Culldrome Yow

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The Overseas Territory of Culldrome Yow
Culldrome Yow
Flag of
MottoFor the Good of All
AnthemStand for the Porcyals.
Royal anthemRoyal Anthem of Culldrome
Location of
Culldrome is the region in blue
CapitalGolden City
Official languages English
Species  Penguins, Puffles, Hokjoks and many more
Demonym Culldrom, Culldrome Yowien
Membership Culldrome Isles
Government Federal representative democratic republic
 -  Supreme Leader Steven Snowen
 -  Mayor of Golden City David Cornwallison
 -  Establishment as a state in the aftermath of The Great Yowien War June 20, 2013 
 -  2013 estimate 2,500,000 
Currency Coins (C)
Drives on the Right
Calling code 750
Archipelago of the Culldrome Isles
Outline of the Culldrome Isles
Ninja Occupation
Porcyal War
Nightmare of Culldrome
Battle of Culldrome
Shadow of Culldrome
States, Islands and Territories
Skulldrome Isles
Treshurr Islands
Menap Island
Snelten Island
Culldrome Yow
Toxic Island
Daire Isle
Civ Island
Notable Locations
Culldrome City
Golden City
Bluetower Castle
Mt. Charlamander
See Also
Culldrome Military
The Axle Powers
Confederacy of Independent Culldrome

The Overseas Territory of Culldrome Yow, also known as Culldrome Yow or just Yow, is an overseas territory of the Culldrome Isles. In the aftermath of The Great Yowien War, the ruined country of Yow was split up, with Culldrome claiming the north western quarter of Yow Kingdom Island and the former capital, Golden City. It is the most populous and richest of the Culldrome states and territories, with 2.5 million inhabitants. Culldrome Yow is also a large economic center, home to many businesses and supported by a strong trade industry. Its economic strength makes Culldrome Yow one of Culldrome's most valuable territories.


Pre-Culldrom Rule[edit]

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During the Yowien war, the leaders of the nations partaking in the war planned to take over respective parts of Yow Kingdom Island and claim it as their own territory. When the first battles broke out, Golden City was bombed, effectively crippling it. Culldrom forces continued the offensive on the city and the surrounding countryside. In the end, they were victorious and founded the conquered land as the Overseas Territory of Culldrome Yow.

Immediately after the territory was founded, the cities and towns were rebuilt. However, small pockets of resistance continued to retaliate. The army began to subdue the resistance, which was eventually eradicated. The government was often criticized because of this, but they often claimed that it was "for the good of all", just like their national motto. The clean up continued for a few more months and eventually Culldrome Yow was restored to its former beauty.

For a while, the residents seemed doubtful about the new rule. However, after a while, they began to prefer the new peaceful lifestyle of Culldrome. Golden City housed a larger population than all of Culldrome and after the occupation it quickly became an economic powerhouse. It also attracted many Hokjoks seeking refuge after the war. In fact, Culldrome Yow has the second largest population of Hokjoks on the island, only behind Puffish Yow. The natives had also found the lifestyle peaceful, especially after the Great Yowien War.



Trade is an important part of the Culldrome Yowien economy. Trade occurs heavilly with its neighbouring territories and their respective countries, Puffle'and, Shops Island, Snowzerland and Castillia. Annual imports include goods, food and heavy equipment. Annual exports include electronics, oil and wooden products. Culldrome Yow is also located in between one of two passageways (the other being the Frosian Islands) where thousands of ships pass through. These ships often carry cargo to and from Asiapelago, the Ninja Archipelago and Antarctica. Culldrome Yow serves as a via point where many ships dock to refuel and resupply, sometimes unloading cargo.


The Culldrome Yow Stock Exchange Building. With 110 floors of office space, it is the tallest building in the territory.

The industries of Culldrome Yow is vastly different than compared to the Culldrom archipelago. Rather than focusing on the mining and agricultural sectors, the territory's main industry is electronics, followed closely by tourism and trade. In the more developed areas of the territory (such as Golden City), there are many factories that produce electronic parts, such as processors and wires. There are also some factories that produce actual electronic devices, such as televisions and computers. Circuit Valley, an area in Golden City that contains electronics offices and factories, is the most well known are focusing on this industry. It is also credited to increasing and expanding Culldrome's economy. These electronics are commonly shipped out to other countries. Although the industry is small compared to countries such as Japaland and the USA, it has still boosted Culldrome's economy by an extremely large amount.

Tourism is also a large industrial sector; in fact it is the second largest industry in Culldrome Yow. Many tourists flock to Culldrome Yow to view historic monuments, both old and new. Culldrome Yow doesn't differ much from Old Yow in terms of interesting locations. After the Yowien War though, there have been several war monuments built. In addition, the tourists also visit natural sights, such as the coastal beaches and flat, grassy plains. There are many hotels built around the city, most of which cater to the more higher wealth population. Lower wealth hotels are located on the outskirts of the city, or towards the countryside.

Slightly behind tourism is the financial industry. This industry is broad and encompasses white-collar office workers and accountants. Golden City, the territorial capital, is home to the Culldrome Yow Stock Exchange (CYSE). Here, billions of coins worth of stocks are traded, benefiting many companies, stockholders and Culldrome. A large portion of the population are employed in offices. There are also many large banks and other financial institutions, which account for a lot of revenue.

The territory also has a small mining and drilling economy, with several iron mines and oil rigs scattered around.



There is only one large city in the territory, but there are many other smaller settlements. These settlements are located on the outskirts of the city, in the flat lands and mountain regions.

  • Golden City - The former capital city of Yow now acts as the capital of Culldrome Yow. It is the largest city on the island and houses an estimated 1 million inhabitants. The city is also an enormous economic powerhouse, with thousands of offices and businesses. In addition, the city has a very rich and diverse culture.
    • Circuit Valley - An important section of Golden City. Circuit Valley produces all of the electronical exports of Culldrome Yow. It houses electronic factories and offices and has single-handedly caused the economy of Culldrome to rise. The area is continually expanding and growing, economically.
  • Bluefall - Named after Bluetower Castle, this small town is located in the southern flatlands and plains. Many Hokjoks live here in a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. The flat plains also provide lots of land for agricultural uses, which is used to feed the town and most of the surrounding countryside.
  • Fluffy Town - Named after the fish, this coastal town is located on the western shores of the island. It is known for being partially built on rafts. Before the Yowien War, the area was a small fishing town. Since then, it has expanded and has become a port town, with many ships sailing here, acting as a gateway from Culldrome Yow to many other nations.
  • Concorde - Concorde (from concordia, which is "harmony" in Latin) is located in southeastern Culldrome Yow, located near the central meeting point of the Snoss, Puffish and Shopper quarters of Yow. The town was founded with the belief and hope of living in harmony and co-operation with the other nations who had occupied the Yowien Sea. There is also a small memorial park, dedicated to the Culldrom affected in war.


The Clanin Bridge, crossing Golden City's many islands.

Most of Culldrome Yow is located on a flat grassy plain, but there are some hilly areas towards the south. The plains are very large and empty, unlike Northern Shops, which is completely filled with farmland. It is also unlike the other Yowien Partitions, as Culldrome Yow isn't completely destroyed and uninhabitable, like Snoss Yow. Towards the north of the territory, near Golden City, the land starts to resemble Frostize, with many rivers and canals running through. There are also dozens of large islands towards the north, forming the base of Golden City. In addition to the large flat plains, there are also some forests scattered around. The forests are usually small and any sort of large forest was chopped down for commercial use or expansion.


Like the rest of the Culldrome Isles, Culldrome Yow has a wide and varied culture. Unlike most of Culldrome, however, it has a more modern lifestyle. Many different and unique cultures, including the Ninja Archipelagoians and the Asiapelagoians, all live in a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Many immigrants travel to Culldrome Yow to start a new life, with most of them moving in the Greater-Golden City area. In addition, there are also many Hokjoks that reside in Culldrome Yow, especially in the countryside areas. The many Hokjoks have sought refuge after The Great Yowien War, with the Culldrom government promising a better life and future.

Due to this very varied culture, there are also varied cuisines and arts. The cuisine varies a lot, but Ligurian and Zhouese dishes are becoming increasingly popular. Cuisine from the USA is also largely present, with all sorts of restaurants and fast food outlets. Cream Soda and all sorts of other drinks are famous and imported from the Culldrom mainland. As for the arts, music and singing are both very common. Literature, acting and visual arts are also present, albeit in small amounts. However, recent trends say that all of these are becoming increasingly popular for the population.


  • The territory is the most populated territory (and state) of Culldrome.
  • Culldrome's acquisition of Culldrome Yow was the beginning of Culldrome's rapid rise in economic and political power.
  • Several movements have aimed to make Culldrome Yow a state rather than a territory.

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