Cyber Tails

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Cyber Tails

A truly terrifying sight.
Born Tails Clone Mark I
March 21, 2006
Gender Male
Nationality Cyborg
Other names Metal Face
Education He's not the brightest when it comes to science
Occupation Serving Doctor Aye-Que
Years active Since creation
Notable works He hasn't done much
Home town Ayetropolis
Height ???
Weight ???
Known for Being a cyborg
Title Cyber Tails
Parents Doctor Aye-Que
Relatives Doctor Aye-Que

Cyber Tails is a clone of the actual Tails6000 made by Doctor Aye-Que for nefarious purposes. He originally was just a regular clone, but after being very badly burned during a fight with Tails6000, Aye-Que recovered him and rebuilt him using cybernetics. This made him noticeably stronger, but also slower (due to the cybernetics weighing him down).



It all started one day in the Ayetropolis District, where the evil Doctor Aye-Que had started working on his latest evil creation. Using the DNA of his arch-nemesis Tails6000, the scientist created possibly his greatest creation (Metal Explorer begs to differ). A perfect clone of the penguin. The clone was fast, had lightning reflexes, and was also quite cocky. Aye-Que informed the clone of his purpose in life and how he was to defeat the much inferior Tails6000. The clone, who was simply named Tails Clone Mark 1, accepted his mission, and was then informed on Tails6000's location.

The next day Tails6000 was simply walking around Club Penguin, when he was all of a sudden knocked down by a punch. The punch was so quick that Tails didn't see who did it, but when he got up, he was once again punched by an unseen figure. Tails at this point was quite puzzled, and decided to try and lure whoever punched him out. He pretended to get up, but stopped half way and then punched quickly in all directions. Sure enough, he ended up hitting whoever punched him, and he was incredibly shocked to see the penguin looked just like him. The clone got up and attempted to punch him again, but this time Tails was ready and ducked just in time to punch the clone in the stomach. This sent the clone flying into the Coffee Shop where he was covered in head to flipper in boiling coffee. He began to scream, and Tails rushed over to help him by quickly getting some cold water and pouring it on him. By the time he got the cold water though, the clone's beak was badly burned on one side. Tails then asked the clone who he was, and why he looked just like him. Tails Clone Mark I then introduced himself, and told him of how he was going to kill him here and now. Before Tails could react, the clone did a back flip and kicked Tails in the beak, which sent him flying into an old lady just exiting the Gift Shop. Tails tried to help her up, but she just kept trying to hit him with her purse so he simply left. Tails Clone Mark I ran up to Tails6000 to try and punch him again, but the penguin told him to stop. Tails6000 then went on to say, that there were to many penguins here, and that they should take their fight somewhere else. The clone didn't seem to mind and he allowed Tails6000 to choose the location of their brawl.

After selecting the location with his map, Tails6000 and the clone arrived in the Wilderness where they wouldn't have to worry about others getting in the way of their fight. After a few moments of stretching their muscles, the fight began. This fight lasted forever, as the two both seemed to be equally matched, and had the same move set. Tails6000 eventually got an idea though. He allowed the clone to get close enough to him, and then got ready to use a trick he learned from a friend from another wiki universe). He put his hands together and yelled Hadouken! The moment he said that, a powerful energy came out of his hands and sent the clone flying into the air. Tails6000 saw the clone fly for miles, and he wondered if he'd over done it. The clone then landed, of all places, right into a boiling hot spring (it was around 600 degrees). We'd show you what happened, but this is a PG rated website after all. The clone seemed to be on the brink of death, but just before he passed out he saw Aye-Que in his hover craft lift him up into a sidecar.

Re-creation and revenge[edit]

Coming Soon


He is WAY unlike the actual Tails6000. Cyber Tails is always looking for opponents to battle (specifically Tails6000), and doesn't seem to care about anyone but himself.


  • Flight
  • Able to fire fireballs from his flippers single or at rapid bursts
  • Able to make a laser of the same type of fire
  • Able to channel 16 levels of inner-evil
  • Fire infused punches


  • Water (due to his cybernetic parts
  • slow-downs (he was made by doors vista so he may have severe slow-downs)


  • Victory
  • Himself
  • Defeating Tails in battle
  • Worthy opponents


  • Tails
  • Defeat
  • Other penguins
  • Weaklings


  • Hoodie with a ripped sleeve (due to the arm)
  • Mine hat with a broken light
  • Black sneakers with jets hidden


"I will show the meaning of pain!" when getting ready for battle.


  • His creation entirely is a parody of Cyber-Akuma.
  • It is rare to have him and the real Tails working together, as most other times they usually start fighting.
  • Unlike Tails, he does not have a super form, having the destruction gems only power his fireballs and laser.

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