Cp kidette

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Penquinette Dah Cp Kidette
Princess of annoying
Title Girly girl
Gender Female
Race Light Blue colored penguin.
Faction Beauty
Health Good
Level Mary sue! -_-
Status Obnoxious
Location Eastshield
Friends School buddies in her "clique"
Enemies Boys
Archetype Good

Penquinette Dah Cp Kidette or better known as Cp Kidette is Mito's youngest child, who has a beauty obsession, and is called a Mary Sue by many. This annoys her uncle Penquino, as well as her obsession with crying and whining about everything. She is currently 6 years old, and plans on becoming a princess.



Cp Kidette was born in Eastshield Hope Hospital. She came at a weight of 3 pounds 2 ounces.

As an infant, she would drink her mother's tea, spilling it all over the floor half the time.


Cp Kidette is currently in her middle-ish chickhood. As a young chick, when she first entered school, she then became a beauty obsessionist and tried makeup (it's actually facepaint) for the first time.

Ever since then, she's used (fake, unannounced to her) makeup and (also fake) lipstick. She also likes hosting tea parties with her mother Mito, and with her stuffies which have never been washed. Disgusting.


  • Penquino doesn't like her, nor her brother Cp Kiddo.
  • She has the Nookularix Virus.
  • She thinks crying and whining to Mito about everything is a very good past-time for her when she's not bored.