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One word: creepy.
Key details
Type Deletion area
Level Over 9000
Location Unknown
Inhabitants Everything that has been deleted

The CyberVoid is a place filled with deleted creatures and items trapped in suspended animation for all of eternity. It is just an eternal plain of green floating binary and deleted things. Once put into here, a being will just remain in suspended animation. It isn't friendly and the easiest way to trap someone in here forever is to use a Deletion Missile on them. Once in, never out. Millions of items in suspended animation float here in a practical death.


The CyberVoid existed from the beginning of the universe. Its purpose was to be a holding place for deleted items. COC-violating items and entities were sent to the CyberVoid by the BoF for hundreds of years, until the nerds of Lichenblossom discovered the properties of Deletion Crystals. Soon enough, they had perfected the art of Deletion warfare. Years later, the BoF wasn't the only organization sending things to the Void. Countries were using deletion as a form of warfare, deleting opponents from existence and trying to shield themselves from deletion counterattacks. The CyberVoid filled quickly, though since it's infinite, there was always extra space.


A branch of Midas and Herb's big bank adventure, pristinely preserved in the Void.

The CyberVoid is where all deleted objects get sent. Once there, they cannot be retrieved unless a Master intervenes. Thousands of floating creatures and items are trapped here forever, preserved in the ambient temperature of absolute zero. Binary floats around in the purple wasteland. Truly, this is the most desolate place in the universe.


  • The corpse of an unidentified female penguin is known to float in neutral territory in the void.
  • It will exist forever and never end as there is no way of getting rid of it without supernatural intervention.
  • Everything deleted goes to the void. For example, when the 50 megaton delete nuke was tested on a mining village, that whole village was transported there in pristine condition. Also, when Midas and Herb's banks got deleted, they too showed up in the Void in perfect condition.

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