Controversy and Criticism of The CP Factor

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From the outset, The CP Factor has attracted heavy criticism. Recurring allegations include: that the excessive commercialism of the show detracts from its supposed purpose of unearthing musical talent and even actively damages and distorts the music industry; that auditionees at mass auditions are shabbily treated; that controversy is deliberately courted and orchestrated, and supposedly spontaneous scenes are staged and scripted; that problems with phone lines leave members of the public unable to vote for their favourite acts; and that contestants are manipulated and unfairly edited.

Season 1[edit]


Whenever the show was announced back in October 2013, people started complaining about the show plagiarizing Antarctican Idol, another reality show which works similar to The CP Factor. Many people were rioting on Chitter for the show to be cancelled. Sam Rudi responded by saying "People don't know how this works. It works completely different to Antarctican Idol. The only thing similar to Antarctican Idol is the fact that it's a singing competition. If you still aren't convinced, believe me when I say that you will be in a few weeks time.".


Penguin TV had recieved at least 250 complaints 1 hour and a half after the eighth results show on 28 September where people had reported of having their votes "rejected" and their calls cut off when attempting to vote for Jack and Steve; this resulted in them ending up in the bottom two with Penguin Direction, two acts who were favourites to reach the final. Meaghan (who was watching the results show) claimed that it was set up for Jack and Steve to miss out on the semi-final. The CP Factor affillates have not confirmed or denied whether this had anything to do with Jack and Steve ending up in the bottom two the following night.