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DRONE Systems, INC
Type Unmanned Systems
Industry Military Hardware, Unmanned Systems
Founded 2014
Headquarters Munijoch, Antarctica
Area served Militaries of Culldrome Isles, Shops Island, and Ed Island
Key people Joseph Yslenski Corporate President
Revenue N/A
Operating income N/A
Net income N/A
Employees 1,000

DRONE Systems, INC (Directly Robotic Offensive Next-Gen Entities) or simply DRONE is an unmanned systems technology company based in Munijoch. Founded as a branch of PULSE in research and development of unmanned aircraft derived from PULSE themselves, it has become a company under the corporation PULSE Holdings, INC. Currently, DRONE offers 3 vehicles in their collection, 2 air vehicles and 1 ground based vehicle currently in prototype stage testing.



In 2014, after several of Munijoch's allies, such as Shops Island and Ed Island, were using unmanned drone systems in military warfare, Munijoch decided it was high time that they put time and money into getting those systems themselves. So, a team of 10 scientists, including Wonderweez, began researching and compiling diagrams for an aerial set of DRONES, 1 base center that was manned and 1 basic drone. In December of 2014, they finally unveiled a prototype based off the MJ-911. They kept it under wraps until in 2015, PULSE updated their MJ-911 systems, replacing them with the MJ Wide and NarrowWings. To this, they updated the systems with new technology and bodywork.


Munijoch ordered about 205 systems to be produced, 200 of which are the drones, and 5 base command centers. Each base can submit commands to up to 50 drones and can communicate with them via a private and secure radio channel. Following a short beta test, Munijoch fully implemented the technology into their military, taking the proprietary artificial intelligence system and expanding it to cover not only operation of the drones, but also maintenance through unmanned DRONE "factories," where each system can land and be autonomously repaired if required. While the system is very much still an early project and has yet to be fully implemented on the scale of their allies, mostly due to preexisting infrastructural challenges with the maintenance of a massive DRONES fleet.

Present Day[edit]

Today, development has mostly been on improving the artificial intelligence system to be both cost effective and efficient in maneuvers in an effort to conserve power and avoid last ditch efforts to sabotage the enemy. The Munijoch Galactic Association has purchased two DRONEstrikers to be used as atmospheric monitors to measure the reflective properties of the ionospheres for potential applications in espionage, as well as studying the correlation between the ionosphere and the operation of PULSE-based vehicles, such as the DRONEs themselves. While the current application of the company's products are scientific, there is no clear indication that they plan on withdrawing from the weapons market just yet.

AI System[edit]

Created by Wonderweez, the AI system is minimalist, effective, and lethal at getting the job done. Consisting of 10 windows with user input on each of them, including a "true artificial" mode and "user operable" mode, the systems are set to only attack enemy units through pre-defined inputs within the computer. Alternatively, the ground forces can wear RFID chips within their uniform to streamline the process. The entirety of the AI system works through a series of "if, then" statements, consisting of both decisions to keep moving or to begin fire. Generally, these decisions are made when RFID sensors are at a minimum, or at least 99.9% are behind the unit itself. The system has a 99.99% success rate, only failing due to bogus chips in uniforms.


Air Based[edit]

  • DRONEBase: A large sub-orbital jet that flies in the lower stratosphere which commands the DRONEStrikers in a given area. Equipped with 8 PULSE Turbines and 4 large oxygen tanks, it can remain in flight for about 2 days of continuous activity.
  • DRONEStriker: A drone system equipped with jets, PULSE Flak Cannons, and a ballistic missile system.
  • DRONEReaper: A drone system equipped with multitudes of weaponry, and can be crashed into a target if under heavy fire.

Land Based[edit]

  • DRONEFissure: A small uni-wheel system with flak cannons running on a PULSE Engine. Unlike the air based systems, these have a pre-programmed path to where they are going. They are set to explode within 10 hours of deployment in an area, or if they are destroyed.



  • This is based off of Lockheed Martin.

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