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Gender Male
Race Super Penguin
Faction League of Super Penguins
Status Protecting Club Penguin
Location League of Super Penguins HQ
Birth date February 26, 1995 (1995-02-26) (age 24)
Place of birth Three Little Islands, CP
Occupation Leader of the League of Super Penguins
Powers Can control the elements
Family Mr Coool21 (father)
Miss Eseme Coool (mother)
Coool31's Family
Archetype Hero
Codename E

Coool Jay Hunt, also known as Coool31, is a Super Penguin that is secretly the head of the League of Super Penguins as Elemento (his secret alter-ego). He has lived on Club Penguin since 2006, and frequents the T-Servers Muckluck and Flippers. In addition to being a Super Penguin, he was also a member of the PSA until the Popcorn Explosion and is currently a part-time member of the Elite Penguin Force. Coool also adores Puffles (especially Purple), and has five of his own.


I lived on the smallest of the Three Little Islands until I heard that penguins had made happy homes on the big island NEARBY. Me and my Family. wanted to join them. Three days later, we had finished building a boat. I got a map so we could find the way to the big island. We made it about 3/4 there, when my boat sprung a leak!

I managed to fix my boat before it sunk. When I made it there, I saw penguins waving (Dot and Rookie). It turns out that I had landed at the Dock. The staring penguins were wondering why a penguin would sail out on a small wooden rowboat. The Penguins asked us questions, but one asked:

"Can I see your player cards?".

We all were puzzled. What was a player card?

"What in the universe is a player card?!?!?" was the only response I had.

They were amazed.

"You aren't from around here, are you, not at all um... whats your names?"

"I'm Coool Jay Hunt, but CALL ME COOOL31."

"I'm Coool Jojo Hunt, but CALL ME COOOL41."

"We will take you to Gary the Gadget Guy so Gary So he could make you player cards."

We arrived at the Sports Shop, as I later learned its name, where Gary took our photographs.

"You store all of your clothes and other special items in these compartments."

"Other special items, like what?" I asked.

Gary said, "Pins, backgrounds, and special awards that the PSA penguin Secret Agency gives penguins for completing special missions when we are called to duty."

G pointed to the other compartment.

"Backgrounds can slide right behind the picture of your penguin. Choose one you like free."

"Oh, coool!" I said.

I knew right then I was going to love it here.

Eventually I became a Secret Agent! I was so good, I got promoted to the EPF!!!!

Well, that's my story.


Coool31 leads the League of Super Penguins as the Superhero Elemento. He's also very good friends with Sensei.


Coool, being passionate about puffles, has five of his own. Strangely, four of the five have super powers. They are:

  • Snowball- A female Silver Puffle, who can control magnetism. She also has a crush on Pikachu.
  • BART- A male Orange Puffle that can shapeshift. He's quite the prankster.
  • Pikachu- A male Electric Blue Puffle that, as expected, can manipulate electricity. He has a personality similar to that of a Yellow Puffle, loving to create films and paint. He also has a crush on Snowball.
  • Yarr- A male Crimson Puffle that can turn into "steel form".
  • Coool also owns a female Purple Puffle that doesn't have super powers.