Crazy Antics Brothers

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Crazy Antics Brothers
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Genre Animated series

Crazy Antics Brothers is a TV Series created by the makers of Ford Car and Link. The main plot is Explorer and Fred taking a vacation to Dorkugal and having fun while ignoring letters from Herbert.


Down below is all the info you'll need on it.


After rescuing Luce for about 20 times in the last month, Explorer and Fred decide to take a vacation in Dorkugal once again. Unlike last time however, this time they are detirmened not to have an adventure, but two money wanting Anti-Bodies are detirmened not to let that happen.


Major Characters[edit]

Secondary Characters[edit]

Episode List[edit]

Episodes Coming Soon

Season 1[edit]

Mostly just Explorer, and Fred doing random things. Episodes Coming Soon.


Superfastpenguin-Even though I hadn't saw it yet,I grade the idea with a 100!


  • This is a parody of the famous Youtube series Stupid Mario Brothers.

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