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DJ Crab
DJ Crab image.PNG
DJK dancing at the Night Club in early 2011.
Background information
Birth name Thomas Smith Crab
Born December 2, 2003 (2003-12-02) (age 15)
Origin UnitedTerra/Club Penguin
Genres R&B, hip hop, Terrain grime
Occupations Record producer
Instruments Keyboard, synthesizer, turntables, drum machine, sampler, guitar, drums
Years active 2010–present
Labels Music Industry
Associated acts Cadence, DJ Crow, Cadenzo

Thomas Smith Crab, better known as DJ Crab or DJK, is a DJ and producer who rose to fame after getting a job as a DJ at the Night Club. He became good friends with Cadence and improved his producing skills. In late 2010 he was then signed to Music Industry as a producer - and has since collected many awards (as well as being nominated) and has produced with many artists such as Cadence, DJ Crow and more. As well as producing, DJK has also appeared in songs as a background singer.


Thomas Smith Crab was born on December 2, 2003. His father's master was the late Ableson Smith II, whose name was passed on to the crabs, that are his only heir(s). Thomas was enrolled in the same school as Klutzy and graduated from the Penguin University holding bachelor's degree in Music. Thomas always behaved in school, while his brother Klutzy never done anything positive. The whole family were like this, but Thomas disagreed with their actions and because of this, Thomas was rejected from the family at times. Also, he was the only crab in the family to be interested in music - while everyone else was into evil deeds. Thomas grew up listening to music, and was only slightly interested in rap music at the time (listening to Nyninyne and Nebulent). He said that he felt that "rap is like poetry with a beat", which went on to become a very famous quote.

The family moved to Club Penguin in 2006 after targeting a new place to continue their evil schemes. Thomas was introduced to the Night Club in early 2007 and started going there daily; but was quickly rejected by most of the penguins there because he was a crab. However, Cadence accepted him into the club. Thomas saved up his pocket money to buy a synthesizer, a drum machine, a sampler, an electric and acoustic guitar and drums. It took him two years of saving up to afford it all, finally having everything he needed to produce by 2009. As soon as he bought the first instrument (synthesizer) in late 2007, he started to practise producing straight away. He made five tracks and sent them to Cadence, who liked what she was hearing. He then got a job as a DJ in 2008, and immediately went by the name DJ Crab. Everyone started to accept DJK. When penguins found out he was the cousin of Klutzy, a few started to doubt him - but even his family (who were interviewed) commented angrily that Thomas was a good crab and would never do anything bad.

Musical career[edit]

2008-2009: Early career[edit]

As soon as he bought all his instruments, he started using the turntables and DJ3K at the Night Club. He had mastered DJ'ing by October 2008. He became good friends with Cadence, DJ Crow, Dancing Penguin and almost all of the DJs there. When Thomas told his family, they were quite happy. The salary was 1000 coins per month and they would not rest until they stole every single coin Thomas had. Luckily Thomas found out that they wanted his earnings, so rented an igloo to keep all his possessions and coins in.

2010-2011: Production career[edit]

Production discography[edit]


  • If DJ Crab was a penguin he would be 18 years old.
  • Thomas is also good friends with fellow producers Yusei and TrillBron.

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