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Born March 21
Gender Male
Other names Isai, Anti-Kermit, Him
Occupation Criminal mastermind
Known for Being Kermit's nemesis
It's not easy bein' mean.
— Constantine

Constantine is the evil doppelganger of Kermit the Frog and a criminal mastermind. There are many theories about Constantine's relation to Kermit, including him being Kermit's evil twin, relative, clone, X-Antibody, or even an evil version of Kermit from somewhere in the multiverse. Whatever he is, Constantine's ultimate goal is to undermine Kermit and destroy everything he holds dear, including the Club Penguin Weekee and orange juice.


Constantine wearing his hood and cloak

Constantine's past is unknown, much like Kermit's. In early 2014, Constantine secretly trailed Kermit during his visit to Club Penguin, to spy on him as well as the new surroundings he had placed himself in.

Ever since Kermit has become involved with the Club Penguin Weekee, Constantine has been plotting on how to destroy it. Unknown to most, Constantine has been the mastermind behind all of the Weekee's crises in recent times, contracting vandals and walri to attack the Weekee. He has also contacted villainous forces such as the Evilositian Army to manipulate them into attacking Kermit and the Weekee. He even managed to tame a Box Dragon and unleash its power on the Weekee.

In October 2017, Constantine anonymously convinced some High Penguin extremist groups to start the "War on Orange Juice", hoping to pull one of Kermit's favorite beverages from the store shelves.


  • Constantine wears a shadowy cloak when contacting anyone, causing some to mistake him for a Sith Lord. This is actually just to hide his resemblance to Kermit.
  • Often Constantine will go by the name "Isai" when attacking and vandalizing the Weekee in order to throw Kermit off his trail.
  • He once sent a group of mercenaries to steal Kermit's Bureau of Fiction ID, but they were unsuccessful.
  • Duck Island recognizes him as a Saint. This disgusts Constantine, who thinks that such an evil criminal mastermind as himself being considered a saint is an insult.
  • Constantine only hates orange juice because it is one of Kermit's favorite beverages. He actually finds the taste of it pleasant, but refuses to drink it on principle.