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Purple Republic
Grimace plays with a yellow pogo stick.png
The PR's official insignia.
Name Purple Republic
Type Terrorist Supremacist group
Location Club Penguin Island
Job Drilling and farting.
Members Unknown, numbers estimated from 900 to 1,000,000
Headquarters We HQ now.

Not to be confused with the Purple Team.
These penguins sometimes use the motto "drill baby drill". This is not to be confused with the identical mantra issued by the petroleum industry. If one is looking for that, head to category:Oil for a sample.

The Purple Republic is a well-organized, ruthlessly efficient, terrorist organization, supremacist institution and construction workers' guild that is both respected and loathed. As the name suggests, they are unanimously colored in purple. They universally see the color purple as superior, in all regards, to any other color, and see it as their destiny to promote this to each and every penguin in Club Penguin. Even so, they will instantly embrace any penguin that decides to change their color.

The icon and symbol of their movement is the drill: to them, it symbolizes a steady progress, and of always moving forward, in the same manner that a drill works and turns. As such, they populate construction sites frequently, shouting their beliefs skyward as they assist in building Club Penguin. In an odd way, this is beneficial despite the supremacist banter: looking past the discrimination and absurd arrogance yields some of the best construction workers to ever grace Club Penguin.

However, none of that will ever compare to their greatest contribution to society. The Purple Republic has a complete mastery of the art and science of Mwa Mwa Penguin intimidation. They bring Mwa Mwas to tears and drive away "bay bees" wherever they go. As one illiterate Mwa Mwa said, the Purple Republic makes it "cring"... -and that alone may just be what vindicates them.


A hallmark of the Purple Republic, and its defining characteristic, is its glorification and idolization of the color purple. In the eyes of PR, no other color is of merit; no other color has any redeeming qualities. They will not rest until the color purple asserts domination over all colors. To do this, the ultimate goal of the Purple Republic is to ban all colors, except purple, from the Gift Shop. Then, it will force all non-purple penguins to change their color, permanently, to purple. At least, that is PR's stated goal. Since there's no chance of happening, they continue to churn propaganda and shout their views whenever and wherever possible.

Good or evil?[edit]

There is a bitter debate among Club Penguin, and all of Antarctica's scholars and villain monitoring networks, as to whether or not the Purple Republic is a villain, a grey institution, or just a cocky, arrogant band of construction workers. Each have valid arguments for their reasons, but none can dominate the answer, and as such, the institution's legality remains in what seems to be a permanent limbo. Effectively, that means that PR is, and will forever be, de facto legal.

Arguments for good[edit]

  1. The Purple Republic instantly accepts a penguin when they change their color to purple. It doesn't matter what they were or who they were, all they had to do to end any PR banter was change color.
  2. They are the best construction workers in Club Penguin, hands down. Rory himself has spoken out to them in immense commendation and delightfully overlooks their supremacism because of their absolutely amazing efficiency. Some believe that Rory is a closeted Purple Republic fan!
  3. They clean up their messes. If they drill in open spaces for the heck of it, they always clean up their mess when they are done.
  4. By and large, they either perform harmless jokes or actually benefit the community. After all, they are constructing and they don't ask for much pay, if they ask at all. In fact, their only request is that their supervisors, foremen, etc. etc., wear purple to show their support. The cheap- often free -labor is unquestionably beneficial.
  5. Their work ethic is unmatched in Club Penguin's citizenry. Few can hold a candle to the Purple Republic's efficiency. When they begin a job, they finish it, and not only do they finish it, but they finish it correctly, and often times, better than a non-purple penguin. (Perhaps purple is the master color, at least in the world of construction!)
  6. They see their work ethic as "glorious" and see hard work and demonstrating their prowess as proving that purple is the greatest color to ever exist. Unlike many supremacists, Purple Republic penguins are productive to society, not harmful. They are universally beneficial to construction projects the grace with their drilling prowess. Even the most ardent opponents begrudgingly admit this fact.
  7. Their only physical attacks on the non-purple penguins are throwing snowballs. That's it.
  8. They are nothing more than an army with a novelty goal. What harm do they do to Club Penguin? Just look at their construction aid: is that harm?
  9. An EBUL executive calls Non-Members peasents all the time. Why can't the Purple Republic?
  10. Arrogance is alive and well in Club Penguin. Doesn't the Purple Republic have a right to do it, or is EBUL more hypocritical than it was first thought?
  11. Despite their advocation of purple-based dominance, they have never staged any attack or attempt to actually harm things that aren't purple.
  12. Four words: THEY HARASS BAY BEES.
    1. One word: Cring.

Arguments for bad[edit]

  1. Like it or not, they do make fun of and insult other penguins that don't wear purple. Most can take it, but there are some weaklings.

Cring: the greatest benefit to society[edit]

However, there is one argument that every penguin can agree on. The Purple Republic has a complete mastery of the art and science of Mwa Mwa Penguin intimidation. They bring Mwa Mwas to tears and drive away "bay bees" wherever they go. As one illiterate Mwa Mwa said, the Purple Republic makes it "<b style="font-variant:small-caps;">cring</b>"... -and that alone may just be what vindicates them.

No isntitution, past or present, can make Mwa Mwas "cring" (that is, cry) like the Purple Republic. Mwa Mwas scream and flee in their onslaught of purple supremacy, and when they "cring", it makes their "wammies" "cring" as well. This pattern is consistent throughout all actions carried on by the Purple Republic, and their ability to stop bay bees has no equal.

A Mwa Mwa "cring".

By stopping Mwa Mwas, the Purple Republic is suprisingly living up to its advocation of the glories of purple. They are doing what no one else could do before them, and their effectiveness has even the bitterest of enemies admitting that they have one ace up their sleeve any time someone suggests a ban. Simply put: the Purple Republic makes Mwa Mwa Penguins cring, and that is just the way it is.



Despite being on the biggest armies in Club Penguin, the Purple Republic is hated by almost everyone. They have many enemies, mostly older armies.

Here is a list of their worthless enemies:

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