Crab War 1

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Crab War 1
Part of The Crab Wars
Crab War 1 icon.png
Date October 1, 2012 - April 3, 2013
(6 months and 2 days)
Location Yowien Sea
Result The Barbearer Islands is once again defeated, and Lane Ants is freed from prison.
Yow gets out of recession, and once again hits headlines across Antarctica
Casus belli Emperor Coldless tried to make the Royal Monarch of Bar Crab a city in his nation.
King Alexander is shot, and murdered by a Barbaric robot.
The Royal Monarch of Bar Crab takes all of Billings, and Villas.
Barbaric Military Yowien Military Bar Crabin Military
Emperor Coldless, General Bots King Feey1, Yowien generals (from colonies too) Ish2, Dare23, Lane Ants
Robots are easy, and fast to build. Very advance technology. Support of most Barbarics.
Robots fall apart easily, and lack of support. Penguin Super Suits fall apart easily. Crabs are small, and have difficulty holding weapons.
This was the sequel to the Barbearic Crab War.

Crab War 1, or The Yowien Sea War, was a massive battle between the Barbearer Islands and Yow Kingdom. The war destroyed lots of private, and public property. Thousands of innocent people also died, mostly Yowiens. The war got Yow out of recession, and got them back on headlines on newspapers across Antarctica.


It was a sunny day in Yow Kingdom. The sky was clear of clouds, and birds chirped from the trees. King Alexander sat in his comfy chair by the warm fireplace, and read a book on the Penguin Empire. He was in his home section of The Yowien Castle. A side table to his left had a small cup of coffee on it. Alexander reached for the glass, while still reading the book. He took a sip of his coffee, and settled.

Alexander- "What a great day. The only clouds up are miles away!"

Suddenly a messenger ran into Alexander's library.

Messenger- "Sir, you have a letter in the mail."

Alexander- "Who is it from?"

Messenger- "Emperor Coldless, sire."

Alexander- "Give me that."

Alexander grabbed the letter quickly, and ripped off the envelope. He opened it to find a hand-written letter.

Dear Alexander,
I very much miss the old days, before those crabs. I missed how we helped
each others' will, remember we discussed where our money would go?
I've decided to end our bitter relation, and fix everything! So I shall 
kill those crabs for you. May our nations reign proud, and strong!
-Emperor Coldless

Alexander looked dumbfounded at the odd letter. It absolutely made no sense to him.

Alexander- "This absolutely makes no sense to me!"

At that exact moment, Feey1 waddled into the room. He was wearing his general's coat, and had a big grin on his face.

Feey- "Hello, sir. I heard you got a letter from Emperor Coldless."

Alexander- "Yes, and I am truly dumbfounded. He highlighted some words for a reason, not sure why."

Feey- "Hmmm. Anyways, I came to watch your speech."

Alexander- "Ahh, yes, the Halloween speech. The Yowiens will love how the whole country will be decorated this year!"

Feey- "I love it too, sire. Oh, and one other thing. A mysterious ship pulled into the docks, and it was completely empty."

Alexander- "Odd. Any signs of anyone being on it?"

Feey- "No, well not yet."

Two robots zoomed down the sewers, until they were right under the Yowien Castle. The two robots quickly flew up the nearest manhole, and popped out of it. They were inside the front lawn, and garden of the castle. One of the robots suddenly had a hologram projector pop out of the side of its head. The machine shone a blue image, and slowly a face appeared in it. The face was cover with a machine, and noises from it the machine echoed through the sewer.

Robot 1- "Sire, shall we attack now?"

Mystery Penguin- "No! Wait till the kind king is giving his speech. We shall shatter Yow's morality that way."

Robot 1- "Yes, master."

It was night time now, and the lights shown from the Yowien Castle. Camera men, and the press gathered at the front of the castle. An orchestra sat at the side, and were preparing to play a song. Once everyone settled down, the orchestra started playing the Yowien anthem. Red drapes opened up on top of a balcony, and out waddled King Alexander. The media stood up and clapped, some cheered. Alexander waved to the people, and smiled. Before he spoke he raised his flipper, to quiet the crowd. When all was silent, he spoke into the microphone.

Alexander- "Thank you for attending one of my few speeches, my friends. I have an important announcement tonight, and some other ones. First off, I would like to announce that..."


Alexander suddenly fell from the balcony, dead. The press, and crowd screamed. Guards quickly ran over to Alexander, and checked on him. Everything went into chaos, as Feey1 ran out onto the balcony. He spotted two Barbaric robots, and pointed to them.

Feey- "Barbaric robots, blast them!"

The guards quickly obeyed Feey1's orders, and shot down the two robots.

Feey1 covered his eyes as a blue light shined throughout the garden, and front of the castle. Everyone stopped, and looked at the large 3D hologram. The image appeared, and the same covered face appeared. However this time less noise came from it's side. The penguin laughed, with a high voice.

Coldless construction.png

Mystery Penguin- "Hahaha! You're king is now dead. What will you do now?"

Feey- "Emperor Coldless!? How dare you command your robotic soldiers to invade our homeland, and kill our king!"

Coldless- "Should have known my voice would be a dead giveaway. Anyways, I've been doing a lot of planning. I will now build my empire, by declaring war on Yow!"

Feey- "Oh please, your last war you lost to a couple of crabs! Your country will be wiped out if you fought Yow."

Coldless- "ARGH! Your dead king supplied them with weapons, and Yow is nothing compared to the Barbearer Islands! Any who, I have done a lot to my military. I am unstoppable now!"

Feey- "We'll see about that, you will now taste the full power of Yow Kingdom!"

Coldless- "Ooohhhh...I'm so scared. Bring it on! I'll see you soon, goodbye."

The hologram disappeared, but Feey1 looked like he was about to explode with anger. Suddenly he came to, and instantly jumped down from the balcony. He ran over to Alexander's body. Blood was coming out of his body, and it was just too much for Feey to take. He started to cried.

Feey- "Alexander! ARGH! Coldless will taste my wrath! He has gone too far. Tell the generals to send the navy to Bar Crab City now! I want forces from Hontana, and June Islands. This means war!"

Chapter 1: The Treaty of Failure[edit]

Dark clouds filled the sky over the Royal Monarch of Bar Crab. Ish2 had just received words of King Alexander's death, and was heart broken. He was just thinking about the great times he had with the Yowien king, and was looking at some pictures in an album.

Outside of the walls of Bar Crab, two military robots hovered over to the gate. Suddenly a different kind of robot walked up behind them. This robot was shaped like a Human, and was designed as a female. It was very shiny, and clean. The robot clapped her mechanical arms together, then slowly pulled them apart. A hologram appeared between her hands, and writing could be seen on it.

Robot- "My name is Messenger2012, and I am here to speak with the Bar Crabin Monarch."

The doors to Bar Crab City opened, and out came a troop of soldiers. They were wearing helmets, and had guns in their claws. Suddenly Ish2 walked up behind them, and looked very angry.

Ish2- "What are you doing here, Barbaric?"

Messenger- "I am Messenger2012, and have an important message from the emperor himself."

Ish2- "The guy I beat up?"

Messenger- "Um..yes. Emperor Coldless declares that if Bar Crab City, is not ratified into a Barbaric city in 24 hours he will declare war. By declaring that Bar Crab City is an actual city, Ish2 will become mayor, the military turned into a police force, and the city be under Coldless' complete control."

Ish2 threw a can at one of the robots, and laughed.

Ish2- "Hahaha! Coldless thinks we'll sign that? What a fool! I will not sign that treaty after what Coldless did to Yow, he killed their king and my friend!"

Messenger- "So it will seem that way. Coldless now declares war on your country."

Ish2- "Oh come on! The last war just ended."

Messenger- "Sorry, but this will happen."

Messenger2012, and the other robots left. Ish2 grumbled, and stomped back into the city. Inside he shouted at the top of his lungs.

"Prepare all weapons, and soldiers. We will be attacked soon! Prepare for war!"

Dare23- "King, we're really fighting ANOTHER war?"

Ish2- "Relucantly, yes. I want you to gather a troop of soldiers, and attack Billings."

Dare23- "Roger that, sire. Me and my men will take that city very easily."

Ish2- "Good luck, Coldless may have sent brand new soldiers there. Robots I mean. Do what you must, but don't loose too many soldiers."

Dare23- "Yes, sir. I'll return from battle soon!"

Dare23 ran off, and gathered up his troops. Meanwhile, Ish2 ran into Bar Crab and entered his castle. He walked into his private armory, and gathered his weapons. He put them into his inventory, and ran off. He walked into his room, and looked out the window. He took a large cannon out of his inventory, and placed it at his window.

Ish2- "If they dare attack my castle, I'll be ready for them."

Ish2 finished setting up his cannon, and walked over to his dresser. He grabbed a picture frame, and took a look at it. The picture showed him and Mr.Blue together, underwater. Ish2 moaned, and grew with angered.

Ish2- "That chaotic emperor will pay!"

Ish2 placed the picture in his inventory, and left the room.

Dare23 led his troops out of the kingdom's walls, and sneaked over the hill. On top of the hill they saw Billings, 20 feet below them.

Soldier 1- "What's our plan, sir?"

Dare23- "Bazooka men, fire down on the city. Aim for the barracks, and show no mercy!"

The rest of the soldier backed up, as the bazooka holder loaded their large weapons. The citizens down, below did not notice the crabs at all.



The bazookas fired upon the city, destroying houses, businesses, and more.

Crowd- "AUGH! Run for your lives! AUGH!"

The citizens panicked, and ran around in circles. Barbaric robots suddenly fired at the Bar Crabin forces, and shot some of them.

Dare23- "You guys fire upon the city, me and a small team will invade inwards."

Dare23, and five other soldiers jumped off the hill and into the city. Dare pulled out his Keysaber, and sliced all the robots he saw. The other soldiers either threw grenades, or shot random places. The troop ran over to a statue, and climbed up on it. They threw grenades down on the city from there, and were safe from robots.

Dare23- "Gosh, it's good to be in action again!"

Dare23 threw a grenade at a woodshop. A troop of robot soldiers spotted Dare and his roup, and quickly fired at the statue they were on. The statue fell over, and so did Dare's troop. The water flooded the area, and ruined the crabs' weapons. Two robots quickly hovered over to Dare, and looked down on him.

Robot 1- "This action against Emperor Coldless is not allowed."

Robot 2- "Prepare to die."

Dare23- "Ha! I don't think so."

Dare23 pulled out his pistol, and pulled the trigger.


The gun didn't fire, it just made a clicking noise.

Dare23- "Hey! What's wrong with this thing? UGH!"

Robot 1 lunged after Dare23. Dare jumped out the way, and ran over to a damaged bakery. The front window was shattered, and the door was blown up. Dare ran into the building, hoping to find something to protect himself. He ran into the kitchen, and looked at the pot and pans.

Dare23- "A-ha!"

Dare23 grabbed a large pan, and covered himself with it. At that moment the two robots flew into the small building, and were looking around for Dare23. They split up, and one of them flew into the kitchen. Dare23 covered his mouth, and slowed his breathing. The robot looked around the kitchen, than with a new technology, scanned the room for organics. All organics in the room appeared red to the robot, and a giant, red blob was under a pan. The robot reached for the pan, and lifted it up to reveal Dare23.

Robot 2- "Target aqquired."

Dare23- "AUGH!"

Dare23 quickly sliced the robot with his Keysaber, and raced outside. The other robot spotted him, and fired. The lazer blast missed Dare by an inch, and really freaked him out.

Robot 1- "Halt!"

Dare23- "I don't think so!"

Dare23 blasted the robot's head off, and then ran back outside. Suddenly he was tackled by another crab, and rolled behind the ruins of the fountain. Dare was pinned to the ground by the other crab.

Dare23- "What was that!"

Crab- "Sssshhhh. They'll find us, sir."

Dare23- "What do you mean, soldier?"

Crab- "Half the troop is either dead, or injured. The robots suddenly wiped us out one by one, after the bazookas were mysteriously taken out."

Dare23- "Uh? How did that happen?"

Crab- "Not sure, one moment they were firing the next complete silence. The robots then wiped out the rest, they are not keeping prisoners."

Dare23- "Great, how many guys do we have?"

Crab- "Ten, sire, and I suggest we retreat, sir."

Dare23- "Good idea, soldier. Soldiers, retreat!"

All the crabs popped up from behind the fountain, and blasted all the robots they spotted. The crabs quickly ran around the fountain, and headed for the hill. The robots quickly fired upon them, and shot some of them. Dare23 pulled out his bazooka, and fired at an incoming troop of enemy soldiers. The Bar Crabin troop made it to the cliff shaped hill. They were about to climb up when suddenly an odd looking robot appeared above them on the cliff. The robot was much like Messenger2012, but was fit for war.

Robot- "You shall not leave alive, as declared by Emperor Coldless."

Dare23- "Really, and how are you going to stop us?"

Robot- "With this."

Suddenly the robots arm transformed into a giant blade, and the robot jumped up into the air. He pointed his blade down at the crabs. Dare23 jumped away, as the robot and his blade, sliced the rest of the troop. Dare ran over to a car, and jumped over the hood. He peeked over the top, and spotted the robot. Dare23 wanted to scream, and yell because his troop was dead. But if he did, the robot would get him too.

Dare23(thinking)- "Oh no! My troop, they're dead. I'm trapped too. ARGH! How do I get outta here?"

Ish2(transmission)- "Dare23, are you okay? This is Ish2. Over."

Dare23's walkie-talkie was receiving a transmission from Ish2. Dare grabbed it, and held down on the button as he spoke.

Dare23- "This is Dare23, I hear you. I'm stuck behind this car here, and need backup. Over."

Ish2(transmission)- "I see you, Dare. I'll take out these bots, and set you free. Over."

Dare23- "Careful, there's a new bot here. It's shaped like a human, and as massive blade for a right arm. Over."

Ish2(transmission)- "Roger that. Over."

On top of the hill, Ish2 pulled out his lazer gun. He aimed for a robot, and fired at it.


He fired at another robot.


Each robot went down with one shot, and Ish2 didn't miss at all. Just as he was about to fire, he felt someone tapping on his shoulder. He turned around...


The robot was behind Ish2, then kicked him off the hill. Ish2 went sailing through the air, and crashed through the window of a ten-story hotel.

Dare23 saw this, and quickly reached for his pistol. He pointed the gun at the new robot, which was standing on the cliff next to the hill. Dare fired, and shot down the robot. Quickly Dare looked up at the hotel, and shouted at Ish2.

Dare23- "Ish2, sire, are you okay!?"

Ish2- "Yes, we need to get out of here!"

Dare23- "Why?"

Ish2- "Look behind you!"

Dare23 looked behind him, and spotted the same robot that killed his troop behind him.

Dare23- "Hey! I shot your metallic head."

Robot- "Bullets do not harm me."

Ish2 quickly fired his lazer gun at the robot, and shot it down before it could harm Dare23. Dare looked up at the hotel, and smiled at Ish2.

Feey1 stood proud on the bow of a Yowien flagsip, and looked across the waters. The navy set sail two hours ago, and were now in visual contact of the Barbearer Islands. When Feey saw the islands, it reminded him of his adventure there. He remembered bringing his friends, Jake Slang, and Coldless along with him. He had assembled a crew of sailors, and set sail to the ancient islands. Because no one had been there in decades. The memories joyed Feey, then made him think what made Coldless so evil. The thought pondered in his head, and made him slightly mad.

Crewman- "We are almost there, sir."

Feey1 turned around to see a high-ranking sailor behind him. The penguin was lime green, and had blond hair under his sailor's cap.

Feey- "Good, we'll dock at Bar Crab in case they need aid. From there we'll plan out the rest."

Crewman- "Alright, sir. Have a good day, and stay safe."

Feey- "Thank you."

The crewman waddled away, and Feey1 turned back to look at the Barbearer Islands. He was upset that a good ally, turned into an arch nemesis. He sighed, and waddled towards the inside of the ship.

Inside he waddled down a flight of stairs, and into a battle-planning room. There were several navy officers, from all the colonies. They had a large map of the Barbearer Islands on a table, and were placing pieces on the map. It was an outdated way of planning, but Yowiens used the form of planning to save computer space for other things.

Bakun General- "Sire, we have finished the battle planning."

Feey- "I'll be the judge of that, general."

Feey1 looked down on the board, and nodded his head.

Feey- "Looks good. Take Billings, and move upwards to the capitol."

Juney General- "Sir, we've also decided to get the Barbaric people's support."

Feey- "And how will we do that, general?"

Juney General- "We are still planning that out, sire. We think we should not cause damage on the suburbs."

Feey- "Hmmm...that should be easy. There are only around 200,000 citizens."

Bakun General- "Sir, we are currently docking at Bar Crab!"

Feey1 waddled up the stairs to the top deck, and looked off the boat. Sure enough the ships were docking at the Bar Crabin harbors, and soldiers were moving out.

Feey- "Ah, that fresh ocean smell."

A crab walked up the plank, and met Feey1 on the boat. The crab had a scar on his right, and was wearing a top hat. The crab looked odd to Feey.

Crab- "Hello, Feey1. I am the Bright Ocean Town, and Ish2 wanted me to greet you."

Feey- "Nice to meet you, mayor. Where is Ish2 now?"

Crab- "He went into Billings, but hasn't come back yet. I'm afraid something bad as happen."

Feey- "Why didn't you send troops in to rescue them then?"

Crab- "Too dangerous."

Feey- "Why? You have like a 3 million population, although you do have a smaller military."

Crab- "Nope, our military has grown. It's just that Ish2 doesn't want anymore troops in Billings."

Feey- "Alright, enough. Ish2 is my friend! Soldiers, prepare for battle. I need several men to come with me into Billings. Let's move!"

Ish2 and Dare23 walked through the streets of Billings, keeping an eye out for anymore robots. Ish2 steadily held his gun in his claws, and had an angry look on his face.

Ish2- "Coldless has lost it! What's with this new war he started?"

Dare23- "Not sure, but we all know he's greedy. Plus he's been preparing for this battle, I'm not sure we'll win."

Ish2- "Quiet, Dare. We will always defeat him!"

Suddenly twenty robots appeared out of nowhere, and surrounded the two crabs. Ish2, and Dare23 pointed their guns at the robots even though they were outnumbered.

Robot 1- "Surrender at once, or you will be destroyed."

Dare23- "HA! We can take you all out with one gun."

Robot 1- "We'll see about that."

The robots fired at Ish2, and Dare23 all at the same time. Ish2 reacted quick, and pulled out his Keysaber. He bounced the incoming lazers away from him, as Dare23 fired at the robots with his pistol. But the robots were closing in, and the two crabs were exhausted.

Dare23- "I can't keep it up, sire!"

Ish2- "We need to get out of here."

Suddenly a robot slammed a puffle cage over the two crabs. A magnet from one of the others drew the weapons away from Ish2 and Dare23.

Robot 1- "You will die now."

The robots prepared to fire....

Feey- "FIRE!!"

The robots turned around, and spotted Feey1 pointing his Keysaber at the robots. Suddenly bullets shot the robots, and seemed to come from nowhere. The robots tried to fire back, but didn't know where to shoot. Feey ran into the group of robots, and sliced all of them with his Keysaber. He cut the cage that was holding Ish2 and Dare23, and set them free. The two crabs tackled the robots, as the Yowien soldiers came out of hiding and shot the robots. The robots stood their ground, and kept firing at the soldiers. Dare23 pulled out his rocket launcher, and fired it at the robots.


The robots continued to fire, but missed the enemy almost every time. One of the robots from the back shouted.


The robots started to hover backwards, while still firing at the enemies. Feey1 ran up, and sliced his way through the robots. Beside him was Dare23, and Ish2 slicing away also.

All the robots retreated, as smoke rose through the air. Feey1 was breathing heavily, and so were Ish2 and Dare23. The battle was tiring, but at least Billings was their new territory.

Ish2- "*gasp* I am *wheeze* tired. Those robots sure were putting up a fight."

Dare23- "I'll say."

Ish2- "At least Billings is now under our control. Feey, what do you wish to do now?"

Feey- "Rest, and plan. Let's have the troops build a large wall out of debris to guard the city, that way the robots can't invade so easily."

Dare23- "Good idea."

Feey1 called one of his commanders over, as Ish2 and Dare23 started walking back to Bar Crab. Feey caught up with them, and walked into the city with them. The new capitol was placed on land. The three walked into the castle, and sat down in Ish2's private McDoodles. Feey ordered a large fishburger, and the two crabs got fish sticks.

Feey- "Nice McDoodles, Ish2. I have a private Snowbucks kiosk in my castle."

Ish2- "Nice, anyways back to business. I received word that construction on the wall has begin. What shall we do next?"

Feey- "I don't know. Maybe we should think what Coldless is doing next?"

Chapter 2: Coldless' First Move[edit]

Emperor Coldless sat in the metal chair, covered in a metal suit. His head was covered with a helmet, and so was the rest of his body. Chains were attached to the suit, and were hanging from the ceiling. Smoke and fog flew through the room, as the noise of machines echoed. A Human-shaped robot walked into the room. He was covered in oil, and looked like an engineer.

Robot- "Emperor Coldless, the surgery is almost over."

Coldless- "GOOD! I've been like this for twenty-four hours, can you speed it up?"

Robot- "Not without big consequences we can. If we did, the suit may not work."

Coldless- "It's not a suit, it's a new part of me. Soon I'll be unstoppable. Leave me!"

Robot- "Yes, sire."

Feey1 waddled through the rubble that was once Billings. Most of the city was destroyed, mainly only tall structures were still standing. Feey looked up at a 20 story business building, and saw a soldier waddle up on top of it. The soldier had a Yowien flag in his flippers, and he triumphantly placed the flag on top of the building.


Feey1 was reminded of King Alexander for some reason, and sort of cried. Alexander was like a second father to him, even though he was only decade older. Alexander had so much wisdom, and ran a great country. Then Alexander's murder hit Feey's thoughts like a brick. He yelled on the inside, and cursed.

Feey- "Coldless will not live to see tomorrow! I swear I will do it, Alexander."

Feey1 looked up into the clouds, and calmed down.

Feey- "I'm doing this for you, Alexander."

Ish2- "Feey1, the wall is completed. Troops are now setting up cannons."

Feey- "Whuh? Oh...good. Coldless will not dare attack us!"

Coldless- "I totally will attack them now."

Coldless was still getting his surgery done, and was wanting it to end already.

Coldless- "Robot 29876, contact the Metrix troops. Tell them to invade the coast of Billings."

Robot- "Yes, sire."

The robot walked away, as Coldless grinned on the inside of his metal mask. He put his flippers together, and rubbed them while laughing.

The robots in Metrix quickly assembled together, and prepared to attack Billings. Most of the robots were newer ones, and were much more destructive. The robots quickly boarded the topt preparing to leave. Among them was General Bot 1, who had recent upgrades. He had a smarter system, and was deadlier.

General 1- "Board immediately. The Emperor wishes for us to attack in the next thirty minutes."

All the robots boarded onto the topt. The topt set sail, along with another eight topts. They sailed towards Billings at top speed, because it took 15 minutes to get there.

Once the topts docked, all the robots left the ship. The robots attacked the protection wall immediately, and the soldiers on the other side quickly reacted. Cannons fired at the incoming robots, taking out five with every shot. The robots fired at the wall, and left burnt marks on it.

Yowien commander- "Bring in the Penguin Super Suits!"

Ten Super Suits jumped over the wall, and attacked the robots head on. However the Barbaric robots were more mobile, while the Super Suits were like walking tanks. One of the Super Suit pilots grabbed an enemy robot, and threw it at some other ones.

Pilot 1- "These robots are more advanced than ever!"

Pilot 2(transmission)- "I'll say, Bob. On your right!"

A robot jumped at one of the Super Suits, and sliced it with its blade-arm. The robot looked at one of the other Super Suits, and prepared to jump at it.


Feey1 blasted down the robot with his machine gun, then aimed for the rest of the enemy. Ish2 joined Feey, and shot the robots with his sniper rifle. Dare23 quickly joined the scene with his Keysaber, and bounced away incoming lazers.

Feey- "Let's move in!"

Ish2- "Alright!"

Ish2 pulled out his green Keysaber, and ran into the crowd of robots. He sliced all of them from underneath, since he was a small crab. Feey1 slowly moved into the crowd of robots, firing at them with his machine gun. Meanwhile Dare23 ran up next to Ish2 with his Keysaber. Ish2, and Dare23 came back-to-back when a bunch of robots surrounded them. Instead of killing the two crabs, the robots just pointed their lazer arms at them. Suddenly one of the robots had a device pop out of its head. The machine projected a holographic image, of Coldless. Ish2, however, did not recognize him.

Ish2- "Who are you?"

Coldless- "Ha! I'm Emperor Coldless, and you will never defeat me."

Dare23- "Coldless?! What happened to you, dude....t?"

Ish2- "Hehehe."

Coldless- "How dare you call me a dudet! I am not a girl, I am not."

Dare23- "Oh so you're a big, Fat chick?"

Ish2- "Hahaha!"

Coldless- "I thought about sparing you two, but I guess it will be this way."

The robots suddenly fired upon the two crabs. One of the lazers hit Dare23, and he collapsed.

Ish2- "Dare!"

Ish2 quickly sliced all the robots, then ran over to Dare23. Smoke was rising from him, and he had a burnt mark on his chest.

Ish2- "Dare23, are you okay?"

Dare23- "I'm fine, I'm fine. OWWWW!!!"

Ish2- "Yeah, I can see that. Medic!"

Feey1 ran over to Ish2, and Dare23 with a medic. The medic checked Dare23, and smiled.

Medic- "It's okay, just a bruise. He will have to rest awhile though."

Dare23- "I'm okay with that."

The medic picked up Dare23, and waddled away with him. Feey1 and Ish2 were now looking out to the beach. The wall had been built a couple of yards from the shore, and there was a large forest in between it and the ocean.

Ish2- "So? When are we going to strike back?"

Feey- "Not sure, but this war is already looking bleak for us."

Ish2- "Really?"

Feey- "Yeah, sadly. Foreign aid may be needed."

Ish2- "Don't worry, we just have to destroy the robot factories and we're done."

Feey- "Good idea, I'll contact the bombers. We'll have an air-strike on Metrix."

Ish2- "Will you be going too?"

Feey- "Of course, and you can come along with me!"

Ish2- "However, I'm not very good at flying aircraft. Even in video games."

Feey- "You can be the gunner."

Ish2- "Fine with me!"

Feey- "Good, we take off at 11:30 tonight."

It was 11:15pm, and the Yowien bombers were making last minute preparations for take off. Feey1, and Ish2 walked over to their bomber. It was Feey's personal bomber plane, and it had never been in an war before. That explained why there wasn't a single scratch, or bullet hole in it. Ish2 walked by the plane, looking for the gunner.

Ish2- "Feey1, where's the gunner?"

Feey- "On the top, use that ladder there to get up."

Ish2 pushed a ladder over to the bomber, and climbed up on it. On top of the bomber was a gunner cockpit. Ish2 opened the cockpit, and sat down in the gunner. Feey1 climbed up onto the bomber, and sat down in the pilot's seat. Feey closed the cockpit, and so did Ish2. It was 11:30, and the bombers slowly taxied down a runway. The bombers flew into the air, as Feey1 and Ish2's took off behind them all. There were 16 bombers, and they were divided into four, even V-positions. Feey gently flew the bomber over the waters, commanding the other pilots.

Feey- "All bombers ready? We will be there in just five minutes. Over."

Pilot 1(transmission)- "Ready, sir. Over."

The rest of the pilots responded saying yes.

Feey- "Then let's kick some robot behind! Over."

Feey1 pushed on the thrust, accelerating the plane forward. Pretty soon the bombers were over Metrix. The lights of the large town shone through the darkness, and so did the smoke from the robot factories.

Feey- "There's the robot, boys! Gunners, fire at will. Pilots, prepare to drop your bombs. Over."

Ish2 quickly fired at the factory, and everything else in sight.

Feey- "Nice work, Ish2. Now bombers, release your bombs! Over."

Before the pilots could drop the bombs, anti-aircraft weapons on the ground fired at the Yowien bombers. One bomber went down, but thankfully the pilot ejected.

Pilot 2(transmission)- "Sir, anti-aircraft weapons are here. The gunner can't hit them though! Over."

Feey- "We need that factory destroyed, for Alexander! Over."


Another bomber was shot down from the dark sky. This plane actually completely exploded, killing the pilot and gunner.

Pilot 1(transmission)- "Sire, we need to bomb the anti-aircraft weapons. Or else we'll never make it. Over."

Feey- "No, save those bombs for the factory. Drop your bombs, men. Over."



Ish2- "Feey1, we need to drop those bombs. You're loosing me!"


Another bomber went down, and Feey1 was starting to get mad.

Feey- "Drop the bombs, drop the bombs!"

Ish2- "Feey1, we can't survive like this!"

Feey1 finally just dropped the bombs right down on the anti-aircraft weapons. He was very mad, hoping to use those bombs on the factory.

Feey- "All remaining, pilots, retreat. We're out of bombs. Over."

Pilot 4(transmission)- "No we're not, let's destroy the city! Over."

Feey- "Roger that, Green Hawk. On retreat bomb the city. Over."

Pilots(transmission)- "Roger that, sire. Over."

The bombers flew over the city, and dropped bombs. Citizens were screaming, and running around. But soon the whole city was destroyed, and nothing was left but the factory and ruins.

Feey- "Great work, pilots. Coldless doesn't have an air force, so we'll do more air strikes like this. Over."

Ish2- "I can't believe Coldless started another war!"

Feey- "Well, your father started the first one."

Ish2- "I guess. So when will we do the next air strike?"

Feey- "Soon, fellow Monarch. Coldless isn't going to live much longer, I can tell you that."

Coldless- "AUGH! Metrix is completely gone, but at least my factory is still running. Robot 29876, send troops to Metrix to guard it."

Robot- "Yes, master."

Coldless- "And...YOW! This machine keeps pinching me."

Robot- "That means it is almost complete, master."

Coldless- "Nah, whatever. Send the troops at once! OW! ARGH! That hurt."

Feey1 landed the bomber on the runway, and taxied it into the hanger. The hanger doors closed, and the lights switched on. Dare23 was standing in the hanger, and pushed the ladder over to the bomber. Feey opened his cockpit, and exited the bomber down the ladder. Ish2 came down behind Feey, and glared at him.

Ish2- "What were you thinking!? You lost your own men, and you weren't doing anything!"

Feey- "HEY! Anger got over me. Alexander was like my father, and Coldless killed him. I will fight to the ends of the earth to end Coldless."

Ish2- "But don't end other lives trying to do it, Feey."

Ish2 stomped away, and Feey1 stood there alone with Dare23.

Dare23- "Wow, you made him mad."

Feey- "UGH. This isn't good, we can't start a war between us. We need to stay friends, and not enemies."

Dare23- "Hmm. Good luck with that, Feey1. I got to go."

Dare23 walked away, and left the hanger. Feey1 waddled behind him, and left the hanger to. He waddled down the runway, and into his limo that was waiting for him. The limo drove down a road, and headed towards a hotel. Feey sat in the back, and just stared out the window. He reluctantly pulled out his icePhone, and called Ish2.

Phone- "Hello, you've reached the Monarch of Bar Crab City. I am currently unavailable right now, so leave a message after the beep. Bye!"


Feey- "Hey, Ish2, it's me Feey1. I'm sorry about the airstrike mishap. I hope you can forgive me, bye."

Feey1 hung up, and sighed.

Ish2 walked into his room, and laid down on his bed. He buried himself under the covers, and fell asleep. He started to snore, then drifted off in a sleep. His dream was more of a nightmare, and it started to be scary. In his dream he saw a dark room, with chains hanging from the ceiling. Suddenly an object appeared in the middle of the room, and it was shaped like a penguin. He turned to his right, and saw Feey1 in the dream. Then a dark figure appeared behind him. Feey suddenly started bleeding, and died. Then the object left the shadows, and showed himself to Ish2. Ish2 screamed in his sleep, then suddenly woke up.


Ish2 was breathing quickly, and was terrified. He looked at his clock, and saw that it was 6:30am.

Ish2- "AUGH! Coldless. Calm down...."

Ish2 took in large breaths, and tried to calm down.

Ish2- "What is that crab eating, back stabbing, freak doing in my dreams? Guess I could go back to sleep."

Ish2 covered himself with the covers once more, and went back to sleep. The nightmare staid in his thoughts, however, and he couldn't sleep. Reluctantly he got up out of bed, and walked out the door. He walked down the stairs, and heading outside into his garden. The sun was rising, and fish were jumping in and out of the water. It snowed a bit last night, and there was two inches on the ground.

Ish2- "*sigh* This war is starting to mess with me."

Feey- "Me too."

Ish2 almost jumped. He turned around to see Feey1 standing there in his pajamas, which was just boxers and a loose t-shirt.

Ish2- "Hi."

Feey- "Got my message last night?"

Ish2- "No. What are you doing out here?"

Feey- "I woke up too early, and couldn't sleep. Anyways, I'm sorry about last night. I let my anger get ahead of myself."

Ish2- "I know how you feel, buddy. I was very angry when Coldless ate my father in front of me."

Feey- "*sigh* I remember when he was the good guy. Now he's pure evil."

Ish2- "Yeah. Didn't you discover this island with him?

Feey- "Yep, back then he was completely different. He was kind, caring, and loved all his enemies."

Ish2- "Feey1, this war has been driving me nuts. Now it's getting inside my dreams."

Feey- "Don't worry, we'll win. The good guys always win."

Ish2- "In the movies at least."

Feey- "Haha! Yeah..."

Feey1 got ready for the day in one of Ish2's guest rooms. As he got ready he realized something.

Feey(thinking)- "Hmm. This war will need some major power to win for us. Haha! The Three Pieteers, we haven't been doing anything in a long time. I'll call Bonny1, and Bow and tell them to come over here right away."

After Feey1 finished brushing his teeth, he quickly pulled out his icePhone and dialed Bonny1's number.

Bonny(phone)- "Yellow?"

Feey- "Hey, bro, heard about the war going on yet?"

Bonny(phone)- "Of course. Let me guess, you're calling for my amazing skills?"

Feey- " a way. Call Metal Knight too, and tell him to head over to Yow Kingdom. I'll send a helicopter to pick you up from there."

Bonny(phone)- "Alright. Me and my muscles will be there soon. See 'ya!"

Bonny1 hung up, as Feey1 buttoned up his general's suit.

Chapter 3: The Fall[edit]

Coldless sat in the chair, with metal needles piercing into him.

Coldless- "ARGH! AUGH! Send troops to Bar Crab City now! AUGH! ARGH! AAAAHHHHHH!"

Robot- "Yes, master."

Coldless- "AUGH! Can you make this less painful!? OW!"

Robot- "Yes, master. We can put you to sleep, of course we would have to do that anyways the next step is about to start."

Coldless- "JUST DO IT!! AUGH! OW!"

The robot took a pipe, and connected it to the suit that Coldless was wearing. Suddenly Coldless fell asleep.

Metal Knight and Bonny1 Pie waddled out of the terminal, and met Feey1 at the limo.

Feey- "Bow, Bonny, nice to see 'ya guys again."

MK- "Hi, brother. Nice to see you too."

Bonny- "Nice limo, bro."

Feey- "Thanks, let's go now."

Feey1 opened the limo door for his brothers, and they went in. Feey followed in behind them, and closed the door.

Bonny- "Oh cool, a flat screen TV."

MK- "You are living the life, Feey. Wish I was you."

Feey- "Hey! You're living it right now. Have a soda, relax your muscles. You'll be using them soon."

Bonny- "So, why do you need my amazing muscles?"

Metal Knight punched Bonny1 in the shoulder.

Bonny- "Oww.....I didn't even feel a thing!"

Feey- "Guys, calm down. We, the Allies, are planning to attack Metrix again after lunch."

MK- "Hmmm...a day attack?"

Feey- "Of course, we bombed it last night anyways. We have to quickly claim it."

Bonny- "But if you bomb a place, doesn't that mean you control it?"

MK(whispering to Feey)- "Bonny here has been playing too many video games. Haha!"

Feey- "Hahahaha!"

Bonny- "I heard that!"

Chauffeur- "Sire, we're here."

Feey1 looked out the window, and saw Ish2's castle. The chauffeur opened the door for Feey and his brothers. They waddled out of the limo, and into the castle. Inside they were greeted by Ish2 and Dare23.

Ish2- "Hello, Metal Knight and Bonny1. Welcome to my kingdom."

MK- "Hi, Ish2. We're proud to aid you, and Yow in this war."

Ish2- "Please, just call us the 'Allies'."

Bonny- "Sweet castle, dude. Got a giant screen you play video games on?"

Ish2- "No, I'm not really interested in video games. I spend most of my time helping my country."

Bonny- "WOAH! Weird."

Feey- "*sigh*."

Dare23- "Hey! Show some respect for the king, Ninja."

Bonny- "Sorry."

Feey- "Anyways, the soldiers are moving in. The naval ships are ready, men, let's go now."

Bonny- "Great! Let's move out."

Feey- "Bonny1, I'm sort of in charge now."

Bonny- "Whatever."

Coldless woke up, and found himself still being worked on. A robot walked over to him.

Robot- "Master, we are almost complete."

Coldless- "Wonderful! I don't feel a thing."

Robot- "The technology you have created is behind that."

Coldless- "Well when will I be finished?"

Robot- "Around three hours, master."

Coldless- "Good. That will do well with my plan."

Robot- "Also, master, the Alliance soldiers had attacked the factory at Metrix. The army did not make it to Bar Crab."

Coldless- "Did we win the battle?"

Robot- "Yes, master."

Coldless- "Good!"

The Three Pieteers, Ish2, and Dare23 stood at the bow of the Bar Crabin flagship. Feey1 had a telescope out, and surveying the island of Metrix.

Feey- "I see nothing but debris. That bombing raid was a complete success!"

Ish2- "Kind of...."

Feey- "I though we were over that, Ish2."

Ish2- "Sorry, Feey1."

MK- "*cough* *cough* Anyways, what's the battle plan, my king?"

Feey- "Who me?"

MK- "Yeah, what are we going to do?"

Feey- "Well, we'll fire upon the island first. Then we'll dock. We'll raid the factory, and hack the computers. That way we can get special data about the new robots. Maybe make copies."

Bonny- "Bad idea....LET'S BOMB IT!"

The others stared at Bonny1, and rolled their eyes in union.

Bonny- "Hmph!"

Ish2- "Alright, we're almost there. Prepare the cannons!"

The large cannons turned to position, and inside loaded. The gunmen pressed the "Fire" buttons, and the cannons fired.





The large bullets pounded down on the shores, destroying any enemies if there were any. After the 15th shot, Feey1 gave the order to seize fire and dock. The navy ships sailed to the ruined harbors. The harbors were burnt to a crisp, and were slowly falling apart.

Bonny- "UGH! We can't dock here."

Feey- "What we can..."

Ish2- "Feey1, he has a point. That dock can barely hold itself."

Bonny- "We'll have to use Amphibious Assault Vehicles."

Feey- "Good idea, we have a ton of them."

Dare23 quickly pulled out his walkie-talkie, and contacted a general. Soon many AAV's were lowered from the ships, and into the water. Feey1, and the others boarded one AAV with some Yowien Marines. Once the AVV reached the island, the Marines and generals raced out. The Marines went quickly ahead, as the generals normally waddled out of the AAV.

Bonny- "Looks dead."

Feey- "That's a good thing."

A commander ran over to Feey1. He was a blue puffle, and had a deep voice.

Commander- "Sir, troops have spread out! No enemies spotted yet, sir."

Feey- "Good, commander. Once the tanks get here, we'll attack the factory."

Feey1 then turned his sight from the commander, and then towards the factory. It was very dark, and white smoke rose from it. Painted above the large doors was Coldless' face. Feey rolled his eyes at the painting.

Commander- "Sir, the tanks have arrived, sir. Shall we attack now?"

Feey- "Yes, commander. ALL SOLDIERS FIRE!"

The tanks fired at the factory, destroying it easily. The factory soon caught on fire, and crumbled down. Feey1 was amazed how easy it was coming down, and in three minutes it was completely on fire. Then the whole factory crumbled down. The soldiers cheered....then suddenly stopped. They had actually destroyed a cardboard copy of the factory, that was placed in front of the building. Suddenly a swarm of robots came out of the woods surrounding the factory. The Alliance soldiers were stunned, and took awhile to react. The tanks fired at the robots, and the factory while the soldiers loaded their guns. Dare23 ran passed Feey with his Keysaber, and went slicing all the robots he saw. Feey then pulled out his Player Card, and put on his Penguin Super Suit. He pounded on the metallic chest, and smiled. The two arms on the Super Suit quickly transformed into machine guns. He fired at all the robots he saw.

Metal Knight pulled out his magical sword, and said "Darkness and Lightness combined!" His sword started to glow yellow, and it seemed to turn into a flame. Suddenly Metal Knight disappeared, then appeared right in the middle of a group of robots. He then sliced all of them in 60 seconds. Metal Knight kept using his amazing powers, while Bonny1 moved into the battle.

Bonny1 ran up to a robot, and karate chopped it.


Bonny- "......AUGH! OW! Ow...ow...ow...ow! Darn...OW!....oof! Stupid.....OW! OW!"

Robot- "Ha ha ha."

The robot raised its arm to the injured Bonny1, and prepared to fired. Suddenly it exploded, and fell over. Ish2 was standing behind it, with a small bomb.

Ish2- "Here's a gun, you'll need it. These aren't War Bots."

Bonny- "Thanks, crab."

Ish2 threw a pistol up to Bonny1, then ran off into the battle with his Keysaber. Bonny held the pistol confidently, and fired at some of the robots. The bullets only really left a dent in the robots, and made them mad.

Bonny- "I'm going to need more powerful guns!"

Bonny1 ran out into the water, and towards the command vessel.

Meanwhile, Feey1 was guiding some marines through the battle. He was protecting them with his Super Suit, while clearing a path a for them.

Feey- "Bomb that factory! They might be making more robots for the battle in there!"

Marine commander- "Yes, sir!"

The marines ran towards the factory, with several bombs in their flippers. A robot ran up behind Feey1, and then jumped on top of him.

Feey- "WOAH!"

Feey1 was suddenly pinned to the ground by the robot, and was fighting it. The robot was new one, the same version that Dare23 and his troop met in Billings. The robot had a small thing pop out of its arm. The device turned it a small lazer gun, and prepared to shoot at Feey. Right before the gun fired, Metal Knight whacked the robot with his sword. The robot went flying through the air, and landed 50 feet away.

Feey- "Thanks, Bow."

MK- "You're welcome, sire."

Feey- "I haven't gotten over the fact that people will be calling me that."

MK- "Never mind that! We're loosing many troops, the robots just keep coming at us!"


A tank shot at some robots, and wiped them. Metal Knight and Feey1 looked to see who did it, and it was Bonny1. He had gotten some tanks off the ships, and was leading a troop into the battle. The tanks continued to fire.



Bonny1 drove up next to his brothers, and opened the back door for them.

Bonny- "Need a ride?"

MK- "Thanks, Bonny."

Feey1 put his Super Suit in his inventory, and waddled into the tank.

Feey- "Thanks, bro. Good idea bringing in the tanks."

Bonny- "I'm always good at ideas."

Feey1 rolled his eyes at Bonny1. He noticed that the machine gun wasn't being used, so he ran up to it. He sat down in the seat, and prepared the machine. There was a camera above the machine gun outside the tank, that way Feey could aim without a window. The computer also had a transparent box on the screen, that would turn red when it targeted an enemy. Feey pressed the button, and fired the machine gun.


Bonny- "Nice aim."

Feey- "Thank-you."



The tanks were getting hit hard by the enemy, and Metal Knight was very worried.

MK- "Feey1, I don't think we'll win this battle!"

Feey- "Why? We just need to destroy that factory, and take Metrix."

MK- "We can't take Metrix! Too difficult, they were prepared for us."



A tank near The Three Pieteers' tank was shot, and exploded. Bonny1 yelled.

Bonny- "ARGH! Those Barbarics are so barbaric."

Feey- "Why do you think they're called that?"

Bonny- "Never mind that! We can't some serious fire up ahead, I'm not sure we can make it."

Feey- "*sigh* Alright, let's retreat then."


Suddenly one of the Alliance navy ships exploded.

Feey- "Yep, we need to retreat now!"

Bonny1 opened the tank's hatch, and shouted to the Alliance soldiers.

Bonny- "Retreat! Retreat! By King Feey1's orders, retreat!"

The Alliance soldiers reluctantly turned back to the AAV's, and ran to them. Bonny1 turned they're tank around, and header towards the AAV's. However he kept the top part facing the enemies, that way he could still fire at them. The tank boarded a large AAV, and immediately sailed back to the ships. The robots at first were about to chase after them, then suddenly stopped at the water's edge. They are lined the water edge, and seemed to be afraid of it. Bonny still had the tank's hatch opened, and saw it.

Bonny- "Hmmmm...So they're not water-proof?"

Feey1 waddled across the deck of the aircraft carrier. He was very mad at loosing the battle, and wanted to be alone. He grumbled, and snarled as he waddled over to a jet. He angrily kicked the landing gear, then almost screamed. He grabbed his flipper, and jumped around on the other one. He grumbled, and tried not to swear.

Feey- "UGH!"

Feey1 waddled away from the jet, and over to the edge instead. He sat on the edge, and looked out over the water. He sat there, moaning. Ish2 walked out onto the deck, and saw Feey sitting there. He walked over to him, and patted Feey on the back.

Ish2- "Hey."

Feey- "Hi. UGH."

Ish2- "Mad?"

Feey- "Of course! How could we win a war Coldless planned out?"

Ish2- "Hey! We can beat him, we always do. He's no match for us, not at all."

Feey- "You're right, Ish2. Just mad that we couldn't take Metrix."

Ish2- "We'll take it next time."

Metal Knight, and Bonny1 waddled out onto the deck. They saw Ish2, and Feey1 and decided to talk with them.

MK- "Hello, sires."

Feey- "Hey, Metal Knight."

MK- "What are you two doing?"

Ish2- "Talking about the battle."

Bonny- "UGH! That was horrible, I tell you."

MK- "Yes, but we'll get them back soon. Always hit an enemy in the place it hurts."

Feey- "Yeah....WAIT! That's it."

Feey1 popped up, and scratched the underside of his beak.

Feey- "Hit an enemy where it hurts. We have to take this battle to Coldless!"

Ish2- "WHAT! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!? Coldless' fort is protected beyond anything we can pass. It's impossible."

Feey- "But don't good guys always win?"

Ish2- "Yeah, but.....Um....UGH!"

Bonny- "Love it, Feey1!"

MK- "Good idea, when shall we invade?"

Feey- "Guys, The Three Pieteers will be going on their next mission."

Ish2- "What about me, and Dare23?"

Feey- "You'll come, too. Now let's get going, we don't want to be late to defeat Coldless. Prepare a boat to head to Topia!"

Bonny- "Woohoo!"

A couple hours had passed, and now the sun was coming close to setting. The Three Pieteers, and the two crabs boarded a small speed boat.

Feey- "Alright, you guys know the plan right?"

Everyone but Feey- "Yes."

Feey- "Good. Dare23, you drive the boat."

Dare23- "Alright, thank you."

Dare23 jumped up to the controls, and turned on the boat. He lowered the prop into the water, then started it. Ish2, and Metal Knight untied the boat from the dock. The boat zoomed through the water at top speed, with Dare laughing in joy.

Dare23- "Woohoo!"

Ish2- "Calm down, we don't want to draw too much attention to us."

Dare23- "Oh, right."

Two hours later, and the sun was setting. The gang slowly came to Topia, and gasped at the sight. Topia used to be a a small, and short cities. There were once no skyscrapers, and everything had a color splash to it. Now there were massive, grey skyscrapers, no color, and lots of traffic noise.

Feey- "Holly smokes! We're still in the Barbearer Islands right?"

Dare23- "Looks like Topia has grown lately. Now...where do we dock?"

Feey- "We don't dock. We anchor here, and put on our diving suits. Then we dive down, and try to find the underwater entrance to Coldless' fortress."

Bonny- "Cool. I've never been underwater so long that I had to wear scuba gear."

Bonny1 was the first to put on his scuba gear. He happily jumped into the water, and was soon followed by the rest. Dare23 stayed on the boat with a radio, so he can contact the others if needed.

Under the water the gang swam quickly. They swam towards the island, where they thought the entrance was. They were able to communicate with each other through their radios.

Feey- "Alright, we're deep enough. Turn on the lights."

Everyone turned their scuba gear's lights on, and the dark waters lit up. They swam closer to the island, and then found it.

MK- "We're here, but where's the entrance?"

Ish2- "It must be deeper, so submarines can enter."

The gang dived deeper, then found a large hole.

Feey- "In there, come on."

Feey1 led the gang into the underwater cave. It was even darker, and scarier in the cave. There was some ice forming at the top, around the spiky rocks.

Bonny- "This is creepy."

MK- "Yeah, even more than the Darktan Realm."

Ish2- "Guys, look! Above you."

Everyone looked up, and saw a large metal opening. It was opened, and light was shining through it.

Feey- "Let's go up."

The gang swam up, and popped out of the water. They found themselves in a large submarine garage, that was empty of robots.

Bonny- "No one's here, strange."

Feey- "Alright, let's take off the scuba gear."

The gang got out of the water, and took off their scuba gear.

Feey- "Coldless will the one falling now!"

Chapter 4: Infiltration[edit]

The gang quickly finished taking off their scuba gear.

Feey- "Alright, I'm not sure where to go now."

Everyone stared at him. Bonny1 rolled his eyes, and groaned.

Bonny- "Let's go to the jail cells, and free Lane Ants first."

Ish2- "Yeah, Lane is our friend."

Feey- "Mine too, now we need to figure out where to go."

As the rest of the group argued with each other on where to go, Metal Knight curiously walked over to a large sign. It was map of the whole fort!

MK- "Guys."

Rest- "What?"

MK- "This maps tells us where to go. The jail cells are right next to this 'submarine garage'."

Feey- "Oh...let's go."

Everyone followed Metal Knight to the other side of the pool filled with submarines. They waddled over to a hallway, that had a sign by the entrance that read 'Jail Cells'.

Ish2- "I hope Lane is still alive."

Feey- "Me too."

The gang sneaked down the hallway, trying not to get spotted. However, they're every move was being watched by security cameras. The gang gasped as they waddled into the jail cells. Everything was made of stone and metal, and the floor was soaking wet. Chains hung on the walls, and moaning was all that was heard.

MK- "This place is horrible!"

Ish2- "UGH! No kidding."

Voice- "Uuuhhhh..."

Feey- "What was that?"

Voice- "Hellllpppppp...."

Bonny- "Come on!"

The gang ran down the hallways, and found one cell with one penguin in it. The penguin was sitting in the corner, bruised. One eye was squinting, while the other one was shut tight. There were bruises and scars all over him.

Lane beat.png

Ish2- "LANE! Oh my gosh, what did they do to you!?"

Ish2 sliced down the cell doors, and ran towards Lane. Lane turned around, and Ish2 stopped in fear. Lane's head and beak were bruised, and he had a black eye.

Lane- "Ish2, is that-a you?"

Ish2- "Lane, you're alive!"

Ish2 hugged Lane, and he screamed.

Lane- "OW!"

Ish2- "Sorry."

MK- "Oh my, he needs medical attention right now!"

Feey- "But the mission, who'll take him?"

MK- "Me and Bonny1 will, you and Ish2 continue on."

Feey- "But..."

Ish2- "FEEY1!"

Feey- "Alright, steal a submarine and get to the nearest Alliance hospital."

MK- "Yes, and thank you, sire."

Bonny- "Hey! Do I have any saying in this?"

MK- "Nope."

Bonny1, and Metal Knight helped Lane up. They slowly waddled away, as Feey1 and Ish2 prepared to go on with the plan.

Ish2- "Alright, let's do this!"

The two ran in the opposite direction they came from, and headed towards a flight of stairs. They ran up the spiral staircase, and into another hallway. It was an elegant hallway, and was very beautiful. Feey1 sort of stopped to see the wonderful paintings hung on the walls, but Ish2 snapped at his rear end.

Feey- "OWWW! For Yow's sake, Ish2!"

Ish2- "Sorry."

The two started running again, and ran into a ballroom. This time there were dozens of robots in there, and some of them had weapons. Feey1 and Ish2 turned back around, and down the hallway as fast as they could. The two stopped in a dark area.

Feey- "That was close."

Ish2- "Yeah. Uh..."

Ish2's attention suddenly turned to a large metal door in front of him.

Ish2- "What's that?"

Feey- "I don't know. Let's check it."

Feey1 reached for the handle, and tried to open the door. It was locked. So he took out his blue Keysaber, and jammed it into the door. He slowly cut a circle in the door, and moved as the piece fell down. Ish2 went into the dark room, and was followed by Feey. The room was very dark, and the floor was covered in steam.

Ish2- "I can't see a thing!"

Ish2 pulled out his flashlight, and turned it on. As the two looked around the room, they saw lots of chains and different equipment. Ish2 turned to look at Feey1, who was to his right. Suddenly he thought the moment was a little familiar, but he didn't say anything to Feey. Then he saw it, a red dot appeared behind Feey. It started to glow brighter, and seemed like it was about to fire.

Ish2- "FEEY1, LOOK OUT!!!"

Feey1 jumped backwards, and the lazer missed him by an inch. Feey fell to the ground, and landed on the hard concrete flooring. Ish2 quickly pulled out his Keysaber, and turned it on. He stared at the red dot, which was getting closer. A demonic laughter filled the room. Soon the figure was in light, and it was Coldless! He looked completely different, and a bit younger. He had turned into a cyborg.


Coldless- "Mwahahaha! You really think you can defeat me?"

Ish2- "Coldless, what happened to you?!"

Coldless- "I got a makeover, now prepare to die."

Coldless raised his flipper to punch Ish2. Ish2 jumped to the side before Coldless could hit him. Ish2 pulled out his lazer gun, and shot at Coldless. The lazers sort of absorbed into the armor.

Ish2- "What the...."


Ish2 went sailing into the ceiling, and crashed through it to the second level.

Ish2- "Huhhh...."

Feey1 quickly grabbed his Keysaber, and ran up to Coldless. He slashed at Coldless, but suddenly Coldless turned around and his left arm turned into a Keysaber. He hit Feey's Keysaber with his, and the two begin to duel each other.

Feey- "What has gotten into you, Coldless?"

Coldless- "What has gotten into you, Feey1?"

Coldless kicked Feey1 in the stomach. Feey fell to the ground in pain, and moaned.

Coldless- "Ha! Now you will die."

Coldless' arm turned from a Keysaber, and into a sword. He stabbed at Feey.


At the last second Feey1 put on his Penguin Super Suit, and was unharmed. He stood up, and looked down at Coldless. He punched Coldless into the floor, pushing him into the level below.

Feey- "Never underestimate a Yowien, Coldless!"

Feey1 jumped down to the second level, and looked at Coldless. Suddenly Coldless jumped up, and laughed.

Coldless- "Never mess with a Barbaric, Feey1!"

Coldless' left flipper turned to a Keysaber again, and he slashed at Feey1. Feey staggered backwards, then transformed the Super Suit's two arms to machine guns.


Coldless guarded himself with his Keysaber, then was shot down. He fell to the ground, and then quickly got back up. He growled. At that moment his left flipper changed again, this time to a bazooka.

Coldless- "See 'ya."


The bazooka fired, and sent Feey1 flying to the back of the room.


Suddenly this music started to play.

Feey1 looked around, and stared at Coldless.

Feey- "Why do you always have to have battle music playing when you duel?"

Coldless- "It's cool."

Feey1 rolled his eyes at Coldless. Coldless noticed this, and got really angry. His left flipper turned normal again, and he started running towards Feey. Coldless was about to punch Feey, when....


Coldless fell down in front of Feey1, with bullet holes in his back. Ish2 was standing there with a machine gun, and had an angry look on his face.

Ish2- "Take that, Coldless!"

Coldless- "Guards, get them!"

Suddenly a large troop of robots tackled Ish2, and Feey1. Feey was pulled out of his Super Suit, and was cuffed; Ish2 was put in a small cage.

Coldless- "Take them to the dungeon!"


All the robots' heads mysteriously fell off, then Metal Knight appeared.

MK- "Don't mess with my friends!"

Metal Knight ran up to Coldless, and whacked him with his sword. Coldless fell over in pain, and grabbed his cheek. Metal Knight left a huge cut from Coldless' beak to his stomach patch. Metal Knight paid no attention to Coldless, and quickly ran over to Feey1 and Ish2. He opened Ish2's cage first, then started to untie Feey.

MK- "Are you okay?"

Feey- "Yes, yes! Now let's leave, he's too strong for us!"

The trio quickly ran down the hallways, trying to loose Coldless. They towards some elevators, and Feey1 rapidly pressed the button.

Feey- "Come on, come on, come on!"

MK- "No time, come on!"

Metal Knight pushed his brother aside, and pulled out his sword. He slashed at the elevator door with his sword several times, then kicked it in. The elevator door fell down the shaft, and the trio quickly jumped down into it. They landed on the elevator that was coming up.

Ish2- "Look a hatch."

Ish2 ran over to a hatch in the middle of the elevator, and pulled on the handle. The hatch opened up, and he jumped inside. Metal Knight, and Feey1 followed him into it.

Feey- "Now what?"

MK- "Stop the elevator!"

Ish2 quickly pushed a button, and stopped the elevator from going further up. Feey1 took out his Keysaber, and cut a hole in the floor. He jumped through it, and landed on the ground below the elevator. Metal Knight then jumped down, but Ish2 stood in the elevator scared.

Feey- "Get down here, Ish2."

Ish2- "I can't, I'm afraid of heights!"

MK- "UGH! I'll get him."

Metal Knight's cape turned into two wings, and then he flew up to Ish2. He grabbed the little crab in his flippers, and brought him down.

Feey- "The elevator door is just two feet above."

Feey1 looked up at the door, and groaned.

Feey- "There's no ledge to grab onto. Metal Knight?"

MK- "I got!"

Metal Knight flew up five feet above the door, then grabbed his sword with both his flippers. Suddenly he started to spin rapidly, and flew into the door. The door broke opened, and Metal Knight flew into the wall in front of him. He quickly got up, and waddled back to the others. He lifted them out of the elevator shaft.

MK- "Alright, Bonny1 is this way!"

Metal Knight led the group down the grey, and silver hallways to the submarine docks.

Meanwhile, Bonny1 was getting Lane into a submarine he and Metal Knight stole. Lane was able to slightly waddle now, and was able to get into the submarine. He staggered over to the wall, and leaned up against it.

Lane- "Uhhh...I am in-a some-a pain."

Bonny- "I know, I know. We'll get you to a Alliance hospital soon."

Lane- "Groan...."

Bonny1 grabbed lazer gun out of his pocket, and popped out of the submarine's hatch. He held in the gun his flippers, readying to fire if an enemy appeared. Then, out of nowhere, a troop of robots hovered into the submarine docks. They spotted Bonny, and quickly fired at him. Bonny ducked down, then slightly popped out of the hatch. He fired at the robots, but kept missing.

Bonny- "ARGH! Stupid piles of metal."

MK- "For the alliance!"

Metal Knight, and the others came out of a hallway, and attacked the robots.

Bonny- "Guys, over here!"

Bonny1 motioned to the others to come over to, and board the submarine. Everyone obeyed him, and quickly boarded the submarine. Just as Bonny closed the hatch, more robots came into the docks.

Bonny- "Quick! We need to make this thing dive down."

Feey- "I got it."

Feey1 ran over to the computers, and jumped under them. He pulled out a Snoss pocket knife, and a lighter. He pulled out a tangle of wires, and started to cut some of them. Then he took the lighter, and melted some of them together. Suddenly the submarine started to dive down. Bonny1 looked through the digital periscope, and gasped.

Bonny- "Uh, guys. Who's that penguborg?"

Ish2- "Coldless!? Dive deeper."

Feey- "Ish2, we're already at the bottom. Now, to make it stop...."

Bonny- "You don't know how to stop this thing!?"


The submarine crashed onto the ocean floor, which, in that underwater cave, was plain rockets. The spiky rocks pierced the submarine, and crashed through it. Water started to shoot in, and yet the submarine was still diving.

Feey- "AUGH! We need to get out of here."

The group ran over to the hatch and threw it opened. Gallons of water poured into the submarine, filling it quicker. Everyone swam as best as they could out of the hatch, and into the ocean. They all turned to the exit, which was about 50 feet away. They swam as quickly as they could. Ish2 couldn't take it much longer, and opened his mouth. He breathed a bunch of water, and passed out. Metal Knight swam up behind him, and grabbed Ish2. The gang picked up speed, and quickly swam out of the cave. As soon as they were out, they swam upwards. Then Bonny1 breathed in water, and too passed out. Then Metal Knight had to grab a hold of him too. Metal Knight couldn't take it, and finally opened his beak. He instantly passed out, and begin to drown. Feey looked down at the others, and quickly swam down to them. He grabbed all of them with one flipper, and swam up as quickly as he could. As he reached the surface he started to see spots, and nursery rhymes sung in his head. Then a claw reach into the water, and....


Feey- "*gasp* *gasp* *wheeze* *gasp* *wheeze*!"

Feey1 opened his eyes, and noticed his vision was all blurry. Everything was blurry blobs, and he could only make out that he was on a boat. He looked at the wheel, and kind of saw Dare23 standing there.

Feey- "Thanks, Dare."

Dare23- "No problem. Now, we need to get you to a hospital now!"

A Alliance scout looked out the binoculars he had, and surveyed the dark ocean blue. Suddenly a speed boat appeared in his binoculars, and he spotted Dare23 driving it. He pulled down his binoculars, and turned to his friends.

Scout- "The kings and generals have returned! Prepare the docks!"

Soldiers and nurses rushed to the docks. Dare23 docked the boat, and pointed to the others.

Dare23- "They need medical help now!"

Dare23 tied up the boat with a soldier, as the others were carried out and taking to the hospital. As soon as Dare finished tying the boat, all the others were gone. He was alone on the dock, and decided to just sit down. He looked at the full moon, and saw the clear water. He sat there smiling a bit, having some hope. He looked down at the water, and smiled. He got back up, and walked over to the hospital.

Chapter 5: Invasion After Healing[edit]

Coldless stomped through the gorgeous hallways of his fortress. He walked into a elevator, and went to the bottom of the building. As the doors opened, smoke flew into the elevator. Coldless was unaffected, and simply walked out of the elevator. He was in a penguin-made cave, that had lots of machinery and robot workers. He walked over to the edge, and looked over the railing. He smiled at the site of a robot factory. Machines were creating robots below him, and every ten seconds a new robot would move off from the factory. He grinned, then pulled his left flipper to his face. A lid opened on it, and revealed a keypad. He took his right flipper, and started to type on it. He closed the lid right before 1,000's of more lights turned on to reveal more cave. Then more assembly lines appeared, and activated right away. Coldless laughed a evil laugh, then walked back into the elevator.

Coldless- "My best robots, built on an industrial scale, underground unseen, equals perfect! Hahahaha!"

Feey1 woke up, and found himself in a hospital bed. He didn't have any badges on, just a machine checking his heartbeat. He looked to his left, and saw a food cart. There was a fishburger on it, and nice glass of Fizz. He really loved Fizz, and he instantly reached for it. However, the food cart was too far to reach, and he started to grumble. He reached further, and further.

Feey- "UGH!"

Feey1 got out of the hospital bed, and ran after the food cart. He was about to reach it, when he suddenly slipped on a bar of soap. He fell onto the cart and then things got bad, it started to roll forward. The cart rolled out towards the closed door, and Feey prepared for impact. Just as the cart was about to crash, the door was opened by a doctor. The cart whooshed out of the room, and into the hallways. Penguins passing by jumped out of the way, as Feey zoomed down the hallway.

Feey- "Someone make it stop!!!"

Feey1 zoomed into the lobby, and groaned. He was heading right to a fountain full of fish. Feey covered his face, and prepared for impact.


The cart crashed into the edge of the fountain, but the back was still moving forcing it, and Feey1, to go up. Feey flew sole through the air, and landed in the water with the fish.


Feey1 sat up, and spit some water out of his beak.

Feey- "UHG! Fish pee."

Some nursers ran over to Feey1, and helped him up out of the pond.

Nurse 1- "Are you okay, sire?"

Feey- "I'm fine, but I need to sanitize my mouth."

Feey1 stuck his tongue out, and scraped at it with both his flippers. Soon Ish2, and Dare23 walked into the building.

Ish2- "What happened!?"

Dare23- "HAHAHAHAHAHA! Feey, did you fall in the pond?! HAHAHAHAHA!!"

Dare23 fell over in laughter. Feey1's face turned purple, since he was a blue penguin (red faces plus blue feathers equals purple).

Ish2- "Dare23, knock it off right now."

Dare23- "Hehehe....sorry, I just couldn't help it. Hey, dude! Do you have the security footage of that happening!?"

Dare23 ran over to a security guard, and left the others.

Feey- "So where are the others, Ish2?"

Ish2- "Lane is asleep, Metal Knight is in the cafeteria, and Bonny1 is sleeping too. By the way, what happened here?"

Feey- "Fizz. Can't resist it!"

Suddenly the lobby doors opened, and a group of Alliance generals stomped in. The lead general waddled up to Feey1, and saluted him.

General 1- "Feey1, sire, we need you right now."

Feey- "What is it, General Doug?"

General 1(Doug)- "A Barbaric robot has been captured by our forces, sire. You may what to take a look at it."

Feey- "Alright, let's go!"

Feey1's limo drove up to the Alliance military outpost in Billings. It was actually a damaged hotel, that was still standing. Feey, and Ish2 followed General Doug down to the basement. In the basement there was a makeshift laboratory made, and several engineers and scientist were waddling around a white table. Feey and Ish2 walked up to the table, and saw a white sheet laying there.

General Doug- "Here it is, sire."

The general pulled the sheet off the table, to reveal a Barbaric messenger bot. Feey1 looked at it curiously.

Feey- "Hmmm....when was this found?"

General Doug- "Two hours ago, sir, this morning. We caught it snooping around."

Ish2- "It's not armed, it's a messenger! Why is it unactivated, general?"

General Doug- "To remove any threats, King Ish2."

Feey- "Turn it on, General Doug."

General Doug- "But, sir."

Feey- "NOW!"

General Doug- "*sigh* Alright, sire. Activate the robot, men."

An engineer waddled up to the robot, and pressed a button it. The robot's eyes glowed, and it slowly sat up. It looked around, then turned to Feey1 and Ish2.

Robot- "Emperor Coldless has a message for you, Alliance scum."

Feey- "Grrr..."

The robot's eyes turned a light blue, and soon projected a holographic image. The image was blurry at first, but then cleared up. Soon Coldless appeared in the hologram.

Feey- "Coldless, what do you want?"

Coldless- "All of Antarctica, my dear friend. Anyways I wanted to say my final goodbyes to you."

Feey- "You're committing suicide?"

Coldless- "No, I'm not dieing......YOU are! Mwhahahahahahaha!"

Suddenly the robot exploded.




Lane heard explosions from outside his window. He quickly got up out of bed, and waddled over to the window. He pressed his face against the window, and looked towards Billings. Smoke was rising through the air, and flames were seen over the trees. Lane gasped.

Lane- "I got-a to get out-a there!"

He started running for the door then tripped.


Lane- "OUCH!"

Lane laid on the floor, in pain.

Lane- "Someone help-a me-a!"

A nurse heard Lane shouting, and ran into the room. She helped Lane up, and gave him a walker.

Nurse- "Your feet are too weak to run yet, lay down please."

Lane- "But-a my-a friends! They could be-a in great-a danger."

Nurse- "Don't worry, sir, I'm sure they're okay."

Lane- "I hope-a so."

Feey- "*cough* *cough*!"

Feey1 slowly crawled into the main level of the hotel, coughing out smoke. He looked around, and saw the hotel burning around him. He started to crawl faster towards the door, hoping to escape with his life. Once he crawled out of the hotel, he suddenly gasped.

Feey- "ISH2!"

Feey1 stood up as best as he could, and ran back into the hotel. He looked around, then saw Ish2 passed out on the floor. Feey used all the little strength he had, and ran over to get Ish2. Several soldiers shouted at Feey from outside the hotel, telling him to turn back. Feey ignored them, and grabbed Ish2 with his left flipper. He ran for the door as fast as he could, as the hotel started to collapse around him. Just as he was to reach the door, a giant board above him gave away. The ceiling burst opened, and a random stuff came falling out. Feey jumped out of the door, just when the debris crashed onto the ground. Feey laid there breathing heavily.

Feey- "*gasp*!"

Soldier 1- "Sire, are you okay?"

Two soldiers picked up Feey1, and the other grabbed Ish2.

Soldier 2- "King Ish2 doesn't look good, we must head for the hospital right now."

The soldiers, and Feey1 started running to the city when something stopped them. They turned to the ocean, and looked over the sandy beach. The water was turning white, and a large metal object was slowly coming out of it.

Soldier 3- "It's a submarine!"

Feey- "Our submarines?"

Soldier 2- "No, our enemy's submarines!"

The soldiers, and Feey1 then raced towards the beach. When they got there they saw dozens of submarines on the surface. Then the submarines in the middle moved out, as if they were clearing room for something else to surface. Suddenly the water turned white again, and something massive was rising to the surface. The soldiers and Feey watched as a massive dragon looking submarine came out of the water. The mouth had giant metal teeth that destroyed submarines, and the eyes had windows that looked into the bridge.

Feey- "Holy Toledo!"

The metallic dragon looked right at the Yowien soldiers, and their king. Ish2 at that moment then woke up, and looked at Feey1.

Ish2- "What happened?"

Feey- "The robot exploded, and you were hurt. Now look at what's happening."

Ish2 looked at the sea, and gasped loudly.

Feey- "Return to base him, we need to warn the navy and air force!"

The soldiers and Feey1 ran back into Billings, heading for Bar Crab City.

Inside the command submarine, Coldless sat on a chair in the bridge. He looked out the large windows, with his beak resting on his flipper. He stared at the beach of Billings, and grumbled. A robot walked over to Coldless.

Robot- "Sir, are we clear to fire?"

Coldless- "Yes. FIRE AT WILL!"

In front of the command ship two, large metal plates slid down revealing an array of various weapons. Suddenly they started to fire at the beach shore, seeming to aim right for the Alliance soldiers and their king. Feey1 turned around, and gasped. Bullets flew into the sand right below his flippers, and he screamed. The three ran further inland, where they were out of the enemy's range. They ran through the trees as fast as they can, almost tripping over rocks in the ground. As they ran up to Bar Crab, they started to shout at other soldiers.

Feey- "The enemy is attacking the shoreline! The enemy is attacking the shoreline! Navy get out there, NOW!"

Soldiers ran all over, as Feey1 and the others raced into Bar Crab. They ran right into the castle, and met Dare23 by Ish2's throne.

Dare23- "What's going on!?"

Feey- "Coldless is attacking us, at the shoreline. Get the navy and air force out there now!"

Dare23- "Roger that, King Feey1."

Dare23 ran out of the throne room. Feey1 was sweating, then tried to calm down. He looked over to Ish2, and grabbed him.

Ish2- "We need to get out there."

Feey- "You're injured. Soldiers, take him to the medic."

Soldier 2- "Yes, sir."

The soldiers grabbed Ish2, and carried him to the royal medic. Feey1 stood there, and stared towards the door. The sounds of war echoed into the building, then Feey started to cry. The sounds of cannons reminded him of a terrible sea battle, a couple of years ago. He wiped his tears away, and breathed a big breath.

Feey- "It's okay, it's okay. Everything is good now, you live a happy life."

Feey1 grabbed his Keysaber, and activated it. He grinned, then charged out of the building. He ran to Billings, and got in a Penguin Super Suit. He turned it on, and flew over to the battle scene. As he looked down he saw the Alliance navy ships moving in on the Barbarics, and he saw the air force coming from the horizon. Feey entered the radio frequency of the air force, and got his cool back.

Feey- "Alright me, let's show these Barbarics who's the best. For King Alexander!!"

Feey1 flew the Super Suit right onto one of the enemy's submarines. With the metallic hand, he ripped a section of the roofing off. He jumped into the submarine, and shot everything with two machine guns. Several pipes were hit, then gas started to leak out. Feey didn't notice it, until it was too late.




Feey1's Super Suit shot out of the submarine, and flew up into the air. Feey pressed a bunch of buttons, trying to started the engines. Suddenly the engines started up again, and Feey sighed a sigh of relief.

Pilot 1(radio)- "Sire, are ya okay? Over."

Feey- "Yes, Red Tail. Aim for the command ship, Coldless has gotta be there. Over."

The Yowien fighter jets flew through the air, and shot at the command ship. Feey1 smiled, then pressed a button on the control pad. Suddenly music started to play.

Feey- " we're rocking!"

The music pumped Feey1 up, and made him smile. The Super Suit's two arms turned into machine guns, and fired down at the enemy submarines. The submarines started to sink quickly, and robots fled from them onto other submarines. Feey fired at the robots on top of submarines. He zoomed down, and landed onto one of the submarines. He grabbed one of the robots, and threw it at another.

Feey- "YYYEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! Bring it on you Barbaric robots! YYYYYEEEEEAAAAHH!"

Feey1 fired right down on the submarine, then placed a bomb on top of it. He flew up into the air, overjoyed. He stood up there with some other Super Suit pilots in their suits.

Feey- "Alright, let's show these guys who's boss!"

Feey1, and the other pilots, fired their bazookas at the Barbaric submarines. They shot down on the floating submarines without mercy, and destroyed as much as they could. A couple of robots with jetpacks flew up into the air, to fight off the Alliance soldiers. The Super Suit drivers fired their machine guns at the robots, shooting them down before they even got near them.

Inside the command submarine sirens were going off, and red lights were flashing. Robots were running around like crazy, shouting out orders.

Coldless- "Robot 56745, what is going on here?"

Robot- "Master, the command ship is sinking! We are losing."

Coldless- "Impossible, I never fail! Dive the submarines, and launch the nukes."

Robot- "Yes, master."

Robot 56745 ran over to a control panel, and pressed a few buttons. The command ship started to dive into the water, and the other submarines followed its actions. Once the submarines were submerged, Coldless got up out of his seat. He walked over to a control panel, and started to press a bunch of random buttons in a certain order.

Robot- "Sir, you're not?"

Coldless- "I am. Drive the subs into the bay, and attack the beach. Then self destruct."

Robot- "Yes, master. Wait, what about you?"

Coldless- "Once you explode, I'll return! Haha!"

Coldless ran off the bridge, and into some dark hallways. He got into his private escape pod, and launched away from the submarines. He looked out the singled window, then drove the pod upwards to the surface. Once it reached the surface, Coldless broke open the hatch. A pair of metal wings popped out of his back, and his robot flipper turned into a rocket. He flew up into the air, and soared towards the beach. He slowly landed on a small beach, separated from the main one by a small line of trees. Coldless stood there in the snow, watching the waters for the submarines. Suddenly the submarines crashed right onto the seashore, and the top hatches opened. All the robots ran onto the beach, and attacked the Alliance soldiers. Coldless watched in glee, then noticed the robots grabbed a bunch of chains. The robots wrapped the chains onto one of the submarines, and pulled it further onto the shore.

Coldless- "I didn't tell them to do that. I guess I made them smarter than I thought."

Without warning the submarine exploded.


The blast sent Coldless flying backwards, and into the water. Coldless quickly popped out of the water, unharmed. He swam back onto the snowy beach, and looked at the main beach. Then he quickly ran, remembering that the other submarines were about to explode. The submarines exploded all at once, sending Coldless flying through the air again. He crashed into the water with a big splash. He surfaced, and took a large breath of air. He swam over to the nearby shore, and stood up on the beach.

Soldier- "FREEZE!"

Coldless looked ahead, and saw a bunch of Alliance soldiers pointing their guns at him. Some tanks were there too, and Feey1 was there too.

Feey- "Coldless, don't you ever give up?"

Coldless- "Why would I? I never fail."

Feey1 waddled up to Coldless, and pointed his lazer gun right at his face.

Feey- "You've caused so many deaths. Including King Alexander's!"

Coldless- "He brought it upon himself."

Feey- "Give me one good reason I shouldn't shoot you right now."

With an evil look in his one organic eye, Coldless, in the blink of an eye, pulled out a Delete gun. He pointed it right at Feey1, and laughed.

Coldless- "Hahaha! Cause I have this."

Feey- "If I was deleted....."


Suddenly Feey1 disappeared, and all the Alliance soldiers gasped. Coldless looked at them.

Coldless- "So long, boys!"

Coldless took off on his rocket leg, and disappeared into the horizon. Metal Knight, and Bonny1 pushed their way through the soldiers. They looked down where Feey1 was deleted, and grumbled.

MK- "What now?"

Bonny- "Wait, there's a certain puffle who will be able to help us."

Chapter 6: REVIVE THE FEEY![edit]

Metal Knight, and Bonny1 raced onto a helicopter. Ish2 saw them, and chased after them.

Ish2- "Where are you going!?"

MK- "We need to get Feey1 out of the CyberVoid, he's been deleted."

The helicopter took off right then, and flew South to F Island. Ish2 stood there, and waved goodbye to his new friends.

On the helicopters, Bonny1 started a conversation with his brother.

Bonny- "Alright, we're going to find Gill. We need his help."

MK- "Gill? I've never met him before."

Bonny- "He's, Feey's Brown Puffle. He is super smart."

MK- " you've met him?"

Bonny- "No, not in person. But I know he'll be able to help. Actual, I better give them a call."

Bonny1 pulled out his cell phone, which was NOT an icePhone. He dialed the number to Feey1's Castle, and waited as it ringed. Suddenly Feey's butler answered the phone.

Butler(phone)- "This is the Pie Residence. How may I help you?"

Bonny- "Hello, this is Feey1's brother: Bonny1 Pie. I need to speak with Gill right away."

Butler(phone)- "Right away, sir."

Bonny1 waited as the butler waddled into Gill's room, and gave him the phone.

Gill(phone)- "Yes, Bonny1?"

Bonny- "Gill, Feey1's been deleted! We need to bring him back now."

Gill(phone)- "WHAT!?!?! Why didn't you call me earlier, it will take me forever to bring him back."

Bonny- "We're coming on helicopter, you got a couple of hours to get started. Get some scientist, and start working on a way to get him back!"

Gill(phone)- "You don't have to tell me twice."

Three hours later, the Yowien helicopter landing on F Island . Metal Knight, and Bonny1 raced out of the helicopter, and into the castle. As they waddled into the castle, they met Kaylin at the door.

Kaylin- "I heard what happened. Where is my husband?!"

MK- "Gill didn't tell you? He was deleted, and sent to the CyberVoid. The place is zero degrees, and horrifying."

Kaylin- "How are you going to get him back, Fredrick?"

MK- "*sigh* Gill is probably the only scientist who is willing, and can get him back."

Metal Knight, and Bonny1 ran towards Feey1/Gill's laboratory. As they waddled down the spiral staircase, the soon entered into the large lab.

Bonny- "Wow!"

Gill- "Ah, you guys made it. Well I've already started construction, with the help of some Hontanans. Also, I've been working on a way to communicate with Feey while he is in the CyberVoid."

Bonny- "Cool. Does it work yet?"

Gill- "Not yet, you guys made it just in time. Which one of you is the best at technology?"

Bonny1 raised his flipper instantly.

Bonny- "I've programmed video games before."

Gill pushed up his glasses, and grabbed a wrench. He handed it to Bonny1.

Gill- "Good enough. I need you to tighten down this hatch."

Bonny1 grabbed the wrench, and started to tighten down the bolts. Meanwhile, Gill grabbed a yellow extension cord, and plugged it into the machine. As he plugged it into the machine, Bonny finished tightening the bolts.

Bonny- "All tightened, Gill."

Gill- "Good. Press that power button there please, Metal Knight."

Metal Knight saw a switch on top of a desk, with some expensive lab equipment. He flipped the switch. Suddenly random colored lights started to flash on the machine. A screen lit up as purple, and showed the CyberVoid. Gill looked at the screen, and tried to find Feey1.

Gill- "There! Feey1 is right there."

Metal Knight, and Bonny1 stared at the screen and saw Feey1 floating around.


Gill- "Feey1! Can you hear me?"

Feey- "Gill? Gill, is that you!? Where are you?"

Gill- "On Earth. I created a device to view the CyberVoid, and find you. I'm so glad you're okay."

Feey- "It's freezing here, Gill. Just get me out of here!"

MK- "We're working on it, brother. Stay calm."

Feey- "I can't move my limbs, Bow. How can I stay calm!?! GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!"

Gill- "We'll get you out as soon as we can, we'll stay in contact."

Feey- "GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!"

Gill turned off the screen, and started to work on the machine again. At that moment Kaylin's pet puffle, Alice, walked into the room.

Alice- "I heard what happened. Is there anything I can do to help?"

Gill- "Hi, Alice. Yeah, I think there is. Are you good at programming?"

Alice- "Of course! I once made an entire computer on my own."

Bonny- "Ah! Well I program video games."

MK- "Bonny, knock it off."

Gill- "Alright, let's get to work."

Alice handed Gill a wrench, as he opened up a compartment. A couple minutes later Metal Knight, and Bonny1 left to get something to eat. As they left Alice cut some wires in the machine.

Alice(thinking)- "Ha! Try making that work."

Alice then cut some wires, and hid the pieces in her hammerspace. She looked over at Gill, to make sure he didn't see anything. Fortunately he didn't notice.

Gill- "What's going on over there, Alice?"

Alice- "Oh, just shortening some long wires."

Metal Knight, and Bonny1 waddled back into the room.

MK- "How is it going?"

Gill- "Good, we're making progress."

Bonny- "When can we get Feey1 back?"

Gill- "As soon I plug in these two wires together, hopefully yes."

Gill dramatically held the cords near each other, then plugged them into each other. There was a slight buzz, then....


A slight explosion occurred, sending the group to the other end of the room. They all laid on the ground, slightly burnt.

Bonny- "Uhh...what happened?"

Gill- "I have no idea, but now the whole machine is ruined!"

Alice- "NO! Now how are we going to get Feey back?"

Gill- "I don't, I'll have to start all over again."

MK- "UGH! Now we're making no progress."

Everyone got back, and looked around the lab. The machine to bring back Feey1 was smoldering, and some other items were burnt to a crisp. Suddenly the door at the spiral stair case swung open. The butler stood there shouting.

Butler- "Master Bow, and Bonny1, F Island is under attack!"

MK- "WHAT!?! By who?"

Butler- "Barbarics, sir!"

MK- "Figures, let's go!"

Metal Knight, and Bonny1 jumped up and ran up the spiral staircase. They raced through the large, stone castle till they made it to the balcony. Sure enough, three topts were invading the docks of F Island.

Bonny- "Guards, fire at the topts!"

The guards fired their weapons at the topts, but made little difference. The guards kept firing, as the top of the topts opened opened up. Soon a hundred robots flew up into the air, and attacked the docks. The castle guards fired at the robots, trying to protect the citizens. The citizens ran into their houses, that's when the robots moved to the castle.

Bonny- "Prepare for an invasion! Load the cannons, fire down on them! Show no mercy, men."

The guards rolled cannons near the edge of F Mountain, and fired down at the robots. Several robots were blasted down, but there was too many to stop.

Bonny- "Get your sword ready, Bow."

MK- "Don't need to tell me twice, brother."

The robots hovered up the stairs, and prepared to shoot. Quickly a castle guard ran up to them with a machine gun, and shot them all. The robots fell to the ground, and caught on fire. Soon gas was leaking out.

Bonny- "Wait those robots don't run on electricity! DUCK! IT'S GONNA BLOW!!"

Just as Bonny1 said it, the fallen robots exploded. Metal Knight grabbed his brother, and carried him into the castle. The guards inside quickly ran over, and closed the large doors. They took on of their lazer staffs, and placed it into both the handles. Meanwhile, Metal Knight was catching his brother.

MK- "Are you okay, Bonny?"

Bonny- "*cough**cough* Yes, but we need to get out of here. Get Feey1's family, pets, and yourself out of here. I'll give you some time."

MK- "What? I'm not leaving you."

Bonny- "I'll get out of here alive. Just do as I say!"

Bonny1 stood up, and grabbed his pistol. Metal Knight stood there about to draw his sword.

Bonny- "Go!"

Metal Knight reluctantly obeyed, and ran down the grand hall. Shouting along the way.

"Everyone go out of the back! F Island has fallen. All royal family members and pets get on the back boats, and escape! F Island has fallen!"

Kaylin gathered up her chicks, and ran out the back. As Meme, Beep, Gill, and Alice slowly followed behind them.

Gill- "Metal Knight, F Island has fallen?!"

MK- "Yes, and we must go now!"

Metal Knight picked up all four puffles, and turned his cape into wings. He flew so quick he almost crashed into several walls. As they flew into the docks in the back, he quickly landed. He ran onto the boat, still carrying the four puffles. Once on the boat he put them down, and looked right up at the castle. He stood there waiting to see Bonny1 running down the stairs, after the boat.

Inside the castle, Bonny1 held onto the pistol with both flippers. He looked at the doors, which were being pushed on by robots. There were two castle guards in the room, with their staffs. The staffs were metal, and had two large points on the end. These points fired lazers, and could be used in flipper-to-flipper combat. Suddenly the banging on the doors stopped, and everything went silent for a moment. Bonny calmed down, and breathed in calmly.


The doors exploded opened.

Coldless- "Surrender, and I will let you live!"

Bonny1 looked through the dust, and saw Coldless standing on the two fallen doors. He had a evil grin on his face, and looked directly at Bonny.

Bonny- "How dare you break into the castle of the royal family!"

Coldless- "You have quite a loving care for your brother, Bonny. I mean, you are his servant and all."

Bonny- "I am not his servant, fool! I'm the leader of The Three Pieteers! That's all I can want."

Coldless- "Really? If Feey were dead, this whole kingdom would be your own. All the food you can eat, and all the gold you can cuddle with."

Bonny- "I do not desire those things."

Coldless- "I can see it in your eyes, Bonny1 Pie. You desire many things that your brother has."

Bonny- "That's enough!"

Bonny1 shot at Coldless. Coldless simply reached for the lazer blast with his left flipper, and caught the lazer. The lazer didn't harm him, he just stood there grinning. Bonny stood there with his mouth opened in amazement. Suddenly the lazer beam start to grow into a large ball in Coldless' hand.

Coldless- "Catch!"

Coldless threw the massive lazer ball right at Bonny1. Bonny ducked just in time, and only his back was touched. Some feathers were blasted off, and the entire back of his shirt was gone.

Coldless- "Over run the castle! Take it over, but don't damage it!"

A swarm of robots flew into the castle, and attacked the guards and staff. Bonny1 knew that it was too late, and quickly ran to the back docks. He ran down the stairs, and saw two boats leaving. He shouted at them, and then dived into the water. He started to swim for the nearest boat, and got to it in a minutes. Metal Knight grabbed Bonny, and pulled him up onto the boat.

Bonny- "Thanks."

MK- "No problem. Now we're sailing to Hontana, that's where we'll be safe."

Bonny- "Good. I think Coldless will invade the June Islands next."

MK- "Surely the Empire of The Barbearer Islands is expanding."

Coldless waddled through the bright hallways of Feey1's Castle. He saw a picture of Feey and King Alexander hanging out with each other. Coldless stared at the picture, and felt some sympathy for the two for a bit. When he was about to cry, he punched the picture frame. He pulled in his tears, and got the thought out of his head. He marched down the hallway. He walked into the grand hall, and looked around. The hall was very wide, and tall. There are beautiful pillars made of stone, and flooring that shined. Coldless grumbled, and looked to his left. He saw an open door on the left wall, that made him curios. He walked over to it, and looked inside. It was Feey1's private library, full of books that Feey haven't even read. Coldless looked over at the stone fireplace, and saw the crackling fire. He walked over to a large black chair, and saw a book lying on the ground underneath it. There a half filled glass and a plate on a side table by the arm of the chair, and cookie crumbs all over the floor. Coldless grabbed the book, and started to read it. It turned out to be Feey's adventure journal, where he kept documents and pictures of all his adventures. Coldless turned to the table of contents, and looked for the quest when he and Feey discovered the Barbearer Islands. He read the first paragraph, and was reminded of those times.

We set sail a day ago, and still have not found land. We had problems with the motor. We're hoping to find land soon, but so far there are no signs. I sure hope
we find land soon. If the prop gets fixed, we should be cutting through the water. My friend, Coldless, has been a big help lately!

Coldless then started to get angry, at Feey1. Coldless was reminded on how the crabs had declared war on him, and almost destroyed his empire. He was angry that his good friend, King Alexander, had turned on him. He started to think that it was all the stupid crabs' fault, and then he threw the book at one of the shelf ladders. He yelled, and almost shattered a window with his voice. He stood there blaming the crabs for everything, even thought it was truly his own fault. He stomped out of the library, and into the grand hall.

Coldless- "Send forces to the June Islands! That's our next target! Take over the June Islands, and show no mercy!!"

Coldless stomped out of the castle, and onto the balcony. He looked over the smoldering village below him, and spit down on it. He watched two of the three topts tat attacked leave for the June Islands. He turned over to his left, and saw a robot pull down the Yowien flag and hang the new Babaric flag there. Coldless smiled at the flag.

Coldless- "My empire will expand to envelope all of Antarctica. I will do whatever it takes to do so."

The two boats pulled up to the coast of Hontana. Metal Knight, and the others waddled onto the docks. They stood there worried, and just about crying.

MK- "We have to defeat Coldless before it's too late! We need foreign aid."

Gill- "No, all we need is to get Feey1 back. He'll know what to do."

Bonny- "I know what to....."

Gill- "We need to get Feey back, and defend the Yowien islands."

Suddenly Meme's cell phone rang. She pulled it out of her hammerspace, and answered it. As she talked on the phone, the others continued to plan on how to stop Coldless. When Meme hang up, she immediately turned to the others.

Meme- "Guys, we have some serious problems! Barbaric topts have been spotted sailing towards the June Islands. The Junish military doesn't stand a chance."

Bonny- "We need to send a additional one thousand troops then!"

Meme- "The soldiers will never get there in time, the topts are just half an hour away from the June Islands."

MK- "Oh no."

Chapter 7: A Growing Empire[edit]

The sun was quickly setting over the June Islands, and a fog from the ocean rose into the capital Ginty. The warning had been sent to the June Islands, and practically the entire military was set up on the shoreline. Not only was the military there, but also police officers and volunteers. The fog rose up into the air, and covered the soldiers' view of the ocean. Then waves washed up onto the shore, large, big, white waves. Then a beam of red light shone through the growing darkness, it moved about across the sea shore. The sun finally set over the horizon, and the sky turned black. The red beam of light vanished in an instance, and the noise of ships were heard. The soldiers trembled, and drew their guns ready to fire. Suddenly the fog vanished in a millisecond, and the hum of jet engines filled the air. The soldiers looked upwards, and gasped. A massive Barbaric aircraft, as big as a football field, flew in the air over Ginty. It had glowing, blue lights on the bottom; red lights were glowing on the tips of the wings. The battle was about to begin, and it looked liked the Alliance soldiers would loose. Suddenly a hologram was projected from a machine on the ship, and showed Coldless' face.

Coldless- "HAHAHAHA!! You fools! You think you can stop? Think again. I have built up my military, including my air force! I will wipe out Yow, and then take on the rest of Antarctica. HAHAHAHAHA! Release the beasts!"

All the Junish soldiers were confused for a second, then came the beasts. Massive, metal balls flew out of the Barbaric ship and crashed into the city streets. Several soldiers on the beach ran up to the metal balls, and inspected them. Suddenly two red dots glowed on them. The soldiers nearly jumped backwards into each other. The robot stared at them, then it started to move. Two arms popped off the ball, then two legs popped off. The ball slowly started to transform into a massive, deadly robot. When it was done transforming, it was a massive robot that stood 27ft high. It looked down at the soldiers, then raised it's palm to them. The palm suddenly started to glow red, then fired a massive lazer at the soldiers alone.


The red lazer was so big it destroyed the building behind the soldiers, and removed most of the road. The soldiers on the beach quickly focused their aim on the first robot, and started to shoot it. The lazers, and bullets just left slight scratches on the robot's chest. The robot looked down to it's chest, then looked back up to the beach. It started to fire at the soldiers there. The soldiers on the beach jumped away from the lazers, and ran while looking for places to hide. Several of them jumped behind a small sand dune, in between the beach and city. They pulled out they guns, and fired at the massive robots. One of them had a bazooka, and aimed right for the robot's right eye. Just as he was about to fire, he suddenly fell dead. The other soldiers turned around, and saw a Barbaric robot standing there. They quickly fired at the robot, and shot it down.

Soldier 1- "Grab the bazooka, and shoot that stupid robot in the eye!"

The second soldier grabbed the bazooka, and aimed for the massive robot. He fired the bazooka, and fell down from the blast. The missile went shooting right into the robot's eye.


The robot's red eye shattered, and glass flew everywhere. The robot staggered a bit, and reached for the area it's eye once was.

Soldier 2- "It's still up?! I know, throw a grenade in it!!"

The second soldier quickly pulled out a grenade, and ran into the city. He climbed up the rust fire escape, and up onto the roof of a building. He stared at the robot, then threw the grenade at the hole in the eye. The grenade fell into the hole, and the robot didn't even notice. Until it blew up of course.




The inner part of the robot was completely destroyed, and the robot stopped moving. It collapsed onto the road, and created a crater. The soldier smiled, and clapped at his great work.

Soldier 2- "Bring it on, Barbarics! We're ready for anything!!"

The soldier pulled out his pistol, and shot at incoming robots on the beach from atop the building he was on. As he stood there shooting, his friend finally caught up to him. He climbed up onto the roof, panting.

Soldier 1- "*pant* Those stairs *pant**pant* almost killed me!"

Soldier 2- "You really need to work out."

The second soldier returned to shooting at the robots on the beach. Suddenly the other metal balls crashed into the city. These then slowly begin to change into their massive form.

Soldier 1- "*pant* Shoot those stupid bots!"

The second soldier fired his lazer gun at the nearest robot, and aimed for the eye. He left several bullet holes in the glass eye, but barely effected the robot. He fired at the eye more, trying to get lazers to hit the inside. Soon almost the whole eye was gone, and he kept firing. Then one green lazer flew right through a hole, and into the wiring. A important wire was suddenly destroyed, and the robot's legs stopped moving. It could still move it's other parts, but the legs were dead.

Soldier 2- "I imbolized it! Woohoo!"

The two soldiers started to laugh, and cheer. The robot heard their laughter, and looked right up at them. The soldiers didn't notice. The robot raised it's hand to the two laughing penguins.


The entire top of the building was blown off, and the soldiers were killed laughing.

Inside the giant, metal aircraft Coldless watched the battle from his massive throne in the bridge. The bridge was very large, and had a large window to show the complete scenery. There were computers in just about every foot, and robots were sitting at everyone of these computers. There were four, 90-inch TV's up on the wall above the window. Coldless watched the battle with joy, and almost laughed twice.

Coldless- "These Junish fools don't stand a chance against me!"

Robot 1- "Master, one of our mega soldiers have gone down! Another one was immobilized."

Coldless- "What the ccccheese!?! Impossible, those robots are indestructible."

Robot 1- "They shot in the eyes, and went down very quick. The enemy has found their weakness."

Coldless- "ARGH! That doesn't matter, those robots were sent to weaken the enemy. Then the real destroyers go in."

Robot 1- "Should we fire the lazer cannons?"

Coldless- "Hmmm...if all gets worse for us, yes."

In the sewer systems below Ginty, the generals of the JIF gathered around a table. Phineas83 stood there scratching his chin, while watching footage of the battle above them.

Bob- "Phineas, we need to join this battle! We need to take down the enemy."

Phineas- "We've only got 500 soldiers, and half of them are already in battle! We don't stand a single chance against those Barbarics."

Lighting- "Phineas, we have no other choice. We need to get in this battle, ALL of us."

Cheese- "I have to agree with Phineas, guys. We can't fight this!"

Bob- "I got it! We need to get as many citizens off this island. We need to make a distraction."

Phineas- "Bob Cow, the enemy has completely surrounded the islands. There's no escape, and no defense."

Lighting- "We need to fight, Phineas!"

Bob- "We need to defend our homeland!"

Cheese- "Guys, calm down."

Phineas- "Bob, and Lighting have a point, Cheese Pirate1. We need to defend our homeland. Send the troops through the sewers, and bomb all streets with those massive robots from the sewer."

Bob- "So they'll fall in? Great idea, Phineas80! My troop will go right now."

Bob grabbed his pistol, and contacted his troop on his black walkie-talkie has he ran out into the sewers. He met his troop in the sewers, and handed them a bomb each. One of the soldiers looked at the bomb curiously

Soldier 1- "General Bob, sir, what are we doing with these?"

Bob- "We're gonna place these bombs beneath these giants robots, and send them falling into the sewers!"

Soldier 1- "Alright, sir."

The troop ran down the sewer, until they came under a manhole. Bob climbed up the ladder to the manhole, and opened it. He looked above him, and saw a mega robot standing right above him. He close the manhole, and climbed down the ladder.

Bob- "Place a bomb up top."

Soldier 2- "Yes, sir!"

The soldier climbed up the ladder, and strapped the bomb near the top. He set the timer for one minute. Quickly he climbed down the ladder, and starting running for his life with the rest of the troop. After running 100 yards the troop turned around, and watched the bomb explode.


The bomb exploded below the street, and left a huge gaping hole in the ceiling. The mega robot struggled to reach for the reach on a hanging piece of concrete held up with pipes, but then fell. The mega robot crashed into the concrete, and sparked a little.

Bob- "What a mess! Guess we'll have to bomb above the streets. Let's move out!"

Soldiers- "Yes, sir!"

The troop raced up the falling pieces of street, and up to the top. There they saw another mega robot, which was disabled at the feet.

Bob- "Don't waist the bomb on this chump, blast it!"

A soldier grabbed a bazooka lying next to him, and fired the rocket at the robot. The robot crashed right at the stomach of the robot, and finally destroyed it completely. The troop ran down the streets, blasting a robot every now and then. They ran up behind another mega robot, and placed a bomb right on it's foot. They ran back the way they came just before it exploded.


The mega robot went down. The troop cheered until, out of nowhere, a troop of Barbaric average robots attacked them from behind the mega robot. The troop ducked into a nearby ally, and shot at the robots from the corner.

Bob- "Anymore mega bots?"

Soldier 2- "No, sir."

Bob- "Hmmm...We need to attack that massive ship in the sky."

Soldier 2- "How will we get up there, sir? We have no aircraft."

Bob- "I got it! We'll get on a commercial helicopter, and fly up to it."

Soldier 2- "Sir, they'll shoot us down!"

Bob- "That's why before we're hit, we'll jump out on Jet Packs."

Soldier 2- "But..."

Soldier 1- "Derek, it's a great idea. Alright, let's get that news chopper!"

The troop ran over to the news station. There they saw the helicopter in the back lot, covered in a black tarp. The back lot was fenced off, and the gate was locked. Bob took a Keysaber, and sliced the lock off the gate. The troop ran into the back lot while they slipped on their jetpacks.

Soldier 2- "Sir, only four can fit in this helicopter."

Bob- "Hmmm...Alright here's the plan! Four of us attack at each corner of the ship. Get in groups of four, and attack the air ship at the same time. Got it?"

Soldiers- "Yes, sir!"

Bob- "Well let's go!"

Bob got into the helicopter, and put on the helmet. He started the helicopter's engines, and slowly the copter started to hover off the ground. The other soldiers put on their jetpacks, and prepared for flight. They were willing to do anything to protect their homeland, ANYTHING. The troop flew into the sky, and headed towards the Barbaric air craft. As they neared it they saw the menacing weapons, and looks of the craft. Bob starred at the air craft and was scared of it, but he did not show his fear. Suddenly lazer cannons on the ship started to fire at the helicopter, and the jetpack flyers. The soldiers avoided the lazers, but Bob just flew the helicopter straight.

Bob- "Prepare to jump out when we need to, men!"

Suddenly a lazer bolt struck the front of the helicopter, and completely destroyed the front. The soldiers jumped out of the helicopter on their jetpacks, and grabbed their guns. As they flew through the air, they shot at the aircraft. The lazers and bullets did nearly nothing, but take out some cannons. Bob flew on his jetpack ahead of the others, and pulled out his machine gun. He sat up in the air, making the jetpack hover. He fired the machine gun at the airship, and took out fifty cannons. He and his troop flew up to the top of the air ship, and landed on it. The top of the Barbaric aircraft was completely flat, with some walls sticking up.

Bob- "Look out for robots and cannons, men. They can be anywhere!"

Bob was right, and suddenly a hatch opened in front of the troop. A troop of normal, Barbaric robots hovered out of opening and started to shoot at the the rebels. Bob pulled out his Keysaber, and deflected the lazer beams. Suddenly all the robots were shot down, and behind them were the rest of the troop.

Soldier 4- "General Bob, what now?"

Bob- "We'll break into the airship, and storm the bridge. We gotta take this metal bird down!"

Bob led the full troop down into the opening, and into the ship. They entered a dark, metal hallway that was empty. They sneaked down the hallway heading South, which was the direction that the bridge was. As they sneaked down the hallway, security cameras above them suddenly popped out of the wall and looked right at the troop. Bob blasted the camera, then an alarm went off.

Bob- "Quickly, to the bridge!"

Bob pulled out his lazer gun, and started running down the dark hallway with his troop towards the bridge. Along the way several robots tried to stop them, but the troop just shot them down. Then a big, white door appeared at the end of the hallway.

Bob- "There's the bridge. Come on, men!"

The troop fired all their weapons at the door, and blasted it down right before they ran into the bridge. Bob was about to fire, but stopped at the noise of Coldless slowly clapping his hands. The troop stood there at the doorway, as bob starred at Coldless and vice versa.

Coldless- "Well, well, well....what do we have here? A couple of soldiers trying to defeat the smartest penguin on Earth?"

Bob- "Coldless, by the power of the June Islands, you are arrested for terrorist actions."

Coldless- "I'm not a terrorist, I'm an emperor! I can control Antarctica with an iron fist, literally."

Bob- "Well you won't now!"

Bob fired his icebullet gun at Coldless. Swiftly, and quickly, Coldless grabbed the icicle with his left hand. Bob and his troop stood there shocked, and with their mouths wide open.

Coldless- "Kill them all except for the general, I wanna talk with him!"

Robots- "Yes, master."

The robots attacked the troop, and grabbed Bob. The rest of the robots killed the other soldiers, and bob couldn't look. He heard their cries and shouts, and couldn't help them one bit. The two robots holding him brought him over to Coldless, and threw him on the floor. Bob raised his head to Coldless, still having his two flippers held behind his back. Coldless lifted Bob's head towards himself.

Coldless- "Hahahaha! You little fool, thinking you can beat me? Silly, normal penguin."

Bob- "You can be defeated, Coldless. A force greater than you can defeat you!"

Coldless- "And you think it's yourself?"

Bob- "No! A blue penguin, who was once your friend."

Coldless- "Alexander is dead! Feey1 is deleted! Why do you think this!?"

Coldless slapped Bob with his right flipper.

Bob- "Good always wins. The dark Winter falls to Spring!"

Coldless- "Ah...but the great Fall falls to the dark Winter."

Bob- "Good will overcome you, Coldless! Admit it."

Coldless punched Bob with his left hand.

Coldless- "Take this fool away from me, and into the prisons! Lock him up, and torture him before his execution!"

Bob- "You're gonna kill me?"

Coldless- "By then you'll wish you were dead."

The robots started to overcome the Alliance at Ginty. The robots kept coming, no matter how many the soldiers killed. To add to that, the soldiers were being killed one by one. For every robot that was shot down, three Alliance soldiers were killed. The soldiers had to retreat from the beach, and into the city. However, more giant robots flew into the city streets. The soldiers couldn't hold up. The last group of soldiers were huddled in a bookstore, the last area they held. The robots were trying to get into the bookstore, but the soldiers kept blasting them. Suddenly the robots broke through the window, and a huge swarm invaded the soldiers. The soldiers quickly raised a white flag before they were slaughtered. The robots stood there, and grabbed all the soldiers. They handcuffed all the soldiers to a long chain, and sent them outside. The soldiers' weapons were taken from them, and they were being whipped by the robots. The June Islands had been taken, and the Barbaric robots quickly burned all Yowien and Junish flags. The flag of the Barbearer Islands was raised on a flag pole, over the smoldering debris. The June Islands had been taken, and Yow Kingdom Island was the next target on Coldless' list.

Metal Knight sat in his hotel room, watching the news. He nervously messed with his cape, and was crying inside his mask. Just then Bonny1 waddled into the hotel room, and sat down on the bed next to Metal Knight.

MK- "The June Islands has fallen, Bonny. What are we going to do?"

Bonny- "For the first time since I can remember, I don't know."

MK- "Should we nuke the capitol where the factories are?"

Bonny- "And what, make Coldless madder? Plus, only Feey1 can signal a nuke launch."

MK- "*sigh* We need Feey1 back! How's Gill doing on the machine?"

Bonny- "He's had to start from scratch, but he's working with some Hontanan scientist."

MK- "Good. The quicker Feey gets back, the better."

Suddenly the TV glitched out, and the screen became fuzzy. Then live feed from Ginty in the June Islands started. There was a large wooden stage in the picture, and a large be-heading machine. It was made completely of metal, and had never been used. Metal Knight, and Bonny1 nervously watched the TV. Then Coldless appeared in the picture, with a big grin on his face.

Coldless- "Hello, citizens of the Yowien Sea! You may know that Yow and the Barbearer Islands are at war. Well I got a special surprise for you! This is what we do to people who rebel against me!!"

Coldless stepped to the right, to get out of the way of the be-header. Suddenly Bob was put in the be-header, with his head sticking out. He had scars, and cuts all over his face. He tried to escape from the machine, but it had a strong grip on him. Suddenly Coldless pulled out a remote, and pressed a red button on it. The blade fell on Bob, and Metal Knight and Bonny1 couldn't look. They turned their heads from the TV, as the painful noises echoed into the hotel room. They turned back to the TV, and Bob was was dead. Coldless stood there smiling.

Coldless- "Obey me, or this will happen to YOU!!"

The TV went black.

Chapter 8: Defense Without a King[edit]

Metal Knight, and Bonny1 went down to the breakfast nook the next day, even though they didn't feel like eating. They sat down at one of the tables, and everyone in the room was staring at them. Bonny got up, and came back with a cup of coffee. He sat down, and drank the coffee while tapping the table with his flipper.

MK- "*sigh* Coldless has lost it, Bonny. He's killing everyone now."

Bonny- "Don't worry, we'll be able to stop him. *sip* He can't defeat good."

MK- "Now we need to defend Yow Kingdom Island as best as we can. Golden City is already well defended, but not the other cities."

Bonny- "Good point, except for Nilo. Anyways, what city do you think Coldless will invade?"

MK- "Golden City flippers down! That's where all of the military planning is done, it's the very city that holds Yow together."

Bonny- "Settled. Feey1's wife and chicks stay here, in Hontana, and we'll go to Golden City."

MK- "The puffles?"

Bonny- "Right, they'll stay here too."

MK- "Alright, I'll get an airplane ready to leave."

Metal Knight sat in the airport, waiting for Bonny1. Suddenly Bonny came sprinting in, and was breathing heavily.

MK- "What took you so long?"

Bonny- "Well Kaylin had a break down about the war, and started crying. I had to deal with her."

MK- "*sigh* Let's go now anyways."

Metal Knight and Bonny1 waddled outside, and came to Feey1's private jet. It was very big, and white. When they went inside, it was very elegant looking. There are large, comfy, leather chairs, a giant flat screen TV, and a fish tank. Bonny and Metal Knight sat down, and buckled up. They sat there waiting for the pilot to take off.

Metal Knight looked over at Bonny.

"So, what's our plan?"

Bonny- "To defend Yow Kingdom Island? I'm still thinking about."

MK- "Well it's a 3 hour flight, don't stop thinking about it."

Bonny- "Alrigty."

Bonny1 grabbed a map of Yow Kingdom Island, and a marker. He stared at the map with the marker in his flipper. Suddenly he started drawing all over it, and was thinking very hard. Meanwhile Metal Knight grabbed his cell phone, and called Heimlich Zimmer.

MK- "Hi, Heimlich, it's Fredrick. I'm calling to tell you we're on our way, and we have a feeling that Coldless will invade Yow Kingdom Island next."

Heimlich(phone)- "Okay, Fredrick. What should I do till you arrive?"

Bonny- "Get the soldiers ready on the beaches of each sea town, and prepare the naval towers at Golden City!"

Heimlich(phone)- "Who was that?"

MK- "That was my brother, Bonny, Heimlich. Did you hear what he said?"

Heimlich(phone)- "Yep, I'll contact the military forces of each town. We'll be ready for this battle."

MK- "Alright, bye!"

Metal Knight hung up, and smiled inside his mask. Maybe Yow's future in this war would turn out good.

Gill sat at a desk, drawing up blueprints. He was working with some scientist to free Feey1 from the CyberVoid. They were able to communicate with him, but not get him out. Two of the scientist working with Gill waddled into the room.

Gill- "Oh, hi Turner, hi Drew."

Turner- "Hello, Gill. How's it going?"

Gill- "Ummm...not as good as I was hoping."

Drew- "What's wrong?"

Gill- "Well I've been searching over the blueprints of the machine to find what was wrong, but there's nothing wrong with the designs."

Turner- "Maybe the machine wasn't going to work anyways."

Drew- "No, Turner, these are the proper plans."

Turner- "You mean, you think we were sabotaged?!"

Gill- "What!? How could we be sabotaged? Everyone in Feey1's Castle is loyal to him. Well, maybe not the Hokjoks. But there were none in the room at the time."

Drew- "So, back to work?"

Gill- "Yes, back to work."

Heimlich sat in his office, with the blinds closed on all windows. He sat in his chair, staring at his computer screen. On the screen was an email box, and the address that he was sending it to belonged to Coldless himself.

Heimlich(thinking)- "Should I? No, they would detect the email for sure. I'd have to do this outside the castle. But there's no time!"

Heimlich slammed his fist on the table, then remembered something: his cellphone can send email. And there was no way the castle would detect that. Quickly the maroon penguin pulled out his phone, and started writing his email to Coldless:

Don't invade Yow Kingdom Island. Being protected. Tell no one about this email.

Heimlich pressed the "send" button, and grinned. Suddenly a castle worker knocked on his door.

Heimlich- "Who is it?"

Worker- "General Hatchet, sir, we need you in the war planning room."

Heimlich- "Come on in."

The door opened, and in came a Yowien general. He had a thick mustache, and a deep voice. His suit was covered in medals, and was colored a dark white. He had a white cap on, which had a gold rim.

Heimlich- "What is it?"

Hatchet- "We need some help planning the defense of the mainland, sir."

Heimlich- "Alright, let's go."

Heimlich turned off his computer, and followed Hatchet out of the office. Hatchet led Heimlich over to the war planning room, which was full of busy generals. There was a large, holographic map in the middle of the room. It showed all of Yow, and among it were scale models of soldiers, airplanes, and naval ships. Most of the commanders and generals were discussing over the map.

Hatchet- "Gentlemen, Heimlich has arrived."

All the generals turned to Hatchet, and saw Heimlich waddling into the room behind him. The generals saluted Hatchet and Heimlich.

Heimlich- "How's it going?"

General 1- "Sir, we've decided to put our best defenses into the sea bordered nations."

Heimlich- "What about Golden City?"

General 1- "We don't need too many of our forces here, the naval towers here will protect the city well enough."

Heimlich- "Good plan, but how can we be sure where the Barbarics will attack?"

Hatchet- "That's the problem, sir, we have no idea where they will attack. For all we know, they may attack Sall!"

Heimlich- "Well, we got some planning to do."

MK- "Yes, we do."

Suddenly everyone's eyes in the room turned to the entrance, where there stood Metal Knight and Bonny1. The two penguins waddled down into the room, and up to the map. All the generals and commanders in the room saluted to the two. Bonny looked at the map very carefully, and was impressed.

Bonny- "Man, this plan is wonderful!"

Hatchet- "Thank you sir, that means a lot coming from you."

Bonny- "Well, we should make a slight adjustment."

Hatchet- "Like what, sir?"

Fum- "Like surprise the enemy."

Everyone turned their heads to the entryway, and saw Fum standing there. He had a grin on his face, and weapons clipped to his belt. His blond hair laid gently on his head, which made him looked handsome.

Bonny- "FUM!? What are you doing here?"

Fum- "I heard about the war, but didn't do anything about it. When I heard that brother was deleted, I hurried here as fast as I could!"

MK- "It's great to you have you here, Fum. We could use all the help we can."

Fum- "Thanks, bro. Well, what can I do to help?"

Bonny- "Hmmm...we need protecting at Hilnit Town."

Fum- "Do you need me there, because I'd be happy to fight anywhere."

Bonny- "Yes, I guess you can fight there. Don't let us down!"

Fum- "I wouldn't for the world! We're family, and we'll fight till the end. Even if I'm not in The Three Pieteers."

MK- "Speaking of which, would you like to join The Three Pieteers?"

Fum- "I'm not sure, I just don't have enough time on my flippers."

Bonny- "Alright, let's focus guys! Fum take a plane to Hilnit right now, we have no idea when the Barbarics are coming. Be prepared for anything!"

Fum- "Yes, Bonny1!"

Fum saluted in a cheesy way, and ran out the door, Bonny1 went back to the holographic map, and Metal Knight watched a monitor on Hilnit Town. He sighed, and looked up at the wall. On the wall was a painting of King Alexander and Feey1 together. The smiles on their faces cheered Metal Knight up a bit.

MK(thinking)- "I wonder how Gill is doing?"

The Yowien military jet carrying Fum landed in Hilnit Town about two hours after Fum was given his orders. He and the soldiers ran out onto the beach, where most of the soldiers were. Barriers and trenches were already made, and there were about 26 tanks in the city streets. Every soldier had an armed weapon, and they kept all their eyes on the ocean and skies. The forces here weren't getting air support unless they really needed it. Fum waddled over to a general looking out to the ocean. He had a large scar, bigger than Meme's, going from his hair line all the way to the neck of his uniform. He had a serious look on his face, there was some fear seen in it too. Fum waddled right next to him.

Fum- "Hello, sir, I'm Fum. I was sent here by General Bonny1."

General- "Good to have you here, Fum. I'm General Gnarled."

Fum- "That's an interesting name, no meaning to be rude."

Gnarled- "That's okay, now tell me everything. What type of skills do you have?"

Fum- "Well, I'm fast, strong, but I'm not very good with guns."

Gnarled- "Are you good enough to shoot, and aim them?"

Fum- "Well if I wasn't I wouldn't be any good with guns."

Gnarled- "Save your comedy, this is real war."

Fum- "Okay."

Gnarled- "Call me 'sir' for now on. Anyways, you'll be in Troop DR23A."

Fum- "Thank you, where are they, sir?"

Gnarled- "There in that lifeguard station over there. They're one of the most skilled troops I have here."

Fum- "May I go meet them, sir?"

Gnarled- "Go, and stay there until battle."

Fum- "Yes, sir."

Fum ran over to the lifeguard station, and found the crew in there preparing for battle. There were five, not counting Fum. There was one woman, who was very beautiful. Then the rest were men, who looked all very tough. Except for one, who had thick glasses, and stringy hair. He was apparently from Dorkugal.

Fum- "Hello, I'm Fum Pie. I've been assigned to your troop."

Commander- "'Fum Pie'? You're from Magicglow Island right?"

Fum- "Yes, sir. I'm also the brother of Feey1, sir."

Commander- "Good, soldier. My name is Commander Jails. I'll be leading us into battle."

Jails stood up from his seat, and shook flippers with Fum. Jails was overly excited to be working with a Pie clan member, the new royal family of Yow.

Fum- "I brought my own weapons, sir, and I'm prepared for almost anything."

Jails- "Are you prepared for that?"

Commander Jails pointed his flipper to outside, where a giant fleet of Barbaric topts was seen. Fum gasped at the sight, and went out onto the small deck for a better look. For a few seconds every thought left his mind, except for the topts and the coming battle. Jails looked calm, and waddled away from the lifeguard station. He waddled right up to General Gnarled.

Jails- "Sir, we need to fire when they are defenseless! The topts have no weapons of their own, sir."

Gnarled- "I understand that, Commander Jails, but they are not in range yet."

Jails- "Sir, fire when they are range please."

Gnarled- "We'll fire when I say we fire. Now back to...."


A sudden explosion on the other side of the beach shook the whole area. Gnarled and Jails fell down, and so did some other soldiers. Gnarled quickly stood up, and shouted at his men.

"Return fire! Return fire!"

The general looked down at Jails, and helped him up. Jails looked out over the ocean, trying to figure out where that shot came form.

Gnarled- "Prepare your troop, Commander Jails, this is war."

Jails- "Yes, sir!"

Jails ran over to Fum and the rest of his troop. He turned off the safety on his gun, and looked back to the topts in the ocean.

Jails- "Alright, soldiers, we're going to battle. Prepare your weapons and yourselves."

Fum- "Yes, sir. Are we suppose to attack when they come ashore, sir?"

Jails- "Yes, Fum. If anything comes at you, shoot it!"

Rest of troop- "Yes, sir!"

The troop saluted Jails, and he saluted back. Jails looked out to the ocean, and raised his gun to the air. Out of nowhere he shouted...


The troop looked at him, including Fum. The troop shouted the same thing, while Fum shouted...


Suddenly all the soldiers got into the mood, and started howling the sentence over and over. They were willing to die for their nation, king, and people.

Gill tightened one last crew on the machine, and backed away from it. He looked up at the machine with pride and joy. Turner and Drew stood besides him, and looked at the machine too. Turner handed the remote to Gill.

Turner- "You have the honors."

Gill- "Thank you."

Gill grabbed the remote eagerly, and pointed it to the machine. He pressed the "On" button on the remote. A large beep was heard, and suddenly a large hum came from the machine. The machine started shaking and rumbling, it was also glowing purple. Suddenly a large portal opened opened up, and the three scientist could see the CyberVoid through it. They also saw Feey1, frozen in a block of ice, flying right at them. Suddenly he came zooming through the portal, and crashed into the wall in front of the machine. Gill was overjoyed, and ran over to Feey.

Gill- "We need to melt him out of the ice!"

Drew- "How do we?"

Turner- "We'll use hair dryers to melt him outta there!"

Turner ran out of the lab, and came back with hair dryers. He plugged them all in, and blasted the ice cube with their heat.

Gill- "Yeah, that will melt him...."

Turner- "Stop being sarcastic, Gill."

The ice slowly started to melt away. About 30 minutes later have of Feey1's body was out of the ice, and after 15 more minutes they got him free. Feey fell onto the floor, soaking wet. He lay there for a few seconds, then lifted his head up.


Fum ran across the beach as fast as he could, avoiding all the lazers fired by the Barbaric robots. He dived behind a sand dune, and pulled out a pistol. He fired at the incoming robots from behind the dune, suddenly his gun clicked, revealing that he was out of ammunition.

Fum- "Daggum it!"


A large explosion occurred right besides Fum, which killed some soldiers. Fum looked around, and almost threw up at the site of dead bodies. Then he looked up, and saw something a million times worse....A Barbaric robot standing right up him. It was one of those new ones, with the blade for a left hand. The robot looked very intimidating to him, and he froze with fear. The robot shoved its blade into Fum's left flipper, and cut it.

Fum- "AUGH!!"

Fum looked up at the robot, and thought that his last second was now.

Fum near death.png

Suddenly a giant, mechanical arm punched the robot away from Fum. Fum gasped, and looked behind him. Standing there in a Penguin Super Suit was none other than Feey1! Fum stared at his brother with joy.

Fum- "Feey!"

Feey- "You okay?"

Fum- "Yes, I can't believe you're back!"

Feey- "I can't believe you're here! Grab a machine gun, and let's do this!"

Feey1 handed Fum a machine gun, and then flew off. Fum grinned, and then ran out to rejoin his troop.

Meanwhile Feey was flying through the air in his Super Suit, punching robots out of the air. He stopped in the air for a moment.

Feey- "Wait...this could use some music."

Feey1 pressed a button on the control panel, and like last time music started to play.

Feey smiled and flew through the air blasting down robots one by one. His anger had overcome him, and he was fighting more than he had ever done.

Feey- "I might just make this song the new Yowien anthem."

All the soldiers looked up at him with joy, and wonder. Suddenly they realized it was Feey, and they all started to cheer and shout. Feey continued to battle the robots, with joy. He was glad to be back in the real world, and save his military and country.

Meanwhile on the bridge of the command topt, the commanders were freaking out. They were trying to figure who was the penguin flying the Super Suit, that was taking out their forces. They took several pictures of him, and then gasped. The captain of the ship stared at the photos.

Captain- "Contact Master Coldless at once! Send live feed to him of this battle."

Coldless sat in his mansion, drinking some tea. He was thinking that his military was conquering Yow Kingdom, and that he was winning. He sat there happily smiling. Just as he took a sip of his tea, a robot came running in.

Robot- "Master! Master, Feey1 has returned from the CyberVoid!"

Coldless was shocked, and spit his tea out onto the robot.

Coldless- "WHAT!? Are you sure?"

Robot- "Yes, master, we have live feed right now."

Coldless turned around to his TV, and turned it on. The TV instantly showed the live feed being sent from the command ship. Coldlesss grumbled.

Coldless- "How is that possible!? I thought our inside connection stopped them!"

Robot- "Once, master, but this time Gill worked on it alone."

Coldless- "AUGH! Tell every single robot there to fire at him. Forget about the soldiers. Just shoot Feey1!!!!"

Robot- "Yes, master."

The robots on the Barbaric command ship got the command, and instantly commanded every single robot in duty to fire at Feey1. By now Feey was flying right over the fleet of topts, attacking robots leaving the topts.

Feey- "This is General Feey1, I need back up over!"

Suddenly two fighter jets flew into the scene, and started blasting the robots. Feey1 smiled, then looked directly at the command topt. He lifted both of the Super Suit's mechanical arms towards the bridge, then suddenly an armory of weapons popped out of the arms and were pointed right at the bridge. Feey pressed a little button, and all the weapons fired upon the bridge.

All the robots in the bridge ran away as fast as they could.





The bridge was complete wiped out. Feey1 then launched a rocket at the topt.



The topt started to sink to the bottom, as the fighter jets bombed the other topts. Feey1 looked around, and wondered why the Barbarics had not surrender yet.

Feey- "That's odd. They have no chance of winning, why do they bother fighting us?"

Feey1 blasted some incoming robots, and turned around to check on the beach. From up above it looked like a busy beach, full of litter and creatures; it was actually an epic battle going on down there.

On the beach Fum was firing his machine gun at all the robots he saw coming onto to the beach. Thanks to him hardly any robots came ashore, but that doesn't mean soldiers were still dieing. Behind and next to Fum was his troop, also firing at the incoming robots. One had a bazooka, another had a machine gun, and one had a shotgun. Suddenly a Barbaric robot threw a grenade at them.

Fum- "Grenade!"

The troop scattered, just before the grenade blew up.


Fum looked at his commander, who was lying on the ground. He had a bruised beak, and was bleeding all over. He was hardly breathing, and looked close to death.

Fum- "Jails! Jails, are you okay?"

Fum ran over to Jails, and looked at him.

Jails- "Win...*wheeze*...the *cough**cough* war. And end....*cough*..end this."

Jails took one last breath, and died. Fum sat there in tears, then grew anger. Suddenly he jumped up with his machine gun, and started firing at all the robots. He was shouting war cries, and was cursing a lot. He blasted every robot with no care in the world, he was getting revenge. Suddenly all the robots Fum could shoot were destroyed. After that Fum turned to his commander, and started crying.

Fum- "I will win this war for Yow, my brothers....MY BROTHERS! Oh gosh, I hope Metal Knight, and Bonny1 are okay."

Chapter 9: The Final Defense[edit]

In Golden City, an epic battle was taking place. Barbaric topts had traveled from the conquered June Islands to invade the Yowien capitol. They were prepared for the naval towers stationed there too, and were destroying the towers one by one. Defending the city with the soldiers were Bonny1 Pie, and Metal Knight. They were commanding from the central naval tower, the biggest of the tower ring. They fought off invading robots from there, and were slowly loosing their energy.

Metal Knight sliced a robot in half with his sword, and breathed heavily. The battle was getting to him, he was getting tired.

MK- "Bonny, I don't know how much longer I can make it!"

Metal Knight sliced off the head of another incoming robot, then took a breather. Metal Knight bent over, breathing heavily.

Bonny- "Don't lean like that, you'll get less air that way."

Bonny1 propped Metal Knight in proper position. Bonny himself smacked a robot with his flipper, and realized he was getting pretty tired too. He took a slight break while Metal Knight fought off the robots.

Bonny- "I'm running out of energy."

MK- "Well, would you die not fighting, or fighting?"

Bonny- "Good point, but I'll use a gun until I regain my energy."

Bonny1 pulled out a lazer gun, and fired at some incoming robots. He continued firing until several Yowien fighter jets flew into the area he was firing at. He smiled, and waddled back into the tower.

MK- "Where are you going?"

Bonny- "To the armory, any special requests?"

MK- "I think my sword is just fine."

Bonny1 disappeared into the darkest of the tower. Metal Knight turned his head to the battle, and grinned within his mask. He looked at his sword for a few seconds, then smiled even more. His cape turned into a pair of wings, and he started flapping them. Slowly he started to hover over the ground, with his sword in the air. Then he shot through the air like a bullet, with his sword ready for battle. He flew at an incoming troop of robots, and sliced them with his sword. Metal Knight hovered there for a few minutes, then something large, and hard, bumped into him. Metal Knight was suddenly grabbed by two mechanical arms, which belonged to a Barbaric robot. The machine was choking him, and he was completely helpless. Metal Knight scrambled for freedom, but his vision started to get blurry. He couldn't think, he couldn't breath.


Suddenly the robot was punctured with bullets, and was destroyed. Metal Knight hovered there, and breathed in all the air he could. He turned to where the shots had come from, and saw Bonny1 standing there with a machine gun. Metal Knight flew over to him, and landing on the tower.

MK- "Thanks, Bonny."

Bonny- "No problem. Anyway you could fly me over to their command ship, and help me destroy it?"

MK- "Yes."

Bonny1 grabbed both of Metal Knight's flippers, and held on tightly. Metal Knight's wings flapped with ease, and in seconds the two were flying through the air towards the Barbaric command ship. Bonny looked down to the topts, searching for the command ship.

MK- "Where do you think it is?"

Bonny- "In the back, but knowing Coldless, it must be in the front."

MK- "Is that the one, the only one not launching robots?"

Bonny- "Yes, land there!"

Metal Knight tucked in his wings, and leaned downwards. Suddenly the two were falling towards the topt, with no sign of stopping. Metal Knight was completely calm, but Bonny1 was acting like he was dieing.


Just as they were about to crash onto the topt, Metal Knight's wings popped out again. And they survived the landing onto the roof.

MK- "That was some screaming, Bonny."

Bonny- "I wasn't screaming, that was a war cry."

MK(sarcasm)- "Right....Anyways, where's the bridge on this thing?"

Bonny- "At the front, let's go!"

The two ran over to the front of the topt. Metal Knight quickly pulled out his sword, and stabbed it into the metal. Then he cut some more, and then Bonny1 pulled the metal up so they can get in. Metal Knight jumped in, and Bonny followed him in. The two found themselves right in the middle of the bridge, surrounded by robots. A small moment of silence filled the room.

MK- "Hi."

Barbaric captain- "GET THEM!"

Suddenly Metal Knight and Bonny1 were being fired at with red lazers. Bonny pulled out his pistol, and fired back; Metal Knight deflected the lazers with his sword, and also sliced some robots. In less then two minutes every robot in the bridge was destroyed.

MK- "That was too easy."

Bonny- "Yes. Quickly! Lock the doors, so no robots can get in here."

Metal Knight quickly obeyed, and locked the doors. Meanwhile Bonny1 waddled over to the wheel, and grasped it with both flippers.

MK- "What's your new plan?"

Bonny- "We'll drive this topt into the other topts, that way we'll destroy two."

MK- "Good plan, but do you know how to drive this thing?"

Bonny- "Guess I don't, I'll have to try."

Bonny1 held the wheel, and then quickly spun it to the right. The topt leaned over to the right, and it almost felt like the whole thing would tip. Metal Knight grabbed onto a railing, hoping not to slide across the floor. Soon the topt was fully turned around, and was heading right for another topt.

MK- "Speed it up, we'll do even more damage!"

Bonny- "Got it."

Bonny1 sped up the topt by pushing on a lever, and he pushed to full speed. Suddenly the topt was zooming to another one. Bonny kept the topt steady for the impact, and watched the other topt carefully. Soon he got close enough to see the robots in the bridge, and they were freaking out. Bonny laughed, and then the two topts clashed together.



It almost seemed like the topt Bonny1 was driving went right through the other one, cause it was. The topt was pushing the other one underneath it, but that doesn't mean the topt was getting leaks.

MK- "Bonny, the topt has several leaks!"

Bonny- "That's okay, it's not our ship. Come on, we're out of here!"

Bonny1 opened the door that left the bridge, only to find a ton of robots banging on it. The robots didn't hesitate shooting, and before Bonny could react he was on the ground, injured. Metal Knight yelled, then pulled out his sword.

MK- "No one messes with my family!!"

Metal Knight flew over to the robots, and sliced them all in one move with his sword. He stood there, and turned back to Bonny1. Metal Knight ran over to him quickly, and leaned over him.

MK- "Bonny, are you okay?"

Bonny- "Uhh? Let's go."

Bonny1 tried standing up, but fell over from weaknesses. Metal Knight picked him up over his shoulder, and pulled out his sword.

MK- "You're too weak to move, I'll get you outta here!"

Metal Knight ran through the door, and left the bridge. He ran through the hallway as fast as he could, attacking any robots that came at him. Soon Metal Knight ran into the engine room, which was pretty big. The engine room was roomy, and Metal Knight had pretty of room to waddle around in. As he turned a corner, he saw something that made him gasp. There was a giant tank of Liquid Nuclear, which several pipes were feeding into.

MK- "Bonny, tell me what you know about this."

Metal Knight put his brother down, and showed him the machine.

Bonny- "That's Liquid Nuclear! It's the coldest thing in the planet, and it's very bad for the enviroment."

MK- "How so?"

Bonny- "It radiates its powers 24/7. It completely mutates organic life, and turns them into freaky creatures."

MK- "No wonder Coldless is using it."

Metal Knight reached down to pick Bonny1 back up, but Bonny stopped him.

Bonny- "What do you think you're doing? We have to get rid of this stuff. If it gets in the ocean, who knows what it will do to the environment."

MK- "People are dieing in this war, and you're worried about the environment!?"

Bonny- "If it doesn't get removed now, I wouldn't leave, and I'll sink down with this topt."

MK- "*ugh* Fine. How do we leave with it."

Bonny- "It can't be carried by flipper, we need an aircraft or boat to carry it."

MK- "Hmmm...HEY! Look at that."

Metal Knight pointed forward, to a strange-looking aircraft. It seemed to have been made to transport very special cargo.

Bonny- "Get that running, and I'll tell you what else to do."

Metal Knight ran over to the aircraft, while Bonny1 took the pipes off the container of Liquid Nuclear. Soon Metal Knight was able to activate the aircraft. He ran over to Bonny to tell him.

MK- "Bonny, I got the aircraft running."

Bonny- "Good, I got this container completely free. We can just put on the machine, and leave!"

MK- "Good, and how are you feeling?"

Bonny- "It's kind of hard to stand, but I'm fine."

Metal Knight ran back over to the aircraft, and flew it as close as he could to the container. He reached out to pick up the container, and surprisingly lifted it up like it was a 20-pound weight.

MK- "Wow! Light stuff."

Metal Knight carried the container over to the aircraft, and set it on it. He looked back at Bonny1, who was wobbling while he stood up. Metal Knight waddled over to him, and helped him over to the aircraft. He put Bonny in the lower seat, then got up in the higher seat. Metal Knight pressed some buttons, and the aircraft started hovering over the ground.

Bonny- "We better go, there's water coming in from the opening."

Metal Knight looked up, and saw that water was splashing in. He quickly flipped some switches, and the aircraft took off. The aircraft hovered up through the opening, and up into the light. Bonny1 looked down as his brother drove the aircraft, and saw the topt sinking quickly. He was amazed that they got out of there so quick. Bonny looked up again, and right at Golden City. The city was very beautiful, because most of the roofs were golden. There were towers, plants, and it looked like a nice place to live. He never realized how nice the city looked like.

Bonny- "What a nice place."

MK- "Yes. Where should we land?"

Bonny- "There's a clearing over there!"

Bonny1 pointed to a meadow, on the outskirts of town. Metal Knight flew the aircraft over there, and slowly hovered over the meadow. Metal Knight started to flip switches, and tap buttons quickly. Bonny was suddenly getting nervous of this.

Bonny- "What's wrong?"

MK- "I can't figure out how to land this thing."

Bonny- "Well just get it on the ground!"


Just as Bonny1 finished his sentence the aircraft stopped running, and fell to the ground. Metal Knight and Bonny slid out of the craft, and moaned.

MK- "That thing was not made for crash landings."

Bonny- "Indeed."

The two laid there for a few minutes, until several soldiers came over to them. The soldiers had their weapons ready to fire, and looked like they had come a long ways to find the crashed air craft.

Soldier 1- "Oh thank goodness, it's only The Three Pieteers."

The soldiers jogged over to Metal Knight and Bonny1, and helped them up on their feet. The commander waddled over to them, and smiled.

Commander- "Thought we'd never see 'ya two again, sirs."

MK- "Well get us to a medic, and take that container of green slime to a secret lab. Gill may want to look at it."

Feey- "....Or me."

Suddenly Feey1 came up behind the soldiers, and waddle up to his brothers. At first he was smiling, and then looked how bruised they were.

Feey- "What happened to you two?"

Bonny- "We drove a topt into another one, and nearly got ourselves killed."

Feey- "Okay. Anyways, get to the medic. Then pack up! We're going to Bar Crab first thing tomorrow, hopefully tomorrow will be the last fight."

MK- "You didn't need to tell us to go to the medic, Feey."

Metal Knight and Bonny1 limped away towards the medic, while Feey1 took a glance at the Liquid Nuclear. He looked at the container, and was astonished.

Feey- "I'll take this, it needs serious protection."

Feey1 pulled out his cell phone, and called Gill.

Feey- "Hello? Hi Gill, it's Feey1. Fine, fine, listen I got something you may want to check out. I'll have it transported to Hontana right now."

Feey1 hung up, and looked towards the soldiers.

Feey- "What happened when I was gone?"

Commander- "Coldless conquered the June Islands, and F Island, sir."

Feey- "*sigh* We'll invade Topia tomorrow, and end this war for sure!"

Ish2 sat on his throne, pondering when the Barbarics would attack his nation. He heard about the invasions of the June Islands and F Island, he just couldn't ponder why the Barbarics hadn't invaded him yet. The whole issue disturbed him, and kept him on his "toes". Suddenly Dare23 walked into the throne room, and he had a happy look on his face.

Dare- "Ish2, Feey1 has returned from the CyberVoid!"

Ish2- "That's amazing! But is the June Islands and F Island free yet?"

Dare- "No, but I heard Feey is coming here with his soldiers to have one last fight. He plans to storm Coldless' castle!"

Ish2- "I'm going, too. I got into this war, and I will finish it."

Dare- "Can I go with you? After all, we are friends."

Ish2 walked down from his throne towards Dare23. He rested his claw on Dare's shoulder, and smiled.

Ish2- "Of course you can. I maybe a king, but that doesn't mean I don't have friends."

Dare- "Thank you, Ish2. Together we shall end this war, and bring peace back to the Barbearer Islands!"

Ish2- "Prepare our borders, and be ready for attack. We will do anything now to kill Coldless."

Dare- "Are you bringing any troops with you to invade?"

Ish2- "I think Feey1 will bring his own troops."

Feey1 waddled into The Yowien Castle, which was actually pretty calm at the moment. It was wasn't extremely loud, and busy, it was quieter than normal. As Feey waddled through the grand hall any passing employee bowed to him, which made him feel a little awkward. He illegally wasn't king yet, but everyone treated him like he was. Feey waddled up a flight of stairs, and came upon the military planning room. It wasn't as calm as the rest of the building, there was a lot of shouting.

Feey- "Quiet! Give me a status report on everything."

A skinny intern holding five sheets of paper looked up at Feey1, and bowed his head slightly. He looked at the sheets, and started reading them to Feey.

Intern- "Sire, all our troops are stationed at Hontana and Yow Kingdom Island. All troops have been pulled from Bar Crab, and soldiers stationed at island colonies are on alert."

Feey- "Hmmmm...We don't have a chance of taking back our colonies, nor do we have time. Intern, what is your name?"

Intern- "Hammy, sire."

Feey- "Hammy, I want a fleet of 200 naval ships ready for battle, and preparing to set sail for Bar Crab. Make sure there are at least 65 aircraft carriers in that fleet, have them dock here in Golden City before launch to Bar Crab."

Hammy- "Yes, sire."

Feey- "Oh, and eat an sandwich, you look a little skinny."

Hammy waddled away with the orders, giving them to generals to give to the captains of the needed ships. Meanwhile Feey1 waddled down into the war planning room, and looked at the holographic map of the Yowien Sea in the middle of the room. He stared at the map for awhile, and then zoomed in on the Barbearer Islands. He looked carefully at the map, and then typed a command into the computer. Suddenly the map was now showing live, satellite video of Topia.

Feey- "We're destroying that castle, one way or another."

Metal Knight and Bonny1 soon enough waddled into the room. Metal Knight stayed back by the entrance, while Bonny waddled up to Feey1.

Feey- "Oh hi, Bonny."

Bonny- "Hi, Feey1. We're coming with you to the Barbearer Islands right?"

Feey- "Of course! You came with me into the first battle, you will come with me into the last battle."

Bonny- "Hey! Thanks, dude. When do we set off?"

Feey- "As soon as the entire fleet arrives, and is ready for sail. Hey, is Fum coming?"

MK- "No, he had other business to handle with. But he said if we seriously needed his help, he'd come."

Feey- "Good. We should head over to the docks, the ships should be docking in like 20 minutes."

Feey1 turned off the holographic map, and followed his brothers out of the war planning room.

Soon Feey1's limo pulled up to the docks, and The Three Pieteers waddled out of the limo. They waddled shoulder-to-shoulder, and straight for a docked command ship. The ship was massive, and had large canons on the back and front. Feey, Bow, and Bonny1 stood in the shadow of the ship, staring at it. Just then the boarding plank was set up, and the trio waddled up to it. As they boarded the ship thoughts ended up in their heads, like if they would die in the battle. The thought scared Feey the most, because he had just gotten married, and was very attached to his new kids. He wasn't going to die, he had something bigger than anything to live for. Metal Knight thought about Darktan, and the Darktan Realm. He remembered how Darktan had given him his name, powers, and sword. He didn't have children, and he wasn't married. He was ready for the end, and was ready to die for his brothers. Bonny just couldn't help thinking how many video games he wouldn't be able to play if he died. When the trio boarded the ship they were met by the captain. He had a thick, brown beard, and a happy smile on his face. He looked like he was in his 30's.

Captain- "Hello, sir, welcome aboard the ship. I hope that we can defeat Coldless this day, sir. I'm willing to, sir, die for my nation or you."

Feey- "Thank you, captain. I hope that this will not be the last few hours of our lives. But being a dead hero is better than being a dead loser."

Bonny- "Yeah, those guys are morons."

Captain- "Interesting quote. Anyways, sir, when should we set sail?"

Bonny- "Now! We can't waste anytime when we could be stopping Coldless from doing all sorts of bad-guy stuff."

Captain- "I take orders only from the king, sir."

Bonny- "Oh."

Bonny1 and the captain looked over to Feey1. Feey stood silent for a moment, then agreed with Bonny.

Captain- "Alright, sir. Prepare the ship for sailing! Load the cannons, prepare everything! We leave now!"

Coldless sat on his throne, scratching his chin. He was getting bored, and moaned.

Coldless- "Manual systems, code 61."

Suddenly a hologram appeared right in front of Coldless. On it were controls, which commanded different things. Coldless pressed on a button that said "Satellite Viewing". Soon another large hologram appeared, but this time higher up. The large hologram showed a live, satellite image of Antarctica. Coldless, using a little joystick on the smaller holographic, zoomed in on the ocean in between Yow and the Barbearer Islands.

Coldless- "Scan for enemy ships."

Suddenly the computer starting scanning for ships in the ocean, and detected some, the Yowien fleet coming.

Computer- "Warning! Enemy ships detecting, count 200, speed full speed, destination, Bar Crab."

Coldless- "So they dare come to invade, huh? Prepare all forces in Topia, let them come. I will want to deal with Feey1 and The Three Pieteers personally."

The Three Pieteers stood on the bow of the ship, looking out towards the Barbearer Islands. They could slightly see it in the distance, from where they were the islands looked little, green islands floating in the ocean. They could barely see the mountains there, and the great forests. As they got closer they saw trees, beaches, and Bar Crab of course.

Feey- "We're almost there. Almost to our destiny."

MK- "Our destiny? No! We will live, and we will be heroes, Feey. Don't talk like that, have faith."

Feey- "I'm going to do what I have to do to protect my family, my nation, my army, and all of Antarctica."

MK- "Me too. I do fear that if Yow falls, Coldless will move onto other nations. If we don't stop him, he could very much conquer all of Antarctica."

Bonny- "Man that's a creepy thought. Who knows what he'd do if he ruled the whole continent."

Feey- "He'd get bored, and start conquering the human world."

Bonny- "Oh."

A couple minutes later the fleet was pretty close to Bar Crab. Feey1 quickly got up, and waddle over to the bridge. There he saw the captain calmly driving the ship over to Bar Crab.

Feey- "Tell the rest of the fleet to anchor here. Sail this ship to Bar Crab, and dock there."

Captain- "Yes, sir."

As the captain gave the order to the rest of the fleet, Feey1 looked out the windows of the bridge. All this time he had forgotten how beautiful the Barbearer Islands were, then he suddenly remembered his adventure to the islands. How back then Coldless and him were friends, and the great adventure they had on those islands. The memory saddened Feey, and reminded him that he lost a close friend. Coldless was once a great guy, but what cause his evil and craziness he couldn't figure out.

Feey(thinking)- "I guess some people just change like that?"

Feey1 sighed, and waddled out of the bridge. He was physically ready for the battle, but mentally he was very saddened. Killing one of his old friends wasn't something he wanted to do, it wasn't even close. But what choice did he have? Coldless deleted him, invaded his nations, and killed his soldiers by the ton. He was angry, but not willing to kill.

Feey(thinking)- "This just isn't right."

Feey1 was now worried that he may not kill Coldless when he had to.

Chapter 10: Attack On Topia[edit]

Feey1 stood on the Bar Crabin dock, waiting for his friend Ish2. Feey stood there with his brothers, Metal Knight and Bonny1. Fum would have come, but he was too busy to attend the battle. Soon the doors to Ish2's castle opened wide, and Ish2 came walking out with Dare23. Dare had a gun in his claw, and a look saying he was ready for battle. Ish2 held his Keysaber in his claw, and had a big smirk on his face. They were ready for the battle no doubt.

Feey- "Finally! We've been waiting forever, where are your troops?"

Ish2- "We weren't planning on bringing soldiers along. I thought it'd be best to secure our borders, in case of a counter attack."

Feey- "Fine with me. Come aboard, we got no time to waste!"

Feey1 led Ish2 and Dare23 onto the ship, and were soon followed by Metal Knight and Bonny1. On board Ish2 and Dare met the captain of the ship, then were led to the bridge. There they were given seats to rest on, before the big battle. Feey stayed with them in the bridge, but he stared out the windows paying no attention to them.

Ish2- "You look worried, Feey."

Feey1 turned around, and waddled over to Ish2.

Feey- "I am. You may not know this, but me and Coldless used to be friends."

Ish2- "I know, and understand how you feel. Having a friend betray you like that, it isn' just isn't good at all!"

Feey- "Not that. I'm afraid I just wouldn't be able to kill him in order to save someone I care my friends."

Ish2- "*sigh* Yes, yes indeed."

Coldless sat on his throne, staring out a large window that looked out to Topia. He kept his eyes on the ocean, waiting for the Yowiens and Bar Crabins to invade. He thought they were fools to invade his capitol, and he was going to teach them that. After awhile Coldless got bored of watching the waters, and stood up from his throne.

Coldless- "Reroute manual control of satellite viewing to throne room."

Like before a holographic control panel appeared in front of Coldless. He typed on the buttons, and once again a holographic screen showing satellite feed appeared. Coldless pressed a blue button, and the computer started scanning for nearest enemy ships. Soon the screen zoomed in and showed a large, red blob sailing to Topia.

Coldless- "Clean image."

The computer changed the feed to a live, video feed of the Yowien fleet. Coldless stared at the video, inspecting the fleet.

Coldless- "They are coming in strong. Computer, how much time before the enemy's arrival?"

Computer- "One hour, master."

Coldless- "Lock the entire castle down except for the submarine dock."

Computer- "Why leave the submarine dock open, master?"

Coldless- "I will deal with The Three Pieteers and Ish2 there."

Feey1 looked off into the distance from the bridge, and saw the island Topia. Massive skyscrapers and other buildings covered the island, and robots were seen all over the city. Ish2 looked up at Feey, then out towards Topia.

Ish2- "Here it comes."

Feey- "...The final battle. Captain, when we're in range give the order to all the ships to fire!"

Captain- "Yes, sir."

The captain pulled out his walkie-talkie, and gave out the order. Meanwhile Feey1 pulled out his Keysaber, and inspected it. He slid it back in his belt, and sighed. His flippers turned into fists, and he took a deep breath.

Feey- "Ish2, prepare to get on another ship. We're going to the submarine docks, that's our only entry."

Feey1 waddled out of the bridge, while Ish2 followed him. On the deck the two walked up to Metal Knight, Bonny1, and Dare23. They all grouped up and stood there silent for a moment, and then Feey spoke up.

Feey- "Listen up! We're going to be taking a separate boat to the submarine docks, in Coldless' castle. It will be a little destroyer, and we should be able to sneak right on in."

MK- "Great plan, but what if it's locked?"

Feey- "We'll knock it down."

Bonny- "Alright, when do we sail?"

Feey- "Twenty minutes into the battle, that way the bots will be totally distracted."

Ish2- "Great. Shall we went under deck?"

Feey- "Save your energy, it will...."


Suddenly one of the cannons on the ship fired at Topia. Then all the ships started firing, and the noise was too loud for any of the heroes to bare.


Everyone ran back into the ship, where the noise didn't burn their ears.

Feey- "....a tough battle."

Thirty minutes after the battle had begun, the entire Yowien fleet was now on the seashore of Topia. Topia turned into a war zone, and was looking horrible. Buildings had fallen, concrete was every, and craters dotted the city streets. Several fires had started, and it looked like the city wasn't going to survive. But no everything was perfect for the Yowiens too, they had already lost 10 ships, and their defenses were barely holding. Feey1 and the others were still waiting below decks, waiting for the right moment to go, even so Feey said 20 minutes into the battle they would leave.

Bonny- "When are we going!?"

Feey- "*sigh* I guess we should leave right now. To the upper decks, everyone."

Everyone got up, and headed for the upper decks. There they radioed the destroyer, and prepared for transport. The group stood on the ship's deck, waiting for the destroyer to arrive. They stood silent through all the noise.

MK- "Feey, I think we should all say our goodbyes. In case, you know..."

Feey- "It's been a pleasure being your brother, Fredrick. I hope to NOT see you on the other side."

MK- "You've been a great brother, Feey1 Pie. Thanks for all those great adventures we had as chicks."

Bonny- "Bye you guys. Thanks for those adventures, too. I love you guys."

The Three Pieteers hugged each other, and Ish2 watched in silence.

Ish2- "Feey, thanks for coming to aid us in this war. If you die, I will never stop crying for you. Thank you, guys, for helping my nation fight against these monsters."

Feey- "You're welcome, Ish2. If I do not survive the battle, you may become the king of my nation."

Ish2- "If Coldless murders any of us, I will not rest until he's been destroyed!"

After they finished saying their goodbyes, the battleship pulled up next to the command ship. The group looked towards the battleship, then to each other. They stood there, then jumped onto the other ship as a group. As they landed on the deck, the battleship instantly drove off. Feey1 was the first to stand up, and looked out to the command ship. He knew that he was now going into the belly of the beast, and that he might not return to his new, adopted family.

Small battleship.jpg

MK- "To the belly of the beast we go."

Feey- "We will live, we shall."

Bonny- "For Yow!"

Feey1 hesitated for a moment, then shouted it too.

"For Yow!"

MK- "For Yow!"

Ish2- "For Bar Crab! Wait, where's Dare23?"

Feey- "Oops, I think he went to the bathroom on the command ship, and we left without him."

Bonny- "*snicker* Hahahaha! Something to make us laugh before our great battle. Hahahaha!"

MK- "Hahaha!"

Feey- "Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!"

Ish2- "Hahahahaha!"

Soon the entire group was laughing like crazy, while that poor, little Dare23 stood on the deck of the command ship watching them sail away without him.


The destroyer sailed up to the submarine dock entrance, where it was completely abandoned. There were no robots around, and the ship got there without having to fight a single battle. Metal Knight thought that may be a bad sign, but he didn't speak up. As the crew got the scuba tanks for the group, he suddenly spoke up.

"Don't you think it's we haven't ran into robots yet?"

Feey- "Kind of, but do we really have any other choice?"

Bonny- "Feey has a point, Bow. We gotta go in, or loose this war for good."

MK- "*sigh* Alright, but we had better keep our heads up high."

Feey- "Fine with me."

Feey1 finished slipping on his scuba tank, and jumped into the water. Soon the others, including Metal Knight, followed behind him. Under the water the group quickly swam for the cave. Even underwater there were no defenses, nothing to stop the group from entering the submarine docks. As the group surfaced in the submarine docks, they couldn't see a thing. It was pitch black in the room.

Feey- "Hold on, I got a flashlight."

Feey1 pulled out his flashlight, and turned it on. Suddenly the entire room lit up, with more light than the little flashlight could make.

Bonny- "Wow! That's a heck of a flashlight."

Feey- "That light is coming from up above."

Everyone looked up, and sure enough the lights were on. As the group climbed out of the water, they heard someone waddling towards them.

Bonny- "Ssshhhh...I hear someone."

Coldless- "Welcome Three Pieteers, to your doom."

Everyone else- "*gasp*"

They all looked around for Coldless, till they saw him at the other end of the submarine docks. He was standing there perfectly calm, with an evil grin on his face. He held his arms behind his mechanical back, and he had perfect posture. On each side of him was one emerged submarine, facing right at the heroes. Suddenly Coldless slightly raised his hands, and instantly rocket launchers came up from the submarines.

Coldless- "You will not live."

The rocket launchers fired at The Three Pieteers.

Bonny- "LOOK OUT!"

Everyone jumped in opposite directions, avoiding the rockets. Bonny1 jumped in the water, and emerged with his hand gun. He fired at Coldless, but the bullets seemed to just fall off Coldless' metal chest.

Coldless- "My turn."

Coldless raised his left hand towards Bonny1, and a small gun emerged from the wrist. The gun shot a small lazer, and hit Bonny right in the chest.


Bonny1 grabbed his chest, as he started to sink into the water. Ish2 ran over, and grabbed him by the shirt. Ish2 yanked him out of the water, and laid him on the concrete.

Ish2- "Bonny?! Bonny1, are you okay?"

Bonny- "No, just end this silly war."

Bonny1 passed out as Feey1 and Metal Knight attacked Coldless. Metal Knight pulled out his sword, and hit Coldless with it. The blow knocked Coldless off his feet, and caused him to skid across the ground five feet from where he was standing. Quickly Feey pulled out his Keysaber, and ungracefully ran over to Coldless. Coldless' left hand suddenly turned into a Keysaber, and he and Feey started to duel.

Coldless- "Five up, Feey! You know you can't win."

Feey- "Maybe not alone, but together!"

Feey1 sliced Coldless' metal chest with his Keysaber, and left a cut in it. Coldless stumbled backwards, then charged at Feey again. Suddenly a spinning Metal Knight, with sword pointed at Coldless, rammed into Coldless knocking him on the ground. Coldless stood back up, and started dueling Metal Knight. Metal Knight's sword can withstand Keysaver energy. As the two dueled, Feey turned around to see Bonny1 lying on the ground.

Feey- "Bonny!"

Ish2- "He's okay!"

Feey1 looked to his left, and saw Ish2 coming out of the water.

Ish2- "He wants us to end this silly war, with or without him!"

Ish2 pulled out his own Keysaber, and charged at Coldless himself. At that moment Coldless ripped Metal Knight's sword from him, and kicked him in the gut. As Coldless stood there staring at Metal Knight on the ground, Ish2 attacked from behind. Ish2 jumped on Coldless' back, knocking him over. Ish2 then started slashing Coldless' back with his Keysaber, leaving many cuts. Without warning Coldless turned around on his back, and head butted Ish2.

Ish2- "ARGH!"

Ish2 stumbled over, and rubbed his head in pain. Feey1 stood there, staring at Coldless.

Coldless- "What was that you were saying about team work always wins?"

Feey- "Well, it depends on the team players!"

Suddenly Feey1 slashed Coldless with his Keysaber, causing Coldless to stumble backwards. Feey slashed at Coldless again, again, and again. Coldless stumbled backwards more, and finally fell over.

Coldless- "OOF!"

Feey1 stood on top of Coldless, and lifted his Keysaber with both flippers. Feey put the Keysaber just a centimeter away from Coldless' face.

Feey- "Surrender, Coldless! NOW!"

Coldless- "Why should I? You can't kill me, you can't! I see it in your eyes, you just don't have the guts. Do you?"

Feey- "How did you...."

Suddenly Coldless jumped up, and punched Feey1 in the beak. Feey fell over, and moaned.

Coldless- "You think I don't know that!? I sailed for days with you to find these islands, you couldn't even kill that fish. Now the question is....are you ready to surrender? If you surrender your nation to me, you may live. If not, you'll die."

Coldless grabbed Feey1's neck, and lifted him up in the air. Feey gasped for breath, and scrambled for freedom.

Coldless- "What's the answer!?"


A lazer hit Coldless in the back, and he slightly stumbled. He turned around to see Bonny1 standing there with a lazer gun pointed right at Coldless.

Bonny- "Surrender!"

Coldless- "Or what? I got your precious king!"

Dare- "Or I'll beat you silly like a ragdoll!"

Everyone was shocked as they saw Dare23 emerge from the water. He had a bazooka in his claws, and instantly fired at Coldless.


The explosion sent Coldless flying all the back into the hallway, and freed Feey1. Feey lied on the ground, breathing in all the air he could. Metal Knight stumbled over to him, and help him up on his feet. Bonny1, Ish2, and Dare23 ran over to them.

Dare- "Are you okay?"

Feey- "*gasp* Yeah. Just kill Coldless."

Dare- "But..."

Feey- "I'm fine *gasp*, Ish2. Get rid of Coldless, before *wheeze* he kills anyone *gasp* else. *wheeze* Better to have one die than a thousand."

Ish2- "Dare, this is what he wants. Let's go."

Dare- "But..."

Ish2- "NOW."

Metal Night and Bonny2 started waddling after Coldless, and they were soon followed by Ish2. Dare23 stood by Feey1 for a few seconds, then ran off behind them.

Feey- "Good luck."

Feey1 lied his head back down, and he stared up at the ceiling. He closed his eyes, and looked back on his life. He breathed calmly, and thought about all his adventures. Then it happened, he started to hear the song. It was his favorite song, it was used in Airlanders. It sound like this:

Feey kept listening to the song in his head, as he slowed down and rested.

Feey(thinking)- "Is this it? Is this the end?"

The song kept playing in Feey1's head, and he slowed down more and more. He started to hum the song aloud, and thought more about his past. Then he made it to his present. His happy wife, children, family, and nation.

Feey- "A dead hero is better than a dead loser."

As Feey1 nearly finished humming his song, he stopped himself.

Feey- "NO! What am I thinking? I can't die, not yet."

Feey1 forced his heart to beat faster, and breathed in quicker. He sat up, and grabbed his Keysaber.

Feey- "I will not die, especially at the flippers of Coldless."

Feey1 stood up, and somehow instantly healed. He activated his Keysaber, and held it high above his head. The Keysaber gave a faint, blue glow which spread across Feey. He stood there smiling.

"Today is a day of living. A day of living for Yow, me, my family, my friends, and all of Antarctica! And none shall take that away from me."

Feey1 ran into the hallway, searching for his friends and Coldless.

Metal Knight struck his sword against Coldless' Keysaber, and pressed down with all his might. Coldless stood there smiling, while a little gun popped out of his side. The gun shot lazers at Metal Knight, causing him to stumble backwards. Suddenly Bonny1 jumped onto Coldless' back, and tried to choke him.

Coldless- "*gasp**cough**choke*ARGH!"

Coldless grabbed Bonny1, and threw him onto the ground. Coldless turned around, and saw Ish2 and Dare23 aiming their weapons at him. Coldless' left flipper transformed into a bazooka, and shot at the two crabs. The two jumped in opposite directions, to avoid the blast.


Ish2 and Dare lied on the ground, as Coldless stood there cackling.

Coldless- "Hahahahahaha! You can't defeat me, you fools. Give up, and you'll live!"


Suddenly a lazer blasted Coldless' robotic eye, causing it to malfunction and shut off. Coldless was now looking through one eye. From the shadows waddled out Feey1, with a lazer gun pointed right at Coldless' neck.

Feey- "How about YOU give up, and YOU'LL live in military prison for eternity."

Coldless- "I thought you were dead."

Feey- "You flew into a hallway, how could you tell?"

Suddenly Feey1 started randomly shooting Coldless' face with lazers. Coldless stumbled backwards, and tried protecting his face with his left arm. The blast left some large dents in his arms, and tired him out. Feey didn't stop firing, he wouldn't till he ran out of ammo. Metal Knight stood, and picked up his sword. He sneaked behind Coldless, and then grabbed him tightly. He put the blade right on Coldless' neck, causing some bleeding.

MK- "Surrender and you may live, scum."

Coldless- "*gulp* I will never, ever..."

Metal Knight guided the blade closer to Coldless' neck, causing more bleeding and pain.

Coldless- "Alright! Fine, you got me! I surrender, I surrender!!"

Feey- "Command your forces to stand down..."

Coldless- "But.."

Feey- "NOW!"

Coldless lifted his left arm near his face, and activated a little screen on it. He typed a command into it, telling all his forces to surrender.

Coldless- "It's done."

Metal Knight pulled the blade away from Coldless' neck, and shoved him over.

Coldless- "OOF!"

Coldless lied on the ground, terrified.

Feey- "We won! We won the war."

Coldless- "Wow, this seems familiar."

Ish2- "Woohoo! Another war won!"

Bonny- "Yay!"

Coldless- "Yay for you...."

Everyone but Coldless shouted with joy, and cheered. They started patting each other on the back, and hugging each other. Another war was won, for the good guys. Coldless was once again defeated, even when he practically planned the entire war out. Despite all odds, they won. They saved all of Yow, and maybe even all of Antarctica.


After Coldless surrendered his forces at Topia, he and Feey1 signed a military debt agreement. Coldless now owed Yow 20 million gold coins, and all that money would go straight into fixing the debt. The Yowiens left the Barbearer Islands, and returned to their place of origins. Two weeks after Coldless surrendered the Yowiens invaded F Island and the June Islands, and took them back from the Barbarics. Feey was reunited with his family, and was happier than ever. They had a big victory feast in The Yowien Castle, while Feey1's Castle was being repaired.

Coldless stayed in his castle, building up his military, and preparing to pay that debt. Though during the war he had lost a lot of civil support, and his entire nation was on the verge of a civil war/rebellion. He kept watch on his people, and kept them under his thumb.

The Liquid Nuclear was taken to a secret lab in Hontana, where it's currently being investigated by Gill (puffle) and other scientist. Alice, Kaylin's green puffle, has gained entry into the lab also. Heimlich Zimmer is still trying to find a way to betray Yow, and overthrow Feey1's position as king.

Coronation Day[edit]

Feey1 sat in Alexander Clanin's old office. He was wearing green, royal clothing, but he didn't have a crown with him. Feey stared at a picture of he and Alexander in the castle's garden. Alexander looked so young in the picture, and the two them looked as happy as can be. Feey would give anything for Alexander to come back, to come back from the grave. Feey sighed, and placed the picture on a side table. He stood up from his chair, and waddle over to the door. As he opened it he saw two security guards there, with their backs facing him. In front of Feey was a large throne, and under him a red carpet that headed towards the throne. Feey was behind the throne, and waddled past it. Bright lights from cameras blinded him, and the cheer of guest shook his ears. In the crowd he could see Kaylin Pie, Garmield Pie, Bonny1 Pie, Bow Pie, Fum Pie, all his family. Even his pet puffles. He smiled at them, and waddled to the front of the throne. Standing on his right side was Heimlich Zimmer with a green crown in his flippers. Feey turned to face him, and openly smiled to him. Heimlich nodded, and silenced the crowd.

Heimlich- "Today we shall witness the crowning of our second king: Feey1 Pie."

The crowd clapped and cheered, then calmed down. Heimlich looked at Feey1, and spoke calmly to him.

"Feey1, do you promise to put Yow before you, to not betray your nation, and lead us into the golden age?"

Feey- "I promise."

Heimlich- "Then I am proud to declare...."

Heimlich placed the crown on Feey1's head.

Heimlich- " king of Yow Kingdom Island, and Emperor of the Yowien Sea."

The crowd clapped, and cheered just as Heimlich finished speaking. Heimlich slightly bowed towards Feey1, and then soon everyone else was. Feey looked at all the bowing penguins, and felt awkward.

Feey- "Please, please, don't bow."