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Angus Beeferonio III, better known as Cow Boy, is a Moo Penguin famous for his ability to shapeshift into a cow. He, like most superheroes, uses his abilities to fight crime.


Angus was born on August the 3rd, 1999 to a small, struggling, poor worker family. Since his family was very poor, they didn't have much to eat. So, his father sent Angus hunting. One day, while hunting for food, Angus saw a strange box. He opened it and accidentally tumbled in. He fell for miles on end. When he landed he met a mysterious penguin who called himself Cow Kreator. Cow Kreator asked Angus if he would like some grass. He said yes. But when he offered Angus the leafy, black grass, he declined. Then Cow Kreator offered Angus the white grass. Angus said yes. When he ate it, though, he saw a strange vision: a cow with a cowboy hat and a Shadow Guy cape battling villans. Angus slowly realized that the cow was him! He then left The Cow Dimension and began training to use his powers to fight evil. Many years later, in 2011, Angus strapped on a cape and renamed himself Cow Boy.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Cow Boy has many dairy0themed powers and abilities which include: cheese blasts, lacto-rays, shapeshifting, and butter churners These abilities come in handy, especially when fighting bad guys.


Cow Boy has been involved in many devious plots and scandals, most notably The Great Cow Boy Incident. In this scandal, Cow Boy was tricked into helping Cow Kreator create a Moo Penguin army. He has also been involved in many pranks.

Dating Rumors[edit]

There are many rumors circulating the relationship between Cow Boy and Agent Meltie. When he heard about these rumors Cow Boy was quoted as saying, "Agent Meltie and I are just good friends. There's nothing going on with us."


  • He likes tacos.
  • He also likes meat for some very odd reason.
  • He HATES Director Benny.
  • He can break the 4th wall.