Cutlass Brindley

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Cutlass with his hat
Title Cutlass Brindley
Gender Male
Race Black Puffle
Faction Pirate
Health Excellent
Level 500
Status Pillaging and stealing
Location Puffle'and
Birth date May 23 1995
Occupation Pirate
Interests Adventure, stealing
Archetype Evil
It's nothing personal. It's just...good piracy...

Cutlass Brindley, often addressed as Brindley or Cutlass informally, is an evil Puffish Puffle pirate. He is the captain of his ship, Winter's Tide and the crew on board. Cutlass has a reputation for being a 'pillaging gentleman' and for being sneaky. Cutlass is also the owner of a group of mercenaries, the West Puffle'and Company.


Cutlass Bridnley was born on May 23rd 1995, in Madena, Puffle'and. He was born into a small family in the countryside. At the age of 12, he went off and enlisted in the Puffish Navy. After a few months of training and work, he became a midshipman in 2008.

In the navy, Cutlass began to grow jealous of his fellow sailors. Many of them had succeeded enough to be promoted, but Cutlass was just a useless deckhand. Then in 2009, Cutlass was aboard a ship, the HMS Colonial. The Colonial was navigating through the sea east of Castilla on a routine patrol mission. The ship was supposed to sail to Alemania before going back to Puffle'and. However, the ship strayed down south and went into the stormy waters near Terninia. If situations could not get worse, pirates arrived!

The Colonial tried their best to fight off the pirates. But unfortunately, they were outnumbered and defeated. The crew was forced to walk the plank or join the pirates. When it was Cutlass' turn, he decided to become a pirate, and was the only one of the naval crew who did so. Given promises of treasure and gold, Cutlass joined the crew.

As time went on, Cutlass and his fellow crew decided to overthrow the captain. They did this and someone had to become the new captain. Cutlass was chosen and so he became the captain of his very own crew. Ironically though, he was also overthrown as the captain, leaving him stranded on an abandoned island with nothing. He fashioned a makeshift raft and sailed back to civilization. Since he was now a fugitive of the law, he decided to continue being a pirate. Cutlass anonymously stole purchased an old wooden ship, named it the Winter's Tide and hired a crew. The ship's home port is located in an old run down port in western Puffle'and. Cutlass also formed the West Puffle'and Company, as a front for his intentions. Cutlass first set sail in 2011 as a new captain and has since built up a reputation.

Also in 2011, he captured two puffles Daniel Highwater and Duncan Mistrol. The two had previously ran away from their owner and wanted to find a better life. However, when Cutlass was docked in port, he captured to two and forced them into piracy, working for him on his ship and as a mercenary.

West Puffle'and Company[edit]

In 2011, Cutlass formed the West Puffle'and Company, or WPC. It is not a real recognised company, but a front for a group of pirate mercenaries. The mercenaries consist of the entire crew of his ship. When Cutlass is engaged with a fight with other pirates (or those who get in his way), he calls upon his mercenaries to fight. Despite the name, the mercenaries of the WPC cannot be hired by others. The West Puffle'and Company has its own flag, which is flown on Brindley's ship.

The Company uses a small variety of weapons. The Winter's Tide's 8 carronade (4 on each side) are obvious weapons that are used. There are also some swords and ice-bullet muskets. The weapons used are very primitive and old, especially when compared to those of the Puffish Navy.

Winter's Tide[edit]

Before going into Brindley's possession, the Winter's Tide was previously named the HMS Swift. The Swift was originally constructed in 1852 for the Puffish Navy. The ship was primarily used to patrol the sea and (ironically) combat pirates. It was also commonly used in peacekeeping missions. However, in 1915, the ship was sold off to a small company. The navy had decided that the ship was no longer modern compared to other ships. The company that had purchased the Swift intended to restore it as a museum ship, but lacked funding. It was eventually placed in a drydock, rotting away and aging. It wasn't touched until it went into Brindley's possession in 2011, nearly a hundred years later.

Brindley also managed to steal purchase cannons amongst other things, restoring the ship to its former beauty. The ship can carry up to 120 penguin sailors, or up to 200 puffle sailors. It also boasts a massive hold to store supplies and loot in. At full capacity, the Winter's Tide can sail for about three months without returning to port. The ship also has a moderately sized armoury, since it was previously a naval ship. It has many sails, allowing it to maneuver quickly, but compared to modern naval ships, it is very slow. The ship also does not carry any piece of modern technology, making life hard for the sailors. Many pirates laugh at Cutlass for using such an old ship and lack of technology, which makes him angry.


Brindley is a pirate, who is evil, villainous, cruel and just plain bad. However, he is also known to act in a mild, gentleman-like manner. Unlike many pirates, Cutlass doesn't get angered easily. When he does get angered, he does not go into a mad fit of rage. Cutlass also has proper manners and etiquette, even for a normal puffle. Like other pirates, he will do whatever he can to get what he wants and when all goes wrong, he's prepared to go down with his ship.



  • It's nothing personal. It's just...good piracy...
  • (sarcastically) Oh dear, how are we going to get though this? I know; we fight.
  • Pardon me while we raid your ship.
  • Oh so sorry! Look's like this treasure is mine.


  • Cutlass Brindley is based on Cutler Beckett of the Pirates of the Caribbean series.
  • The West Puffle'and Company's name is based on the East India Company.
  • Cutlass' weapon of choice is the cutlass.
  • He has amassed a small wealth due to his piracy.

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