Count Candula

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Count Candula
Count Candula
Full Name Bram Spec
Alias Count Candula
Born Bram Spec
October 26, 1897 (1897-10-26) (age 122)
Species Penguin
Race High Penguin
Gender Male
Occupation CEO of Spectral Sweets
Evilositian Army member
Employer Evil Pengy
Years Active 2000-present

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Count Candula is an eccentric candymaker and the CEO of Spectral Sweets who secretly desires to take over all of Antarctica by creating an army out of its residents transformed by cursed candy. He has an unhealthy obsession with all things Halloween.


Bram Spec, the penguin who would become Count Candula, was hatched in 1897, only a few days before Halloween. As a chick, he greatly enjoyed Halloween, and always had a Halloween-themed birthday party. This accidentally led to Halloween becoming part of his identity, slowly driving him mad.

He later started researching magic, and got the idea to replace regular Halloween costumes with magical transformations to create a more authentic experience. Eventually he came to the conclusion that he could use this to his advantage and create an army of monstrous penguins to take over Antarctica, ushering in an age of eternal Halloween. After getting the basics down, he started his own company, Spectral Sweets, to fund his projects and serve as a front for the candy distribution. Luckily, the effects of the candies are only temporary for now while he still tests them.

His business became mildly successful, although competition from the popular All Hallow's Treats lead to it not being as profitable as he hoped. Despite this, he continued on, and managed to make enough money to purchase his own mansion, which he was tricked into believing was haunted.

During Evil Pengy's creation of the Evilositian Army in 2013, Count Candula was one of the villains recruited. Following their brief takeover of Chill Island, he was taken into custody by the Elite Penguin Force. After breaking out of jail, he chose to stay with the army and has since become good friends with Dr. Warp. His candies have also proven useful in their various exploits.

During the planning for the Halloween Party 2013 on Club Penguin, Candula's research received a massive push when Rookie ordered his cursed candies. Once the party began, the candies were distributed across the island. Candula secretly stayed on the island for the whole party, watching from the shadows and studying the effects of the candies.



Despite being a villain bent on world domination, Count Candula is a surprisingly pleasant individual, although he can be somewhat unsettling to be around.


Count Candula deliberately dresses like a stereotypical vampire, with various candy-themed twists. He wears large glasses that look like peppermint candies and fake fangs colored like candy corn. The buttons on his shirt are designed to resemble gumdrops, and the clasp on his cape also looks like a peppermint candy, with the addition of its wrapper.

In his public persona as Bram Spec, he drops all of this, instead wearing a plain black suit. The combination of the suit with his slicked back hair still causes some to think he looks strangely eerie.


He is a very skilled organ player, and mastered his favorite song, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, at age 6.


  • Cursed Candies - Candula's cursed candies transform the consumer into a Halloween creature depending on the variety for 15 minutes. There are three different types; Full Moon Fireballs, Fang Fudgies, and Zombie Zingers, which transform the consumer into a werewolf, vampire, or zombie respectively. Currently, there are no personality changes that come with these transformations, although turning into a zombie severely hinders the user's speech capability.

Personal life[edit]


Count Candula is obsessed with collecting items related to Halloween, or anything generally spooky. He has purchased several of Dooley's inventions and has sent him anonymous donations, as he hopes for more of them to be produced. He owns several Bat Puffles, Ghost Puffles, and Puffle Pumpkins, and keeps several Jackos captive in his basement as part of his collection. In an attempt to expand his collection, he periodically travels to Chill Island in an attempt to capture some of mr skeltal's minions, but has not succeeded. He also hopes to learn how to capture ghosts.

He also enjoys visiting spooky places. His bucket list includes visiting Mister Bones' Wild Ride. His greatest regret in life is never being able to visit That Place to the Left.



  • Evil Pengy is forced to decorate the entire Lair of Evilosity for Halloween at his insistence. This causes many trick-or-treaters to visit the lair, much to Evil Pengy's dismay.

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