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Armed Forces of the Culldrome Isles
Culldrome Military
Military overview
Formed 1850s
Jurisdiction Culldrome Isles, Antarctica and beyond.
Headquarters The Square, Culldrome City

The Military of the Culldrome Isles consists of four official divisions or branches: the Army, Navy, Air Force and Special Forces. All together, they all serve as the national military of the Culldrome Isles. The military is listed as #9 on the list of Top Militaries of Antarctica and also receives a large amount of government funding.
An early naval ship of Culldrome.


The Square in Culldrome City, where the military is lead from.

The exact origins of Culldrome's military are not precise. However, the earliest records of a national defense force date back to 1856, shortly after Culldrome was established. The records, found in an old letter, detail a large army and navy to protect the newly established colony. The letter, now called the Military Founding Document, was discovered in 1983 and now resides in the military headquarters in Culldrome City, displayed in a glass case for everyone to see.

Military of the Culldrome Isles
The flag of the Culldrom Military.
Founded 1850s
Current form Military
Service branches Army, Navy, Air Force, Special Forces
Headquarters The Square, Culldrome City
Head of the Military of the Culldrome Isles Steven Snowen
Leaders Varies (duty shared among branch leaders)
Military age 18-50
Conscription Only during large-scale war
Available for
military service
1,700,000, age 18-50
Active personnel 100,000
Reserve personnel 300,000
Deployed personnel 5000 (Nationally)
Budget 401.4 billion coins
Percent of GDP 5.3%
Domestic suppliers Blackmesatewt.png TEWT
Foreign suppliers USA flag.PNG USA
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Munijoch.jpg Munijoch
Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island
UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and
Flag of Castilla.png Castilla
Annual imports Weapons, vehicles, steel, Squarium bombs
Annual exports Porcyals, vehicles
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I have been throwing this idea around for a few weeks, now. I can envision a large military defense force, dedicated to protecting this brand new colony. Consisting of a thousand of the most bravest, strongest and fiercest penguins, the military could be called in to defend us, on the land and on the sea. Currently, the colony is very vulnerable; newly established and easy prey for any enemy. I earnestly suggest that you, on behalf of the colony, establish this military force. Culldrome shall be known far and wide as a force to be dealt with; the envy of other nations in terms of military might and power.
— Extract from the Military Founding Document

The military force mentioned in the letter is said to have been founded a few days later. Instead of being as grand as intended, Culldrome had a small army and navy, consisting of about 200 penguins and a dozen ships. Defending the country was not a big requirement then. However, when the Ninjas of the Skulldrome Isles invaded in 1860, the military had a much larger purpose. The tried to defend the new colony, but were overun and eventually taken over.

In 1890, Mark the Warrior freed Culldrome from the ninja occupation. As the country set out to re-build itself, many thought that an adequate military was increasingly becoming a need. The old military was completed destroyed during the occupation, so the modern military was established in May 1900. The military continued on growing, eventually gaining new kinds of technology. In 1960, the government reorganized the military's funding, which was only a small amount. This reorganization not only increased military funding, but it also saw the founding of two new divisions, the air force and special forces, which consisted of the CSIA and the Mt. Charlamander Army.

Since then, the military has grown massively and has helped to defend Culldrome in many wars and battles. In the 1990s, the military was deployed during the Porcyal War, a large civil war. After the war, suffering heavy losses, the military took on a more defensive approach. In 2001, the military received funding cuts, resulting in the reducing of military sizes and the termination of Project 17. However in 2012, after the Nightmare of Culldrome, Supreme Leader Steven Snowen rapidly directed funding to the military. Enlistment and hardware production rates increased and within a year, the Culldrome military had rapidly grown. In early 2014, after joining the Axle Powers, Culldrome's military strength continued to grow.


Over the years, the Culldrome Isles have engaged in a few wars, battles and skirmishes.



The Army of the Culldrome Isles is it's shining jewel; it is the largest military branch in Culldrome's service. Soldiers under go tough training and large amounts of money are poured into the army. The army works in conjunction with all areas of the military to be able to complete their mission. The usual, low ranking soldier would be equipped with a standard issue Snowball Gun and Pistol. Sergeants and Lieutenants carry, in addition, more specialized weaponry, such as Hot Sauce guns, water guns or ice-bullet rifles. Those ranked Captain or higher have access to all the former weapons, in addition to special weapons like Ditto tipped bows and arrows.

Number (Rank) Rank Name
1 Cadet
2 Private
3 Second Lieutenant
4 Lieutenant
5 Captain
6 Major
7 Lieutenant Colonel
8 Colonel
9 Brigadier
10 Major General
11 Lieutenant General
12 General
13 Head of the Army

Air Force[edit]

The Culldrome Air Force is quite large and has invested in a large fleet of aircraft. With a total of several thousand aircraft in 10 divisions, there are many different types of aircraft. These range from fighter jets to extra-long range bombers. Most Air Force personnel are pilots and thus are only equipped with few weapons, mostly pistols and shotguns. As a minimum, everyone in the Air Force (excluding mechanics, support, etc) must at least have basic knowledge on how to fly. Important officials, such as the Supreme Leader, use these planes on diplomatic trips, flying with CSIA agents, armed guards and an ice-bullet-proof car. In addition, the Air Force operates a small collection of Porcyal-ICBMs all around the country.


Number (Rank) Rank Name
1 Private
2 Cadet
3 Pilot Officer
4 Flying Officer
5 Flight Lieutenant
6 Squadron Leader
7 Wing Commander
8 Group Captain
9 Air Commodore
10 Air Vice Marshal
11 Air Marshal
12 Air Chief Marshal
13 Head of The Air Force


As an archipelago nation, the Navy of Culldrome has many ships in its inventory and is the second largest branch of the military. It works closely with the air force by hosting their aircraft on naval aircraft carriers. Unlike the navies of other nations, the navy does not use any aircraft; the air force are entirely responsible for it. The Navy has a wide variety of ships in its fleet which can accomplish many different tasks. The soldiers in the navy, mostly marines, carry around the standard ice bullet rifle and pistol. Higher ranking members can carry much more advanced weaponry, such as underwater-capable weapons.

Number (Rank) Rank Name
1 Private
2 Midshipman
3 Marine
4 Officer
5 Sub-Lieutenant
6 Lieutenant
7 Commander
8 Captain
9 Commodore
10 Rear Admiral
11 Vice Admiral
12 Admiral
13 Head of The Navy

Special Forces[edit]



A lot of government funding went into the Culldrome special forces. The Culldrome Secret Intelligence Agency consists of spies and highly trained operatives that ensure the nation has adequate intelligence and is able to respond to difficult situations. The CSIA also run peacekeeping missions. They send random agents into cities and towns dressed up as a normal penguin where they would then help citizens. Due to this, everyone from far and wide known about the great hospitality of the country.

The CSIA spies carry around a Super-Gadget, which is worn on the arm and functions similarly to the standard EPF Phone. It is able to perform many different tasks such as photo recognition, tracking, communications and can house several smaller gadgets including a spy phone holder, cup holder, grappling hook and other things. Agents carry around the standard issue TEW-80 pistol as well as an upgraded TEW-500 Snowball Gun.

The CSIA also functions as a special forces group. This means that when tough skirmishes that local police forces cannot control occur, the CSIA is called in to assist with the situation. Their entry into battle is usually via air drop and a parachute. Agent-soldiers can also be disguised as the enemy and help hinder their advance. The possibilities are endless and often unpredictable. Agent-soldiers carry standard equipment in addition to a TEW-800 Ditto Gun.

Mt. Charlamander Army[edit]


The extinct volcano of Mt. Charlamander, located on Culldrome Island's eastern coast, is home to a small army, the Charlamander Army. The army, consisting mostly of arctic terns (some from Ternville), is tasked with defending Culldrome Island. Theses defensive duties include the mainland's coasts, the Mossroam Forest and the Mossy River. The army had grown small over the years, after the development of police forces and the CSIA. However, the army still has some authority and protective powers. In more modern times, the Charlamander Army has acted as a ceremonial guard, often serving in the capital, Culldrome City. They are also partly responsible for coast guard duties, with the Navy handling most of it.

Usually on standby, the Charlamander Army sometimes sends out small scout groups are sent throughout the Culldrome Isles for small peacekeeping missions. The whole army is seldom mobilized for battles. A simple ranking system is used within the army; the higher up you go, the better weapons, armour and respect you get.

Number (Rank) Rank Name
1 Cadet
2 Scout
3 Soldier
4 Lieutenant
5 Captain
6 Major
7 Colonel
8 Brigadier
9 Major
10 General
11 Great Guardian

Weapons used by the army are primitive compared to the modern Culldrome Army, utilizing bows and crossbows with Deletion Arrows. The army also does not use any official form of transport; they all get around by walking or using a naval boat.

Space Division[edit]

Number (Rank) Rank Name
1 Private
2 Cadet
3 Space Marine
4 Shadow Marine
5 Officer
6 Lieutenant
7 Admiral
8 Commander
9 General
10 High General
11 Commander of the Space Division

The largest of the three Special Force divisions, the Culldrome Isles Space Division (CISD) is responsible for all military, warfare and defense operations in space. This includes space fighter operations and ground battles outside of Earth. The division was formed in late 2012 with the help of the CSRA, in charge of building the A-Wing, Culldrome's first manned spacecraft. Originally designed for shuttle duties, it was re-assigned to the military after The Great Space Race of 2013 broke out. The A-Wings and their pilots, from Culldrome's Air Force, were transferred over to the new Space Division.

The A-Wing fighters are supported by Exclamator-Class Space Cruisers. These gigantic ships act as a carrier and support ship for the fighters, as well as a battleship by-itself. With around 50,000 Space Division personnel, 2 Exclamator cruisers and many more smaller spacecraft, the astronauts in the division are trained to skilfully pilot the spacecraft and use it to the best of their ability. They are also aided by Space and Shadow Marines; soldiers of the Space Division, who are trained for battles outside of Earth.

The Space Marines and lower ranking soldiers carry a deletion pistol and an ice-bullet rifle. Shadow Marines, more experienced in combat, use special weapons, such as Porcyal-energy rifles and plasma rifles. All of the other high ranking soldiers get to carry a wide array of equipment, ranging from plasma energy weapons to Keysabers.


Culldrome's Army, Navy, Air Force and Space Division are further divided into smaller divisions.


Name Headquarters Description
1st Armed Division Fort Snowen, Culldrome City Defensive unit of Culldrome City. Also acts as guards for the Supreme Leader.
2nd Armed Division Fort Unity, Culldrome City Defensive unit of Culldrome City.
3rd Armed Division Fort Rocky, Pirate City Defensive unit of Pirate City.
4th Armed Division Fort Porcyal, Menap Island Defensive unit of Menap Island.
5th Armed Division Fort Igloo, Shadow City Defensive unit of Shadow City.
6th Armed Division Fort Snelten, Snelten Island Defensive unit of Snelten Island.
101st Legion Fort Toxic, Toxic Island Defensive unit of Toxic Island.
102nd Legion Fort Toxic, Toxic Island Garrisoned attack force.
201st Infantry Squadron Fort Co-Op, Culldrome Yow Defensive unit of Culldrome Yow.
241st Legion Fort Snelten, Snelten Island Garrisoned attack force.
251st Elite Squadron Fort Watch, Culldrome City Garrisoned attack force.
252nd Elite Squadron Fort Hone, Culldrome City Garrisoned attack force.
253rd Elite Squadron Fort Porcyal, Menap Island Garrisoned attack force.
254th Elite Squadron Fort Toxic, Toxic Island Garrisoned attack force.
255th Elite Squadron Fort Toxic, Toxic Island Garrisoned attack force.
299th Legion Fort Toxic, Toxic Island Garrisoned attack force.
300th Legion Fort Toxic, Toxic Island Garrisoned attack force
301st Legion Camp Mist, Shadow City Garrisoned attack force
302nd Legion Camp Waterfall, Shadow City Garrisoned attack force
303rd Legion Camp Lakes, Civ Island Garrisoned attack force and defensive unit of Civ Island.
304th Legion Camp River, Clarkson Garrisoned attack force.

Air Force[edit]

Name Headquarters Description
1st Airborne Division Mark Air Force Base, Culldrome City Defensive aircraft division
2nd Airborne Division Porcyal Air Force Base, Menap Island Defensive aircraft division
3rd Airborne Division Ninja Air Force Base, Shadow City Defensive aircraft division
10th Airborne Division Toxic Air Force Base, Toxic Island Attack/Defend aircraft division
101st Bomber Division Toxic Air Force Base, Toxic Island Uses large, long-range bombers for attack.
102nd Bomber Division Porcyal Air Force Base, Menap Island Uses large, long-range bombers for attack.
105th Attack Division Porcyal Air Force Base, Menap Island Uses special fighter-bomber aircraft for attack and defense.
106th Attack Division Toxic Air Force Base, Toxic Island Uses brand new fighter aircraft.
150th Strategic Wing Jubilee Air Force Base, Clarkson Operates spy, intelligence and reconnaissance aircraft.
151st Strategic Wing David Air Force Base, Clarkson Operates fighter aircraft.
201st Tactical Division Shadow Air Force Base, Shadow City Uses helicopters and other special aircraft.
252nd Tactical Division Mark Air Force Base, Culldrome City Uses civilian aircraft for VIP transport.


Name Headquarters Description
1st Naval Division Seacast Naval Base, Seacast A jumble of all sorts of defensive ships.
2nd Naval Division Shadow Naval Base, Shadow City Consists of a dozen frigates and a few battleships.
3rd Naval Division Golden Naval Base, Golden City Consists of several battleships.
4th Naval Division Toxic Naval Base, Toxic Island Consists of battleships and destroyers.
5th Naval Division Pirate City Naval Base, Pirate City Consists of many battleships and frigates.
10th Oceanic Division Pirate City Naval Base, Pirate City Entirely made up of about a dozen submarines.
50th Support Division Pirate City Naval Base, Pirate City A division devoted to supporting troop and ship movements.
51st Support Division Pirate City Naval Base, Pirate City A large division consisting of several hundred landing craft.
70th Coastal Division Seacast Naval Base, Seacast Operates a fleet of ships for coast guard duties.
74th Coastal Division Dawn Naval Base, Clarkson Operates a fleet of ships for coast guard duties.
80th Sea Division Marine Naval Base, Shadow City A large fleet consisting of frigates.
110th Sea Brigade Port Sunrise, Pirate City Responsible for coast-guard duties during peace time, and Corvette duties during war.
111st Sea Brigade Port Mainland, Mt. Charlamander Responsible for coast-guard duties during peace time, and Corvette duties during war.
112nd Sea Brigade Toxic Naval Base, Toxic Island Responsible for coast-guard duties during peace time, and Corvette duties during war.
The Culldrome Military Dress, worn by soldiers in all divisions during formal meetings, like parades.

Space Division[edit]

Name Headquarters Description
1st Space Attack Squad Fort Toxic, Toxic Island Garrisoned attack, exploration and patrol force.
2nd Space Attack Squad Fort Porcyal, Menap Island Garrisoned attack force.
3rd Space Attack Squad Fort Johnson, Clarkson Garrisoned attack force.
10th Scout Battalion Fort Toxic, Toxic Island Space exploration division.
401st Elite Space Legion Fort Culldrome, Culldrome City Garrisoned attack force, consisting of Culldrome's toughest and well trained astronauts.
402nd Elite Space Legion Eagle Base, CEC, Columbia Garrisoned attack force on the Moon.
403rd Elite Space Legion Crater Base, CEC, Skytalton Garrisoned attack force on the Moon.
404th Elite Space Legion Mountain Base, CEC, Snowen Garrisoned attack force on Mars.



Name Use Quantity Description Picture
Armored Vehicles
Attack Tank Tank 19,500 The most common tank in Culldrome's arsenal. Carrying three or four operators, the tank can fire missiles and shells to heavy enemy vehicles or fire smaller shells to enemy infantry. Attack Tanks have been in use in Culldrome's Army for nearly several decades, but are still reliable and powerful. Culldrometank.png
Troop Tank Tank, Armored Vehicle 16,500 Capable of transporting over a dozen troops and several operators to the front lines. Very maneuverable and lightweight despite its heavy armor. It carries twelve light cannons which are often used for light battlefield combat with enemy troops. It also has a single large cannon which can be used against small enemy vehicles or squadrons. Culldrometrooptank.png
Heavy Weapons
Artillery Truck Artillery, Transport 500 A multipurpose vehicle. It has a massive artillery cannon, which can fire shells and missiles. It can also carry supplies to the battlefield or even pull trailers, which act as a counterweight to the cannon. The cannon can be removed altogether and it can act purely as a transport. CLDartillery.png


Name Use Quantity Description Picture
Warship Multipurpose 40 A small and versatile ship. It has several powerful cannons and missile launchers. It is multipurpose and can be used in many roles, such as a submarine hunter, ship hunter, reconnaissance ship or ground support. Culldromenavyship.png
Aircraft Carrier Support 10 A large ship, capable of transporting nearly a hundred aircraft, ranging from fighter jets to bombers. They have little defenses and so usually have escort ships. The Aircraft Carrier have hundreds of crew on board to help assist with aircraft operations. Culldromeaircraftcarrier.png
Corvette Support 50 A very fast and nimble ship it's only armament is a heavy minigun for close range combat. The Corvette also has a small control center and can be used as a small base. It is usually used for interception duties; during peacetime, Corvettes are used for coast guard and patrol duties. Culldromecorvette.png
Frigate-Craft Combat, Landing Craft 500 The Frigate-Craft is interesting in that it has two distinct roles. It can be used as a landing craft, capable of delivering 100 soldiers or four vehicles. It can also be used as a frigate; it's landing bay can be fitted with a weapons bay and used as an attack craft. Culldromefrigate.png
Destroyer Heavy Attack 10 The Destroyer is a very large and powerful ship. Armed with fourteen heavy cannons, missile and torpedo banks and miniguns, the Destroyer is designed for attack. They can sink many ships and submarines and can even command entire attacks using its command center. They are also highly armored but are very slow. Culldromedestroyer.png
Submarine Multipurpose 9 The modern Submarine, using Porcyals for electricity generation and underwater propulsion, is capable of performing many tasks. It is fitted with four missile launch tubes for large and distant targets. It also has several torpedo tubes allowing it to play a vital role in ship-to-ship combat and fleet defence. Submarines can also be used for stealth and reconnaissance missions at sea. Culldromesub.png

Air Force[edit]

Name Use Quantity Description Picture
Fighter Jet Multipurpose 8000 The most common Culldrome fighter jet. Using modern technologies, it replaced a previous series of fighter jets from the 1980s. The Fighter Jet is much more maneuverable and multipurpose. It can be used for anything from dogfighting and spying to bombing and intercepting. It is considered the workhorse of the Culldrome Air Force. Culldromefighterjet.png
Aerial-Attack Jet (AAJ) Support 1500 Known for its devastating attack power, the Aerial-Attack Jet is used to support ground troops, especially during ground assaults. It carries nearly a dozen missiles and has six cannons and two rapid-fire miniguns. If needed, it can also carry several bombs inside its bomb-bay, which can perform carpet bombing operations over enemy lines. Culldromeairsupport.png
Heavy Bomber Bomber 300 A large, eight-engined long range heavy bomber. One of the most powerful vehicles in the Culldrome Air Force, the Heavy Bomber is capable of carrying over 150 tons of bombs to a target thousands of kilometres away. It is armed with two heavy-cannon turrets and uses large fuel tanks bolted onto the front and rear of it to boost its range. Culldromebigbomber.png
Soaring Star Missile Intercontinental Ballistic Missile 3 Formerly of CSRA use on Toxic Island, the Soaring Star rocket was retired after the formation of the Space Division and advent of cheap spaceflight. Since then, the hardware was repurposed for ICBM duties and can carry a Porcyal warhead with a large amount of destruction. Its mere existence is highly controversial and an often debated topic. Soaringstar.png

Space Division[edit]

Name Use Quantity Description Picture
Small Ships
A-Wing Fighter/Interceptor 5000 The A-Wing is a small and nimble spacecraft. It is used for both fighting and scouting duties. They are usually deployed in swarms and can be used for combat in space or in the atmosphere. AWing.png
Frontier Fighter Fighter 1000 The Frontier Fighter is a medium-sized, advanced fighter. Although slow and sluggish compared to the A-Wing, the Frontier Fighter has more firepower, fast travel capabilities and bomb capacity. It can also be used for in atmospheric flight and complements Air Force duties. Frontier fighter.png
Ion Bomber Bomber 200 The Ion Bomber is a large, heavily fortified spacecraft with a big capacity for bombs. As the name suggests, it uses ion-cannon technology for its main armaments and for its destructive payload. Ion bomber.png
Large Ships
Exclamator-Class Space Cruiser 2 A large space cruiser, used as a carrier, support and battleship, the Exclamator Cruiser is a heavy duty vehicle. It is Culldrome's largest and most scientifically advanced piece of engineering; it is also extremely expensive. It possesses a vast amount of firepower and can take down even large cities. Exclamator.png





  • The Culldrome Military flag and the national flag are both used on uniforms and vehicles and can be used interchangeably.
  • Culldrome ships have the CNS- prefix, which stands for "Culldrome Naval Ship".
    • Space Division ships, however use the CSV- prefix, standing for "Culldrome Space Vessel".
  • Most, if not all, of the weapons and vehicles used by military are made by either TEWT or the SIA.
  • Unlike other militaries, Culldrome's if primarily defense oriented.
  • The entire military is co-lead by six officials, the Heads of the Army, Air Force and Navy, the Elite Leader of the CSIA, the Great Guardian of Charlamander and the head of the Space Division.
    • The six officials are often named 'Culldrome's Mighty Six'.
      • The Six are under the ultimate control of the 'Head of the Military of the Culldrome Isles' which the is the Supreme Leader.
  • With the formation of The Axle Powers, Culldrome's military massively increased to Porcyal War sizes, after massive imports of vehicles, weapons, steel and oil and the acquisition of Target Enhanced Weapons Technology.
  • All soldiers have two uniforms, the battle uniform and the dress uniform.
    • The battle uniform is used during combat, while the dress uniform is used during formal occasions.
    • Most battle uniforms feature a Utility Belt-Sling combo that is used to hold weapons and small supplies.
  • Conscription is sometimes enforced, however only during times of great crisis and major war.
  • Unlike most militaries, the Culldrome Air Force and Culldrome Navy both operate separately although in conjunction (ie. jets on aircraft carriers are operated by the Air Force not the Navy).

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