Cole J. Bucket
Cole J. Bucket
Cole J. Bucket.
Status Alive
Born 1990
Andera Town, Andèra
Species Penguin
Race Emperor Penguin
Gender Male
Residence Andera Town, Andèra
Citizenship Andèran
Occupation Minister of foreign affairs of Andèra
Prime Minister of Andèra
Employer Government of Andèra
Years Active 2010s-now

Cole J. Bucket is an Emperor Penguin who is the prime minister of Andèra. He lives in Andera Town, the capital of Andèra.


Cole J. Bucket hatched in 1990, in Andera Town, which is the capital of Andèra. His parents had moved there from Olde Antarctica a year earlier.

Soon after Cole heard the word "politics" for the first time, he decided to become a politician.

When Cole was young, he, like most of the other young penguins, went to school. He didn't like school (and especially math) very much, but he decided to not complain and keep going there so he could become a politician.

After finishing school, Cole went to the Andera Town University and started studying politics there. He did that for some years, until he graduated.


After graduating, Cole became a politician. He joined the Andèran Centre Party. Cole also joined the Andèran army.

During the first elections which Cole took part of, in 2012, he was elected to be the minister of foreign affairs of Andèra.

In 2015, Cole was invited to join the Andèran branch of the Elite Penguin Force. He joined, and he is now working as a secret agent, as well.

During the second elections which Cole took part of, in 2016, he was elected to be the prime minister of Andèra. Currently, he still is the prime minister.

In September 2018, when the Top Secret Agency, Andèra's own secret agency, was created, the Andèran EPF branch was disbanded. However, Cole is still an EPF agent.


Cole J. Bucket is involved in the politics of Andèra, because he is the Andèran prime minister.

Because he also is a soldier in the Andèran army, he may get involved in some military operations, as well, if any of these should happen. However, he hasn't been involved in any of these yet.

Also, because Cole is an agent of the Elite Penguin Force (EPF). Because of that, he has been involved in some of the top secret missions of the EPF.


Most of the time, Cole acts like an ordinary penguin. He likes to waddle around and meet new friends. Sometimes, he tells them to vote for him during the next elections.

Abilities and weaknesses[edit]

One of Cole's abilities is that he is very good at being a prime minister, which is very useful because he is a prime minister. He is also good at being a minister of foreign affairs. His biggest weakness is that he is afraid of terrorists, and he will run away as soon as he sees one.


  • "Hello there, I am Cole J. Bucket."
  • "I am the prime minister of Andèra."