Master DJ X

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Disc Jockey X
DJ X Player Card.png
DJ X's Player Card.
Title Master of the Universe, DJ X
Gender Male
Race King Penguin
Faction Masters of the Universe
Status Making music
Place of birth Kingdom of Happyface141 (Now the Happyface State)
Feather color Black
Interests Music
Enemies Conductor Hertz
Archetype Good
Signature DJ X Signature.png

Master DJ X is a king black penguin that is one of the Masters of the Universe. He wears a black hoodie, shades, and a pair of headphones. He hails from the Happyface State. He is NOT an X-Antibody. He's generally responsible for making the music of the world, just as Mayor McFlapp is responsible for narrating, or Illustrator Keith is responsible for making art.


Ever since he was a little boy, Master DJ X loved music. As a chick, he banged his toys together to create rhythms and beats, and always wanted musical instruments as gifts. His parents were poor and didn't have much money to hire a music teacher for him, so he listened to the music himself and self taught him to play instruments.

In school he was in choir and had many performances. He took several music electives and did well in each of them. Eventually he had a performance in EmotiVille and caught the attention of several deciblies. One of them offered to be his music teacher for free because he was so good at singing. At some point, DJ X found out about the BoF and since there wasn't anyone to play music, Mayor McFlapp invited him to join.


Top:Rhythm, Frequency, Amplitude, Noise, Bottom Row: Harmony, Tempo, Melody

One unique thing about DJ X is that all of his assistants are Deciblies.

  • Frequency- A lime-green deciblie, one of DJ X's secretaries, is able to determine and control the pitch of any sound.
  • Amplitude- A pastel green deciblie, and the other of DJ X's secretaries, is able to determine and control the volume of any sound.
  • Rhythm- A cyan deciblie, who is able to replicate the beat of any piece of music.
  • Harmony- A dark green deciblie that has a knack for finding resonant chords.
  • Melody- A brown-green deciblie, she is a great composer.
  • Tempo- A bright green deciblie, controls the speeds of any piece of music. Always carries a metronome around with him.
  • Noise- A sea green deciblie, he makes sound in no particular order, and is used as a janitor.
  • Performance- A scarlet red decibel, is one who is not afraid and helps show everyone ideas. Always loves attention.


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