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Elite Penguin Force Command Room
The Command Room
The original Command Room
Key details
Type Classified
Level EPF headquarters
Location Everyday Phoning Facility
Inhabitants Director of the PSA/EPF,EPF Agents, Elite Puffles, Gary the Gadget Guy.

In espionage, the Command Room is the headquarters of the Elite Penguin Force. It is loaded to the brim with the latest and most advanced intelligence technology, and also that elevator that G always wanted. Found in a subterranean basement in the Everyday Phoning Facility, the Command Room is vastly superior to its predecessor, and it finally fixed several of the PSA's fundamental flaws: that is, it added a secure entrance and created an entry exam, based on merit instead of "fill-in-the-blank".

It was the result of excess overspending following the dissolution of the Penguin Secret Agency, but thanks to it, Club Penguin is far more secure.


When the EPF was founded in 2009, they needed a separate base of operations from the PSA. Gary the Gadget Guy started the panning for an EPF HQ located next to the PSA HQ. As only few PSA agents were also EPF agents, the secret entrance was built into the existing cabinet inside the PSA headquarters. A small room was bored into the wall and by late 2009, Christmas was celebrated inside the new HQ (complete with decorations).

In 2010, when Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy the Crab bombed the PSA headquarters with a makeshift popcorn bomb, the Director dissolved the Penguin Secret Agency and merged it with the Elite Penguin Force. Construction crews were sent in to upgrade and expand the existing Command Room. In the process, the PSA HQ and the Gadget Room were destroyed and added to the large single room.

Within a few weeks, construction was complete and the Command Room was successfully expanded. Many new televisions were set up, showing the status of the island and the EPF. EPF Agents are issued Field Operations (small, generally patrolling, missions). Field Ops are usually assigned to agents every week. There is also a large computer system connected to the EPF super-computer. This system contains virus monitoring software. When a virus is detected, agents have the opportunity to digitally destroy them.

About a fortnight after the completion of the Command Room, a tube transport system was installed. An agent would step in and a small, transparent panel will pop out. The agent would then input their desired destination and the door/panel sealing the tube transport will shut. The air is the "vacuumed" out of the chamber and the agent is instantly whisked away to their destination. Of course this will all be useless without a destination. So, when the system was finished, a new room named the "VR Room", standing for Virtual Reality Room, was constructed. The old PSA HQ can be seen via the use of this room. Old, archived PSA missions can also be played inside the room. Due to this ability, new agents are sent here for training.

In addition to this, there are also other rooms build into the complex, including G's new Gadget Room.


By using the Tube Transport System (often abbreviated as TTS), several locations within the Command Room complex can be accessed.

VR Room[edit]


The VR Room, or Virtual Reality Room, is an extension of the Command Room. It can be accessed via the Tube Transport System. The old variations of the now defunct PSA HQ can be seen. The 2005, 2007 and post popcorn explosion version can be seen. In addition to this, agents may replay old, archived missions using the "PSA Archived Missions Console". With this feature, new EPF agents attend training sessions here.

On the roof of the room is a snowball powered, selection system. A trough of snow is located on one of the walls. To select between "2005 HQ", "2007 HQ" or "2010-Exploded HQ", one must toss a snowball from the trough onto the labels, which doubles as a pressure pad. The pad with the most pressure applied on selects that option. This also comes in handy when the VR Room is filled with agents. A democratic vote can be achieved by throwing snowballs onto an option - the option with the most snowballs is then chosen.

The entrance to the tube transport system is on the wall opposite on the Missions Console. There are motion sensors there, so when a penguin gets near it, the metal doors slide open, revealing the entrance to the tube.

Gadget Room[edit]

Gary had the gadget room built in 2011. It is accessible from the tube transport system. The Gadget Room was constructed so that Gary would have a laboratory where he could work on his inventions. It is exactly the same in appearance with the old PSA Gadget Room, the only difference is that the inventions in it are different. The original copy of the Classification Code was saved from the popcorn explosion and still hangs proudly on the wall. There are also several CRT monitors on the wall, monitoring the Ski Village via secret security cameras.

The entrance and exit to the tube transport system pipe is located at on the wall, behind a great big metal door. The door has 10 centimeters of re-enforced steel to provide protection for the inventions inside.


Although no one permanently inhabits the Command Room, many agents are usually seen. Gary the Gadget Guy can be sometimes seen on the conference table, banging away on a new invention. The Director, although not in the room, can be seen on the many monitors inside the Command Room. Elite Puffles are also seen on occasion.


Most, if not all, villains have tried to break into the Command Room Complex. Initiating a successful break-in would trigger a chain reaction that would knock out the entire defense force protecting Club Penguin. Thankfully, no one has managed to break in. However, Herbert is thought as the most likely to break in, and he is constantly under security.


People can get Power Cards for Card-Jitsu here, get special clothes and inventions and play Missions.


  • On the floor at the foot of the stairs, there is an almost invisible text that says I ♥ OVERFUNDING.
    • The Director denies the existence of this text.