DJ Duke

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DJ Duke

Born May 27, 1897 (1897-05-27) (age 121)
Residence Chill Island
Gender Male
Citizenship Shopper
Occupation DJ
Title Grandmaster DJ of the Techno State
Term May 2017-current
— DJ Duke

DJ Duke is the designated DJ of the Techno State, rumored to be Antarctica's first DJ. He is What Tambourine's best friend and next door neighbor.


At some point in the distant past, Duke became a DJ, and was among one of the first in Antarctica, if not the first. He became well known for his legendary parties, eventually attracting techno enthusiast What Tambourine and the cyborg dancer Raveous, and the three became best friends.

In early 2017, Tambourine, Duke, and Raveous moved to Chill Island and purchased three vacant houses next to each other. Unfortunately, their usual antics annoyed the other residents for the next few months, causing the CIPF to fine Tambourine 100 WB$. Enraged, he seceded from Chill Island and declared his own house independent under the rule of his own Techno State, and was joined by Duke and Raveous the next day.


In 2030, Duke served as the DJ for the dance-off between Chill and Raveous after What Tambourine incited the Dance-Off Code.

One night at a particularly intense Techno State rave, he partied so hard that he became one with the techno music itself. Afterwards, he continued attending the Techno State's parties as a Techno Ghost. In the year 5000 following Antarctica's destruction, he left Antarctica along with What Tambourine and Raveous, who had also become Techno Ghosts, in search of more techno music.


  • Despite his very old age, he is not a High Penguin, nor does he have any sort of life-extending artifact. The techno keeps him alive.
  • His favorite color of glowstick is red.