Cookie Island

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Cookie Island
The path to the factory.
Key details
Type Factory Island-Quiet
Level 7-14
Location North of USA.
Inhabitants Employeees, Cookie, Kookie

Cookie Island is an island full of cookies which is 50% owned by CookieMakers Inc.. The island is the location of the factory of the company and also a luxrious beach for tourists to jump in. It lies north of the Antarctic Peninsula, a few hundred kilometers (a few thousand miles) from Weddell.


When CookieMakers Inc.'s old factory in Shiverpool was not large enough for production, and since the facilities were old-fashioned and regarded as ancient, they constructed a factory on a remote island, which later became known as Cookie Island.

Cookie Beach and Port[edit]

The tourist industry in the Antarctic has increased by 10% (which means more penguins love travelling for fun and enjoyment). CookieMakers Inc. had made a port for at least 7 boats to enter each day. They also made the lone old beach into a tourist hotspot, which made the company more and MORE profit. This is rated the Top 3 in Laua Auza's book "The Best Hotspots Outside DORKUGAL"/

Map and Places[edit]

As shown in the map above, the island's factory is in the middle, surrounded by a large forest. To the east is the Cookie Beach is a tourist hotspot for tourists. To get there, penguins must travel by boats from Lincon Port to Cookie Port, a boat terminal for tourist and industrial (transport or carry cookies to penguins and puffles) uses. Rumors said that a "duplicate" Mabel may live there, but most laugh at their imagination.


  • Cookie, as he owns the company which owns the island
  • Employees who work for Cookie
  • Kookie, Cookie's sister or cousin
  • Tourists who visit the island

The Funny Cookie[edit]

"The Funny Cookie" is a rumor about a cookie which is rainbow and gives you ultimate power. Some say it is hidden behind the forests, while others, including Cookie say it is somewhere in the USA. As of now, it is unknown like the other rumor.


  • Ninjinian regularly comes on holiday to Cookie Island at least three times a year.

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