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Crembert E. Tofferson, a.k.a CreamToffee, is a USA penguin that hates bay bees with a fiery passion.

Title Clarence (CreamToffee) Talkman
Gender Male
Race Penguin.
Faction Ex-Commander of the BBRS Army.
Health Healthy
Status Retired.
Location In his cottage in the USA.
Birth date Ages Ago.
Occupation Retired.
Interests Hunting down the bay bees.
Friends Tracy Valley
Enemies Bay Bees
Archetype Anti Baybee

Early life[edit]

CreamToffee was born in the USA to rebel parents who were against Bay Bees and Disney, which made a large impact on his early childhood. He was known to be a natural leader and a technological wizard since he was 5, when he hacked into BoF computers and learned about Weegee, which scared him to half deletion, and that gave him his powers. He was separated from his parents in the great Mwa Mwa March on the town, his father had fallen valiantly in battle and his mother had never been heard of again. This loss caused him to become enraged and vengeful, and he plotted his revenge from then on, and perfected his plans for 3 years.


Due to his half-deletedness, he can shift his existence in realms and dimensions. This can allow him to turn into a ghostlike being that can pass through walls and is immune to conventional weaponry. He only uses this power as a survival measure, however. He was born with natural Psychic power, very similar to the type wielded by Ned and Patricia. He is against using his powers in a "fair fight", as he likes to give his enemies a chance to win. However, if his foe is a threat to his life, he will use his powers to defend himself.


CreamToffee is a Wig wearing penguin (but not a crazy Wiguin), His preferred colors are brown and aqua, and he wears a variety of clothes.

Assault on the Bay bee Production facility[edit]

As revenge for his parents, CreamToffee decided he would attack the facility that produced Mwa Mwas, so he bought a massive hot sauce minigun for his brother Wappy Dappy, who named it "Sweet Revenge", (for what he would use it for) and a whole other arsenal of weapons for his friends. He gathered a small army, and they marched on the facility. Their weapons blew a smoking hole in the side of the building, and millions of uniformed penguins rushed out and swarmed Creamtoffee's soldiers, him, dappy, and several others were captured, the whereabouts of the others are unknown.


His captors turned him into a Mwa Mwa Penguin. However, he was not, however, meant to be a regular Bay Bee. They meant for him to be supreme commander of all Mwa Mwas, unknowing that his transformation had not affected his personality. He was put in with the leaders and "smart" mwa mwas, and when he was, he immediately attacked several with a large candy cane, beating them out of their Mwa Mwaness, when guards came, him and his newly formed legion of Bay Bees smacked them down with candy canes and teddy bears.

Escape and Second Strike[edit]

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He was moved to the "Deviants and Half Mwa Mwas" section of the facility with his friends, and him and his friends drove off all of the guards in that wing. He met up with Tracy V, and they eventually escaped. His mwa mwaism had worn off after escape, and with his power regained to his full extent, he decided to land a second strike on the facility. He gained more allies after this, with the help of Tracy, and they marched on the facility. Tracy and most of her team got captured, and Cream and his remaining allies fell back.

The Puffle Resistance and Final Strike on Mwa Mwaism[edit]

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Creamtoffee had escaped and returned grieving for his lost friends, but when he opened the door, several puffles With helmets and bottles of flaming hot sauce, ready to fight, and a large Thunderflame Assault Chopper out in his backyard, he decided that him and his "puffle resistance" would land the final strike. He flew the assault Copter to the courtyard of the facility, and dropped off his strike teams. Creamtoffee himself dropped a large O' Bomb in the auditorium (which was the dead center of the facility), and started it, evacuating Tracy and friends first, and the facility was destroyed.