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The Cove
The Cove
Key details
Type Cove
Level 14
Location Club Penguin
Inhabitants Surfers, rich penguins

The Cove is an area of Club Penguin, that is famous for its surfing. On the ICP servers also serves as an overflow for the port.


Being a natural geographic feature, the Cove has existed for as long as Club Penguin Island has, but only as a beach. The earliest recorded document of the area dates back to the Penguin Empire. It comes from an explorer's journal of his Sub-Antarctic travels. After that, the Cove tell into obscurity. There are rumours that The Three Masters landed here, when they first came to Club Penguin. When The Club came to Club Penguin in 2000, the Cove was still unknown. It was only discovered, in 2007, when a penguin crashed his jet pack in the area, and came back to describe it. After the discovery, penguins started constructing it into a proper beach, and it was around this time when the penguins at the port started worrying that there wouldn't be enough space for incoming boats, so the ICP cove was turned into an overflow for the port. It was a plain beach for some time, until surfing became a popular hobby. The surfer Yyywoofoo quickly discovered the best way to surf, and the Cove then became a top surfing area, and into what it is now.



On the traditional servers, the Cove is very small, but attracts many penguins looking to surf. There is a bar and a campfire as well as a surfboard stand. It is very basic but attracts a large crowd and is very popular with both penguins and red puffles. Most of Yyywoofoo's followers flock here to learn surfing.


On the business servers, the Cove is the complete opposite. It is a large hotel resort, complete with a water park and attracts even more tourists than the TCP Cove. This is where most of the area's economy comes from.


On the industrial servers, the Cove serves as an overflow for the port. There is a large crane on the pier by the water and in the water there is normally a container ship. This is where the Cove gets the rest of its money from.


On the residential servers the Cove is a wealthy suburban area like the beach and Henryville. The place is full of large beachfront igloos and most of them are second homes for penguins living in Poshia.

Tourist Attractions[edit]


Thanks to Yyywoofoo, surfing is the main attraction for the Cove. This is what brings in the tourists, and therefore the money. There are surfing lessons here, to teach new penguins now to surf, as well as compete and "survival" waves for the more experienced surfers. Red puffles also like to surf here, but they are normally too afraid of the survival waves, as they look too dangerous.

That Place to the Left[edit]

That Place to the Left was formerly a major tourist attraction during Halloween events, because it was supposedly a haunted house. Many feared it for what it was rumoured to be, and since your average penguin likes getting surprises, tourists thought it was great to visit it. Unfortunately for the tourist economy and conspiracy theories, the igloo was demolished, and penguins who went in and never came back out were found. It was quickly forgotten, and to this day, not many remember it.


  • It is rumoured that the Underground PWN Mafia hid smuggled goods in the Cove before it was properly discovered.
  • Pollution is very bad on the ICP servers in this location. The water is normally heavily diluted with cream soda.