Comona Islands

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Comona Islands
Comona Islands CoA.png
Coat of Arms of the Comona Islands

Comona Islands New Flag.png
Flag of the Comona Islands
National name Comona Islands
Country Ed Island
Capital city Werdenburg
Largest city Werdenburg
Formation 1878
Inhabitants Penguins
Other info
Population 1,360,000
Location Ed Island Ocean Territories, Sub-Antarctica
Alliances Ed Island
Neighbours Culldrome Isles, Snowjave

The Comona Islands are an archipelago state of Ed Island located to the immediate north, in the same island chain as Snowjave and the Culldrome Isles. One of the most populated states of Ed Island, the Comona Islands are known for being the location of Comona Base, the primary launch facility for the Astronaut Corps.



The Comona Islands had been under Frankterran colonial rule until 1878, when Imperial Ed forces invaded the territory during the Franko-Pruscan War, 'liberating' the archipelago and claiming it as a territory of Ed Island.

In 1960, the Comona Islands were officially granted statehood within Ed Island. Officially this was because of a territory-wide vote to become so, but politically it streamlined much of the processes in constructing EIAC and nuclear research facilities within the islands.

Notable Locations[edit]

  • Comona Base - the EIAC's primary launch facility, with numerous rocket pads and a SSTO craft runway.
  • Werdenburg Nautica - Headquarters of the EIAC and Ministry of Advanced Development, the Werdenburg Nautica is a key technological development site for all things aeronautics.
  • New Khanzem - A region of the Comona Islands designated for Khanzem refugees to settle in Ed Island after the Khanzem War. New Khanzem later joined Neumenia during the Wulfen War.


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