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Crush image.gif
Dude, you so totally rock.
Title The Surfer Dude
Gender Male
Race Sea Turtle
Faction Good, man
Health 150 years dude, and still young!
Level 50
Status Being the Mayor of Turtle Island
Location Turtle Island

Crush is a sea turtle from 'up top, man' as he describes it.


Not much is known about Crush, except one day he cruised into Antarctic waters with his son, Squirt. He found Turtle Island, and became the mayor. His campaign slogan was, 'You dudes rock, man.' He today lives with Squirt on Turtle Island. When asked about his past life, he says, 'I lived up top, man. I saw that fish takin' on the jellies.' Nobody understands this explanation.

He reigns as mayor in a special town hall that has five feet of water rising above the floor.


He is the mayor of Turtle Island and is good friends with Kwiksilver, the delegate for Weddell. Every year he takes Squirt with him to visit 'up top, man'. He asked to ban the selling of real Turtle Shells.


Crush: You so totally rock, Squirt!

Crush: Man, you should have seen that guy takin' on the jellies...

Fred has been explaining mathematics to Crush. He is frustrated.

Fred: fool! Don't you even understand?



  • He is (a parody of) the Crush from Finding Nemo

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