Cretaceous Plaza

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Cretaceous Plaza
The Logo
Type Science Fiction Movie
Effects None
Source Sony Antarctic
Location Movie Stores
Cost to buy 400
Cost to sell 375

Cretaceous Plaza is a science fiction movie directed by Steven Iceberg in late 2008. It featured several famous penguins.


The movie is about a aged scientist named John Herring who owns a natural park with many species of ancient, gigantic puffles, on a small tropical island. His employees also help him, but soon learn that ancient, giant puffles are not very easy to control when they escape. The puffles have managed to reach the mainland and now terrorize the USA. Now by using everything they've got, the scientist and his employees must capture the puffles and bring them back to the island.


  • Benny Franklin, as John Herring
    • It took several takes for him to act in the first few scenes, due to his condition. In later scenes, his condition improved and he acted better.
  • Mathster, as Dr. Alan Grouper
  • Cadence, as Dr. Ellie Sea Urchin
  • Fred, as Dr. Ian Marlin
  • Two random kids, as John Herring's Grandchildren
  • And some other characters


  • Do I even have to say what this is a parody of?
  • The animatronics in this movie were invented by G. The puffles are fictional.

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