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Déjà Fu is a very strange but yet very special martial art. The only known master of Déjà Fu is Inga. His mastery of it is whispered about in awe by acolytes and senior, high-level djim ninjas of time. Even Joe had to submit to Inga.


The art involves user's limbs move in time as well as space, allowing them to go back in time and punch the opponent repeatedly so that the opponent feels the effects of past blows while standing in front of the apparently motionless Déjà Fu practitioner. Similar tricks can be used to render the opponent's attacks ineffective or otherwise incapacitate him. It is best described as "the feeling that you have been kicked in the head this way before". The art isn't easy to master, and can take years sometimes just to learn a few simple techniques.


Records of Déjà Fu are unknown, but were known to be centuries ago. It is known that a group of penguins lead by an excellent martial artist learned martial arts from him (who probably learned it from the Three Masters) and decided to travel, eventually settling in the Asiapelago. They came to a village inhabited by Japalandese penguins. One day, the master was practising martial arts in the country side when a farmer saw him. He asked him where he learned it and if he could teach him. The master taught him and his family how to do it and some even started suggesting new moves. Together, the penguins and villagers learnt how to use this special art.

One of the original travelling penguins who discovered a very unique secret, taught them how to repeatedly punch targets without seeming to do anything. The whole village was interested in this art and a ship of them, wanting to explore the rest of the world, set out to explore. It is rumoured that they came to Antarctica which is where the art spread but for unknown reasons, the art slowly died out. There are still records of it in various libraries and is very rarely practised nowadays. Inga is known to have found out how to use it and mastered it somehow. He taught this mysterious art to his students.


  • It can be combined with other martial arts techniques for a greater effect.
  • It's rumored that Sensei owns a book about Deja Fu, though he doubts this saying he doesn't remember any book about it.

Known Users[edit]