Cream Soda Factory

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Pezsgő Gyümölcslevek Vállalat (official)
Bubbly Juices Corporation (literal translation)
Cream Soda Factory
Type Private
Industry Food and beverage; Production
Genre Beverage
Founded 1825
Founder(s) Sir Drake

Gentoo Island, USA

Area served Antarctica
Key people Skeeter Cream (CEO, grandson of Joshua Cream)
Rockhopper (chairman, president, director)
Brandon Stars ( director)
Whoot Smackler Whoot (director)
Sullivan Moores (director, rumored CREAM SODA Party official)
Total equity USP 25 (highest, 2011) USP; 5 (lowest, 2011)
Employees 421

The Pezsgő Gyümölcslevek Vállalat in Hungarian, or Cream Soda Factory in English, is one of the few official manufacturers and distributors of Cream Soda to the United States of Antarctica as appointed by Rockhopper. Founded in 1825 by Sir Drake before being rediscovered and reinvented by Rockhopper in the late '90s, the Cream Soda Factory is the highest producer of cream soda barrels from 2003 to 2009, with an output of more than twenty thousand barrels of cream soda (a barrel is approximately a thousand liters). Skeeter Cream, a super-great-grandson of Joshua Cream, the founder of Cream Soda, currently manages the factory which is located in the industrial corner of South Pole City.

The company is also known for its notorious recipes, harsh treatment of workers (although they do receive high salaries) and evasion of taxes by the government. Widespread rumors involve Skeeter Cream being kidnapped and replaced by an imposer, likely from the CREAM SODA Party who protests against Master of the Universe, Director Benny's tyranny.


Founding and Khanzem[edit]

The Cream Soda Factory was established near South Pole City, after Sir Drake received permission from Joshua Cream's son to mass-produce the Gentoo Island delicacy. However, due to the limitations of transportation at the time, the beverage was only available to the community around him, thus his factory was small with an employee count of ten people.

The factory was passed on from generation to generation until 1912, when Rockhopper/High Penguin descendant, Jug Bowl, closed down the factory in fear of Whoot Smackler Whoot's possible takeover of Antarctica. For the duration of Khanzem, the Cream Soda Factory was shut down and turned into an orange juice factory, where High Penguin]s worked as slaves to produce orange juice. The orange juice factory was shut down after the fall of Khanzem, but Jug Bowl never returned to claim his property.


In the late nineties, Captain Rockhopper had successfully rediscovered and improved the formula of Cream Soda, which instantly became a delicacy throughout Antarctica. Aware of the Cream Soda Factory's existence, he contacted Skeeter Cream, a direct descendant of Joshua Cream, the founder of cream soda, to reopen the factory. However, he was not in charge of the factory and had to contact the person who lasted owned it, which was apparently Whoot Smackler Whoot. The very awkward meeting between Rockhopper and Whoot Smackler Whoot took place on May 4th, 1999, towards the fall of the Colonial Antarctica. Eventually, Whoot gave all rights to Rockhopper, claiming he had "no use for a former Noob-Face asylum".

The factory reopened on October 28th, 2000, several days after the establishment of the USA. Skeeter Cream became the CEO of the factory, while the Board of Directors included Rockhopper, Brandon Stars, several Gentoo Island officials and Whoot Smackler Whoot. 124 employees were hired as a new factory started construction next to the old one, so as to increase output.

Uneventful period[edit]

Due to the crammed conditions of the old factory, many workers argued for the new factory to be opened quickly. January 3rd, 2001 was a tipping point for the dilemma, as the management refused to open the new factory earlier, or else "lower their pay by a substantial amount". As a result, the workers took to the streets of South Pole City, which was reconstructed and apparently located near the factory, in turn causing the stock to fall by 90%. Eventually, the new factory was opened a year earlier, on January 21st. However, as the factory was not completed, workers suffered from insufficient facilities, but there was no choice. They eventually moved back to the old compound and the new factory eventually opened on August the 5th, 2001.

Cream soda was mainly sold to restaurants, but in 2002, Cream Soda Factory finally started producing cream soda in cans and sold to the public. The first quarter report that year soared, and Factory shares went up tremendously as well.

The craze spread, first from Eastshield and then to Trans-Antarctica. Countries like Pengolia (not a state at the time) and Freezeland began to receive the product by end 2002.

When Club Penguin was set up in October of 2005, Cream Soda reached a new high point. As the factory needed even more workers, a new factory started construction at Gentoo Island. It eventually opened in 2007.