Conquest of Heylon

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Conquest of Heylon
Part of The Nexon Empire Expansion
Date September 9 - September 16, 2013
(1 week)
Location Heylon, Melodeeves
Result Destruction of a quarter of Melodeeves' military, Nexon's true military power known by many countries, Heylon colonized by Nexon, Sparks of protests and talks of rebellion in Melodeeves began, Frenando evelated to the title of Duke.
Casus belli Nexon is angered by the killings of several of it's soldiers by Heylon's native ruler-the Moghals, Melodeeves wanted to invade the Nexon-colonized Heylon and also to show it's military "power"
Colonization of Heylon by Nexon
Nexon Pre-Colonization Heylon Melodeeves
Emperor Vincenzo, Duke Frenando de Albuquerque, Viceroy and Governor of Heylon Moghal Emperor Ahammed Mello

Conquest of Heylon is the first of Nexon's empire expansion. Despite the war not being international, it brought a large amount of changes to the whole Antarctica, such as the trade of the Moghals as slaves and cheap labour. the loss of some of Melodeeves' islands, the first colony of Nexon was established and the skyrocket of Nexon's economy.

Setting Sail[edit]

It's just another day at Nexon. Clone soldiers were cloned, drones were produced, same bankers were yelling at their employees, the Doge was governing the Ducal States, and Vince, the Emperor of Nexon, was sitting on his throne in his palace. Suddenly, a navy captain arrived.

Captain:Your Imperial Majesty ! We found the "mythical" Heylon.

Vince:Great ! Colonize it.

Captain:Half of the troops in my command got killed, Your Majesty. I need reinforcement.

Vince:Reinforcement approved. I remembered having a Puffish Man-O-War, a type of battleship that's old to other countries. Don't fret. They have been renewed by the most advanced technologies and are able to compete with any warships. The warship is docked at Nexon City's harbor. Sail it to the YOU-KNOW-WHAT.

Captain:Yes my lord. I'll need 5,000 soldiers.

Vince:Sure. There's an extra 10,000 soldiers at the you-know-what.

Captain:Yes your majesty. What do I get if I succeed ?

Vince:You get to govern Heylon. And you must pay tribute to me.

Captain:I would like a noble title, Your Majesty.

Vince:Fine. You get the title "Duke of Heylon". You'll be called Your Highness. And your full name shall be "Duke Frenando de Albuquerque, Viceroy and Governor of Heylon".

Frenando:Thank you Your Imperial Majesty,

Frenando, as the captain is named, walked out of the palace. He went to the harbor and found the large Man-O-War. Frenando went into the ship.

First Mate:Hey you are back captain !

Frenando:Yeah. Look we are conquering Heylon. My men, there are untold dangers lying in front of us. But if we succeed, we will get the power, gold and girls !

First Mate:And to avenge the deaths of our fellow soldiers in the hands of the evil Moghals !

The first Mate remembered what happened at Heylon...

Two weeks earlier, Heylon...

The first mate and 150 soldiers were tied to poles. Some Moghal Priests started muttering something in their mouth and other Moghals sang songs or danced. The Moghal ruler was sitting on a throne made of bamboo with 2 guards beside him.

First Mate:Hey ! Why did they tied us to some poles when they could just lock us into those cages over there ?

Soldier 1:Dunna Henry mate.

About 10 minutes later, the dancing and singing stopped. A man took out a sword and stabbed one of the Nexonan soldier in the heart, instantly killing him.

Soldier 1:Oh my Vince !!! They killed Kenny.

Soldier 2:You son of a biscuit !

One of the Moghal slapped the two soldiers.

Moghal:(in native language)Shut up ! You thought that I don't know English or something ?!

The soldiers muttered.

Soldier 1:What did he say ?

Soldier 2:By body language, he wants us to shut up.

The Moghal priests took Kenny's corpse away. They put it on a sort of an altar. Then the priests burned the dead soldier.

Soldier 1:Poor Kenny. Stabbed and burnt.

The priests gave an order to the stabber. The stabber cleaned his sword and started slowly killing the rest of the Nexonans. The dead ones were put into different boxes.

Meanwhile, Frenando and his men prepared their FN-SCAR and was looking at the sacrifices from bushes.

Quartermaster:Darn ! Kenny owed me 2,000 Gold Coins ! And now he's dead ! Curse you !!!

The quartermaster drunk some alcoholic beverage while Frenando loaded his pistol. When the 12th soldier was about to be stabbed, Frenando shot the stabber. The bullet penetrated through the stabber and hit a barrel of gunpowder, killing half of the Nexonans and a quarter of the Moghals.

BOOM !!!

The chief's guards got into a fighting stance while the Moghal soldiers took out their musket rifles and swords, starting a battle with the Nexonans.

Quartmaster:Hang on mates. I'll free ya !

The quartermaster, with his sword, cut off the ropes, freeing the soldiers. But before he could free the last 17 Nexonans, a Moghal soldier distracted the quartermaster by hurling a halberd at him. The quartermaster caught the halberd before it hit him.

The Moghal got joined by 2 other soldiers with swords or pikes, and started a duel with the quartermaster.

Moghal Ruler:Bring the cannons !

The chief's men went back to the castle. About the same time the cannons arrived, the quartermaster defeated the last opponent.

Chief:FIRE !

The men fired the cannons and killed some Nexonans. The first mate, who escaped with the help of the quartermaster, took out a ROG from a trunk and fired it at a group of Moghals, killing them. Soon the musket-wielding natives were dead. Suddenly, a large amount of natives wielding spears and swords led a suicidal charge at the Nexonans. Frenando and his men loaded their rifles/pistols and pulled the triggers. Only to discover that they ran out of bullets !

First mate:Retreat !

The First Mate saw Frenando lying on the ground, injured by a musket shot.

First mate:I'll protect the captain.

Quartermaster:No ! You are the second in charge. You will carry our captain to the ship. I'll hold off the Moghals.

The quartermaster dual-wielded halberds with the Moghal armies standing in front if him, while the First Mate and some Nexonans carried Frenando away...


First Mate:You wanna know what happened to the quartermaster ?

Soldier 1:Yes.

Scene shows to the quartermaster, lying on a hospital bed, with his whole body bandaged.

First mate:He got 52 cuts, 3 cannon blasts and 5 musket shots. Frenando is calling me. I'll be back.

The first mate, Henry, went to the captain.

Frenando:Do you know what is the "you know what" ? To be honest ?

Henry:No sir. The soldiers asked me the same question as well.

Frenando:The "you-know-what" is our latest aircraft. It is capable of submersion into water 850,000 meters deep, flying at a speed of 2,500 km/h and sailing the same speed as flying. Also a feature is its ability to carry at least 30,000 soldiers. You wanna know the best part ?


Frenando:It is armed with 5 nuclear missiles and 20,000 conventional missiles.

Henry:Good enough.

1 hour later, the man-o-war warship met the Yowien Sea Monster. The warship boarded the massive aircraft and docked inside. The soldiers saluted to Frenando.

Frenando:Submerge the craft.

The soldiers submerge the Yowien Sea Monster, setting sail for Heylon.

Greeted as Saviors[edit]

2 days later, the Yowien Sea Monster semmed to lost the way to Heylon,

Frenando:Where are we ?


Frenando:Darn ! Heylon is north-east of Melodeeves ! Don't ya see the map ?!

Suddenly, a soldier went to Frenando's quarters.

Soldier:Sir ! There's a Melodeeves warship rushing at us, with some smaller ships trying to attack us.

Frenando:Haha ! Melodeeves' navy ? What a joke !


Frenando looked out of a window. A Meloodeves boat was firing its machine gun at the enormous aircraft. Of course, the machine did nothing to the Yowien Sea Monster. Soon the gun ran dry and the enemies attempted to board the Sea Monster.

Frenando:You know the drills.

Henry and the soldiers took the standard Nexonan rifles-the FN-SCAR and went into battle with Melodeeves. Wen the Nexonans won, one of the boat crashed into the Sea Monster.


The boat is loaded with bombs and it just did a suicidal attack at the secret aircraft ! The other boats joined the warship to form a fleet in order to attack the aircraft.

Henry:Sir ! What should we do now ?

Frenando:It's time, for Melodeeves to open her eyes and see the true military power of Nexon ! Send the Artillery Drones to the deck.

Henry went out of the room. He went into a room and activated the drones.

Henry:Destroy the Melodeeves' naval fleet.

The Artillery Drones, with their missile launchers, went up the deck. Dual wielding missile launchers, they fired missiles at the fleet. Soon the fleet were no more.


Frenando:Just to make sure Melodeeves doesn't strike again.

Frenando pushed a button. One of the conventional missile of the aircraft was launched and hit one of Melodeeves' island.

Frenando:Alright. Now to Heylon. Don't get it wrong this time ! I am going to read a good book and drink some tea.

Another 4 hours later, Frenando and co arrived at Heylon, where they were greeted by 3 natives.

Native 1:The Saviors have come ! The Saviors have come !

Frenando pointed a gun at the native's head.

Henry:WHOAH ! Calm down captain ! This is a friendly native.

Frenando put his pistol back into his holster.

Frenando:Sorry about that good sir. Where can we find the Moghal ruler's palace.

Native 1:It will be confusing for it to be told by words. Follow us. We are also planning to rebel against the Moghals.

The Nexonans followed the friendly natives, who led them across the island.

Chapter 3:Battle ![edit]

Half an hour later, the group found a waterfall. They sat on the nearby rocks and rested. Frenando took out a sandwich and started eating it. When he swallowed the whole sandwich, an army of Moghals attacked them.

Native 1:Incoming Moghals !

Frenando quickly took out his rifle and joined his men in battling the Moghals. The Nexonans won the short battle and started walking to the capital again. 3 hours later, they met a Moghal artillery squad.

Squad Commander:Fire the cannons !

The Moghals fired their cannons, killing some of the Nexonans.

Frenando:Get the Gatling Division, Flame and Artillery Division here, pronto !

One of the Nexonan got into one of the armored-car that the Nexonans used to explore the island and drove to the Sea Monster. 1 hour later, the penguin was back with 20 Gatling drones, 20 Flame Drones and 30 Artillery Drones.

Frenando:Get the Gatling Division to do their job !

The Gatling Drones took out their Miniguns and started massacring the soldiers. A few seconds later, the Moghals were dead.

Frenando:I got it. The key to conquering Heylon is with our advanced technology.

Henry:Just don't kill any friendly natives.

Frenando:We'll only kill Moghals.

Suddenly, a soldier ran to Frenando.

Soldier:Sir ! There's a Moghal city nearby.

Frenando:Time for revenge boys. Ransack it

The Artillery Drones fired their missiles at the city, destroying some buildings. After that, the Gatling and Flame Drones were sent. They killed every single Moghal in the city and burnt it to the ground.

Native 2:What are you thinking ?!

Frenando:What ? You wouldn't expect me to spare them for massacring us, would you ?

Native 2:It's treasury surplus is full of gold dummy ! You just destroyed 50 kilos of gold !

Just then, a missile struck the treasury surplus, revealing a hidden gold mine underneath.

Frenando:Well well well, would you look at that ? A gold mine underneath a treasure storage building.

He winked at the native, who face palmed himself.

Frenando:It's near dusk, boys. Let's set up a camp here tonight. Today's a good day.

With that, the Nexonans set up a camp, ending this chapter.

Chapter 4:Full front assault[edit]

4 days later, the Nexonans was heading for the capital. Since the day of arrival, the Nexonans had captured some cities, ransacking a few Moghal villages, looted quite a large amount of gold, silver, jewels and pearls. They also tasted the local spice, and found them to be valuable and suitable for flavoring and preserving meat. The best thing ? Frenando captured some Moghals and made them worked in the mines and tea/spice plantations that they captured.

Native 1:Sir. There's 4 fortresses surrounding the capital. A fortress for each direction. We are currently heading for the western fortress.

Frenando:A fortress eh ? Just let the Artillery Drones do the work.

Native 1:I wouldn't advise that sir. The Moghals far outnumbered us.

Frenando:Perhaps you still don't know the true capability of the military of Nexon.

When they reached the fortress, Frenando took out a radio. He dialed the penguin in charge of the Sea Monster when Frenando's gone.

Frenando:Yowien Sea Monster. This is Captain Frenando. Launch a tactical nuke at the Southern Fortress.

Nexonan:I wouldn't advise that sir. Doing this could risk international condemnation.

Frenando sighed and replied.

Frenando:Alright, got it.

With that, Frenando ordered the Flame Drones to burn down the fortress, which they did. He also ordered the Artillery Drones to launch missiles at the other fortresses, successfully destroying the fortresses. The gate to the capital is open !

That same day, a messenger delivered a message to the Moghal ruler.

Messenger:Your Majesty ! The Nexonans are destroying us Moghals.

The ruler stood up from his throne. He took a sword and stabbed the messenger.


With that, the Moghal emperor ordered his soldiers to barricade his palace, leaving the capital in favor of defending the kingdom.

The next day, the Nexonans arrived at the palace. When one of the soldier approached the palace, he got shot and killed by one of the Moghal soldier.

Frenando:Prepare your rifles boys ! We don't wanna lose to these primitives !

Frenando and his men took out their FN SCAR. Frenando fired a grenade round from his grenade launcher attachment at one of the cannon, destroying a small squad of Moghals soldiers. Meanwhile at the other side...

Moghal ruler:Lead a suicidal charge against the enemies.

The Moghal warriors nodded their head and picked up their spears, swords and axes. The fearless Moghals rushed at the Nexonans in order to kill them. Most of the Moghals managed to kill a Nexonan. However, a squad of Gatling Drones were waiting for them in the end...


After the drones were done, Frenando went into the palace. He found the Moghal ruler sitting on his throne with two royal guards standing beside him.

Frenando:It's over ! Your kingdom belonged to Emperor Octavian now.

Moghal ruler:I don't care about this Octavian guy ! Guards, kill him !

The guards tried to attack Frenando but he threw a grenade at them, killing them. Meanwhile, on the ceiling of the Moghal ruler's throne, Henry and some men were sawing it. When they were done, Henry knocked out the Moghal ruler with the butt of his FN SCAR.

Chapter 5:Purge[edit]

A few hours later, the Moghal ruler woke up. He found himself and his family tied up in the throne room. Frenando was standing in front of him with a revolver.

Frenando:Quick. Pick your execution method.

Moghal ruler:I am the ruler of this rightful place. You better hand me back my kingdom, or else !

Frenando:You blind, old and mentally ill piece of trash. You are still too stupid to realize that Emperor Octavian is behind you.

The Moghal Ruler turned his head, only to really see Vince behind him !

Moghal Ruler:I'll fight to the death if I have to get back my kingdom.

Emperor Octavian (Vince):You are still ignorant aren't you ? Well let's see how you will ignore this !

Octavian blasted continuous strikes of lightning and fireballs at the Moghal Ruler, torturing him. 10 minutes later, Octavian force choked the Moghal Ruler.

Octavian:Face it ! You are no match against me !

Woth that, Octavian slammed the Moghal Ruler onto the ground with the force, creating a crater.

Octavian:I'll take it from here. Gatling Drones, execute the Royal Moghal Family.

The Gatling Drones lines the royal family up in a line. After that, they shot the Moghal Ruler and his family for 5 minutes. When they are done, Octavian started speaking again.

Octavian:Get out, Frenando. Let me purge this formerly evil land of sins. My purging process will definitely disintegrate anything.

With that, Frenando and the rest of the Nexonan soldiers and drones looted the palace of treasures, then they left it. Octavian created a massive fireball and fired it at the Moghal Throne. With that fireball, the whole palace/castle burnt to ashes and dust in only 7 seconds.

Octavian:Now to complete the process...

Octavian launched out a disintegration beam at the ruins, destroying all traces of Moghal rule.

Octavian:Troops ! Destroy all Moghal resistance and chances for the Moghals to regain power.

Nexonan soldiers:Yes, Your Imperial Majesty.

With that, the Nexonan soldiers picked up their weapons and went to the nearest Moghal city and village, enslaving every Moghals and burning the villages to the ground.

Back to Octavian's yacht...

Octavian:Frenando, you'd done a good job capturing our first colony. As a reward, I will now knight you the Duke of Heylon and declare you a noble !

Duke Frenando:Thanks, Your Imperial Majesty.


The Moghal Slave Law began, with most Moghals captured to build Heylon into a developed colony and to build Nexon into a superpower.