Crystal Fjord

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Crystal Fjord
Crystal Talia Fjord.jpg
Oh look, it's Crystal.
Nicknames Cris, Crysty
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Health Not very well. Casually depressed/angry/emotionless.
Status Snoozing
Location Antarctica
Birth date August 5, 1991 (1991-08-05) (age 28)
Interests Bothering Jennabell, reading, mythology, astronomy
Friends None
Enemies Jennabell Fjord
Archetype Neither

Crystal Fjord is a bitter, yet colorful Emoguin with a fixation for magic, astronomy, and general sorcery, thoguh she is but an amateur magician. She is not actually related to the Fjord Family, but was, in fact, adopted.


Not much is known about this mysterious orphan. She wasn't a true Fjord, she was adopted though she was separated from her younger brothers. She likes to be in the exclude herself from others and enjoys sleeping. Programmer knows what she dreams about. She acts as if she is an Emoguin and has been classified as such for years, even though she tries to deny this fact. She loves the colors maroon and red and rarely speaks.


She has more important things to do than describe such idiocy.


Pink is here; pink is there; pink is just about everywhere... when one is looking at Crystal. She hates black and yes, she's girly. She has blond hair which is different from her sisters.


Many rumors are spread about her, including:

  • She may be a vampenguin!
  • She's totally a High Penguin.
  • She has no musical talent and thinks that mayonaise is somehow a musical instrument.
  • Total Emoguin.


  • No no, gossip penguins. She is not a vampguin.
  • Stop it, Noobs. She's not a high penguin eigher.
  • Also, she doesn't think mayonaise is an instrument.
    • Same with horseradish.
  • No, sh- never mind.


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