Criminal Nautical Investigation Corps

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Criminal Nautical Investigation Corps
Law enforcement agency overview
Formed Insert here
Preceding Law enforcement agency United States Naval Military Police (Still standing today)
Jurisdiction Waterways/the High Seas/maritime travel, ect.
Headquarters Pengonia
Employees 2,500
Annual budget Classified
Law enforcement agency executive Dan, Admiral
Parent Law enforcement agency Elite Penguin Force
Key document Classification Code

The CNIC is a special group that deals with the solving of crimes on the water. When it was created, it stripped its land counterpart, the AIA, of its power on the boats and high seas. Its top leader is addressed as the Admiral, and, as stated, its land counterpart is the Antarctic Investigation Authority. They also act as the Coast Guard for the USA.


It was founded when Dan, a PSA agent's boat was deleted and no one investigated. He went to Headmaster Champignon and asked if he could get him a special government agency to do just that. Shroomsky responded that he lacked the authority to do so, but would happily refer Melvin to the job. The amendment to the law that created the AIA was passed with little opposition outside of Tails.

Dan, when working, is called Admiral Uisce Coireacht Gaige. Or, in English, "Water Crime Dude".


The CNIC was not as criticized as the AIA, because it split its power to land only, giving the CNIC command of the seas. It helped reduce the AIA's power.
The official Top 6 Most Wanted List.

Any sailor can...[edit]

  • Arrest creatures.
  • Make search warrants (with permission though).
  • Follow suspected criminals in boats they commandeered.

Only the Admiral can....[edit]

Admiral Uisce Coireacht Gaige.
  • Bar (prevent) Headmaster Champignion from classifying or declassifying anything regarding boats, the ocean, water-based, etc.
    • Classify or declassify anything water-based or involving boats unless marked with the NZS (No Zlo Shroomsky) seal. As the NZS seal became a standard before the CNIC, Dan abides the same.
  • Assign missions (Shroomsky can't).

United States Coast Guard[edit]

When the Untied States Coast Guard was formed, several powers were stripped from CNIC. The following powers have been removed from sailors:

  • Commence Search and Rescue missions.

Although CNIC may order the Coast Guard to operate search and rescue missions, they can not do so directly.

The USCG (and to some extent the United States Navy) also has the following rights removed from CNIC:

  • Defend the waters of Antarctica.
  • CNIC may only investigate crimes.
  • Have a regularly maintained fleet of warships.
  • Formerly CNIC operate several but they have been removed with the majority of ships being transported to the United States Navy.
  • The right to fight in war on the battlefield.
  • As close as it gets, CNIC agents may operate as intelligence officers.

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The following power has been removed from Dan as a result of the United States Coast Guard:

  • Create and design new classes of boats, designating new weapons to go on battleships, allow or ban weapons on such boats, and set standards for new boats. The Admiral has a lot of boat powers.
  • This is to increase private enterprise involvement in boats and ships. The power of classing ships has gone to the United States Navy for military and the government for civilian.
  • Only the United States Coast Guard or United States Navy may approve such creation and even then, it has to go through to the government as a proposition.
  • Pardon anyone, sailor or not.
  • This right has been handed to the United States Navy Military Police and the United States Coast Guard Military Police, as commonly refers to a military sailor and it should be therefore handled by their respective military police forces.
  • However CNIC may pardon civilians.


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Bases are divided into three classes: Base As, Major Bases, and Sub Bases. Base As are the biggest bases of a state. There is always one in every state. It's mainly built using the Terrain Spider Base. Base As are controlled by Base Admirals. Major Bases are bases which are also Terrain Spider Class but they have less power as they're controlled by Base Captains. Sub Bases use the "J5.78 Shack" design. They're controlled by Base Leftenants.

Command Base[edit]

The Admiral resides here. Nobody knows where it is. Rumors have it that it's located in Seal Island, where the Weddell Seals reside. This is very likely as civilians in Shield Island report multiple boats coming from Seal Island. Others suggest that the base is on on Dan's Island.

State Base As[edit]

These are the states Base As.

  • Eastshield- Eastshield Interstate Sea Base A
  • New North Etana- Etanian Regional Sea Base A
  • Trans-Antarctic- Shipping Base A
  • Weddell- Seal Island Defense Base A


  • It inspired its own TV show, CNIC (TV Show)
  • All agents are civilians.
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