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"Light is not always good, if one abuses it, then it can become a force of destruction, just because I use it, it doesn't mean I'm good" - DPDD

"The same thing goes with Darkness as well, just because I use it, it doesn't mean I'm evil" - Phoe1

Boris Rora (also known as DPDD) and his twin Antar Rora (also known as Phoe1) are two EPF agents and are two of the top agents, known as the Twilight Twins, the two have proven themselves time and time again by going above and beyond the line of duty to keep Antarctica safe from harm

DPDD Info[edit]

Name: Boris Rora

Nickname: DPDD

Hatch-date: 15th May 1990

Age: 22

Gender: male

Occupation: EPF Agent/Tour Guide/Ninja

Friends: Gary, Jet Pack Guy, Rookie, Dot, PH, Dancing Penguin and Smulley

Enemies: Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy

Family: Pizza Chef (Adopted brother), Phoe1 (twin brother)

Feathers: Black

Hobbies: reading and training

Eye colour: Green (turns yellow with slitted pupils when angry)

Fear: the dark, crowded places and small spaces

Abilities: Martial arts and Light Manipulation

Personality: very social and friendly, will always help penguins in trouble, it takes a lot to make him lose his temper and also he dislikes bullies

Phoe1 Info[edit]

Name: Antar Rora

Nickname: Phoe1

Hatch-date: 15th May 1990

Age: same as Boris but is younger by a couple of minutes

Gender: Male

Occupation: same as Boris

Friends: mostly the same as Boris but he has Suneroo as a friend instead of Smulley

Enemies: same as Boris

Family: Coffee Shop barista (adopted sister), DPDD (twin brother)

Feathers: Light Blue

Hobbies: same as Boris

Eye colour: Brown (turns yellow with slitted pupils when angry)

Fear: Puffles (he refuses to reveal why)

Abilities: Martial arts and Darkness Manipulation

Personality: opposite of his brother, is very shy and doesn't like meeting new people, he has a very short temper, but he always helps penguins in trouble, also he dislikes bullies

Missions completed[edit]

DPDD: Case of the Missing Coins, Secret of the Fur, The Mystery Unfolds, Left To Your Own Devices, Rookie On The Rocks, Looking For Clues, All's Weld That Ends Weld, Do It Yourself Carting, Double Trouble, Flying High Pitched, Super Secret Gadgets, Damage Control, Robotomy 101, Robots On The Run, An Agent's Work Is Never Done

Phoe1: Avalanche Rescue, Operation: Spy & Seek, The Veggie Villain, The Elite Penguin Force, Suspect at Large, Herbert's Plan, The Ultimate Mission

Both: Case of the Missing Puffles, G's Secret Mission, Questions for a Crab, Clockwork Repairs, Waddle Squad, Operation: Hibernation, Operation: Blackout, Mysterious Tremors, Battle of Doom


When they were just hatched from their eggs, the two twins were separated, Boris was left at the doorstep of the Pizza Shop, while his twin brother Antar was left at the doorstep of the Coffee Shop, the two were found by the owners and were raised by them and their families, Boris developed a love for pizza while Antar developed a love for coffee, when they reached 5 years old, they developed strange powers, fearing they would be ousted as freaks, their adopted families arranged for them to be home-schooled, when the two were old enough, they left home to find work, Boris worked in the Gift Shop while Antar worked at the Sport Shop (before it shut permanently, forming a friendship with Gary in the process), the two eventually earned enough coins to buy igloos, the two choose secluded igloos (allowing them to practice with their powers in peace), they later became Tour Guides, a month after each other

PSA Career and Discovery[edit]

DPDD: Boris was the first to become a PSA agent, while sitting on the Dock looking out to sea, he saw a penguin fall off the Hydro Hopper, without any second thought for his own safety, Boris dived into the sea and pulled the penguin to shore after that he performed CPR on him and revived him, unknown to him, an agent was watching, a week later he was invited to join the PSA, he accepted and passed the test

Phoe1: Antar became one a month later, he was about to try Cart Surfer for the first time when he heard a crash coming from inside the tunnel, fearing something had happened, he grabbed a torch and he ran inside and saw that a cart had derailed and crashed on the track, he also saw a penguin who had been knocked unconscious, checking he was still breathing, he decided it was too dangerous to move him and went for help, he returned with a rescue squad and helped get the penguin to safety, unknown to him, an agent was watching, a week later he was invited to join the PSA, he accepted and passed the test

After this the two met each other for the first time, after Gary took some blood samples from both during a physical exam, he accidentally discovered the two were twin brothers, they were shocked at this but were overjoyed at the same time, the two then decided to become a team and trained together in mastering their powers, during which they gave themselves a last name "Rora" after viewing the Aurora Borealis, they later started calling themselves DPDD and Phoe1, the two helped each other on missions and refused to leave each other behind

Becoming Ninjas[edit]

After Sensei arrived at Club Penguin, the two brothers decided to try their hand at Card-Jitsu, it took about a week and a half for DPDD to earn his Black Belt and Ninja Mask while it took Phoe1 a month to earn his.

EPF Career[edit]

DPDD: After heading to the Coffee Shop for a break, while reading the Club Penguin Times, he met Bouncer and noticed the postcard, after following the clues, he met Dot and later became a EPF agent, after thinking it over, he later passed his Elite Puffle training and helped defeated the Test Bots and the Ultimate Proto-Bot 1000, he also kept it a secret from Phoe1

Phoe1: After stopping Herbert from revealing the identities of the PSA agents, he was teleported back to HQ with a popcorn bomb, after completing the colour puzzle, revealing the EPF HQ entrance, he was surprised to see his brother along with Dot, after teleporting out (with the PSA HQ being destroyed), Boris told him to come to his igloo, there he revealed that he was an EPF agent, after the PSA was dissolved and merged into the EPF, Antar passed the test and the training course, his brother being the first to welcome him, Phoe1 became a member of a special unit which saved the island from sinking into the sea

The two were among many agents to complete Operation: Hibernation, also during the events of Operation: Blackout, the two became fugitives, remaining one step ahead of Herbert, they were among many agents to complete the assignment


DPDD possesses the power of Light Manipulation, while Phoe1 possesses the power of Darkness Manipulation and together the two possess Twilight Manipulation, also they possess enhanced strength and speed (while they are not as fast as Tails6000 or as strong as Flystar55555, they can still inflict nasty damage), they also have "Limitation Seals" to hold back their powers, also the two have noticed their powers grow stronger over time, (the only two aware of their powers are Gary and Aunt Arctic and they have sworn to keep them a secret in exchange the brothers keep their relationship a secret), the two have also been trained in martial arts, the twins possess two weapons, DPDD possesses a sword created from his light powers, he calls it Dilu (short for diluculo which is Latin for dawn) while his brother possesses a sword created from his darkness powers, he calls it Sculum (short for crepusculum which is Latin for dusk), the two also possess enhanced regeneration and mental powers (telekinesis, telepathy, etc)


The two can suffer from exhaustion if they push their powers to the limit, also their fears can get the better of them as well, also if angered, they can go into a blind rage


It's unknown who left them on the doorsteps of the Coffee and Pizza Shops, it's equally unknown why they were abandoned, also it's unknown why the two were separated at birth

If someone asks Phoe1 why he's scared of Puffles, he'll blush and refuse to answer, oddly enough however he's not scared of the Elite Puffles, DPDD knows why but he's not telling

It's actually unknown what DPDD stands for, if you ask him, he'll just shrug

DPDD has an alter-ego called Dr Pensano (a parody of Dr Insano from the Spoony Experiment), he only comes out if DPDD gets stressed

They also know Rockhopper and Ninjahopper are NOT the same person