Confederacy of Independent Culldrome

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Confederacy of Independent Culldrome

January–May 2014

Flag of the CIC Symbol of the CIC

Prosperity and Growth for the Good of All!
Grand Anthem of Confederate Culldrome
Capital Shadow City
Government Autocratic Dictatorship
 -  2014 Chairman Dux
Historical era Culldrome Civil War
Currency Confederate Credits
Today part of Culldromeislesflag.png Culldrome Isles

The Confederacy of Independent Culldrome, also known as Confederate Culldrome, the Confederacy or the CIC, was a short-lived unrecognised nation which seceded from the Culldrome Isles. Its formation was soon followed by the Culldrome Civil War and Shadow of Culldrome, resulting in its massive expansion and eventual demise. Ruled by the dictator Chairman Dux, the breakaway nation only existed for a few months, after being retaken by Culldrome and other Allies.



Origins of a separate Culldrome entity date back to the 1800s, during Culldrome's Ninja Occupation. The ideas had originated from the Skulldrome Isles, who wanted to be separated from the rest of Culldrome. The idea for a modern day Skulldrome nation was brought up by Chairman Dux in 2012. He figured that a separate Skulldrome nation would be able to freely sustain itself and, eventually, take over the rest of Culldrome. Dux also brought up the idea of an imperialistic confederacy, consisting of different colonies, conquered and annexed into Skulldrome. His plans and ideas caught onto the citizens and he gained many supporters.

Dream would turn to reality in 2014, as the CIC was formed and Culldrome entered another civil war.


On January 16, 2014, a live debate between Blizzard Dux and Steven Snowen. The debate was to be broadcast all across Culldrome, as well as some political channels of other countries. During the debate, the last to occur before the national elections, due to occur the week after. During the debate, Blizzard confronted his rival, threatening him to sign the 'Treaty of Confederate Secession'. Steven reluctantly signed the treaty, making Culldrome officially recognise the secession and creation of the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome, independent from the original Culldrome.

Later, after the debate, Blizzard, now self-crowned as Chairman, overtook the Skulldrome Capitol in Shadow City. Now with a base for the government, Chairman Dux set about the rapid destruction of the rest of the Culldrome Isles and his plans for eventual world domination.

Military Conquests[edit]

After its formation the CIC rapidly went out with their military might and crushed several Culldrome states. The Confederacy employed a blitzkrieg strategy, using ground troops supported by the air force. This devastating tactic led to many Confederate victories in a short amount of time. Menap Island fell into Confederate control in a day and parts of the Treshurr Isles fell just two days later. The Confederacy focused more on offensive power rather than defense.

The Confederacy also enacted several plans that outlined their expansion. Their first plan, Operation Star, focused on the Confederacy taking over small, defenseless nations. Through Operation Star, the Confederacy managed to take over Daire Isle and put it under their control. However, the operation was terminated after the Confederacy's army was wiped out by a Porcyal bomb at the end of the main civil war.

Despite this, the war continued, with small skirmishes and battles, as the armies on both sides had suffered big losses. The Confederacy also drafted up more plans, mainly Operation Warhammer. Warhammer aimed at expanding the CIC's territorial reach by taking over much larger nations. The Confederacy aimed to decisively invade and annex the USA, Ninja Archipelago and the Asiapelago by 2030. Operation Warhammer would bring the Confederacy up into the high ranks amongst superpowers and eliminate their rivals, the original Culldrome Isles.

Shadow of Culldrome[edit]

After months of idling and rising tensions, the Confederacy and Culldrome both resume the civil war. Operation Shadow is launched, resulting in the Confederacy fighting a multiple front war using the massive amount of military equipment that they have built up. Part of the Operation involved the construction of a top secret superweapon.


As the tide began to turn and the Confederacy suffered heavy losses, the country began to lose its power and legitimacy (or what it had). A final battle in the heartland lead to the deaths of Chairman Dux and his fellow leaders. Within days, most remnants of the Confederacy had been stamped out and the national entity was dissolved. Massive rebuilding efforts were undertaken as the shaken states slowly returned to normal life.

The Confederacy of Independent Culldrome lives on in the few remnants scattered around Culldrome and the rest of Antarctica. Although few in number and weak, the remaining resistance occasionally causes havoc. Its complete destruction is a top priority of the CSIA.


The height of the Confederacy, May 2014.

At its peak in May 2014, the Confederacy controlled most of the Culldrome Isles, its island territories and parts of mainland Antarctica. A large portion of his land, particularly in Antarctica, was under direct military control and only held for a few days.


A repainted CIC fighter jet.
A Confederate ninja soldier.

The Confederacy possesses a fairly large amount of military power, about the size of Liguria. A very large majority of the Confederacy's military equipment is former equipment of the Culldrome Military. Some of the equipment was repainted with CIC symbols. However, a lot of other equipment captured was not repainted, to save costs for its redeployment.

The Confederacy have a number of factories, which produce a small amount of new equipment each day. With its acquisition of Daire Isle, military production skyrocketed. Hundreds of tanks and air craft were being rolled of the production line each week. Its large military force caused a hard time for Culldrome and other nations that fought during the Shadow of Culldrome. After the Confederacy's fall, all of its equipment were transferred over to the Culldrome Military.

The Confederacy also had a large amount of infantry and soldiers. Military personnel were mostly ninjas, although there were some who were average penguins who had battle training. The ninja soldiers proved to be a vital asset, as they had plenty of combat experience, not only from Card-Jitsu, but also due to their past history during the Porcyal War. In fact, a quarter of the Confederate Army was made up by Porcyal War veterans.


The Confederacy of Independent Culldrome is ruled by a dictator, Chairman Dux. The Chairman has ultimate and absolute power over the entire country. He is free to do whatever he wants to, without repercussions, having the final say in any matter. Ranked below him are several other important officials, who lead the country in different departments and sectors. The Chairman and his officials run the country in the Supreme Council of Culldrome. The officials are usually close friends of the Chairman and are 'elected' into the council by himself.

Name Position Role
Chairman Dux Mighty Chairman of the CIC Leading the country
Gravity Supreme General of the CIC Leading the country's military.
Kanz Armen Supreme Overseer of the Economy Treasurer and leader of all economic plans.
Harai Tomono Mighty Leader of the Yowien Territories Leader of Culldrome Yow and second in command to the Chairman.
Wari Samutsu Great Leader of the Confederate Territories Leader of the CIC's outer territories and foreign relations.
Hai Omonode Mighty Overseer of the Confederacy Oversees the citizens and local issues of the CIC.
David Longson Great Overseer of the Confederacy Deputy of the Mighty Overseer.

International Recognition[edit]

Many nations did not recognize the existence of the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome, citing that its secession was "an illegal act that breaches many laws, both international and national." Only a handful of nations recognize the Confederacy, mostly those who had bad tastes with Culldrome. However, during the secession of the Confederacy, Culldrome's Supreme Leader Steven Snowen was forced to sign a treaty, resulting in Culldrome being obligated to legally recognize the Confederacy. Despite this, Culldrome does not recognize the country de facto.

State Diplomatic relations established
Culldromeislesflag.png Culldrome Isles* No
PuffaliaFlagNew.png Puffalia Yes
MeilorPolaris.png Meilor Polaris Yes
PuffarusFlag.png Puffarus No
East Pengolia image flag.png East Pengolia Yes
Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland Yes
Asaina flag.png Zhou No


Citizens in the Confederacy are separated into multiple classes, the Slaves, Workers, the Lower Citizens, Soldiers and the Higher Citizens. Life in the Confederacy varies wildly between the different classes. Slaves are mostly those who resist the Confederacy's rule and are forced into hard labor. Workers are lowly citizens who are also forced into labor, although not as grueling as Slaves. Workers mostly work in factories and commercial offices. Lower Citizens are the average citizen. They live life quite normally and resemble the average citizen of Skulldrome. Soldiers are those who serve in the national military and are treated better than Lower Citizens. They have a large wage and have better provisions. Higher Citizens are mainly those close to the Chairman or high ranking generals. They are rich and treated well, living the high life.

Lower Citizens, Soldiers, Higher Citizens and most Workers enjoy a normal standard of life, comparable to those of other countries. Slaves and other Workers live close to the poverty line, earning only a small (if any) amount of money. Most of them have poor standards of living, causing many to cite it as a penguin rights violation.


  • The CIC's anthem was a ripped off version of the SIA's theme.
A crudely made Confederate Penguin Robot, used as a peacekeeping/police force.

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