Copier Guy

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Copier Guy
Copier Guy.PNG
The wretchedly evil Copier Guy. Fear him. He will copy you!
Title Copier Guy
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Good and bad
Health an evil way.
Level 100
Status Copier in The Str00del Force
Location Vandalising Clubb Phengin Weekee

Copier Guy or This Guy is a wretchedly evil penguin who copies people. He loves to copy people, especially Penghis Khan. In extremely evil cases, he has even copied himself to look like them! No-one knows why he calls himself This Guy, or even if it's his real name. He says that he comes from a secret place called "Uric Island", but was born in the SKIP. One of his best friends is Link. He wears a jail outfit that says "I copy you", and carries around a strudel. He is a "really evil" member in the Str00del Force, and sometimes advertises about the Str00del Force, and he has his own gang named the Copier Gang.


One day, Director Benny, being bored, was spamming his approve button. Suddenly, a random penguin broke in the BoF and stole a typewriter, then typed "Copier Guy" (including a short description of the penguin) and sent it to Director Benny. Director Benny, having no idea what he was doing, approved the penguin and approved of Box Creator next, just before realising what he did.

Early Life[edit]

This Guy was born in the SKIP in 2000, and like Putrid Moldy Penguin, had to live off trash such as old pizzas or ice cream cones. He was still in the SKIP when one day, Putrid Moldy Penguin moved in. He told This Guy about Club Penguin, so after making a bag made of old trash bins and supplies of pizza and rotten food, This Guy ran away from home to see the land of dreams.

In 2004, he finally managed to get to Club Penguin after hitchhiking a ride of a boat heading there. The first thing he saw was a burglary, and thinking that this was what usually happened on Club Penguin, he began his first career, as a burglar.

In 2005, he was finally spotted by a spy, and got arrested by the police for a sentence of 6 months. After caring penguins felt sorry for This Guy, many penguins pleaded to the officers to let him go. Because of his support, he was gradually set free. He saw the real world around him, and soon began to find his gift - copying. At first, he copied tour guides, then gossipers in gift shops, then DJs in the Night Club. At the age of 5, he stole some coins and bought a burglar's outfit, and after stealing a red felt-tip pen, he wrote the legendary letters "I copy you" to make his own unique copier shirt, and made a career out of his profession.

In 2007, he bought an igloo for himself and soon wrote a list of penguins he copied, famous or not. He soon began to take moderated doses of (illegally imported) Cactus Juice, and Box Creator soon became his hero. One week after he heard of the Box Creator, he bought his legendary strudel and named it "Copier Guy Jr.". He soon turned "evil", and invented his own evil look.

In 2009, he heard of The Str00del Force, and somehow joined. The evil members trained him how to be annoyingly menacing, and Copier Guy became what he is now. After joining, he was trying to get home when he was tangled in a terrible accident (involving car drivers, lightning and crossing the road) and after recovering, discovered that he had a hidden superpower - making evil clones of himself. This was a great advantage for a penguin who copies for a living, as he can be triple annoying to...everybody!

Current Life[edit]

In 2008, he copied several more important penguins, and an error at the BoF made him famous. The Furry Flats dedicated "their" song My Name's Bob to him, about an undersized crook making a living by stealing clothes and copying penguins who finally gets arrested forever by the end of the song. In 2010, his rank in the Str00del Force was upgraded, and became a really evil member. This is not surprising, as he is evil by copying in a very annoying and evil way which pleases the str00dels. Then, in 2014, he became envious of the Str00del Force for having so many members, and made a plan to make his own gang. He soon made his plans and finished them in March 2016, but he soon realised that he didn't have enough money to afford it. He was going to destroy them, when he met Cap'n Imitate. Having a new great idea coming on, he employed him as his assistant and they both worked for many days and nights. Eventually, Copier Guy earned enough money to buy an area on the outskirts of Club Penguin, and on the 2nd of May 2017, he finally set up his copying gang, which he dreams will partner with the Str00del Force. However, he doesn't know that the Str00del Force probably won't allow smaller, pathetic gangs to partner with them.

He has a HQ on the outskirts of Club Penguin, and owns a deluxe greyish igloo with a teleporter a mile away to store things stolen when he copies, and owns the plans of the HQ. He is also trying to expand his gang, and is pleased with Cap'n Imitate's work, who is, along with Copier Guy Jr., the co-leader and also knows the names of everypenguin he sees.


  • "I'm going to COPY YOU!"
  • "I copy you."
  • "Copy, copy, copy."
  • "Str00del, str00del, str00del."
  • "Whaddya think, Copier Guy Jr.?"
  • "Whaddya think 'bout dat, Copier Guy Jr.?


Innocent Penguin: Why, hello penguin!
Copier Guy: I'm going to COPY YOU! Why, hello penguin!
Innocent Penguin: Stop that!
Copier Guy: Stop That!
Innocent Penguin: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! *runs away*
Copier Guy: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! *runs away* Whaddya think 'bout dat, Copier Guy Jr.?


In Club Penguin society, the common definition of annoying penguins are nutcases penguins who enjoy the downfall of others. Copier Guy is like this (and can even be classified as an "annoying penguin"), but worse. He annoys the puffle out of penguins he copies, and the inclusion of his clones can make a penguin's day go downhill. Since he is a member in the Str00del Force, he sometimes rants about his strudel Copier Guy Jr. or his place in the force, and gets mad when a penguin tries to eat Copier Guy Jr. or thinks that he is saying about the Str00del Force just to get attention. He is a spy, a copying spy, and loves to steal tour guide's hats.

When he is bored to the point of not bothering to copy anybody, he sometimes sneaks strudels with hidden messages in other penguins' bags, and the messages usually say "M15TER [email protected] IS @W3S0M3! J01N THE STR00DEL F0RCE" or something nice about Copier Guy Jr., or a reminder to go to the dentist at nine o' clock. Sometimes, he steals a megaphone and either shouts "MY STRUDEL COPIER GUY JR. IS THE NICEST STRUDEL IN THE WORLD!" or "M1ST3R [email protected] IS @W3SOM3! J01N TH3 STR00DEL F0RC3".

In the society of Club Penguin, he is basically what an uninformed penguin would call "a nutcase", and to penguins who have seen him before, he is another annoying penguin who has a habit with copying penguins.

In the Copier Gang, he...well...he and his crew copy innocent penguins to the point of the poor penguin shouting/screaming "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!". He usually gets annoyed at his "sloppy members", notably Old Long Sign.

Leaflet to Not Get Copier Guy to Copy You[edit]

Foreword - A penguin that returned from THE SKIP found this leaflet and the paper was dated May 2017, so may not be accurate.

First, you must never approach anybody in jail outfits carrying strudels. It will be 70% chance that it will be Copier Guy, and he will begin to copy you. But, if you are being copied by Copier Guy, try to be silent and not move. Remember, always be prepared to scream and have your phone in your flipper! Second, do not go to his favoured areas - The Town and The Plaza. Many penguins, notably penguins wanting to be henchmen, have been copied due to carelessness of walking up to this str00delish penguin. If this fails, then throw everything in your reach at him - toy puffles, bags, strudels, plants, Mwa Mwa Penguins, etc. and then run for your life.

If a penguin in a jail outfit carrying a strudel comes waddling towards you, it will be 90% that it will be Copier Guy, and if this happens, either suggest a fight, throw nearby things at him or run as fast as possible away from him. It will be more successful if you do either savate, judo or boxing (or all three), throw Mwa Mwa Penguins or run to the Pizza Parlour. If you chose the first, a 50% chance will be that Copier Guy will be out of action, if you chose the second, there will be a 80% chance Copier Guy will be unconscious, and if chosen the third choice, he will undoubtedly be unable to find you.

Under all circumstances, carry a black puffle with you. If Copier Guy and his gang comes running towards you, feed your black puffle a fiery puffle O' and then command him to go and chase Copier Guy. There will be a 50% percent chance that Copier Guy will get burnt, and will rush home. However, if his gang is still chasing you, run to The Lighthouse, grab a jetpack and fly away. However, if his "greater members" are clever enough to get into a jetpack and are still chasing you, crash-land in the forest and run into the Pizza Parlour. Then, there will be a 100% chance they won't find you.

Sometimes, Copier Guy throws his strudel at unlucky victims to put them out of action, which makes it easier for Copier Guy to copy. When this happens to you, you must either try to hit the strudel using savate, judo or boxing. If you hit it, it will instantly become soggy and will fall at your feet. However, if you are not good at any sport, try dodging instead. It is not a boomerang, so it will not chase you to the end of the island and back.

If all else fails, and you happen not to be good at savate, judo, boxing, throwing, running, dodging, keeping still, dislikes black puffles, cannot fly a jetpack, like strudels and jail outfits especially when combined, find a random spade, dig the snow and hide in your newfound pit in the snow. This works almost every time, as Copier Guy dislikes holes and prefers never to look inside them and usually waddles around them.

Famous Penguins Copied[edit]

Italics means that Copier Guy copied this creature more than once.
Bolded letters shows what happened to Copier Guy.

Although it seems that many bad things have happened to him, he is actually quite successful at copying other penguins.


  • He and his clones vandalised the Clubb Phengin Weekee several times by copying everybody.
  • As mentioned above, he is in the Str00del Force.
  • The Sapie Brothers' new invention is strikingly similar to his abilities.
  • Even though he loves copying Penghis Khan, he has only seen him on television.

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