DJ Kennington

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DJ Kennington
DJ Kennington.png
The Past PASCAR driver musician
Background information
Other names Ken the DJ
Born July 15, 1977 (age 41 years)
Origin Saint Tom, Calada
Genres Rock, pop-punk, pop, electric
Occupations EQF agent, EPF agent
Years active 2009-present
Associated acts Dancing Penguin, Meaghan, Pufflez, Ace

DJ Kennington's Signature
DJ Kennington discography
Studio albums 3
Live albums 1
Compilation albums 1
Extended plays 1
Singles 10
B-sides 9
Music videos 96

Kennington "Douglas James" Thomas Johnson, also known as DJ Kennington, is a Caladian-Antarctic DJ that started his career in 2009. He lived in Calada up until 15 and moved to Eastshield. He got into the DJ world of the music industry. He is also both and EPF/EQF agent.


Kennington was born on July 15th, 1977, in Saint Tom, Calada. His parents were wealthy and loved him, dearest since he was the only chick in the family. He first started to enjoy the hip-hop and electric music genre and soon, when he was 11 he went to a dance club with his father, he had a great time. When he was 15, he moved to Inland, Eastshield, USA, for his music career. Buying such instruments such as a keyboard and guitar.

Music Career[edit]

He started to get into the music world, when he was 4, and soon like music ever since. His favorite genres were rock, and pop, and then soon liked pop-punk and electric music. He first got an electric keyboard at age 8. After some time, when he was 10, he received his first mini drumset. Then by some time he got a bass guitar and a trumpet. And that time he made a song called "Monsterology". At age 20, he remembered the song, recreated it, and soon sent it to Colossal Records, which they signed up with him, and thus his career started. He released his first album "Monsterology", named after his mentioned first song.

He also started to be a music producer and a record producer and produced many records.

EPF/EQF agent[edit]

Kennington wanted to be a superhero, as a young chick, he always wanted to be one, this will soon become sort of a reality. In 2012 he went to Club Penguin, and found out about the EPF, and soon went through a test, and was officially he was a member. Sometime, he somehow, found out about the EQF, when a penguin mentioned it in Spanish, in which he understands, he soon was in the EQF.



  • He secretly works for the EQF, and EPF, and even the PSA.