Copier Guy

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Copier Guy
The wretchedly evil Copier Guy. Fear him. He will copy you!
Title Copier Guy
Gender Male
Race Depends on who he copies
Faction N/A
Health N/A
Level N/A
Status copier
Location Clubb Phengin Weekee

Copier Guy or This Guy is a wretchedly evil penguin who copies people. He loves to copy people, especially Penghis Khan. He has even copied himself to look like them! No-one knows why he calls himself This Guy. He comes from a secret place called Uric Island. His best friend is Link. He wears a jail outfit that says "I copy you", and carries around a Str00del.


This guy was born in the Skip, but ran away to start his copying carreer. He copied several important penguins and became famous. The Furry Flats dedicated "their" song My Name's Bob to him.

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