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DJ Melodie on the July 2011 catalog photo-shoot.
Background information
Birth name Melodie Insangi
Born July 2, 1987 (1987-07-02) (age 32)
Bakunyumoria, USA
Origin United States of Antarctica
Genres Techno, trance, pop, Alternative rock
Occupations Disc-jockey, dancer, singer, songwriter, producer
Years active 2005–present
Labels Club Penguin Music Records
Associated acts Cadence, Meaghan
Notable instruments

Melodie Insangi, or better know by her stage name, DJ Melodie is a disc-jockey, singer and songwriter from Bakunyumoria, USA. She also plays guitar, specifically the electric guitar, and is known to be able to compose amazing trance music in a very short time. Melodie slowly rose to fame as she DJ'ed at the Night Club in early 2006. She was signed to Club Penguin Music Records and released her debut album "DJ Melodie: Imagine" later in the same year. He second album, "Trance Wonderland" topped various charts, including her home-land Bakunyumoria. Her puffle BoomBoom accompanied her as she became successful.

By age 24, Melodie had gained fans from all across the USA. She has so far released five studio albums and is always working on new music. She also does concerts in cities every week, and enjoys her work thoroughly.



On July 2, 1987, Melodie Insangi was hatched in her home. She was a fairly nice chick, although she had low self esteem because her parents argued a lot. Because of this, she was out of the house a lot. By age 5, she liked to wander around the forest and bang rocks together to create small, simple beats. She enjoyed this thoroughly, and spent most of the day using nature to make music. By age 11, her parents had stopped arguing and have gotten her a music making program, PL Studio, to make music. It was a simple program, but she would make amazing music out of this. She also had talent as a singer, so she combined her voice and her music talents to make music. By age 13, she had put up her songs on the internet for download.


As a teenager, Melodie received fame and popularity at school. Some of her home-videos of her singing went on Waddletube, and recieved hardly any hate. Some people got suspicious because of this, but it turned out Melodie was just a good singer. She graduated highschool, majoring in music.

Music career[edit]

"Come Into My World", a single off of Imagination.

2005–06: Imagine[edit]

At 18, from the money gained by releasing her first single, Melodie moved out of her parents' house and moved into a condo near the Night Club. Because she was decently popular by 19, she performed at the Night Club on Thursday nights, and gained fans because of this.

Melodie's first CD, Imagination, was a very huge success. It stayed number 1 on the charts in Bakunyumoria for 9 weeks, then slipped down to number 5. Melodie was requested to do concerts in almost all of the cities in Antarctica.

2006–07: Trance Wonderland[edit]

Trance Wonderland was more of a success than Imagine was, as most penguins who were fans before had gotten their friends and family into the DJ.

2007–08: The Melodious Beat[edit]

2009–12: Castles in the Sky[edit]

2013-present: Upcoming album[edit]

Personal life[edit]






Main article: DJ Melodie discography
Imagine, DJ Melodie's first album.
  • DJ Melodie: Imagine (2006)
  • Trance Wonderland (2007)
  • The Melodious Beat (2008)
  • Castles in the Sky (2012)
  • Better than Broadway (2016)


  • "Come on, everybody! Get up and DANCE!"
  • "This party is ICE!"
  • "But..y'know, whatever you want to do is fine..."


  • Melodie's blonde hair is not genuine. It was really black, like the rest of the family, but she dyed it.
  • Her eyes also ignore the biological uniform. Melodie wears rainbow contacts to hide her natural red eyecolor.
  • She may seem outgoing, but Melodie actually is very sensitive. In private, if she is angry at herself enough, she might smack herself. The only person who knows about this is BoomBoom, who tries to comfort her when this happens.
  • Since Melodie never really knew her cousin Gina much, she didn't pick up on the evil.
  • She has a bit of an unusually high voice.

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