Corai Frish

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Corai von Frish II
"I despise that Cesspool...
Title Weekee Edittor
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction CPW
Health Good
Level Exactly 28 years old
Status Editting, breaking the fourth wall, making friends.
Location Anywhere
Occupation Edittor
Interests Editting, making friends, good, rain.
Friends Most CPW edittors.
Enemies Walri, Un-CP edittors.
Archetype Good

Corai Frish is a Clubb Phengin Weekee editor, a very active one indeed.


When Frish was young, he always heard voices narrating his life, what he ate, what he dreamed, what he did. Everything, he did not even know what this was. He eventully learned about the Fourth Wall.

Early CPW Carrer[edit]

Soon after he learned about the fourth wall, he learned about the Clubb Phengin Weekee. H epacked as much as he could in his playercard to went to make friends. When he arrived, he instantly fixed a Red leenk, this make a bystander confused about someone new to the Weekee knew how to use a Leenk.

Mid CPW Carrer[edit]

Frish wasnt having a good time at the CPW, he never truely could do things right over then correct Leenks and make friends. This all changed Late 2009, he got inperation from his friend, Corai. He put up his game and started fixing leenks, making friends, expanding articles, all that stuff as much as he could. Scoring him up a lot of edits.

Late CPW Carrer[edit]

To be written



  • He can fluidly break the Fourth Wall.

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