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Title Central Processing Unit Number 67
Gender Male
Race Penguin Like Robot
Health 100%
Level BLUE-RAY!!!!! -1
Status Being An Average Penguin
Location Club Penguin Island
Occupation EPF Agent/Tour Guide
Hobbies Role-Playing
Friends 63
Enemies None (When Not Role-Playing)
Archetype Good

Nothing really to see here... no conspiracies here... no robot that was built by Project X Mark 1 and fitted with a deletion bomb set to blow up EBUL HQ as a Non-Member rights protest in years to come... nope, I haven't even heard of Project X Mark 1.


When Project X Mark 1 heard of Marvin's deletion, he was outraged, thinking this was an act of EBUL's doing, he built Cpu67 out of parts from his lab behind X's GIFt Cards. fitting him with a detonator set to delete EBUL's HQ as an act of retaliation. Turning him on, X raised him like his own baby.


One day, Cpu was looking around X's lab. when he found top secret documents on his creation. they read:

Operation: EBUL

Creation: Central Processing Unit Number 67.

Task: Destroy EBUL in retaliation to the deletion of a public figure.

Objecting to his original purpose. he removed his creator from his buddy list and waited until the night, he then went into X's lab while he was asleep, then removed the deletion bomb fitted in him (he was a very brainy robot), packed his bags and ran away from home, leaving a note behind. When X woke up in the morning, he discovered the note. It read like this:

"Dear Project X Mark 1,

I have ran away from home after discovering my true identity yesterday, I have left home and will be on the ship to Club Penguin as you read this.

P.S. Don't try to stop me P.P.S. I removed the deletion bomb"

X knew the up's and downs of AI, that once AI starts going, it won't stop going, and didn't try to stop him.

Club Penguin[edit]

Cpu67 reached Club Penguin safely and settled down in an igloo, he bought Puffles and soon got lots of items to fill his igloo (he had a Membership). getting a new igloo model, the In-Half igloo, and became a fun-loving, role-playing penguin-robot with an optimistic attitude.


One day Cpu67 was skint and couldn't afford the luxuries of Membership. He was a Non-member for several months and had to use whatever means possible to get coins to pay for his Membership. this was when he realized how rubbish life was for Non-Members. just then he came up with a plan, he earned back his Membership and started protesting for Non-Member rights. Using his Membership, he got into Member Rooms, then protested like mad ! The plan had success and drew the members in the rooms attention, and since that day forward he vowed to spend his days protesting for Non-Member rights.

What He Does For Role Play[edit]

Secret Agent: He pretends to be an agent for an imaginary agency called the Polar Protection Agency, mostly composed of polar bears. This has caused some confusion with him and Herbert, since when he wears his handmade polar bear costume, he looks remarkably like him.

Box Army: He wears the Box Costume and pretends to lead the Box Army and try and take over the world! This has only appeared once, during the April Fools Party 2011.

Mwa Mwa Penguin: Cpu67 dons common Mwa Mwa clothes and heads for the Pet Shop, this is by far a common one. He is actually more realistic than the Mwa Mwa's themselves because:

  • His tear ducts are semi-voluntary, allowing him to release tears (which are actually salt water drops he collects through the use of Catchin' Waves) when sad.
  • He isn't totally helpless.
  • He will talk English well enough to engage in conversation.

Although, he often adds some things that are odd as well for added fun, such as:

  • Being brought up by brown Puffles and a side effect of this is extreme mechanical and electronic prowess.

In this mode, Nummy Cakes/Nummy Cake Spray have no effect on him.

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