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Title DaiBouken Robo
Gender Male
Race Robot
Faction Hero Mechas
Health Good Condition
Status Helping Star Kirby12.
Location Expanded EPF HQ
Birth date 2008
Occupation Hero Mechas
Interests Helping Star.
Friends Star and his family, and anyone good.
Enemies Evil villains.
Archetype Hero's Vehicles... so heroes.

DaiBouken Robo SGS BK-5050, simply DaiBouken, is a large-scale mecha created in the EPF facilities before the destruction of the PSA. As a mecha created in 2008 from a year-old project and the technology of the Tobot prototypes, DaiBouken is Star Kirby12's partner and an extremely agile unit.


After testing his robot-making abilities, Gary finally decided to create the project he was planning to work on since 2007: The Maximum Suit. However, after messing with some tools, he was able to create mechanical AI that could think for itself as well as being manually controlled by the pilot inside. Giving this machine to Star Kirby12 and naming it the DaiBouken, he quickly realized that the programming AI was special- not only could it act for itself, it could think and talk for itself, and had humanoid thoughts.

DaiBouken often participates in giant robot battles, usually against Herbert's advanced woodchoppers, the Ultimate Protobot 10,000, and those big purple things. However, some significant ones include:

Mechanical Anatomy[edit]

Because no one would care for the complex version, only the simplified anatomy version is available.

GoGo Dump includes the Fusion Orb inside its bumper. The orb, found when initially building the Maximum Suit, had been broken into several pieces. It allows GoGo Dump to combine with the other GoGo Vehicles, which all have a small-scale replica of the orb in its cockpit. GoGo Jet includes a larger replica of the Fusion Orb, allowing the creation of Ultimate DaiBouken. EPT, Sentinel and Ultra Leon all have medium-scale replicas of the Fusion Orb inside their engine systems, while Tobots X, Y and Z each have a third of the fourth medium-size replica, allowing Tritan to combine with DaiBouken.

About eight regular dump trucks will fit into the space GoGo Dump occupies. Eight cars could fit into Formula's volume, while Gyro and Marine have sizes faithful to their airplane and submarine inspirations. GoGo Dozer is the odd one out and will fit about three actual bulldozers. A full-scale DaiBouken is about 47 feet tall.

In the combination process, Dump's box portion lifts up, the top reaching the ground on the other side. The box splits in two as DaiBouken's legs, and the entire unit stands up. The bumper and cockpit lower down as Formula races up the incomplete robot, lifting its front half to become DaiBouken's chestplate. GoGo Dozer splits in half at a hinge joint, connecting the rear of both the top and bottom portions. From inside the bottom half, DaiBouken's right hand folds out. Marine's jet booster pushes towards the rest of the body, revealing DaiBouken's left hand. Dozer's bucket folds up and Marine's claws point upwards because they look cool (this is coming straight from the blueprints, folks). Gyro splits into two parts, the front clicking in to the back as a back shield. DaiBouken's cylindrical head is revealed as the rear of Gyro becomes his helmet.

The finished DaiBouken includes the first half of the Fusion Orb surrounded by the mini-orbs. All the engines merge into one as well, giving it advanced abilities. Through various coding methods, this now allows for "Kinetic Mode", which strengthens attacks when Star and DaiBouken move in unison. The completed engine also has PSA teleportation technology, which summons DaiBouken's hand weapons, the GoPicker pickaxe and the GoScooper shovel. Both merge to create the GoGo Sword.


  • GoGo Dump: A red dump truck, GoGo Dump holds the cockpit and AI for DaiBouken. Forms the legs, torso and head of DaiBouken and his extensions.
  • GoGo Formula: A fast-moving race car/armored tank hybrid, GoGo Formula can be piloted for fast offensive missions. Forms the chestplate of DaiBouken and a portion of the back of Super DaiBouken and Ultimate DaiBouken.
  • GoGo Gyro: An aircraft/helicopter hybrid, GoGo Gyro is armed with laser guns and missiles. The rear section can separate and act as a portable base called the Met Lander. Forms the back shield of DaiBouken and Super DaiBouken, the helmet of DaiBouken and a piece of the chestplate for Ultimate DaiBouken.
  • GoGo Dozer: A bulldozer with a reinforced bucket and a dual-headed laser cannon. Forms the right arm of DaiBouken. When transformed as Super/Ultimate DaiBouken or in a combination where the right arm is replaced by one of DaiTanken's parts, GoGo Dozer rests in one of DaiBouken's legs.
  • GoGo Marine: An underwater exploration submarine equipped with claws for extracting valuables from water temples. Forms the left arm of DaiBouken. When transformed as Super/Ultimate DaiBouken or in a combination where the left arm is replaced by one of DaiTanken's parts, GoGo Marine rests in one of DaiBouken's legs.


DaiBouken can summon the GoPicker and GoScooper via PSA technology. The GoPicker is a sharp, double-edged pickaxe that can quickly mine areas and take down opponents at the same time. The GoScooper is a sturdy shovel that easily levels the earth. Large amounts of practically anything loosened by the GoPicker can be picked up with the GoScooper and thrown at enemies.

DaiBouken's preferred weapon, however, is the GoGo Sword, a double-edged blade that is the combined form of GoPicker and GoScooper. With it, he can use quick slashes to obliterate opponents.

Combining with GoGo Drill, Shovel, Mixer or Crane gives DaiBouken an additional weapon. GoGo Drill is a piercing weapon that stabs through targets with ease. It also doubles as a sharpshooting machine gun that fires 18 bullets per second. GoGo Shovel is a multipurpose weapon that acts as a shield to block weapons, a claw for slashing and a buffed up fist for rapid punches. GoGo Mixer is a sealing tool that sprays cement to hold enemies in place, and GoGo Crane is a grappling hook that can also extend to hit enemies.

When GoGo Drill and Shovel turn into GoGo Aider and Police through DaiTanken's SirenBuilder transformation, DaiBouken can wield both to use SirenBuilder's Knuckle Vulcans, four rapid-firing machine guns.

Although DaiBouken is fast, he pales in direct strength. Other than the X-Clash listed below, the GoGo Sword was not built for the stronger opponents that appear nowadays, and the GoGo Armaments are starting to become less effective as well. This results in the required use of Super DaiBouken, Ultimate DaiBouken and DaiVoyager, the former of which is also becoming ineffective. And when in DaiVoyager form, a lot of speed is sacrificed, meaning to defeat the opponent, he needs to be able to land a hit in the first place.

Special Moves[edit]

DaiBouken's original finisher is the Adventure Drive. The move charges up energy by drawing a semicircle with the GoGo Sword, creating a compass-shaped emblem. As the compass arrow spins, DaiBouken must time the attack right to properly pull off the move. If done correctly, the slash will connect with the arrow and terminate the opponent.

As an upgraded finisher created to battle the Maledict, the X-Clash is a double-slash attack that involves DaiBouken rushing at the target, slashing him/her/it once, getting behind him/her/it, and slashing again, creating an "X" shape.

When transformed into DaiVoyager, DaiBouken once again has two finishers. The Adventure Double Screw has both roller-hands spinning on a vertical and horizontal axis at the same time, charging up energy. Then, both hands strike, first one by one and finishing with both attacking at the same time. The Double Smasher has the two charged hands being shot straight through the enemy.

As Super DaiBouken, the finisher becomes the Wombo Combo, which has two parts. As Super DaiBouken advances, he uses the Cannonball Head to ram the opponent with a quick headbutt before turning around and unleashing the Double Arm Crash, striking the opponent with GoGo Shovel before stabbing him/her/it with GoGo Drill. Both attacks can be used individually.

Ultimate DaiBouken's finisher is the Ultimate Blast, which charges heat from GoGo Jet before firing a giant fire phoenix at the enemy.

Combination Techniques[edit]

DaiBouken has the unique ability to combine with all the other Hero Mechas in existence.


DaiBouken can combine with any of DaiTanken's parts excluding GoGo Jet, and during the combination sequence he places GoGo Dozer/Marine at the back of his right/left leg and replaces it with GoGo Drill, Shovel, Mixer, or Crane. Each "new piece" gives him a certain type of DaiTanken's abilities, and two of them can combine at once.

If all of DaiTanken's pieces excluding GoGo Jet combine with DaiBouken, he becomes Super DaiBouken, and from there if GoGo Jet is added he becomes Ultimate DaiBouken.

DaiBouken also has the ability to turn into DaiVoyager, a highly powerful mecha that potentially overpowers Ultimate DaiBouken (but lacking any aerial abilities). When used with Sentinel, DaiVoyager can unleash a powerful throwing knife move.

Combinations with other Hero Mechas[edit]

DaiBouken possesses the ability to combine with the other Hero Mechas.

  • Tankout DaiBouken: Combination with Explorer Pie Tank. Like the name implies, Tankout DaiBouken walks (or treads, since the tank treads are on his feet) straight through most attacks. When combined, Flame Blitz becomes the new finisher, blasting a stream of fire at the opponent.
  • Slasher DaiBouken: Combination with Sentinel. Even with the large back shield and shoulder pads, Slasher DaiBouken is very fast and strikes hard with his two slasher weapons, which are Sentinel's legs. When combined, Hurricane Supercharge becomes the new finisher, slicing through the opponent with a powerful spinning move.
  • Wild DaiBouken: Combination with Ultra Leon. Unlike the other combinations, Ultra Leon acts as the base. DaiBouken's legs become a pair of guns/claws for multipurpose offensive weaponry. When combined, Loose Trigger becomes the new finisher, firing rapid bullets at the opponent.
  • Trinity DaiBouken: Combination with Tobot Tritan. Using Tritan's three specialties, DaiBouken blocks attacks with a new chestplate, takes to the skies with a jetpack, dashes through with new car boosters, and hits hard with a pair of giant knuckles. When combined, Trinity Crush becomes the new finisher as a stronger version of the Super Combo.
  • End Game DaiBouken: Combination with the four above, plus DaiTanken. Excels in power, but this form cannot be held for long. He fights using Sentinel's legs as swords and EPT's cannons as guns. When combined, The End becomes the new finisher, launching a gigantic blast at the opponent.
  • Galaxy Voyager: Combination with SirenBuilder, Explorer Pie Tank, Sentinel, Ultra Leon, Tobot Tritan, Tobot EX and Tobot W all in Super form. Not only is he stronger than End Game DaiBouken, he can also stay in this form for an extended period of time. For weapons, he wields the Gigant Spear, composed of Gigant X's weapon and helmet, Dino Z's cape and helmet, and Hyper EPT's arms. This form is only seen in the Second Multiverse and replaces End Game DaiBouken in the Ultimate Challenger formation. Attack moves include:
    • Spino Punch: A punch from the left arm.
    • Zyuden Boost: Uses the X-shaped wings and the rockets on the sides of the legs to take to the skies.
    • Wild Dynamic: Fires a dual blast from the lion head and pteranodon head on the chest.
    • Hyper Beam: Shoots a laser beam from the forehead, namely Hyper EPT's head.
    • Shinobi Launch: Opens up the cockpit to allow Shinobi Sentinel to jump out for ambush attacks.
    • Armed On: Stores the Gigant Spear on the back, while using EX's arms on the belt for weapons.
    • Ankle Vulcan: Fires SirenBuilder's Knuckle Vulcans, which are now on the ankles.
    • Headcannon: Launches a blast from DaiVoyager's arms and head, located on the helmet.
    • Gigas Jump: Opens the mouth of the right foot for a super jump.
    • Stone Petrification: The finisher. Charges up energy before throwing the spear, turning the target to stone. Then, he splits into ten pieces with a "HWACHACHACHACHACHACHACHA" scream in the background, striking the target to obliterate him/her/it.
    • Summon: Conveniently enough, Galaxy Voyager can summon outer-Multiverse characters on his own.
    • Leon Buster: Fires shots at the opponent from the lion head: either it's the pilots inside or Summon characters summoned internally.


Some of the Multiverse mecha are able to combine with DaiBouken. (See Multiverse#Mecha for further information.)

  • Ultimate Starcutter: Mass combination among Multiverse mecha.
  • Jet DaiBouken: Combination with the High Power Super Attacker. Allows flight.
  • Hyper DaiBouken: Combination with Hyper Titan, as well as GoGo Mixer and Crane.
  • Ultimate Challenger: Mass combination among even more Multiverse mecha.


  • DaiBouken:
    • Height: 47m
    • Length: 21.9m
    • Width: 35.7m
    • Weight: 3000t
    • Speed: 500km/h
    • Power: 24,000,000 horsepower
  • Super DaiBouken:
    • Height: 52.5m
    • Length: 23.7m
    • Width: 45.4m
    • Weight: 5200t
    • Speed: 700km/h
    • Power: 38,000,000 horsepower
  • Ultimate DaiBouken:
    • Height: 52m
    • Length: 28.6m
    • Width: 87.6m (wingspan)
    • Weight: 7200t
    • Speed: 700km/h (ground), Mach 3.5 (air)
    • Power: 48,000,000 horsepower
  • DaiVoyager:
    • Height: 65.5m
    • Length: 22.5m
    • Width: 62m
    • Weight: 8500t
    • Speed: 300km/h
    • Power: 65,000,000 horsepower
  • Jet DaiBouken:
    • Height: 52.5m
    • Length: 24.1m
    • Width: 41.2m
    • Weight: 4000t
    • Speed: 700km/h (ground), Mach 4 (air)
    • Power: 45,000,000 horsepower
  • Galaxy Voyager:
    • Height: 174.2m
    • Length: 67.8m
    • Width: 75.6m
    • Weight: 41750t
    • Speed: 500km/h (ground), Mach 3.5 (air)
    • Power: 429,000,000 horsepower



More combinations and power-ups means more music. (Music for Tankout, Slasher, and Wild DaiBouken are on the pages of the corresponding other robots.)

Super Ultimate DaiVoyager Trinity
End Game Jet Galaxy Voyager Hyper