Colonial Antarctica

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Puffish Crown Colony of Antarctica


The flag of Colonial Antarctica, under Puffle'and. Coat of arms

"For duty, for honor, for courtesy"
Map of segregated colonies.
Capital Snowdon (Overseas)
Government Absolute monarchy segregated state
 -  1990 - 2000 His Majesty, King Greg III of Puffle'and
Historical era Revolution
 -  Overthrow of STINC control of Antarctica December 31, 1990
 -  Freezeland Declares Independence December 21, 1997
 -  “We’re Not Gonna Take It” Protest Early 1999
 -  Establishment of USA October 22, 2000
Currency Ounces
Today part of USA, Freezeland, Polaris SAD, Região Lisboaguesa, Archet
USA flag.PNG
Part of the USA series of articles.
History of Antarctica
The Early Years
Settlement of Antarctica/Birth of Regular Penguins
High Penguin occupation of the Mainland
Land of Lord Guin
Babbelonian Empire
Penguin Empire
High Penguin Confederacy
Khanzem & Grand Ol' Land
Snowman Empire
A While Back
Olde Antarctica
Colonial Antarctica
Present Day
United States of Antarctica
(Free Republics of the USA)
Ninja Archipelago
Yowien Sea
Shops Island
Other Significant Former Countries
Republic of Poleland
Frozantium Empire
Old Yow Kingdom
Sherby Hoodwounds
Future & Hypothetical Scenarios
Mabel Dystopia
Snoss Civil War
The Last Stand
One Last Hope
The Spitfire
Part of the Colonial Antarctica series of articles
Major Events in the
Overthrowal of
Colonial Antarctica
Legislatures of Tyranny

Paper Act
Coffee Act
Unbearable Acts
Intergrated School Law
CP Port Shutdown
Lockup Act
Burger Fees

Core Protests

We're Not Gonna Take It
(Rallying Anthem)

King Gives Up
Club Penguin Coffee Riot
Candia's Wild Late-Night Ride
Paper Act Congress
The Plaza Mauling
Night Club Protests
House of Burger-ness
First 1337 Congress
Second 1337 Congress
Constitution Writing Squad

Battles and Events
Acadian Revolution

Battle of Luckyton and Coconut
Battle of Ski Hill
Battle of Rockhopper Island
Battle of George Washing Machine Laundromat
Battle of Cream Soda Creek
Battle of Alemaniantown
Battle of York Street
Penguville Rebellion
Pengu Town Mission

Key Figures and Groups

The Club
Explorer V
Benny Franklin
King Greg III
Greg Cleanington
Patrick Henrod
Freezelandian Seperatist Movement
The Leader
Dark Penguin Tribal Alliance
Siblings of Liberty
Trans-Antarctic Men
White Mountain Penguins
Blast of O'Berry

Major Items and Documents

Declaration of Reorganization
Declaration of Freezelandian Soverignty
Declaration of Dark Penguin Colony Independence
Articles of Loose Togetherness
Constitution of the United States
of Antarctica

Constitution of Darklonia
Duh! - by Thomas Ouch

Key Places

Club Penguin
King George's Island


South Eastshield Crossing

The Puffish Colony of Antarctica, now commonly known as Colonial Antarctica, was the predecessor of the United States of Antarctica. Formed after STINC control of Antarctica was ended by the Puffish in 1990. With the previous feudal system of Olde Antarctica being outdated and unable to allow society to progress and grow properly, it was decided that the Puffish, main power of the time, would govern over the entire mainland, and penguins were segragated and split into colonies based on their subspecies, to make sure that there would forevermore be no more tension between races, which has caused the downfall of the High Penguin Confederacy, the last stable power on the Antarctic mainland.

This system under the Puffish monarch lasted for barely ten years before the Antarctic Revolution occurred, which saw a fully fledged country coming to rise and restoring the power balance in the Antarctic, with no mainland power having been present for almost a century.


When STINC control of Antarctica was overthrown by the Puffish and Caladian forces, penguins suggested a new government. Eventually they decided to keep Antarctica under Puffish control as a monarchy, with a king. The penguins were divided into colonies, based on their species, and were ruled by a king in Snowdon.

Then, one year, the new king began taxing heavily on things like coffee, ice, fish and such. The penguins decided to revolt, and a small band struck out in a ship to overthrow the king. Eventually, the band reached Club Penguin. Using the island as a base, the band recruited and brought more penguins in their army. Then, one day, they invaded the castle and defeated the guards with a Snow Ball Gun. They threw the king in a broom closet with necessary supplies and put the closet out to sea, unlocking it so that the king could at least survive. Then the band left the island and formed a "Club", the exact same one that started South Pole City. After leaving South Pole City in the flippers of Judge Xavier, they went back to the island and decided to start a town, which became the island of Club Penguin.

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