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Type Subsidiary
Genre Dating website
Headquarters Club Penguin, United States of Antarctica
Area served Antarctica-wide

cpHarmony is one of the largest online dating websites available. Founded on Club Penguin Island in 2007, the company and its sub-divisions are now available and have offices in more than a dozen countries around Antarctica. Penguins can pay a monthly subscription fee to use cpHarmony, though on Club Penguin itself, only Members can join cpHarmony due to EBUL restrictions.


cpHarmony's original logo.

cpHarmony was founded in 2007 by two penguins looking for mates. Their hometown of Club Penguin started to become so populated that it became impossible to meet everyone, so the two looked to online dating which had just become a reality a few years prior. Unfortunately, they couldn't find any websites that suited their needs, so they made their own (after months of negotiating with EBUL)! Over the years, the viewerbase and userbase of cpHarmony grew, until they were the largest dating website in CP, and eventually the largest in Antarctica.


Here are some known users of cpHarmony. Feel free to add more characters!

  • Bernie the Tour Guide: Username "BERNIE#1TOURGUY" His motto is "DO YOU WANT A TOUR??!"
  • Rookie: Username "Is That Supposed to be Classified?"
  • And now, a sentence from his profile: "Gary tells me I'm not supposed to tell anyone that I work at the EPF, so I can't say where I work. Jet Pack Guy also tells me I'm not supposed to reveal classified information, so I can't tell you that Franky is my new friend in the EPF, or that Jet Pack Guy actually likes his Jet Pack more than his girlfriend. Anyways, I like Computer Hugs and I can talk to Klutzy, an evil crab who's in the EPF's most wanted. P.S. I think Gary has a crush on the Director too, but don't tell Aunt Arctic I said that!"
  • His profile: "Hi I'm Brant Esser the president of Acadia, I'm lonely and sad please date me. I'm a nice guy, I promise"

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A good 90% of users that register purely sought out to discover their other half, however not everyone that signs up aims to do that. Users such as the infamous tour guide Bernie the Tour Guide uses it as an advertising base for his touring. Bernie pretends that he's looking for date, but his real motive is to lure a penguin into taking them on a tour (you could interpret that as Bernie's idea of a first date, however). This is only one example of the many ways mischievous penguins incorrectly use cpHarmony.


The following are the following divisions/subsidiaries of cpHarmony, or planned divisions.

  • cpHarmony Antarctica - often just known as cpHarmony, this is the largest division outside of cpHarmony itself. It manages all of its USA services from an office in Hashville, Happyface State.
  • cpHarmony UnitedTerra - serves all of the UnitedTerra territories. It has many other names, such as "utHarmony" and "NewcpHarmony" (after New Club Penguin).
  • cpHarmony AU - Services all of the Ninja Archipelago.
  • cpHarmony Yow - Covers all of the Yowien Sea, and referred to yowHarmony on Yow Island.
  • puffleHarmony - Focused on Puffle singles continent-wide.


  • cpHarmony was inspired by the real-life dating site "eHarmony".

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