Consortium of Champions

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Consortium of Champions
Inspiration(s) Various
Developer Tumult Entertainment
Publisher Tumult Entertainment
Release dates
Release in the USA
Release in the UTR
Release in Rest of Antarctica
Additional info
Genre Strategy game, MMORPG
Platform Micro Hard and Soft

The Consortium of Champions is an upcoming strategy MMORPG being released for the Micro Hard and Soft operating system and published and developed by Tumult Entertainment. It is scheduled to be released across Antarctica by late-2014 and is a free to play game with in-game purchases able to be made on behalf of Tumult-Cash. The game is currently in Beta stage-two of it's development and is being beta tested by gamers in Shops Island and USA.


The Consortium of Champions was conceived back in 2008 when multiple games were being developed by Snowtendo. Wanting to make a name for themselves and to jump into the gaming industry, Tumult decided to brainstorm the Consortium of Champions, a radical redesign from the classic style of beat-em-up games from the Snowtendo Vii and the PlaySystem, both console games. This would be the first time that a game expected to be popular would be released on a computer system.

Early Design and concept[edit]

The original concept of the Consortium was that it would be a fighter vs. fighter game where you pick a Hero and duke it out one on one with another person, or a pair facing each other otherwise. This idea was partially scrapped in exchange for a radical change: ditch the fighting, bring in strategic laning. The developers brought out three game modes to play in originally, likewise: PvP 5v5, PvP Randomized 6v6, and PvE Raiding 5vEnvironment. In each mode, they originally wanted it to be two lanes where you go around and defeat players or monster in exchange for currency to gain powerful items to eventually defeat your opponents. The problem was they did not know what camera angle they wanted to use, and several angles were thrown around. Eventually, the team agreed to go on a 2 month hiatus to solve the problem.

After the hiatus, they agreed on doing a 3rd person point of view over the proposed first person due to implications and the simplicity of it. Once they filled the request to the developers, applied environment limits, and basic character heights, the team was on their way to the basic framework of Consortium of Champions. All that was needed beyond that was a game engine and social-engine.

Omega Designing and Engineering[edit]

At around the beginning of production, the team ran into a problem: character models. Up to this moment, they have never discussed how to code in the game models for each of the Heroes that will be included in the starting game files. One bright designer had the idea to use a skeleton-polyhedron method. The basic idea behind it was that you make a basic line skeleton of the Hero, add basic lines for the outline, and use polyhedrons of assorted sizes and shapes to make the actual 3-D model for the Hero. The result is a high quality hero that can be beautifully rendered on most computers. Animators soon got to work on the flexible joints and coding for the Heroes, and the result of which is a moving, custom Hero that has a walking, running, laughing, attacking, critical striking, joking, and taunting animation, some more than others.

In order to make the battlefield, the limitations of a 2-lane arena was deemed too small and uneven for an average game. So, what the founder proposed was a 3-lane, multi-mob design with a centralized jungle in between each lane for special power-ups to a character. The lanes would be a top, middle, and bottom design encircling the map and between it. On either side, there will be the base of each team: Blue and Red team. 3 towers in each lane guard the base from enemies, and if all are broken, the central machine is exposed to enemies, which is able to be destroyed and exploded, upon which is a victory.

When the final environment for Alpha was made, the team decided that the PvE raid should be a separate map as compared to the same map that they would fight others on. Environment engineers soon made a 5 person instance with several bosses that can grant account buffs to be used in PvP games, such as increased currency gain, or decreased death time when killed in combat.

Alpha Development and Testing[edit]

Beta Development and Testing[edit]



Spaces avail: 62/70

Currently, there are 70 playable Heroes in Consortium of Champions.

Name Abilities Ultimate Passive Role
Isaac Juggernaut, the Metal Menace Power Punch (Q)

Hydraulics Activated! (W): Isaac gains extra speed.

Warchief's Charge (E)

Infinite Duress: (R): Isaac becomes unkillable for 5 seconds. Steel Armour: Isaac takes 20% less physical damage. Tank/Fighter
Nat, the Raging Beast
  • Axe Throw (Q): A ranged attack that does more damage the more attack damage/ability power the target has.
    • Claw Slash (Q): A melee attack that does more damage the more attack damage/ability power the target has.
  • Whirlwind Slash (W): A melee attack that stuns surrounding enemies for 1 second.
    • Bounce (W): Can jump over walls and/or deal damage to target.
  • Hyperactive (E): Attack speed and movement speed passively increases upon minion kills. Stacks last for 2.5 seconds.
    • Devour (E): A melee attack that can deal severe damage to monsters or minions, as well as restoring health upon kills. Can also deal less damage to heroes, but restores health upon kill.
Beast Form/Penguin Form (R): Ability is available at level 1. Transforms from and to Nat's beast form, which have different abilities. Beast form is more tanky while Penguin Form is squishy but can deal more damage from range. Raging Eye: When damaged by any attack, stacks will be added onto Nat that will let her deal a bonus 5% physical damage when stacks reach up to 3. Nat can have up to 12 stacks to deal 20% more physical damage. Fighter/Tank
Victor Malkov, the Dark Sorcerer Fireball (Q)

Angel's Corruption (W): Victor applies a damage over time effect.

Shadowy Tendrils (E): Tendrils root the target.

Infinite Flames (R): Flames engulf the target, dealing a ton of damage. Time's Compendium: Victor has 15% increased intellect on his abilities. Mage
Bro, the Shop's Patriot Pistol-ize the World! (Q)

Dashing Looks (W): Bro stuns someone after 5 hits with his Dashing Looks.

Bring in the Big Guns! (E): Bro passively does more damage.

Call in the Calvary! (R) Man, I got popularity: Bro gains an extra 2 coins per unit kill, and 10 against a Hero. In addition, he gets a snazzy walk. Marksman
Penquia, the Forsakened Katana Slice (Q)

Shield of Relent (W): Penquia places a shield that blocks projectiles.

Dash (E)

Final Seconds (R): Penquia launches the enemy in the air, dealing tons of damage. Thoughts of the Forsakened: Penquia gains an extra 15% critical strike chance per 100 unit kills. Fighter/Assassin
Wheespur, the Resounding Elemental Sound Projection (Q)

Forte (W): As this levels up to Fortissimo at rank 5, Wheespur's damage increases.

Sonic Projection (E): Wheespur launches a blast of sound straight.

Soundwave (R): A massive soundwave is released around the map, devastating everything in it's path. Allegro: Wheespur's spell cooldown is reduced by .01 seconds per spell he casts. Mage
Pent'tox, the Brain of Darktan Darkness Bolt (Q): Pent'tox blasts a bolt of darkness that splits off at a right angle.

Dark Canyon (W): Pent'tox unleashes a dark canyon of energy in a line.

Disruption (E): Pent'tox disrupts the target, stunning them.

Learning Beam (R): Pent'tox fires a beam in a straight line, dealing magic and pure damage. Bio-Decomposition: Whenever Pent'tox damages an enemy, he applies a stack of B-D, damaging the enemy 4 pure damage per second. Mage
Murama, the Warrior of Time Timeless Strike (Q): Murama slices across time, dealing damage and decreasing the cooldown of other abilities by 1 second.

Jab of the Ages (W): Murama stuns the target for 1 second.

Continuum Charge (E): Murama charges at the target and deals damage based on health.

Dimensional Destruction (R): Murama summons three bolts of timeless energy from different timezones, dealing damage stacking by 100. Compendium of Time: Whenever Murama gains 25 armor, he gains 250 health and 1% cooldown reduction. Tank/Mage


Critics from Shops Island are already calling the game a "huge success in the beta market, but the fate of it in the release market looks bright." Many are also saying that it's the next big thing in gaming, rivaling many all-time fan favorites.


  • This is a play on League of Legends, a hit real life game.

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