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Kenny "Crunch" Wish
Crunch image.png
It's Crunch time!
Title Mr. Crunch
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction Wish Family
Health Physically fit
Level 80
Location Dellaroma, Liguria
Occupation Bodyguard, Ligurian Cabinet Member
Interests Fighting, Punishment
Friends Flywish, Ligurian Cabinet
Enemies Any rivals of Liguria
Archetype Anti-Hero

Crunch (Real name: Kenny Wish) is a High Penguin who grew up in Garyland but followed Flywish around much like some other Wish Family members. He is the 8th Member of the Ligurian Cabinet. He is Flywish's older brother.


Crunch was born on September 1st,1972 under the name of Kenny Wish. Up until he was 3, he was an energetic chick. But then he changed. Flywish was born in 1976. Justine and Ray had little time to spend with him. By that point, Kenny was starting school. Unfortunately his cheery attitude was replaced with extreme shyness and anger issues. His extreme shyness caused him to get teased in school. To make matters worse, he was jumped by some penguins in the 1st grade. After a trip to the nurse's office, Kenny was sent home and his parents decided to keep him out of school for a few months. During that time, he exercised and practiced fighting on old dummies his father had in the basement. Finally, when he went back, he saw one of the penguins that had jumped him. He ran right at the kid and began pummeling his face. Then when he attacked the guy's flipper, he crunched it. From then on, everyone around school called him 'Crunch'. The name even went into his family since they had just begun calling his younger brother 'Flywish'. Eventually, his reputation rubbed off on Flywish, Kyle, and Stoss despite the fact that her brothers would later resent her. High School seemed to fly by for Crunch. Next thing he knew, he was graduating. After his graduation, bought his own apartment because of his resent for Flywish's turn to Mwa Mwaism. He spent the next few years of his life working at a construction site. thiis continued until he recieved a phone call one day.

Flywish: Hey Crunch, it's me, Flywish.

Crunch: You finally got a Nummy Cake huh?

Flywish: Yeah, boy was that a trip.

Crunch: sarcastic chuckle

Flywish: So anyway bro, I have gotten this nice little island and I live in this huge mansion.

Crunch: I heard about that island so I can't call bull on it.

Flywish: Yeah I was going to actually invite you to live with me, theres plenty of room.

Crunch: You've got yourself a new roomate bro!

From that moment on, Crunch began to live with Flywish and joined his army. He didn't do much in the wars that Flywish went into though. He mostly was guarding the mansion from burglars. Eventually, he fell into a pit of rage after the deaths of Kyle and his father. When Flywish swore revenge, Crunch would encourage him to do it. In 2011, Flywish couped Liguria. After the War of Vengeance, Flywish focused on building a cabinet. He appointed 8 guys to his cabinet. Being his only living sibling, Flywish decided to appoint Crunch as his 8th cabinet member. Which is what he does now.


As mentioned before, he has the 8th seat in the Ligurian Cabinet. His duty is to deliver capitol punishment to those who are found guilty of a crime worthy of such. He is also Flywish's personal bodyguard. He works part time as a Ligurian police officer as well.


  • He influenced Flywish's bad habits.
  • He was very angry when Flywish II got arrested.
  • He drinks a glass of milk with waffles every morning for breakfast
  • He is an avid listener of punk rock music.


  • "It's Crunch Time!

Crunch: Hey boss can I have a promotion?

Boss: Nope

Crunch: Then it's Crunch time

Crunch begins beating up the boss


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