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Crow mixing the Turntables at the Night Club, Club Penguin in 2009.
Background information
Birth name Crow Percy-Titan Smith
Born August 5, 1989 (1989-08-05) (age 30)
Satellite City
Origin UnitedTerra
Genres Terrain grime, hip hop, EDM
Occupations Rapper, songwriter, record producer, disc jockey
Years active 2002–present
Labels Music Industry (2008-2011)
Colossal Records (2011-present)
Associated acts Joe-Q, Cadence, TrillBron, Yusei, Omar Grest, Nebulent

Crow Percy Titan-Smith, better known by his stage name, DJ Crow, is a Terrain rapper, producer, songwriter and DJ from Satellite City, UnitedTerra. Crow has released five consecutive platinum and multi-platinum albums since 2007, which have all topped the national charts and has sold over 20 million records in the UnitedTerra alone. He is consistently ranked as one of the greatest rappers of all-time and the most influential artist to emerge from UnitedTerra. Crow's music style ranges from Terrain grime and hip hop to the occasional club-friendly electro-grime. He was the first artist to blend hip hop with dance music successfully, later shifting to a complete hip hop sound. DJ Crow has produced and written songs for the majority of the rap and pop industry and is one of the most sought-after producers by mainstream labels. Crow is known as a perfectionist and is recognised for frequently halting his own releases in order to focus on other materials.

Before his solo career Crow formed the rap duo-group Uprising in 2002 with Joe-Q at the tender age of thirteen, appearing on IC.TV while releasing two singles and a 10-track album which gained limited chart success. The duo disbanding the following year later, however reuniting in 2011. Crow released his debut mixtape The Endless Vacivity (2003) which was considered a success in the underground scene. Crow subsequently signed to Coalition and released his debut studio album Crow - The Hard Times in September 2007 after being in construction for over four years. It received universal acclaim from both critics and the rap community and would go on to be widely hailed as a musical landmark and a classic in the genre and is consistently ranked as one of the greatest LPs of all time. Three years later in 2010 the follow-up Dance on Sunday became known for its experimental sound while Crow's third album Disc-Jockey's Nyt (2011) received mixed reception from critics and didn't live up to the hype due to the single choices which Crow was not in control of. It was listed as the most underrated album of the decade by publishers.

Crow reunited with Joe-Q to release the highly-anticipated Renegade Riots (2012). It received rave reviews and was rated one of the best rap albums of the year - the legacy of the album is also credited towards the fact that it brought back the fashion of lengthy collaborative records. Crow didn't release any solo material whatsoever for over a year, which created anticipation for his fourth studio album Today's Declaration, released in November 2013 as a double-disc. It became Crow's best-reviewed album of his career, receiving an average rating of 94 out of 100 based upon 30+ reviews. After this, Crow went back into solo hiatus while he focused on producing and writing for other musical acts, returning three years later in 2016 with his Digital Nyts song giveaways, and with his second conceptual album, In Search of Lost Time (2017). The dense, boundary-pushing album was another commercial and critical success, instantly hailed as a modern classic.

Crow is also known as a music mentor, leading Cadence and Meaghan to mainstream stardom. In August 2011, Crow went independent and formed Colossal Records and has so far released three albums under the label. Signings to the label include personal producers TrillBron, Yusei, producer and rapper ID Kard, female rapper Flurry Lyne, Sink and Snowstorm.


Early life[edit]

Crow was born on August 5, 1989 in PreTerra, two years before Ninjinian, to unknown parents. He always had an interest in music, and by the age of 2 years he wanted to be a musician. Crow always used to find different sizes of things (which were mostly ice-blocks) and would bang them and make music. Crow started playing music even better as he grew older. His parents used to travel all around Antarctica. Then for Crow's 3rd birthday, he got a DJ set including turntables & Green Headphones. Crow thanked his parents a lot, and he has always cherished his DJ set & Green Headphones. In February 1991, he was told that he had a younger brother that had just been born. Crow was quite happy, but the day after that, he woke up to find his parents and baby-brother had gone. There was a note on his bed, which stated that his parents had gone with his little brother to relocate him a new home. Crow was very angry, and didn't even have more than a day to cherish his little brother. His parents however, never returned, but at the time he never thought of that.

He found his parents money that was hidden in the igloo and lived by himself, being only 2-3 years old. He lived with the money, as there was quite a lot of it, and soon purchased a laptop, where he recorded his songs and put them illegally on his own radio station called "Crow FM" - illegal radio stations were very popular, and Crow had got over 69,900 listeners every day, sometimes even more. His radio website gained popularity as Crow started putting fliers around his neighbourhood that he had a radio channel. He would do the show non-stop from 12:00pm to 6:00pm every day. The word spread that a little chick had a radio channel. He was contacted by a penguin that said that he could get him a radio frequency for 100 dauroes. He agreed and got the frequency "Crow FM - 26.8", illegally of course. He did the same routine for 5 years; buying food, eating, sleeping, mixing music, then did his radio channel. He never got caught by the authorities. Then in 1997 when he was 8, he stopped his show for some months, and gave a date on when he would return. He did as he had told his listeners, and carried the show up to 2000. When he was 9 in 1998 - the electricity had cut out, and Crow had not noticed that PreTerra had collapsed. The country had been destroyed. He packed up his stuff and hitched a ride on a train in January 1998, and moved to Penguin Island.

He arrived and rented a small igloo. He left PreTerra telling his neighbours to look out for "Crow FM". He lived and grew up in Penguin Island. In January 1999, he went to the Pizza Parlour one day. There he spotted a small penguin walking in and ordering a small pizza. The little penguin sat down and Crow stared at his eyes. He could tell that they were his little brother's eyes, Ninjinian. They talked and explained to each other what happened in the past years. Ninjinian and Yusei then came to live with Crow until March 1999. Ninjinian said that he had to rebuilt PreTerra. Crow didn't permit it at first, but then he agreed and said it was for their country. They agreed to meet again, and Ninjinian set off.

Teenage years[edit]

In 2002, while rapping at the Dock, he befriended Eric Cody Cooper, better known as Joe-Q. Soon enough the two became best friends. Crow didn't know that Joe-Q was a famous underground rapper but did eventually. The island was completely finished by next year, and then Penguin Island turned into Club Penguin. Crow re-opened "Crow FM", airing everyday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. In 2004, Crow purchased a microphone and performed during freestyle battles, as well as recording in his igloo. During the year he learned how to sing and dance. During a break-dancing contest Crow met Cadence. The two became friends and by August the two presented "Crow FM" together. Crow also mentored Cadence on how to sing and dance - shaping her into the star she is known as today. The next year in 2005, Cadence's parents invested into making the Night Club in the Town. Crow then became skilled in the art of producing - making Terrain grime beats and putting them up online for free download. Crow appeared on IC.TV, receiving tens of thousands of views.

Now that Crow was a famous underground rapper he ventured to the Night Club in November 2005 after being offered to perform there (as business was quite down). Only the couple simple beats that Petey K had produced were being danced to, and penguins found them quite boring. Crow privately worked on a beat for an hour and started playing it, simultaneously teaching dance moves. More penguins came into the club after hearing the loud music. Crow was granted with a DJ license the same day and started regularly MC'ing at the club. Crow and the Night Club were the main article of the "Penguin Times" that week. Penguins gave interviews to Aunt Arctic, saying: "Never has the club been so live! This Crow guy just showed up and blew the roof off! I'm going to start coming here every weekend!" Crow started getting a weekly salary to MC at the club every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Rockhopper's next visit, he heard about DJ Crow and visited the club for the first time and introduced the "Rockhopper Jig". He stated that because of Crow the Night Club is now his favourite place to visit. Crow was only 16 years old at the time and was causing buzz across the islands. The other rookie rappers recognized Crow as their fellow freestyler, and Joe-Q was happy for Crow too. He was then re-scheduled to perform an exclusive show every Friday in June 2006. In the same year Crow opened up a PengTube account and uploaded videos. From late 2006 the club started charging penguins for entry. Crow continued rapping - as well as DJ'ing and dancing. Crow finished "Crow FM" off in September 2007 with a 6-hour special, with guests Cadence and Joe-Q.

Music career[edit]

2002-03: Uprising and The Endless Vacivity[edit]

In 2002, Joe-Q and Crow formed a group called Uprising and released two singles on Joe-Q's independent label "Stone Empire". The two had poor success in the charts but soon became two of the best well-known underground rappers. In 2003, Joe-Q told Crow that he had been signed to Music Industry and was going to be releasing his debut album soon, and offered to introduce him to his label, but Crow went against Joe's decision as he wanted to shape his career himself. Joe's album managed to peak at number 23 in the CP Albums Chart. Crow re-appeared in the charts by featuring in Joe-Q's single "Well Obviously..." which gained moderate success. Despite this, no record label offered to sign him as it was considered risky.

Despite this Crow still worked on his own solo material independently. He worked on his debut The Endless Vacivity in January 2003, which was released as a free mixtape. The 21-track album received an overwhelmingly positive response in the underground scene. This caught the eyes of many local critics who reviewed the tape too - resulting into Crow getting nationwide recognition. What penguins found even more incredible was that he produced and wrote the whole tape himself. Independent record label Coalition signed Crow to a one-album deal a few months later. The label's sales were dropping drastically. They first heard of Crow during his time with Uprising but didn't decide to sign him. Upon hearing his mixtape they became confident. The song "Fusion Dance Nyt" started getting played in clubs even before the sign.

2003-07: Crow - The Hard Times[edit]

The album cover of his debut album.

Crow started work on the album in December 2003 after being signed in April. He was granted as much time as he needed to work on it. In 2005 the Night Club opened up and Crow received the status as a DJ as he started to work there. At the club he befriended Lebron Foster, professionally known as TrillBron, with whom he worked with for the album. Crow contacted his brother Ninjinian who offered his puffle Yusei to work on the album aswell. Production and recording for the album lasted for over 4 years. Crow settled on the album name Crow - The Hard Times half-way through inception - coming from a lyric in one of the songs. Recording finally finished in July 2007. Hype for the album began in August when the first single "Fusion Dance Nyt" was released. The track was originally a 2 minute-45 interlude on The Endless Vacivity, but was getting so much recognition in the years of the mixtape's reign that the label requested Crow to produce a different version for the album. The new version wasn't that different to the original though. The song peaked at number 1 in UnitedTerra and Club Penguin, and was a worldwide hit. The successful career of DJ Crow had begun.

Upon its release, the album debuted at number 1 on the UnitedTerra Albums Chart and Club Penguin Albums Chart, selling 138,000 copies in the home-land and selling the maximum of 100,000 in CP. While in the USA the record peaked at number 28, managing to sell 39,000. While the label were not satisfied with its moderate success internationally, the album done well in the homelands. The Hard Times received positive reviews from most music critics upon its release and earned praise for its lyrical content, production, and Crow's lyricism. On December 23, the album was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of Arctic Countries, and in June 2008, it earned platinum certification after shipments of one million copies in UnitedTerra. Since its initial reception, the album has been recognized by writers and music critics as a landmark album in Terrain rap. It contributed to the regional scene's artistic renaissance in Satellite City, while marking an influential, stylistic change in rap at the time. Its influence on subsequent hip hop artists has been attributed to the album's production and Crow's rapping. Several writers have cited The Hard Times as one of the quintessential Terrain recordings and one of the greatest grime albums of all time. It has been included in numerous best album lists by critics and publications.

A second single featuring local rappers GGD and Beetle was released a few weeks after release which did gain adequate success. Crow used PengTube to promote the album aswell. Due to the rules and regulations of the contract, Coalition were unable to resign Crow. Instead, the world-famous label Music Industry offered a two-album sign, which Crow accepted.

2009-10: Dance on Sunday[edit]

On Friday, September 4, 2009 in the Night Club on another "DJ Digital Nyt" he said that he would be recording another album in December 2009, and that it would release in the summer of 2010. Some songs that were not included on Crow - The Hard Times were on here. The soundtrack luckily did not leak out to the Internet until Crow officially did it on PengTube himself. Crow said: "I want to get some new producers in this time." The album was originally going to release at the beginning of 2010, but then Crow started planning for a world concert, and the album was postponed to Summer. Production came from Omar Grest, Yusei and Crow himself. Eventually the album released on July 21, 2010 and went number 1 in a couple of countries. Three singles released from the album; Could've Been You featuring Cadence, "Confessions" and the most successful single, Delight, which features Young Wade and Omar Grest. Sessions for the album took place during September 2009 to May 2010. The album made a record for less re-takes for songs on one album altogether. Songs were only re-took from one to six times. Most information was revealed on the TBC Radio 1 session, as revealing recording session dates and other relating information. He expanded on how Young Wade was going to be featured on the track: "you know, it's just rap and rap mixed into different types of rap. My next album might feature him in an even better song too, along with Grest and many, many new artists to come. I want to give them a chance the feature in songs first, then catch up with the big things."

Dance on Sunday debuted at number 1 on the UnitedTerra Albums Chart, selling 490,000 in its first week - it released on Wednesday, July 21, 2010 and debuted on the charts on Sunday, July 25, 2010. This was the third highest first week sales of 2010. In its second week, it stayed number 1, as for the next week, then came down. It became Crow's second UTR number one album, breaking the record of many Terrain hip-hop stars. After four weeks sales, totaling over 1,003,000 units. During the whole month and the next month in August 2010, the album stayed in the Top 40, selling over 90,000 units every week. Many times the album rose up a couple of places, stayed as a non-mover, and would return down, repeating the process almost every week of September 2010. Dance on Sunday made the Top 10 of almost every chart, not including the Pengolian Albums Chart, where its highest charting was number 14. The album went double-Platinum in Club Penguin, not going double-Platinum anywhere, but Platinum in other places where the album went number 1.

The album was the 3rd best selling album of 2010 in the UTR, selling over 2.21 million copies in 4 months, the album is now at over 2 million sold and still in the Top 100. Upon its release, Dance on Sunday received generally positive reviews from most music critics, based on an aggregate score of 71/100 from the Penguin Official Music Charts. Ratings similar to out-of-one-hundred include the local magazine, "MusicWeekly", gave the album a 80/100. Magazines and music critics that gave the album an out-of-ten rating ranged from 6 to ten ratings. Critics gave stars from 3 to 5 stars.

2011-12: Disc-Jockey's Nyt and Renegade Riots[edit]

Crow first announced the album to the public at the "TBC's Giant End-of-Year Festival" on October 4, 2010. After performing, he said "Thank you everybody! My third album titled "Disc-Jockey's Nyt" releases very soon. New singles come out in November onwards. Have a great time at the festival!" Straight after he came off stage, he cheeted; "Just finished my performance at the TBC Festival. I also announced my 3rd studio album "DISC-JOCKEY'S NYT" releases next year! 8)" He gave some interviews from October to December and wrote some blog posts but didn't reveal too much, besides the fact that the album was 'long away from release'. Originally Crow wanted more of the album to be dance tunes, but changed his mind after. On June 2, 2011, Crow finally decided to release the tracklist via his official site. Crow explained the name of the album in a blog post: "The name is based on me as a disc-jockey basically. Many songs mention the DJ, but they never say that the DJ is controlling the night, that he is the one making all those dancers having fun. This is the DJ's night. I stylized it and it worked out." The album was considered complete by March 2011, but production had to be continued for two weeks in early August 2011 after Crow left Music Industry. The album was changed drastically two weeks before the album packaging and release. Production from Zippy Penguin, DJ Crab, Omar Grest and Meaghan was removed and so Crow had to re-produce a lot of tracks.

Many of Crow's fans would say to Crow that the wait for Disc-Jockey's Nyt was too far away, so Crow immediately got a few of his tracks together on August 3 and released them on a mixtape titled I Apologize - saying; "I apologize for the long wait for the album. To keep you guys warmed up, here's a free mixtape with a few of my unreleased tracks and freestyles to enjoy until the release." The album was released independently and peaked at number 1 in UnitedTerra and Club Penguin, however the album didn't fair its best overseas, peaking at number 14 in the USA.

On March 25, 2012, Crow uploaded a 5 minute video to PengTube, titled "Uprising? ..." - revealing that Uprising - the hip hop duo consisting of himself and Joe-Q - were back after a ten-year absence, and that their first official collaboration album would be releasing later on in the year, with the lead single being released in May - also revealing the name of the album, Renegade Riots. The production had started in November 2011 and was finished in May 2012. The first single, "The Renegade Riots", was released at the end of May. The next single, "Jethro", was released the week before the album release and was more successful. The song is based off a sample from the late Jethro Collings. The week later, "To the Stars" was released, featuring Delaine. The final single, "Penguins in Pengolia", was released on September 1, 2012. The album sold 986,914 in its first week in UnitedTerra, debuting at number 1.

Departing from Music Industry[edit]

On August 1, 2011, Crow's recording contract with Music Industry expired. When he went to resign, he decided that he didn't want to resign to the label because he thought that he was slowly turning into a mainstream artist. Because of this his album "Disc-Jockey's Nyt", which was due for release two weeks later, wouldn't be released by Music Industry. Instead of trying to sign to another label, Crow set up his own record label called Colossal Records the same day. Crow made modifications to the album, as it was no longer in Music Industry's grasp (apart from the singles that were registered to the label already). Despite now being independent now, Crow managed to do all the marketing, promotion and preparation for the album and singles. His friend and producer TrillBron also decided to leave the label so he could work with Crow and so that the label didn't tamper with his production. After news spread of Crow's decision, Crow said: "I think I made the right choice. I'm not gonna become no mainstream artist. Music Industry weren't even trying to turn me into one - it just started happening naturally. So I've set up my own label, Colossal. I'll be releasing all my material from there [Colossal Records] now. And I have no plans on signing to any other label. The future plan is to build this label and sign new, fresh talent."

2013-15: Today's Declaration, hiatus and label expandure[edit]

Following a heavily-delayed release, Today's Declaration was released to digital retailers at midnight on November 29, 2013, receiving first week sales of 1,032,920 copies in UnitedTerra, becoming DJ Crow's fourth solo studio album and seventh altogether (including solo albums, EPs and collaboration albums) to peak at number 1. The album was sold for a moderately cheap price. The album received overwhelmingly positive reviews from music critics, whom praised Crow's successful attempt at a concept album. The production for the album was highly praised. Crow hinted that Today's Declaration would be his last album for a while as he wanted to focus on making material for the artists on his label - also saying that wants to produce for other new artists and continue building his label.

After the release and success of Today's Declaration, Crow began his hiatus of no specified duration in order to write and produce for other artists and expand his record label. Artists that were signed to the label include female rapper Flurry Lyne, rapper Sink and rapper Snowstorm and producer ID Kard (including in-house producers TrillBron and Yusei). Their debut projects are expected to drop throughout 2015 and 2016. Crow also worked on albums throughout 2014 to 2015 for Penguin Band (Cosmic), Rockhopper (Last Ship to Rockhopper Island), Cadence (4th Note), Tim and Tom (Therapy), Andrew Gonzalez (Everyone's Checkpoint) and Nebulent (TBA).

Colossal went from a one-artist label to one of the top independent record companies in Antarctica alongside the likes of Joe-Q's Stone Empire by the end of 2016. Flurry Lyne's debut project Lyneguistics (2016) did extremely well as did Sink's first release Diagnosis (201).

During these two years Crow released no solo material and only did a handful of guest appearances.

2016–18: Comeback, In Search of Lost Time and BLANK.[edit]

Crow's last album, Today's Declaration, came in November 2013. Coming towards the end of 2016, it had been three whole years since Crow released an album. The last time he went such a long time without a project was from his debut album to his sophomore, which was also a three-year wait. However this time Crow did not even release one freestyle, let alone one song. As a result, Crow dropped into the shadows of the ever-expanding music world, keeping a low profile for his solo career but still having his name pop up as Colossal Records got bigger, as well appearing on a few songs to deliver a guest appearance. The public did not get more than this.

Come early 2016, it was rumoured that Crow was experimenting with at least 20 album titles, some of which were rumoured to be Black Rapsody, A Blank Canvas, Portrait Privilege, An Acceptable Time, Amazing Words to Say, Late Summer and COAST, among many more.

Eventually, in July 2016, Crow came out of the shadows by surprise-releasing a song on to iceTunes. He did not say much behind what the song was far, however the suggestion was that it was the lead single off his soon-to-be-released and long-awaited fifth album. This didn't prove to be the case and it was instead Crow warming up and gradually coming back into the spotlight. Crow went on to do this regularly up to October, titling these releases as Digital Nyts, paying homage to his old weekly Night Club event that propelled him to fame.

In October, the lead single was released, gaining exceptional reception and success. But the album was still not announced. In early November, Crow mysteriously cheeted a wintery artistic landscape. This later proved to be a mural for the album and a larger piece of the cropped artwork. On February 31, 2017, Crow simply cheeted: "IN SEARCH OF LOST TIME." Everyone was certain that this was the album name.

For the album booklet, Crow provided a picture of the paper on which he was considering album titles, displaying over 50 names and words jotted and scribbled on the page. He did this for numerous topics, such as song names, lyrics, drawings and conceptual ideas.

In Search of Lost Time was released on March 4, 2017.

With the whole industry expecting another hiatus, Crow returned only a year later in the summer of 2018 with "STREAK.", the lead single off his sixth album. The album BLANK. (2018) was released in August with 12 tracks and no guest appearances.

2019–present: Final album and retirement[edit]

On January 12, 2019, Crow shocked the world with the news that he would be retiring from making music as a solo artist. This did not rule out the possibility of him continuing to be involved in music, such as producing and writing for other artists. In fact, he stated that he retired from music to run his own label Colossal Records. Nevertheless, it sent shockwaves through the continent considering the type of career Crow has had and his impact on the musical scope.

The album, titled Yours Truly, Crow, was released on November 6, 2019.

As a writer & producer[edit]

Main articles: As a producer & As a songwriter

Crow has also produced and written songs for other artists. He first started writing in 2009, for Cadence. On her debut album Cadence: The Beginning, Crow wrote parts of "The Beginning", "This Rhythm", "To the Dancefloor", "Here Me Now", "Feeling to Dance", "Could've Been You" (both which he is credited as a featured performer on) and "My Lust for You". Crow has also written songs in the albums Causing Mayhem, The Return of Nebulent, Tha Bananaphone and Simpletons & Gangsters. Crow has produced multiple amounts of tracks for Cadence - also being executive producer for Cadence: The Beginning (2009) and Tempo (2012). Crow produces and writes most of his own songs too.

In 2014, Crow worked closely with Penguin Band as an executive producer on their second album Cosmic. Crow also played a major role in Rockhopper's final album Last Ship to Rockhopper Island (2015) and Cadence's 4th Note (2015). He was also executive producer for Flurry Lyne's debut album Lyneguistics which dropped early 2017.

Personal life[edit]

In the early stages of Cadence's career, many started to think that Cadence and DJ Crow were developing a relationship, but both parties denied this, saying that they were just friends. However, in August 2011, Crow started dating Antarctican singer, Lucy Verghanta. The relationship lasted for a year and a half. Crow is very close to his brothers, Ninjinian, who is the President of UnitedTerra, and Baby N, the leader of Scoodlepeep.

In 2014, Crow met radio presenter and host Akiza Atlus at a music festival, and dated for several years. In 2018, the pair became engaged.


Over Crow's career he has been included a couple of feuds (better know as beef in UnitedTerra). The two feuds still exist today, and they look like no participant will be ending the beef any time soon. The beef gets quite serious - leading to Crow making songs about the feud while using lyrical content to attack the opposing participant. No music videos are ever made for the songs - as they are not released as single and Crow decided that music videos were not important for the song. At times, Crow raps some of these diss tracks on tour.

Dancing Penguin beef[edit]

The feud is said to of started in late 2008. This was around the time when Dancing Penguin was starting his early career at the Night Club. He got to know Cadence but never used to talk to DJ Crow that much. Many dancers in the club noticed that Dancing Penguin didn't get too close to Crow when he was DJ'ing, rapping or dancing. Many say that DP is just jealous of Crow. In November 2008, DP supposedly said to Crow that he didn't like his music, and called him a "wannabe rapper" in an interview at the Night Club. Crow heard about this from a fellow dancer. Crow also heard from the dancer that he should make a Chitter and follow the club's official profile so he can keep up to date with updates. Many of the dancers of the Night Club made an account, including Crow and Dancing Penguin. Crow didn't go near Dancing Penguin after that. Crow fought back on December 4, 2008 on his Chitter account (DJCrow). That night a dance contest final was happening. The conversation went as so:

DJCrow: "All dancers get on their hype tonight. @dancingpenguin we'll see if you kill it."
DancingPenguin: "@djcrow that being? you know what I said and I'm not afraid."
DJCrow: "@dancingpenguin You're a funny kid - you don't want any beef."
DancingPenguin: "@djcrow Flamin' underworld Crow don't tweet me u cirpky shut your beak!"
DJCrow: "@dancingpenguin Release an album already boi, no one's waiting, LOL."
DancingPenguin: "@djcrow it's coming, just you wait. Will be better than anything you've released."
DJCrow: "@dancingpenguin We'll let the charts decide that."

During the contest they didn't go near each other. Crow won the Freestyle Contest as well as the Dance Contest. After the contest he cheeted to DP: "@dancingpenguin See what I am capable of Little Younga?" Crow received no reply. From there they had fierce and violet freestyle wars with each other at the Night Club, as well as comments on Chitter to each other. In March 2010, Crow recorded a 1 minute and 52 seconds freestyle (over a very simple Terrain grime beat) directed to Dancing Penguin. He put it up on PengTube and attacked DP with it at the club. The feud calmed down from late 2009 to early 2011. Then Dancing Penguin released his debut album in April 2011 - which two songs had a few lyrics that referenced Crow mildly.

Crow decided to expand his 1 minute and 52 second freestyle that attacked Dancing Penguin, to get back DP for the references on "Full Volume". Crow also thought that Dancing Penguins stole some of his lyrics from his debut single "Fusion Dance Nyt" in the song "Time for the Night Club" and so included relating lyrics in what he was about to extend. The song was extended to 4 minutes and 51 seconds, and was titled "Insult or Diss". It was written and recorded in May 2011 and then released and announced by Crow in June 2011. The song was uploaded to Crow's official PengTube channel on June 10, 2011, displaying the cover art of the song for about 5 seconds at the beginning. The video is a lyrics video but shots of Crow rapping the lyrics can be seen in the background of the lyrics of the song very faintly. The last 30 seconds gives out a spoken message to DP, saying that it is no longer a warning. It currently has over 2 million views on PengTube. As of now the feud is still not over. DP so far hasn't talked about the diss song, or about Crow.

Aunt Agatha beef[edit]

Colossal Records[edit]

Colossal Records
Colossal Records logo.PNG
Parent company Independent record label
Founded 2011; 6 years ago
Founder DJ Crow
Distributing label Self-distributed across Antarctica
Genre Hip hop, grime
Country of origin UnitedTerra
Location Colossal Studios
DJ Crow's Igloo
Official Website

Colossal Records is an independent record label formed by Terrain rapper and producer DJ Crow. It was formed in August 2011 after Crow parted ways with the long-time major label Music Industry. They are entirely self-distributed and are attached to no parent label. As such, the founder and executive, DJ Crow, funds all matters in relation to the label and its artists. It predominately puts out hip hop, rap and grime music, and has signed a number of rappers to the label. However there are also R&B singers and in-house producers also signed to the label, who produce for the label's artists. The first release by the label was Disc-Jockey's Nyt (2011), DJ Crow's third album.

In September 2016, the label released their first compilation album; Colossal World (2016).


Current artists
In-house producers


The following are studio albums, extended plays and compilation albums released under the label:

Artist Album Details
DJ Crow Disc-Jockey's Nyt
  • Release date: August 15, 2011
Today's Declaration
  • Release date: November 29, 2013
Colossal Records Colossal World
  • Release date: September 18, 2016
Flurry Lyne Lyneguistics
  • Release date: November 2016
DJ Crow In Search of Lost Time
  • Release date: March 5, 2017
  • Release date: August 3, 2018
Yours Truly, Crow
  • Release date: November 6, 2019


In Crow's early years (2006 to 2008) he was very involved in the Night Club and Club Penguin, such as hosting special events in the Night Club every Friday and mentoring artists such as Cadence and Meaghan. From 2007, Crow became one of the most popular and well-known penguins on the island (later being succeeded by his own DJ-student Cadence). Despite UnitedTerra being his home country, Crow is very attached to Club Penguin as it was the place where he gained his fame and started his career. He helped shape many careers besides Cadence's and Meaghan's. Producers TrillBron and Yusei got their first producing break from Crow - all which was made possible in Club Penguin.

DJ Digital Nyt[edit]

This was a special event held at the Night Club every Friday night from 6 PM - 4 AM for late night penguins wanting to party, which was presented & held by DJ Crow himself. Crow arrived at the Night Club at 5:45 PM to get ready, and comes with his backpack full of the records he is going to play. Crow took this job for his passion for music, not for the money. He got out his microphone at exactly 6 PM and announced the event and to clear the dance-floor. He counted down the singles on the Club Penguin Singles Chart and his favourites downloaded on iceTunes. Crow played his own demos too, such as "Trusty Turntables". The show originally began in June 2006 and was wrapped up in December 2010. The last show ran through the whole day with Crow dancing, doing freestyle raps, freestyling with the DJ3K, playing his signature songs and playing exclusive samples of his forthcoming album. No press were granted inside and was free entry for any penguin/puffle like all the other Digital Nyts. Guests such as Cadence, Meaghan, Tim and Tom, Nevim and Joe-Q attended the last Digital Nyt and some even performed.

Record label problems[edit]

In late 2009 after he had released his debut album Crow - The Hard Times, Crow realized that record labels would usually try to twist artists' music to make it mainstream. Crow really didn't want that to happen, but for the time he didn't worry. But then a few months later producers of Music Industry showcased five new instrumentals to Crow, which sounded very mainstream. They reminded him that he was bound to a contract, and so could introduce these types of tracks as long as they wanted (while putting it very softly). Crow didn't want to start a fight, but didn't mind if he did because even if he got dropped from the label he could still carry out his music as he was doing presently. After, a feud did erupt during the production of Dance on Sunday, Crow's second studio album. Producers wanted to make the whole album mainstream. The Music Industry owner was not aware of this feud until Crow reported it. They reviewed the contract together and renewed it to give more rights to Crow - which gave Crow a right to use money directed at him to use for his own studio-independent albums, have more rights to his own production and to not make mainstream music if he didn't want to. The producers were fired off Crow's project and replaced with producers such as Omar Grest, TrillBron and Yusei.

The album had already been finalized by the producers privately, and so all the tracks were removed (except for "Could've Been You") and time had to be used wisely to complete the album properly. Crow decided to make it more grime so he could see if mainstream listeners would still buy the album. He also purposely made the album very controversial, as he wanted to really show his grime side.

Colossal Records[edit]

On August 1, 2011 - after parting with Music Industry Records - Crow immediately set up his own independent record label. Subsequently Colossal Records was set up. The label mainly focuses on Terrain grime, but also does hip hop and dance songs (which are Crow's specialities too). Crow's album Disc-Jockey's Nyt was expected to release in two weeks, and had to make quick arrangements to get the album ready. Usually Crow wouldn't do any of the marketing of his material, but considering the fact that he was independent now, he would have to. Crow managed to do everything quite quickly. Crow also made major modifications to the albums songs, removing many which he thought were too mainstream and added/recorded new ones. Many of the songs on the album, especially the singles released before July 2011, were already registered on Music Industry's name, so that couldn't be changed. Luckily, Crow hadn't registered any other songs, so they didn't legally belong to Music Industry. Despite the fact that many songs on the album were on Music Industry, the album wouldn't be registered on it because it hadn't been released yet and Crow's contract expired before the packaging of the album took place.

Touring schedules[edit]

During an interview in April 2011 with SnowMusic, it came to Crow's mind that he hadn't officially toured since he had been signed. On their website the headline read: "Crow: I've never been on tour". Crow mentioned it to his manager, who decided that Crow will go on his first official world tour after the release of his album Disc-Jockey's Nyt from September 2011 onwards.

Date City Venue
September 20, 2011 New Club Penguin NCP Arena
September 21, 2011 Teedal The SupaRink
September 23, 2011 Satellite City Satellite Stadium
September 25, 2011
September 26, 2011 Neo Domino City Nexon Energy Center
September 27, 2011
September 28, 2011 Flipscone Rondo Arena
September 30, 2011 Seadirom Compact Stadium
October 1, 2011 Brisking Big Brisks
October 4, 2011 Carcery Crepsley's Castle
October 5, 2011 Lotusfort TP Arena
October 6, 2011 Scoodlepeep Tinydome
October 8, 2011 ParraBASE The Aeradome
October 9, 2011 Escobard Blockpolitan Stadium
October 10, 2011 Olde Snoxon Ye Coliseum
October 11, 2011 Escoholis Escobowl
October 14, 2011 New Club Penguin NCP Arena
October 15, 2011
October 16, 2011
United States of Antarctica
March 4, 2012 South Pole City SPC Stadium
March 6, 2012 Eastshield Bifidus Academy
March 8, 2012 Trans-Antarctica The Megadome
March 9, 2012 Club Penguin Island Ice Rink
March 10, 2012 Dorkugal Dorks Domain
March 11, 2012 Club Penguin Ice Rink
March 13, 2012 Weddell WE5 Stadium
March 15, 2012 Freezeland Triskelle's Dome
March 16, 2012 Happyface State HF Arena
March 18, 2012 Club Penguin Ice Rink / Docks


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  • He is the older brother of president Ninjinian and chick Baby N - and part of the Titan-Smith Family.
  • He is good friends with Cadence, since they have the same interests.
  • The penguin can also dance like no penguin could ever dance.
  • He also has created his own dance moves, which are very famous now and most of them are top & best dance moves ever.
  • Crow was the first penguin to ever have the Green Headphones, because he had made them, and had introduced them to Club Penguin Island at the Music Jam '09. Since it is his fashion, penguins respect that and don't wear it.
  • Crow never takes off his Green Headphones, but only when needed to take them off.
  • He brought a set of very small turntables and secretly plays them while in meetings with the UnitedTerra Parliament.
  • Crow released his debut album, Crow - The Hard Times on September 19, 2009.
  • The DJ is capable of doing The Dance, and is one of the five masters to ever master the epic dance.
  • Like his younger brother, Crow is half-vegetarian. He doesn't eat fish or meat that much. Just fish on rare occasional events.
  • Crow is currently planning on making a world tour all around UnitedTerra & Antarctica.
  • He is engaged to Terrain radio presenter and host Akiza Atlus.

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